Monday fun day: Golf, make-up, and other manly pursuits

image1April’s almost here, nerds! And that of course means daily additions and articles to feed the hype machine. You know it’s what you want.

First off, Direct Golf UK details how they made their very own Iron Throne replica out of golf clubs. Because nothing quite says having extra time on your hands like using golf clubs for something other than golf.

That’s a beaut.

Additionally, courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph, we have a cute little article on Pamela Smyth, one of Game of Thrones‘ makeup supervisor. I enjoyed it.

Ever wondered how you would fare in Westeros? Take Vouchercloud’s How Well-Off Would You Be In Westeros quiz!

(Me, I would be dead.)

Lastly (after the cut), we get some musical action coming at us live from the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. That old flying Dutchmen, Armin van Buuren (no relation to Martin van Buren) (or is there?) a trance staple, gets really Throney at the 45:30 minute mark of his set. It’s okay. Semi-bawze, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

I mean, he’s no Kristian Nairn. But hey.

More stuff tomorrow!

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    1. Haha, I didn’t need to check to see if that was Axchucker with that description…

      I’m not manly, apparently I’m a princess – although I’m not sure if I should have adjusted for the Canadian dollar….

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    2. Sophie landing the role of Jean Grey is probably even bigger (if much older) news.

      I mean, unless you’re British, in which case yeah, Dr. Who is way more important.

      Those Daleks though…

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    3. Sue the Fury,

      THANK YOU!

      I have no interest in what actors are doing television or movie-wise if it clearly has no bearing on their ability to be on GoT. Whedonesque is obnoxious like that. Ooooo.. someone who was on BtVS 15 years ago had a birthday! Someone from Dollhouse is doing an art gallery showing! Pfft. I don’t care.

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    4. Axechucker,
      Something about the secret love child of Joss Whedon and George RR Martin and how that child would create the best vampire/zombie/dragon/sci-fi/superhero/fantasy story of all time?

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    5. Lady Wolfsbane:
      Something about the secret love child of Joss Whedon and George RR Martin and how that child would create the best vampire/zombie/dragon/sci-fi/superhero/fantasy story of all time?

      No, but–

      That’s not a bad idea!

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    6. days: This gets a post but Maisie on Doctor Who doesn’t? Okay…..

      Is it Dr. Who or Merlin that asks every actor on GoT to play a cameo?

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    7. Sue the Fury,

      Not to mention, y’all acknowledged it on the twitter feed. I think that’s a great way of giving it a nod, but staying true to only posting about GoT.

      Fun stuff, Axechucker. Thanks!

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    8. Abyss,

      Since I forgot to thank you for your most recent gifs on the other thread…

      Thanks, Abyss!

      I can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks before the new season begins. Actually, in some ways I can absolutely believe it, since the wait has seemed like an eternity.

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    9. GaiusB,

      That’s a great find. There really is a lot more there than in a lot of other interviews with them so far.

      Almost worthy of a WOTW article…

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    10. GaiusB,

      Now I’m pretty sure Myrcella and Trystane are going to be show version of YG and Arianne.

      “It’s very much like someone close to us has been taken away; how are we going to hurt them in the SAME way? Let’s take away someone close to them, and that’s the route that we take.

      I believe that SS will try to kill Myrcella to provoke a war with the Lannisters and Doran’s plan will be the queenmaker’s plot. He will want to put his son on the throne through marriage.

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    11. GaiusB,

      Great interview. Should put to rest some of the Dorne-haters’ arguments…

      (and it sounds a lot like Dorne and the SS from the books)

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    12. Rygritte,

      I think some of them (Charles Dance for example) were on ‘Merlin’ – which finished over two years ago, before they were on GoT, though I appreciate your comment is probably made at least partially in a jokey way.

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    13. Dutch maester,

      Dorne haters will find/make up some other arguments…… I just hope this will end those “all Sand Snakes are same, its like they merged them all together and cloned them three times.” remarks i always found premature and baseless.

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    14. Golf is the sporting equivalent of gout.
      It’s for rich men whose lives have been far too easy.
      Doran Martell would play golf too, but he’d get Areo to swing his shots for him.

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    15. mau,

      I agree that SS will try to kill Myrcella to provoke a war, but i am firm believer that Doran will try to marry Trystane to Dany once she land in Westeros in the season 6. That would be an actual plan, Trystane/Myrcella marriage was Tyrion´s idea that was bit random (what if someone other then Pycelle informed Cersei). It can not be really sold as Doran´s masterplan at all. I also doubt he would like his son to marry a Lannister bastard born of incest.

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    16. GaiusB,


      masterplan in the books was extremely stupid. It was an insult to the intelligence of the reader. His eventual plan to use Myrcella is much better. Lannisters were too arrogant and send Myrcella to Dorne , underestimating Doran , and he will use that against them.

      This is a plan that won’t be 14 years old , but it will be a lot smarter move than the plan he created for more than a decade

      In the books he will allow his daughter to marry a Targaryen bastard, because it would give him the right to the throne . It’s not that different.

      Regarding Trystane and Dany.. It is a possibility , but there is a problem. Dany will not arrive at Westeros until S6E5 at earliest. What will Dorne do until then ? Sitting and waiting for her?

      And D&D will not create an alliance between Dany and Dorne and they won’t have a battle between Cersei and Dany if that is not the direction from the books. They’re changing things , but never drastically.

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    17. What do you guys think,could


      actually be in?
      I know I’m late on this but I just say NCW’s interview where he introduced the duck.He seemed serious about it.He could be trolling,but it’s weird.It was an HBO official video.How do you guys see it?

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    18. Just going to say it, this felt like a WiC-net quota-post.. I thought the entire idea of WotW was to keep the filler out? Sure it may not be as offensive as Tiny Tyrion.. So take it as you may..

      My bit of info, Josef Altin (Pyp) will be appearing at Elfia (a fantasy based open fair) on April 25th and 26th in the Netherlands, giving four lectures about his experiences on GoT. The entire fair’s theme (which is a big fantasy-thing in the Netherlands, along with Castlefest) is GoT, so there will be a lot of cosplayers and tie-in musical acts. This wasn’t reported here, but since he’ll be giving GoT-specific lectures, I thought I might drop the piece of info here for all my fellow Dutch/Belgian friends.

      The “Westeros Character Quiz” didn’t work for me, all it did was ask how much my income is and appointed me to a character based on that.. That’s not much of a quiz now, is it? So either it didn’t work in my browser, or it’s just something that somebody put together in one minute.. -.-

      Also, Armin’s set really rocked up until that horrible edition of the GoT-theme.. I really disliked how he moved some of the notes up a beat and tuned them up and down bits so they sounded dissonant. It also broke the groove he had going in a really bad way in my opinion.

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    19. Ser Gerold Dayne,

      I see YG as a Dorne’s and GC’s candidate for the throne.

      My theory is that Dorne(and perhaps GC employed by Doran) in the show will have another candidate , but that the essence of that story will remain.

      That other candidate is

      Trystane. He will claim the throne through marriage with Myrcella. Myrcella is a false Baratheon, not so different than YG, who is a false Targaryen. The point is very similar.

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    20. GaiusB,

      Great interview.

      Some of it fits the books (their personalities; and Tyene will use poison despite assumptions made because she also uses daggers), some doesn’t (the specifics of their back stories), but there you have it. Again, as she did in a recent Spanish interview, Sellers confirms she’s Ellaria’s daughter in the show.

      “Tyene is one of the Sand Snakes, one of Oberyn Martell’s three daughters that you get to meet in Season Five. I’m the youngest, the daughter of Ellaria Sand [Indira Varma] who is one of Oberyn’s companions, but basically his wife. […] One of her weapons is double daggers and her other weapon is poison. That’s not always approved of by the other Snakes — poisoning someone is deemed to be a little underhand. But I also have double daggers and I’m pretty good at using them.”

      “I play Nymeria Sand also known as Lady Nym, Oberyn’s second daughter but not by Ellaria. My mother, who died in battle, was an Eastern noblewoman and she is actually the person who taught me my weapon — the bullwhip. I live in Dorne. Nymeria is the most strategic of the three sisters [the third being Obara, played by Keisha Castle-Hughes] and I think her whip is very representative of her character. It’s not about brute force with a whip… it’s about balance and timing, precision and accuracy — and all those things are very much Nymeria.”

      Their personalities match the books pretty well, it seems. For example, when Nym’s actress compares her character to Obara (“If Obara has an obstacle she goes right through it, whereas Nym will stop and look back and think, ‘What’s the way with which I have to expend the least amount of energy to get through this obstacle?’”), it reminds me a lot of their differing proposals in “The Captain of the Guards”: Obara just wants to go to war, while Nym wants to be more surgical about it and will content herself with assassinating the four leading Lannisters. I imagine we’ll see some of that. Maybe it’ll get adapted directly.

      Oh, and it’s pretty cool that Henwick actually learnt to use the whip, right? “She is Indiana Jones”, indeed.

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    21. Cute quiz. Too bad they cannot spell Jaime Lannister’s name correctly (again..). Why it is that no one on the internets (present company excluded!) can spell Jaime or realize that Dany’s name isn’t Khaleesi. Sigh…

      For Nikolaj fans, looks like he’ll be on Jimmy Fallon on April 9th promoting GoT I assume (I doubt it’s for his other projects, especially with that date so close to premiere).

      I watched the interview with Dean Charles-Chapman (thanks for posting!) but didn’t necessarily take that to mean he would be dead next season, who knows. My wild guess he will survive Season 5 (through Cersei’s walk of shame) and be killed in Season 6.

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    22. Jaime’s girl:
      Cute quiz. Too bad they cannot spell Jaime Lannister’s name correctly (again..). Why it is that no one on the internets (present company excluded!) can spell Jaime or realize that Dany’s name isn’t Khaleesi. Sigh…

      Yeah, it’s as annoying as people writing Dr. Who instead of Doctor Who.

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    23. There was a brief piece on Hannah Murray (Gilly) in the Evening Standard on friday where she says this series she got to do some stunt work for the first time. Well she says “I did encounter the stunt people on set which I never normally do” and they’ve taken it to mean she’s doing stunts. If she is – you go girl! If not – bad Standard writers, the article’s really short and you still managed to get a basic error in it :O(

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