Michele Clapton on her costume work for Game of Thrones season 6 and 7


With the opening of Game of Thrones‘ Hall of Faces at SDCC, fans were treated to the presence of cast members such as Liam Cunningham and Kristian Nairn, and joined by GoT’s Emmy-award-winning costume designer Michele Clapton. Clapton is back on board full-time with Game of Thrones for season 7 after taking a partial step back during season 6 (April Ferry took on costume design duties for the first three-quarters of the season). Today, the designer speaks with Hypable at the Hall of Faces about her work on season 6, and teases what’s to come next year.

In particular, Clapton discusses Daenerys’s clothing and jewelry choices, which have shifted throughout the series, reflecting her development. Come the end of season 6, Daenerys has moved from blue and white gowns to deep gray.

“It’s not quite black,” Clapton tells Hypable’s Michal Schick. “It’s just sort of going that [Targaryen] direction a little bit. I just want this sort of strength…and I wanted the embroidery on her to become more metallic and stronger.”

She adds, “It’ll be interesting to see the direction she goes in next season.”

As for next season, she tells Hypable, “I’ve just started prepping on 7. We always do it the same, we read the storylines and we design accordingly, so everything should make sense to where they’re going. And sometimes it foretells things.”

Clapton says that Dany’s hand-wrap will likely be seen in season seven as well. “I quite like jewelry that isn’t just too traditional. I like to take it further,” she says. “I was looking at this wonderful cage that can sit on shoulders, and I was thinking I’ve got to do — I’ve got someone in mind, but I’m not sure if I’m going to do it or not… I’m going to see if I can work out a way to do this for this one character, but I can’t say!”

Hypable delves in the Hall of Faces costume display and discusses Clapton’s Game of Thrones MEY jewelry line, so check out the complete article at the source!

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    1. Her work is really fantastic. I think there were some clunky costume choices in this season, namely Grey Worm’s deep vee pimple shirt. A few of the other costumes didn’t film as well as they have in the past, particularly many of Cersei’s dresses. They filmed as muddy rather than detailed. I’m not sure if that was Clapton or Ferry.

      I hope that improves next seasons since it seems Michele Clapton is fully back.

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    2. Her work IS wonderful. I was wondering if she did Cersei’s costume for episode 10. I know some didn’t take to the black armor looking dress, but I thought it rocked!!

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    3. She has done some really great work during the years.Margaery’s wedding dress Cersei season finale dress and Sansa’s two wedding dresses have been spectacular.That being said let Jon have another outfit Appart from the Ned cosplay please lol

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    4. I found that dress a to be slightly odd in that a quick look at Cersei on the throne gave a visual impression that the shoulder metal was part of the throne and not part of the dress. It seemed almost as if her head were floating on a super skinny neck. Only in the throne shots though.

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    5. I love Daeny’s outfits this season, especially the draped one she wears in the pyramid near the end when she speaks with Tyrion. Very classy and regal…it shows how far she has come

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    6. Jorah’s Mormont,

      I totally agree! Probably my favorite Dany dress this season. It was regal and yet also somewhat humble as well. Her entire costume progression from the beginning of the series until now has been great, including her hair.

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    7. I’m going to assume April was behind Missandei’s outfit she wore when Tyrion met with the Masters early in the season. It was that warrior-esque looking leather midriff top with shoulder pads, leather wrist guards and a grey plaid pants-skirt. It was one of my favorites and she looked great in it but it was quite different from the style she’s normally worn throughout the series.

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    8. Hooray for Michele Clapton! I love finding close-up shots of her embroidery. Stunning.

      Am drooling over that jewellery line. DANY’S DRAGON NECKLACE!!! If only I had a spare 2,000€ ?

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    9. I’m looking forward to watch Daenerys winter style … I would like a grey/black/red dress for her … also Sansa fashion designer should make some new clothes for her and Jon. She used to dress great at King’s Landing…
      Also, they need to put more clothes in the Dothraki and Unsullied … or they will get sick soon.

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    10. HotPinkLipstick:
      I found that dress a to be slightly odd in that a quick look at Cersei on the throne gave a visual impression that the shoulder metal was part of the throne and not part of the dress. It seemed almost as if her head were floating on a super skinny neck.Only in the throne shots though.

      Looks fine to me.

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    11. April Ferry designed for episodes 1-8 and Michele Clapton was back for 9 and 10. She DID design Cersei’s finale dress and Dany’s purple dress (as well as the “I’m on a boat” black dress).

      Ferry did Missandei and Grey Worm’s matching “we were extras in He-Man from the 80s” two pieces.

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    12. I felt like Euron needed a costume that set him apart from the other Iron Islanders, but maybe D & D are just setting him up to be a brute who momentarily gets in Dany’s way.

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    13. So glad Clapton is back as I really wasn’t impressed by the costumes in S6, although it was clear where she had taken the reins again. Missandei just looked ridiculous, Sansa’s wolf dress wasn’t that impressive (sorry- but it’s true, we only really saw a tiny piece of embroidery under that cloak), but Cersei’s costumes in the finale were fantastic, even through they strayed slightly from the medieval theme of the show.

      Do we know what happened behind the scenes? Because I thought Clapton was off the show for good? I wondered if they’d decided Ferry wasn’t delivering and brought Clapton back, but as the episodes aren’t filmed sequentially, that doesn’t really fit..

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    14. I love Michelle’s style and the dress for Cersei in the season finale was over the top great. Everyone I know was talking about it. Her jewelry is over the top beautiful. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for S7 costumes, I also really hope that Dany will rock some black and red!

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