Maisie Williams on her Emmy nomination reaction and her mom


The Emmy Awards nomination announcements were full of exciting news for the Game of Thrones cast and crew, most especially for 19-year-old Maisie Williams, who received her first nomination this year. In a new interview with People magazine, the actress shares her reaction to her Emmy nomination, and discusses her deep admiration for her mother who was with her when she heard the award news.

“I found out in the best way,” Maisie says. “I was away from her last week, and I speak to her every day – so I FaceTimed her … and a little notification from Twitter came up – a tweet from Game of Thrones.”

Maisie is logged into her Twitter account on her mom’s phone as well as her own, so her mother found about the nomination just when she did.

“So maybe like 10 seconds later, she got a ding on her phone and was like: ‘Oh, hang on a minute!’ – and I knew exactly what she was looking at.” Williams says she went “just silent for about 30 seconds” whereas her mom “started screaming” in reaction to the news.

“I was just so happy and couldn’t quite believe it really – I still can’t believe it,” Maisie says. “And it was amazing to share that moment with my mom. She was crying.”

Maisie says that her mother will be accompanying her to the Emmys. “She’s so caring and so lovely, but knowing her history and her past – she hasn’t been dealt the best hand in life, and there’s been a lot of things that have gone very against her. She has survived many, many times…survived relationships, survived breast cancer and constantly is just trying to do more to help other people.”

Maisie’s complete interview with People on video:

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    1. Interesting, it’s often been reported that she “gave up”education but it’s a bit of a crappy attitude from the school that they wouldn’t/couldn’t support someone making a successful career in the arts. That’s modern education here though: it’s all about ticking boxes and league tables and if you don’t fit in they dislike you for ruining the stats rather than helping out with vocational activity.

      I bet they will be full of “their former pupil” self-congratulation now though!

      And more proof here that she (and perhaps most young people too) shouldn’t be judged purely by their social media persona. Great to see she has such love and respect for her mother.

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    2. Maisie always comes across as so genuine in her interviews. This one is no exception. This is the sweetest thing I have read today, I love Maisie!
      And kudos to her mom too.

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    3. Such a heartwarming reaction from Maisie. What a fabulous mummy moment. If you have a lovely mum, you are truly blessed. Bless her…..and her Mum for all her support and belief. I’m so pleased she’s been recognised. She’s a wonderful Ayra. All very deserved ❤️??

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    4. She is such a beautiful, kind person and an immensely talented actress. Wish her and her lovely mum all the best.

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    5. Minor quibble, but listening to the video version, it sounds to me like Maisie is saying that she’s the one who started screaming after about 30 seconds of silence, while her Mum was asking ‘Are you there?’ Seems like the People writer misinterpreted the People video!

      In any case, this is really heartwarming. Having a supportive, encouraging parent may be nearly as important as talent and hard work to a young artist’s chance at success. Looking forward to seeing Maisie and her Mum together on the red carpet on Emmy night! She ought to buy her Mum a really knockout customized evening gown.

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    6. Rich Stark,

      Yes, this – esp is mom was dealing with a ton of her own stuff. Good on her, and thrilled that both of them have each other for support.

      Maisie impressed me from the very first show – this little girl wearing a helmet hiding in a wagon while her parents were waiting for the royal party to arrive ; you knew she was going to be someone special. So thrilled with her nomination hopefully this will be the first of many. I am so happy with how she has brought this character to life, and how much she keeps her own life real – hard to do for teens in this day and age.

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    7. Firannion:
      Looking forward to seeing Maisie and her Mum together on the red carpet on Emmy night! She ought to buy her Mum a really knockout customized evening gown.

      Maybe she’ll have some neat accessories as well, like Maisie usually does! 🙂

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    8. I love her! Even though I feel Lena might take it, I really hope Maisie gets it! Rooting for ya!

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    9. ash,

      That’s what she said in the interview at 2 min 45 onward

      “…to get a really snidey kind of message from my school…she’s making us look bad so can she leave”

      And on breast cancer, my mother had a double mastectomy in the 90s so I know what it’s like for a family to go through that, plus it must be even worse for a mother and daughter to go through the distress.

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    10. Firannion: She ought to buy her Mum a really knockout customized evening gown.

      I’m going to guess some smart designer will be offering to dress Maise’s mom for the night.

      I always get choked up over any sort of “daughter makes her mom really proud” story, and this one is certainly no exception. While I did come to appreciate my mother as much as she deserved to be appreciated before it was too late, I wish I’d had the appreciation for my mother Maise does when I was 19!

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    11. I cried like a baby reading this about Maisie and her mom. What a lovely story. Congratulations to both of them! I hope Maisie’s fame and fortunes help her mom turn her life around to a happy joyous romp for the rest of it.

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    12. Nymeria Warrior Queen: I so wish I’d had the appreciation for my mother Maise does when I was 19!

      It’s always nice to see examples of adolescents and their parents who actually get along quite well (without the kids being wimpy or defeated). Contrary to the stereotype, we don’t have to be at war with our kids in order for them to grow their own wings. It does help if Mom and Dad can appreciate youthful sass as a sign of intelligence and spirit!

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    13. Maisie’s nomination was the most delightful surprise among all of the love that the Emmys showered on Game of Thrones last Thursday. Seeing her genuine, heartfelt, slightly incredulous excitement on Twitter was definitely the highlight of that happy morning for me – especially when Lena Headey, Bryan Cogman, Sophie Turner, and George R.R. Martin made it known how happy they were for her. Hearing what a close relationship Maisie has with her mother makes it even sweeter that she got to share that special moment with her.

      I would be ecstatic to see any of the three lovely Game of Thrones ladies win the Emmy for Supporting Actress. Lena and Emilia have both been nominated before, and both are extraordinarily deserving again this year. But for Maisie to win on her first nomination … I think it would be extra special, especially with her mother in attendance.

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    14. So happy for Maisie’s mom. I’ve read before that she had to go through rough times bringing up four kids. Speaking of Emmy dates, can we hope to see Kit and Rose? It’d be nice to see Ygritte back with the GoT crew.

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    15. What a sweet baby she is. Reading the books, Arya was my favorite character and we couldn’t have asked for a better actor to play her, imo. I hope great things come to Maisie always.

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    16. Awww… Maisie is so sweet. I can’t say it enough but her portrayal of Arya is so amazing. She’s the reason I felt so connected/attached to the character. I’ll root for her all the way!

      I can imagine her mom feeling so happy and proud of Maisie. She seems like a loving daughter.

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    17. Just watched the interview again and noticed the brief clip of her scene with Lady Crane. Goodness, her facial expression there said so much. Subtle yet powerful. This girl.

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    18. What a delightful young woman Maisie is! Not only is she a talented and disciplined actress, but seems a genuinely joyous spirit. She is also candid, thoughtful, and grateful. If excitement and enthusiasm were infectious diseases, she’d be infecting the world. And this sad old world would be better for it.

      I do think Lena deserves the Emmy this year and might actually get it, but hopefully Maisie will be nominated again and win.

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    19. What a remarkable young lady she is! Poised, articulate, humble and appreciative. And kudos to her mom who I’m sure is a remarkable woman in her own right. Looking forward to seeing both of them at the Emmys.

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