Stars on set today at Vila Dalmacija, and Maisie Williams heads to Braavos to film season 5

The filming of Game of Thrones season 5 has officially commenced in Croatia today.

The biggest news is that one of our sources has confirmed that the Vila Dalmacija set is indeed representing Dorne.

Filming today involved (click for spoilers) Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jerome Flynn and Alexander Siddig. Tomorrow, filming will continue with the inclusion of extras.

Maisie Williams has tweeted that she is en route to Braavos. Given that filming at the Kaštel Gomilica location is first up on the schedule, and the set is looking more like Braavos with every new picture, it’s likely that this is her final destination.

According to a new report from Š, extras that applied to be a part of Game of Thrones in the city and meet their criteria can expect a call back from Embassy Films any day now. Of the 500 who applied, around 200 have been chosen, with costume fittings starting on September 8th.

Š states that filming in the city will take place on four days between September 15th and 21st, with locations including the fortresses of St. John and St. Nicholas, as well as locations in old town. The addition of St. Nicholas’s fortress is particularly interesting, as it lies on a small island off the coast of Šibenik, and is surrounded almost entirely by water.  Š also says that it is a possibility that the scene that was initially intended for the St. James Cathedral, but prohibited by the Šibenik Diocese, could still be filmed in Republic Square in front of the Cathedral.

Fortress of St Nicholas

Fortress of St Nicholas

Republic Square

Republic Square

Finally, the new set in Split is looking even nearer to completion in new pictures from The pillars have finally taken on a uniform colour, and it appears that the structure will be completely surrounded by green screens. And Keisha Castle-Hughes has revealed she’s taking in the beautiful scenery in Split, likely with her Dornish counterparts. This could mean that the set at Vila Dalmacija is intended to represent Dorne after all.


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    1. Damn. I was certain the Dalmacija stuff was gonna be Pentos. Maybe just wishful thinking. If it IS Dorne, and if it is close to the beach, then we know exactly what the place is now.

      I’m still convinced that pillar entrance is somewhere in Meereen, though. Either the entrance to the Great Pyramid or the Temple of the Graces.

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    2. Everything’s coming together! Great stuff!

      It’s funny that they’ve been denied St. Nicholas’s Church but they can use his fortress as they please.

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    3. Im really looking forward to Arya’s storyline next season (and im expectign Maisie to be brilliant as usual)

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    4. I really can’t see any relation whatsoever with the spanish locations (wich will probably be dorne) and Dalmacija, but I don’t know where else they might be shooting Dorne in Split so, who knows. Now they they are shooting outdoors(ish) we got to get some glimpses at the dornish costumes and sets! God, season 5 cannot come soon enough.

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    5. My friend who has not read the books follows Maise and was spoiled by her tweet. Apparently he thought she was going to the Wall lol. He texted me today both mad about being spoiled and excited about her Braavos storyline. I thought it would be obvious, even to non readers, that she was going to Braavos based on the Faceless Man coin she showed the Captain before he accepted her on board.

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    6. Sweet! Those locations look soo beautiful and enticing!!! And good looking out for Maysie Williams…safe trip, and be careful, those Braavosi can be quite the preening peacocks…hmmm how much Braavos reminds me of Venice…LOL!

      And, question…why is that poster with that lady in red lingerie sitting there…it says KIK or something. I hope she is part of the cast…LOL…I’ll most definitely looking out for her!

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    7. Greg,

      It was not supposed to be a secret. If someone thought she was going to the Wall after all the foreshadowing (“I know a real killer”, looking once or twice at Jaqen’s coin accompanied by his eerie theme, etc) and the explicit conversation with the Bravoosi captain, I don’t know what to say… he wasn’t paying much attention.

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    8. Hopefully we’ll have pictures of the sand snakes in full costumes soon. They are what I’m most excited for next season.

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    9. Just to draw everyone’s attention: there has since been another update. A third actor was also on set at Vila Dalmacija.

      Alexander Siddig

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    10. Cian,

      Shouldn’t that update be on top? It’s pretty big news, compared to the rest of the article. Some people may miss it. I hope we get some pictures in costume!

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    11. Luka Nieto,

      Yes I agree…but my friend has a few young children including a 3 month old, and also a very demanding job so he only has time to watch each episode once….but I will let him know you think he is an idiot.

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    12. Morgan: August 28, 2014 at 5:47 pm

      Unfortunately I do not think it is plausible we see anything from Vila Dalmacija – it is pretty much inaccsesible..But, Kastela is another story, and I have high hopes about that.

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    13. I’m not so curious about Doran. I imagine he will dress similarly to Oberyn, although maybe not so sexily. I can’t picture the Sand Snakes, though. I’m really curious about them.


      I said he must not have been paying attention, not that he was an idiot. You basically confirmed he doesn’t have time to pay that much attention to the show, which is obviously fine. Didn’t meant to offend.

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    14. omg Alexander Siddig on the set !!!! I cant wait to see some pictures !!

      my heart cannot take all these news its too much T_T

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    15. Marty,

      We really need a visually striking Bloodraven. I felt SO deceived when I saw that … poor attempt of Brynden. Cmon. It’s the fucking Bloodraven. Hand, Lord Commander, One-eyed sorcerer, awesome archer. What else? Loyalist.

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    16. Luka Nieto,

      Actually all but one of my unsullied friends think she’s going to the Wall. They’ve even rewatched it and argued with the one who was right. The logic used was that the coin wad powerful en get the owner anything they want when given to a Braavosi and that she clearly stated that

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    17. Sue the Fury,

      So it looks like the Sand Snakes will start the Queenmaker coup when Jaime arrives, and Doran will help Jaime and Bronn stop it, probably sending Areo off with them for the big fight scene. Or am I reaching?

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    18. Bliss,

      Your friends obviously didn’t watch the finale with the ‘previously on’ recap at the start. It showed Jaqen give her the coin and specifically say if there comes a time that you need to find me again just give the coin to any man from Braavos and say Valar Morghulis. If they rewatched that whole scene from episode 2×10, it’d be a lot less ambiguous. Jaqen does mention that the coin wasn’t something that you could buy horses with, so it can’t be something that gets the owner anything they wanted.

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    19. jentario,

      It’s so hard to tell what they will do with Doran, now that Arianne and Quentyn seem to be cut. I think it goes one of two ways,

      either he sends Trystane to Meereen to propose an alliance with Daenerys, or he is a part of the queenmaker plot. Dorne has to be important to the endgame, or else such a focus would not be given to it. To me, that means they have to align with an eventual king or queen on the Iron Throne. Also, it occurs to me that the final battles with the White Walkers could be in Dorne, which I haven’t seen mentioned as a possible reason for the show focusing on Dorne.

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    20. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      S5 has so many unknowns and redirections that I hesitate to even speculate anymore. Although I am still pumped for GoT S5, my fingers are secretly crossed behind my back for a few “special” events and encounters to be preserved as I imagined them….

      I think I am looking forward to Braavos the most, followed by Jon-Mel-Shireen, followed by Imp-Outcast.

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    21. Chloe,

      From what we know the only “steamier” dornish scene will be topless Tyene seducing/poisoning Bronn . If they wanted sex but thought the other storylines were more important they could have easily put it in there (naked Lemore for the Griffs and sex with salt wives for the Ironborn).

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    22. Bliss,

      Haha! I just asked my Unsullied husband (who hates fantasy and only watches to humor me) where Arya was going and he said, “Braavos.” I told him the story of ur friends and he said, “Wow. I knew that and I’m REALLY clueless.” Guess he’s not as clueless as he thought. 😉

      It really amazes me that they can seamlessly blend shots from all of these different locations (and climates!) into such a rich and believable visual landscape. I love this show!

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    23. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      I think Jent has a point above,

      this could be how they demonstrate Doran’s caution and patience, by helping Jaime stop the queen maker plot and then having to deal with the sand snake’s resentment, before making known the “Trystane to Meereen” plan.
      On the other hand, if Myrcella does make it back to KL, as some have speculated, perhaps Jaime returns her, following the queenmaker, and this prompts the Trystane move.
      I like Doran playin it safe, playing both sides. If he helps Jaime (the lannisters) but also sends Trystane, who eventually gets toasted, viewers will still be guessing where Dorne’s allegiance is.

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    24. Chloe,

      Given D&D know the end-game, perhaps they’re spending time focusing on Dorne because it plays a significant role going forward.

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    25. Chloe,

      If this were the case, and they are only focusing on Dorne for the nudity, then why would they cut arguably the sexiest character from the books(Arianne)? Why would they focus on a romantic relationship of a 14 year old(Myrcella)? Granted, a prolonged teen romance between Myrcella and Trystane sounds awful, but this isn’t a change made for nudity.

      I’m confident that Dorne is such a focus on the show because it will play a big part in the end game.

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    26. I’m liking this idea of Dorne

      hosting the WW in the end times. This could make Sam’s role in Oldtown pretty epic

      Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken!

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    27. Tyrion Pimpslap,

      I think those two paths are by far the most likely!

      If Trystane takes on some of Aegon’s role (directly or indirectly) as some theorize I suppose Dorne could rally some banners (or mercenary company) to him and form something equivalent to Aegon’s army advancing on Storm’s End and the southern kingdoms. Another possibility Dorne is kept in the TV series could be for a more indirect reason like structure. Even if the Sand Snakes only have supporting roles in major characters arcs and the endgame it might be easier to keep them all than cutting Dorne and rearranging multiple moving parts.

      To your other point..

      I like that idea, but I wonder if the White Walkers would have enough time (screen time) to travel far enough south to arrive in Dorne… Winter has been coming for 4 years now and not advanced as far as the Wall just yet. To get past The Wall and to travel all the way down to Dorne might be too fast for their army to advance in the final two seasons…


      Could Dorne play into the end of Dany’s dragons? We know Dorne was the only kingdom not conquered by Aegon I and we had Sarella/ Alleras in the Citadel where she could have discovered important information… if the Maesters had a part in the end of the Dragon Age.

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    28. loco73:
      “And, question…why is that poster with that lady in red lingerie sitting there…it says KIK or something. I hope she is part of the cast…LOL…I’ll most definitely looking out for her!”

      Kik is a German textile discounter. It’s just advertising and has nothing to do with the show.

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    29. I’ve got a feeling the whole queen maker plot will get changed.

      My guess would be that the end point for the Dornish storyline will be an reinvented version of

      The princess in the tower chapter, with Doran explaining why he had forbidden Trystane from marrying Myrcella. With Trystane being promised to Dany, instead of Arianne to Viserys. So their main storyline would be around marrying T&M rather than crowning Myrcella. It fits in with the apparent love story that they’re going for

      but still keeps the awesome reveal scene from the book (even if it’s between different characters).

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    30. H. Stark,

      Nice! Loras fight scene? Sounds interesting. I hope it isn’t just sword practice in the yard.

      Let him fight Euron in the Reach for the love of cock!

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    31. With the changes in the dorne storylines i start to wonder if:

      jaime’s trip to riverrun might be given to Roose Bolton. Seeing as Bolton already stormed an impregnable castle last season he might go south to riverrun with edmure as his hostage.

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    32. A whole storyline for

      Roose Bolton?

      . Don’t think so. There’s too much other material which they have to cover, and

      Bolton has other things to care about in the North. The main narrative reason for the existence of Jaime’s Riverlands storyline in the books is the meeting with Brienne and the burning of Cersei’s letter, not the siege of Riverrun.

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    33. H. Stark,

      Finn Jones: always way too intense for any interview. I wish that his character got to be that talkative in the show, though it wouldn’t fit.

      “Shocked at who died in Season 5”? Who would that be? Aren’t most of the longrunning characters safe for now? I guess Loras’ death would be shocking if he went early (confirming his wounds in the book as actual wounds), or Sansa, if her new material included her death.

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