New Blu-Ray extra video: Making of the dwarf battle

Promotion leading up to the release of GoT Season 4 on Blu-Ray continues.  According to Vulture, another extra we can expect is a more detailed look behind the making of the Dwarf Battle from Episode 2, “The Lion and the Rose”.  You may recall that this was the not-so-well-received entertainment at Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding.

See the video below the cut…

One of the more interesting tidbits from the video is that Benioff said they originally planned to have the dwarves riding pigs.


  1. LOL, are they joking? Who cares about it? They should have given us some interesting extra video, not this joke.

  2. It’s crazy that all of the 10/15(?) characters there were actually surprised with the dwarves, that’s some hella acting that they were all in character

  3. BTW is that gifset of a Jack Gleeson and Charles Dance interview from y’all’s tumblr from “the Fallen” featurette on the DVD?

  4. I know some people had been wondering which characters were narrating the Histories and Lore videos this time around, so here is the list courtesy of this review:

    House Martel (narrated by Oberyn Martell )
    House Baelish (Littlefinger)
    Dragons (Grand Maester Pycelle)
    Poisons (Oberyn Martell)
    The Bastards of Westeros (Ellaria Sand)
    The Iron Bank of Braavos (Tycho Nestoris)
    Robert’s Rebellion: Dornish Perspective (Oberyn Martell)
    Sellswords & Hedge Knights (Bronn)
    The Wall (Samwell Tarly)
    The Nations of the North (Tormund Giantsbane)
    The Kingsguard Part 1 (Jaime Lannister)
    The Kingsguard Part 2 (Bronn)
    The Maester’s Chain (Qyburn)
    The Death of Kings (Varys)
    Valyrian Steel (Jorah Mormont)
    Justice of the Seven Kingdoms (Bronn)

  5. saki,

    Oh yeah,let’s complain about this free video because it isn’t what we wanted,we are allowed to be entitled .

  6. Actually I made a note about the pigs thing in GoTWiki months ago. It’s funny. Benioff said that they originally wanted to use pigs as described in the novels…but were informed they *legally* could not, due to animal cruelty laws.

  7. Is it acceptable to say here how much Quentyn Martell sucks and how his chapters are amongst the most useless chapters in the history of literature ? Probably not but what the hell ,i did it anyway .

  8. The Dragon Demands: It’s funny. Benioff said that they originally wanted to use pigs as described in the novels…but were informed they *legally* could not, due to animal cruelty laws.

    If B&W were dedicated to the story, then they would have found a way to get it done. After all, details like this are what make the story! Surely the animal huggers would have understood that this torture of animals was for a higher cause, right?


  9. The Dragon Demands,

    Huh? So we can slaughter them but we can’t ride them? What if they were ridden and filmed immediately before they were slaughtered and fed to the hungry and homeless? Would GoT be considered cruel or kind?

  10. Andrew,

    Oooh thanks! looking forward to all the Pedro Pascal narrations, NCW (obvi!), and I’m glad Iain Glen is back because he just has an amazing voice!

    Minor question though, why is Bronn doing something about the Kingsguard? I wish they’d let Jaime do them both or have Ser Barristan or even Rory, someone associated with KG at least. Maybe he’s doing it sacrastically? Sellswords are never big on fancy knights… don’t want to get blood all over that pretty white cloak 😉

  11. Mormont:
    It’s crazy that all of the 10/15(?) characters there were actually surprised with the dwarves, that’s some hella acting that they were all in character

    They specifically explained in a longer version of the behind-the-scenes videos that they intentionally didn’t show the cast what the dwarfs and their costumes looked like until they filmed, specifically in order to get authentic reactions of surprise.

  12. Jaime’s girl,

    All the histories he’s doing makes me nervous for his future.

    Perhaps he will be taking Aerys Oakheart’s place getting seduced and murdered.

    I guess I’m nervous for him partly because for the first time I really have no idea where his storyline is headed. Soooo stoked to see this season as so many storylines are NEW! Anyone else have a bad feeling about where Bronn’s path is leading him?

  13. Jesterr223456,

    Is it acceptable to say here how annoying whiny, irrelevant and entitled criticism from the peanut gallery is? Probably not, but what the hell I did it anyway!

  14. Andrew,

    Looks like a great lineup – I love the history and lore videos!

    I am enjoying this stream of ‘making of’ videos that are emerging, don’t understand why anyone would complain about more GOT content…

    Ashara D,

    That’s an intriguing notion! I think I would really enjoy that storyline, as much as I would hate to lose Bronn it does kind of fit IF Bronn’s book story is pretty much done.

    It would give Bronn’s character an extra dimension (one that some would love and some would not) in that it would reveal him to have a weakness in love that would be unexpected considering his strength has always been his lack of affection or connection to anything bar himself staying alive!

  15. Thinking about it , Brons story might be , marrys stoke worth , than cersei asks him to join the kings guard , he refuses and cersei will say something like he will get the pardon right after Jaime comes back alive , In addition to maybe being warden of the ? This will lure bron to leave stoke worth than in dorne he gets killed by obara? , does that feel close to anyone else ?

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  17. I for one do not think that the problem was using the pigs, I think the problem may have been that there was a Stonehenge monument on stage that was in danger of being crushed…by a dwarf…that tended to understate the hugeness of the object.

  18. Andrew,

    Whoa, there!!! King Bobby’ Rebellion seen through a Martell’s eyes sounds positively intriguing. That I have to see. Thanks for providing the list.

  19. I think it’s great that they kept it under wraps until the day of shooting; it’s the little touches of genuine surprise that add flavor to the scene.

    Also funny that Finn Jones refers to the Loras-Pony as “me.”

  20. Stella McCusker, whose role we didn’t know anything about, will according to IMDB play “Brotherhood Inkeeper” in episode 5×08.

    Sigh… again, time for people to get excited about LSH, I guess 😉

    May be another troll fan edit. If it’s not, if there’s another source for this, then we can start talking. Until then, please calm down, peeps 🙂

  21. Luka Nieto,

    I really think it is another troll-edit. Her CV says she’ll be in Mylod episodes, not Sapochnik, so 508 has to be wrong. I saw this yesterday and didn’t report it for that very reason.

  22. Guys, remember when we were discussing about that scene in the trailer where Dany and co are surrounded by Brazen Beasts and wondering where


    was since he was clearly there from the leaked production photos?
    Well, someone did some digging and noticed that one of the

    Unsullied was CGIed in over Tyrion

    , take a look:
    I checked the official trailer, and it’s true, they were probably in a rush and forgot to add shadows 😀 (or probably thought nobody would notice, well…)

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