Maisie Williams Signs On For Red Nose Day

Maisie Williams Red Nose Day 1

Maisie Williams, in a limited edition t-shirt designed by British photographer Rankin.

Springtime is just around the corner, which means it’s time for Red Nose Day, set for March 24th in the UK. The annual Comic Relief fundraiser turns out great entertainment every year while raising cash for important causes.  Everyday people take part as well with workplace bake sales, fundraising in schools, running fun challenges, and essentially doing whatever they enjoy to raise money that can change lives. Ultimately, it culminates in a huge night of live comedy and entertainment, shown on the BBC on the 24th.

Two years ago, a chunk of the Game of Thrones cast memorably took part in the US edition of Red Nose Day by joining up with Coldplay to create the epic Game of Thrones: The Musical. This year, Maisie Williams doing her part for the cause.

Legendary fashion photographer Rankin has now turned fashion designer for the 2017 Red Nose Day campaign, with a range of T-shirts launching in TK Maxx stores on Monday, February 13th, and online at now.

Maisie Williams Red Nose Day 2

Maisie Williams is wearing a TK Maxx T-Shirt, part of a limited edition collection designed by celebrated British photographer Rankin to support Red Nose Day 2017.

Nine different Rankin animal designs will be available, for both adults and children. The prices start at £6.99 for a kids tee, and £9.99 for an adult tee. Red Nose Day confirms that at least £5 from the sale of the adult T-shirt will go to Comic Relief to help people in the UK and Africa, for a diverse range of causes; everything from providing malaria nets, to helping women living in fear of domestic abuse, to help provide children’s education, to aiding with care for the elderly in the UK.

Maisie Williams Red Nose Day 3

Maisie shows off another look from the limited edition range designed by British photographer Rankin.

Williams isn’t the only familiar face from GoT taking part this year. Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) helped kick off Red Nose Day 2017 by visiting the Comic Relief-funded project Nu Life Furniture, located in his native country of Wales. Additionally, Thomas Brodie Sangster (Jojen Reed) is sliding back into his Love Actually role for a reunion and a mini-movie for the occasion.

For those in the USA who are interested in taking part, Red Nose Day comes to America on May 25th this year!

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    1. I’m just in love with this girl (well, woman now), she is just so humble and talented and funny and has such an amazing personality.

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    2. Maisie is great! that’s all 🙂

      I had to look up TK Maxx. I assumed with that name it is owned by the same company as the US store TJ Maxx, and it is. As a young kid I hated TJ Maxx. My mother tried taking me there for school shopping once. I used to joke that they only sell shirts with three arms or those with two uneven ones. 😛

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    3. What a lovely cat with red dots on her claws! Every time I notice what a great model Maisie is and that modelling has nothing to do with height, but it depends on versatility and charisma.

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    4. Maisie is sooo cute! Never change!
      I prefer your looks over all those so called famous catwalk models. To me you are perfect! Pretty and a nice and intelligent personality, what more can one wish…

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    5. That Game of Thrones: The Musical skit remains hysterical. I watch it at least once a year. I would happily pay good money for full versions of Emilia Clarke rapping “Rastafarian Targaryen”, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau crooning “Closer to Home” to a picture of Cersei, Peter Dinklage belting out “Still Going Strong”, and Kit Harington serenading Rose Leslie with “Wildling” (that’s one my favorite; the accompanying visual, complete with Kit trying – arguably failing – to wink and Rose being very into what’s happening really sells it). The non-musical comedy bits are great as well – especially Iwan and Alfie staring each other down before hugging it out and a disgruntled Mark Addy only showing up because he thought Sean Bean would be there. “He owes me a fiver.” Perfect.

      Iwan Rheon seems to be a regular participant in these Red Nose Day projects. In addition to the Coldplay sketch and what he’s doing this year, he also did another video with Danny Trejo that I think is pretty damn funny.

      Anyway, it’s great fun, and it’s all for a good cause. I’m glad to see Maisie is getting involved.

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    6. Jared,

      Here’s a 10 minute version of Emilia Clarke rapping “Rastafarian Targaryen” 😀

      A clever bit of video editing, but its the same verse which just loops around. I very much doubt if Coldplay wrote a complete song for Emilia to sing. Probably the same with all the others who performed songs that day. It is pretty good (and hilarious) and I replay the Red Nose Day video occasionally.

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    7. The many-faced goddess? Good one. I honestly never understood why women (and girls) went nuts over 6-foot, emaciated living mannequins and what looks good on them.
      It’s more logical to look to models with a size people can relate to. Miss Maisie may be shorter than normal, but most clothes that look good on her would look good on anyone. (Maybe not red slacks; you need a terrific figure for those.) Our local strip mall once even had a petite shop, now long gone. But there are still plenty of petite people around. In any case, realistic expectations are so much more logical. But hats off to Maisie for being part of a great cause.

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    8. Black Raven,

      There are longer versions (only about 1:30 each) of Nikolai’s and Peter’s songs, too. I think they acquit themselves pretty well as musicians – especially considering how many genuine musicians there are & have been among the cast (e.g. Carice, Natalia Tena, Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie, and that Khaleesi of easy listening, Jerome Flynn):



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    9. Stark Raven’ Rad: (Maybe not red slacks; you need a terrific figure for those.)

      I’m not too keen on wide-bottomed trousers period, whatever colour they are in. I nearly fell downstairs in a pair I had from the last time they were in fashion so that may have coloured my judgement.

      During the period of bad health I had at Christmas and just afterwards I watched a heck of a lot of YouTube videos (not all Game of Thrones based) – there were some pretty crazy theory videos (to me at least) put out by illuminati watchers, so having posed in a cat-like pose Maisie may find herself being called out for being an MK beta sex kitten (not sure if that’s the exact name – or maybe she won’t, hopefully not). As for being able to hold herself like a model – well I think Maisie has been dancing since before she became an actress, so her dance training may help.

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    10. Stark Raven’ Rad,

      Whenever I watch S1E1 as King Robert goes down the line of Stark kids and tells Sansa,
      “My, you’re a pretty one”, I think to myself “You’re looking at the wrong sister.”

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    11. Stark Raven’ Rad,

      For the sake of proper attribution, I first saw the description of Maisie as “The Many-Faced Goddess” in a caption for a picture in a 1/9/17 BuzzFeed article by Crystal Ro, explaining why Maisie Williams was the “best-dressed” at the Golden Globes. (The article embeds some great pictures of Maisie in that beautiful yellow gown, channeling Belle from Beauty and the Beast.)

      I’ve been impressed with Maisie’s chameleon-like ability to change her look and style (but always look fabulous), and thought “Many-Faced Goddess” is the perfect moniker.

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    12. Ten Bears:
      Stark Raven’ Rad,

      Whenever I watch S1E1 as King Robert goes down the line of Stark kids and tells Sansa,
      “My, you’re a pretty one”,I think to myself “You’re looking at the wrong sister.”


      I think Sophie is pretty, but oddly enough I thought she was more beautiful as a child than as an adult. Not sure why. I always thought that way about Liz Taylor as well.

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    13. On Maisie’s Twitter, and at Aluvian_Art Instagram, there are cute cartoon pictures of her.

      One day I’ll figure out how to embed links in these comments.

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