How Of Monsters and Men’s cameo came to be; Benioff and Weiss apologize!


You may have spotted Icelandic group Of Monsters and Men in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, standing in as a different sort of band with the Braavosi players. The band’s appearance on the show was first revealed last September, when one of our readers spotted them in set photos taken in Girona, Spain. The Wall Street Journal checks in the group’s guitarist/co-vocalist Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson after their big debut this week.

How did the musicians bag the cameo? Raggi tells WSJ, “We’d asked our manager a long time ago to ask them if we could be extras in it while they where shooting in Iceland, but nothing really happened, and our touring schedule was pretty crazy at that time anyways so we sort of just disappeared. But apparently they noticed our interest and the ball started rolling. I’m pretty sure our manager just kept asking and asking and finally they must have given in.”

When it comes to the Iron Throne, he says, “I’m rooting for Arya Stark or Varys to win it all but I don’t think the Iron Throne matters that much anymore, there’s a bigger fight to be had.”

His theory for the series’ ending is pessimistic, but clearly he’s a fan of Varys. “I don’t know. Everyone will probably just be killed off one at a time except for Varys. I feel like he might be the last man standing.”

Swing by the Wall Street Journal for the complete interview, discussing Of Monsters and Men’s day of filming!

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to offer up an apology to viewers. Yes, Benioff and Weiss actually apologize for Hodor…kinda.

NairnIn case you missed it, our friends at Game of Owns sat down with Kristian Nairn for an amazing conversation about his time on Game of Thrones. Nairn is always great to listen to, and he’s very frank about his thoughts on the show.

In the new interview, he shares what he thinks of Dorne and Osha’s death, as well going in-depth on topics like how he found out Hodor was dying, whether Bran was warging Hodor at the end, and did Hodor remember Bran after the childhood incident. The discussion is revealing and funny, and absolutely worth a listen, so don’t miss this one!

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  1. It’s hard letting go, I’m finally at peace but it feels wrong 😉

  2. Normally I don’t want the week to rush by, we are already half through the season. But this week, I really need next week to replace what I feel. :'(

  3. OMG I figured it out. It wasn’t Weiss that killed Benioff, it was Arya with the face of Weiss. All in an attempt to stop Bran from locking the chevrons!!!!

  4. I laughed so hard when I saw all the money and yeah, when Benioff died it was so good. Kudos to D&D.

  5. I wonder if that could work for me? Ask over and over to be an extra until I get a phone call. Seems easy enough, sadly I don’t play an instrument but I can stand around and do nothin’ with the best of ’em

  6. Prescient. God-damned Prescient.

    I wouldn’t say “Hodor” to someone to hold a door – that isn’t funny!

  7. Can someone please post a youtube link of the Jimmy Kimmel clip for those of us outside the US ? Unfortunately it’s blocked for us non-US folks!

  8. I thought they might apologize for the sudden flaccid penis that appeared, larger than life, across our screens without warning. I cant believe no one has mentioned that at all.

  9. JCDavis:
    Normally I don’t want the week to rush by, we are already half through the season.But this week, I really need next week to replace what I feel.:'(

    Beware of what you ask…

  10. Sometimes these things don’t work out but that was actually quite decent, it actually probably will permeate pop society for a little while

    And Kristian Nairn will probably have to do a lot of fan photos holding open doors etc

    Got a chuckle at them just lying around in cash

    Lol at GRRM, writing in a character this way. Must stem from hi Twilight Zone writing years as a mind-screwing angle to Brans character. Not quite sure anyones figured out what has happened exactly

  11. My coworker yelled ‘hold the door!!!’ when I was getting on the elevator today, the jerk. (We are the GoT diehards there). I will pay him back….

  12. Jeez has DB Weiss been lifting? The guy is jacked now. Was he always that big?

  13. LatrineDiggerBrian,

    They’ve both beefed up since the show’s started. Weiss’ arms make him look jacked, but I wouldn’t consider him a big guy, they dont look like bodybuilders. It’s all that stress from making the show, lifting weights is a great way to release tension. Hey at least they’re not blowin it all on hookers and blow and going through nasty public divorces, for 2 guys on top of the world, they seem to be handling it all with a sense of humor.

  14. Darjan,

    They really do. And I don’t know how they don’t want to kill each other at this point. I can’t spend 3 days with someone before I’ve had it with them. They must be the healthiest human beings on the planet.

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