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(Well, most of you. Some of you continue to despise Storify. Sorry!)

Since last week’s installment confused a small number of the newcomers (I usually invite new Twitter victims to come visit us) I feel like I should once more fully explain what we do here. Ahem.

At 6:00 PST (9:00 EST) each Sunday, I reTweet any number of funny or emotional or hysterical or furious tweets with the #GameOfThrones hashtag. I sometimes also go into the episode-specific hashtag i.e. #KillTheBoy, but usually get enough just from the GoT ‘tag by itself. I then post the best of the best here for your viewing entertainment.

(For those of you wondering, yes, the tweets completely spoil me to the episodes in question. But we all have to make sacrifices here.)

Clear? Cool? Excellent!


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  1. Many appreciations! Look forward to these because I genuinely don’t remember what happened sometimes.

    That “keep drinking” line sure does fit that Archer meme. Could there be a fan among TPTB?

  2. People were actually scared for Sansa’s safety walking into the kennels? It was 500% obvious Myranda was sending her in there to see Theon.

  3. Thanks for doing these for us Axey, Storify seems to be working fine for me and I begin to really like it, especially if it makes everything easier for you.

  4. Another excellent twatfest!! I loved the Maester Walken reference and the Stone Man photo “first it puts on the lotion…” Silence of the Lambs nod. These people ARE 50 shades of cray cray!!

  5. I also can’t see why people think so badly of Hizdahr in the show. Maybe he just made a very good first impression on me, but I believed his sincerity when he pleaded for his father’s body.

  6. “An episode of GoT without the Lannisers isn’t a real episode”

    The Rains of Castamere had no Lannisters in and thats probably the most famous episode of GoT !!

    Another great twitter round-up

  7. “hate watching” is that now in our lexicon, Axey? Because I like it – have been reading about it all day here with no name for it!!

    And I don’t get it either!!

  8. joffreysbleedingeyes:
    And your title for hardhome ist going to be hardbird?

    Or “Tweethome” or anything else significantly lame. The lamer the better.

    I’ll take suggestions of course!

  9. A Man Grown:
    Why does everyone seem to hate show Hizdahr so much? I have no problem with him.

    I agree ! Joel Fry is doing a great job and Hizdar is really interesting ! Truthfully, he’s the character I’m most invested for in Meereen (though I also really appreciate Michiel Huisman take on Daario !).

    And once again, thank you Axey !

    That image of Cersei instead of Tyrion jumping off the boat as soon as she discovers there’s no wine there is priceless !

  10. I’m not sure how it is I have yet to learn never to sip on a beverage whilst reading through these. I always put my laptop at risk of getting whatever I’m drinking sprayed all over it.

    I can never thank you enough for all the laughs, Axey!

  11. A Man Grown,

    Yeah, I actually kind of like Hizdahr. I thought he was very sincere in asking for his father’s body.

    Honestly, if he turns on Daenerys, I wouldn’t really blame him. She had his father executed, and just recently showed that if she’s pissed enough, she might just kill a random Master.

  12. Viewing this on a mobile platform is the complete pits. I’m scrolling through and hitting “next page” constantly and then while scrolling I might accidentally touch a tweet – which will take me to said tweet on Twitter. And then I hit back. And I’m back to the goddamn first page on Storify.

    I hate Storify. Hate it. Hate, hate, hate,

  13. Doz,

    I read on mobile as well. If you click on the upper bar of the embed (the right, not the left side with the slideshow) you can go to the storify website with an easier interface imo

  14. Joel Fry is great as Hizdar however I hate that they made Dany offer him marriage, he should have been the one requesting marriage. It completely changes the dynamics of their relationship ship and not in a good way. I have no idea why they thought it was something they needed to change other than some faux-girl power type nonsense by making it her idea and proposal.

  15. Awesome, as usual, Axey! I don’t know why, exactly, but I have to agree with Sue’s tweet. Wet pirate shirt Jorah and his sexy voice reciting poetry do it for me!

  16. A Man Grown:
    Why does everyone seem to hate show Hizdahr so much? I have no problem with him.


    i have a question how many people remember that missandei saying that thousands of slaves died building the great pyramid..and that pyramid was built by hizdar's father there is this man who has killed thousands to build a pyramid spoke against the killing of hundred girls…its totally believable right

  17. So here is what displeases me about this post: by the time i get to Bran’s tower the page fails every time… And i cannot read the last part plus have been clicking through the storify for naught on my iPhone. Is there an easier way to do this?

  18. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has become very fond of Hizdahr — and very impressed with Joel Fry’s performance as well! He’s the character who interests me the most right now in Dany’s plotline.

    These are always so much fun. They really brighten up my week. Thanks, Axey!

  19. JamesL,

    Hmmmm I don’t get the criticism. In the books, Dany was convinved it was a good idea…in the show, she convinces herself. I actually think that is more than just faux-girl power.

    And I’m not exactly sure what aspect of the Hizdahr/Dany dynamic it messes up? Or why it was good? Didn’t think their dynamic was very compelling in the books, but it’s at least intriguing on the show.

  20. afartherroom,

    Joel Fry is excellent. I’ve been impressed with his performance since the scene where he pleads to be allowed to bury his father. Great stuff.

  21. JamesL,

    They probably felt Dany hadn’t had an empowering scene in a while, and figured this was the best opportunity to have one (Missandei saying things like “A better choice, only one that you could see” in an otherwise desperate time).

    That’s just me trying to rationalise it though – I wasn’t a fan of it either. I would have preferred it if the marriage proposals were a part of Hizdahrs constant requests, and Dany admitted she was wrong about that at the same time as the fighting pits, which would show wisdom more than anything.

    Perhaps the show runners felt a complete submission would go against the feminist appeal of the character, which I can understand, if not – in this particular case – appreciate.

  22. Aww… poor twitter bird… Great way to kill time waiting for hubby to finish his shift

  23. Doz,

    Yeah Storify is really nice if you can read the entire thing in one sitting on a PC. A nightmare on mobile devices, or if you like to read it in bits and pieces over time, or both.

    But I definitely don’t mind it if it’s less resource-intensive and makes Axey’s life easier. He’s the one putting this together for us, and we’re not paying for it outside of indirect ad revenue.

  24. James,

    I didn’t like Dany feeding a random master to her dragons, but I did like that she was the one proposing marriage. She’s certainly heard of marriage alliances before, not like it takes a tactical genius to have this idea.

  25. I liked that the marriage idea came from Dany because I find her the most enjoyable when she’s proactive rather than just reacting.
    I guess it depends where it’s all supposed to go. She does seem pretty Joffrey like at the moment.

  26. Freyjoy,
    The problem on mobile devices, I think, is the embedding. If you can’t view it on our site, it will often work on the original post. To go there go to the upper right corner (at the beginning of the tweets) and you should see the Storify logo in blue. Click it and it should take you to the original Storify post. Hopefully that will work better for you.

  27. James,

    I don’t really understand the huge difference between Dany being convinced it’s a good idea, and Dany having that idea herself. Why is Hizdahr proposing so much better? Is it really important that all of her actions are someone else’s idea?

  28. This is my favorite article to read each week. The tweets are usually what I am thinking. For some reason I thought there would be a direwolf in the kennels when Sansa went there, not Theon. Great recap!

  29. Hodor Targaryen,

    Her behavior seems erratic. Her demanding to marry a character she has shown nothing but contempt for and was about to kill just feels forced and out of character. Many unsullied viewers were confused by this too.
    I prefer to have HIzadahr promise Dany peace if she marries him therefore the burden of proof is on him. The fact that it was Danys idea to which Hizdahr had nothing to do with changes this dynamic because he has never promised or even suggested that marriage to him would bring peace to Merreen.

  30. I very much liked Daenerys not proposing but rather informing Hizdahr that he’s to get to the marriage in time, in the very top spot – or dragons, presumably.

    I don’t see how Hizdahr could possibly have that idea in the show, that just doesn’t compute. But that being Daenerys’ idea? Entirely believable in her long history of crazy ever changing mind. I just think it’s too late a turn. She had another prominent master burnt basically on a whim just the day before. Her finally accepting traditions now is nice but far too late.

    Otherwise nice post as always, Axey (still not liking Storify, though).

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