Game of Thrones filming begins in Murlough Bay, and a royal procession moves through Dubrovnik

Murlough Bay Pano copy

Filming for Game of Thrones season 5 has recently moved to a new location in Northern Ireland: Murlough Bay.

The bay is a remote location in northeastern County Antrim, with gorgeous views overlooking various Scottish islands across the North Channel. It was previously used to film scenes in seasons 2 and 3; Theon’s horseback ride with Yara, and Davos’ rescue from being shipwrecked by Salladhor Saan.

Spoilers below the cut.

Filming in Dubrovnik’s Old City also rolls on.

Similarly to yesterday’s filming, today’s scenes are once more being shot in the streets surrounding the Jesuit Staircase. Filming there will continue until Wednesday, before moving on to an assortment of streets in the southern part of the Old City.

It looks like today’s scenes again involves a lot of extras, including gold cloaks, Lannister men-at-arms, and members of the Faith Militant.

Seek New Travel also has some pictures and a video of today’s filming. The scene involves the royal procession (the same one as seen in yesterday’s pictures) making its way down the street, with today’s shots focusing on the extras who can be heard taunting and jeering. A large green screen also obscures the area at the top of the Jesuit Staircase.




UPDATE: Lena Headey is also on set today.

Cian: Those of us who are Sullied… I think we know where we want the bay to represent, but unfortunately nothing has been confirmed yet. On the Dubrovnik side of things, what do we think? The procession of litters would seem to rule the Walk out. That leaves a certain funeral and a certain wedding.

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    1. Re Dubrovnik – we talk a lot with the anticipation for the

      Walk of Shame

      but first

      Cersei has to be arrested and get taken to the Great Sept…

      that could also be ripe for taunting and jeering though admittedly not the procession of litters.

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    2. Maybe we’ll finally get a bit of Iron Island news. Even without Euron and the others we should at least get a follow up to Yara’s trip last season, and she should hopefully be heading to Deepwood Motte. And Balon has to die already! Best case scenario is that this is the Kingsmoot and that they cast a Euron secretly. What else could it be, though?

      And on Dubrovnik, looks like the small folk are unhappy. And yes, I think it’s either the funeral early in the season or the wedding (which I’m not even sure they’ll do in the show). Perhaps we can spot the director again?

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    3. I remember a chapter from AFFC in which Cersei is travelling to the Great Sept throught narrow streets to talk to the High Priest, running into Margaery in carriage and discovers an agressive crowd of poor people in front of the Sept. Maybe it’s this chapter.
      Or it has something to do with funeral of wedding?

      I hope the bay is used for scenes which feature some Greyjoy family members…. 🙂 I can only hope this family gets some more storyline in this season because Yara’s scenes in season 4 were very short (but cool), Theon is still a puppet and Balon seems to be magically disappeared.. Hope we see more Theon, Yara, Balon anf other Greyjoys this season.

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    4. Northern Ireland locations offer two possibilities IMO:
      NW and the scenes with some connection with Sam leaving for Oldtown or some White Walkers stuff. Or as mentionned before something to do with Yara or her yet absent uncles. I do not believe that any of Bran’s or Theon/Boltons storyline would be filmed at the seashore.

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    5. house snow,

      The main cast aren’t really necessary since they would be hidden within the litters in the show. They’ll probably shoot some scenes inside the litters where we can see the cast separately, since it’s much easier to carry the litters when they’re empty

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    6. Luka Nieto:
      All Hail the Wolf Girl,

      “First”? The show isn’t filmed in chronological order.

      I understand that, but since it isn’t filmed in sequence then the taunts and jeers are not necessarily the same scenes as the others mentioned here. It doesn’t have to be the funeral/wedding/walk but a fourth possibility.

      Anyway I haven’t seen much talk of the events when Cersei goes to the Great Sept ostensibly to plead for Margaery and runs into a crowd as per:

      I remember a chapter from AFFC in which Cersei is travelling to the Great Sept throught narrow streets to talk to the High Priest, running into Margaery in carriage and discovers an agressive crowd of poor people in front of the Sept. Maybe it’s this chapter.
      Or it has something to do with funeral of wedding?

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    7. I think we can rule out the Oldtown storyline, especially this season. We may see it in some form in the future but I doubt it. I suspect it’s a Yara scene, though I’m not hopeful we’ll see any uncles. Could have something to do with Davos I suppose.

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    8. Lady Nym,

      I’m guessing the overall purpose of the scene is simply to show

      the rapidly growing discontent of the smallfolk. The context doesn’t really matter, but it’s almost definitely not the Walk.

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    9. Strider:

      Ironborn material that Bay. At some point Yara’s run from Dreadfort needs closure.

      I’m sure Yara and her formidable ironborn crew are still shaking from that dreadful experience. Those dogs barked so loudly, Ramsay’s bare chest was so intimidating and Myranda’s breasts were terrifying. I’m still weak in the knees just from watching that close call. Yara is lucky to be alive.

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    10. My God what a relief. I opened the site and for a second I misread ‘Murlough Bay’ for Michael Bay. I was thinking ‘wtf are they going to use that hack for?’. So relieved that it’s Murlough Bay instead. Let’s hope it is the scene we all hope for 🙂

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    11. wizardeyes:
      All Hail the Wolf Girl,

      She’s arrested while in the Great Sept – she isn’t taken there…

      And since it’s the scene that most surprised me in the books, I hope they do it justice !

      I want to see Cersei realizing the HS trap and break in a wild run to escape from the Sept ! It was such a “whuuuut ?” moment for me and I really wish for a great scene there !

      Looking forward to any news concerning the Murlough Bay filming !

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    12. Morgan,

      A lots of stuff: It is a large ground with the ruines of the old castle in the middle of it-
      As far as I Know: King’s Tournament, Jaime and Brienne fighting on the bridge, Bran climbing the Walls of Winterfell before King’s arrival…etc

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    13. Aryamad,

      I hope it’s

      because they’re taking Margaery, anything else wouldn’t really make much sense.

      Does anyone know whereabouts they performed Theon’s “baptism” in Series 2? I’m guessing not the same place as up in those pics?

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    14. For you Mads=Euron fans, I read that filming doesn’t begin for season 3 of Hannibal till the end of October, therefore the actor is and has been available for any KM scenes (if planned).

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    15. Aurane Waters,

      Could be them

      restraining him when they take Margaery, or maybe they’re taking the Margaery/Boleyn parallel further and having Loras arrested along with Margaery. It’s definitely him though.

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    16. Ironborn,

      Actors’ feet, crew feet, camera tracks, chairs, you name it.

      RE: Dubrovnik, I’m still leaning toward wedding processional because of the Tyrell banners. Or something after the wedding. I like Rutger’s thoughts about Cersei heading to the sept for a different reason.

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    17. Lion of Night,

      Ah I meant where was it filmed! Had a look and it was Ballintoy Harbour so if anyone can get any info from there it may give us some clues. Love to see Silence gliding into there with it’s distinctive look!


      I’m more of a Purefoy fan for Euron myself (unlikely with him being in The Following although he has mysteriously disappeared of Twitter for a couple of months!), but I’d happily have Mads…to be honest I’d happily have anyone at this point in time!

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    18. Sunfyre,

      That was the first thing I checked when I saw this news lol. Unfortunately, there is no location in the caption for that photo, although there are photos from Ballintoy in the album.


      I will cry tears of joy (and freak out all of my unsullied friends in the process) if and when that happens!

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    19. Just you folks noting that this was the site of the Davos/Salladhor scene of Season 3 makes me hope for another Salladhor appearance in Season 5. I’d be happy to have 3-4 appearances by the great Lucian Msamati next year, but we take what we can get.

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    20. Hoping this is where that damn gravedigger washes up. Too lush to be scene of the Kingsmoot. That place needs to be rocks, waves crashing, and tons of dead seaweed strewn about

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    21. Patchface,

      Last week or so you said you’d have new reports soon, and now this, so I’m really pumped. Even if it turns out to be nothing earth-shattering, it’ll be worth the wait. I’ll be happy with anything on par with what you have revealed in the past, even if, unfortunately, it cannot be corroborated by other sources.

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    22. Test

      Edit: I’m not the real Patchface…just checked if I could post under that name. How can we be sure that the poster above is the real Patchface and not a troll? :/

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