Josh Whitehouse Talks Canceled ‘Blood Moon’ Prequel

Photo by Nick Harvey/REX/Shutterstock (9911508v) Josh Whitehouse Armand de Brignac Art World Dinner, London, UK - 02 Oct 2018

Josh Whitehouse at the Armand de Brignac Art World Dinner, London, Oct. 2, 2018. Photo by Nick Harvey/REX/Shutterstock.

We’ve all read plenty of interviews from actors on what it was like to be a part of the global phenomenon that was Game of Thrones. But what was it like to *almost* have the world of Westeros on your acting resume?

Josh Whitehouse, the British actor known for the BBC’s historical drama Poldark, can tell you. Whitehouse was cast in the Thrones spinoff reportedly titled Blood Moon that was set thousands of years before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire and also would have starred Naomi Watts, Jamie Campbell Bower and Naomi Ackie.

However, HBO decided to pass on the series in October of 2019 after the pilot was filmed, and while promoting his role in the Valley Girl musical remake recently, Whitehouse told that because his character was supposed to appear beginning with the second episode, he hadn’t actually filmed any of his scenes.

“I got the audition, I got the job and then I spent a year and a half waiting for it to actually happen, pre-prod stuff,” he said, noting that even landing the role “was mind blowing, just such an honor to even be considered for something like that.”

“Then it ended up getting canceled and I was like, ‘Oh, alright,’ ” he added. “I was just honored to be involved, even to be able to say that is a huge thing for my career, it was such a big show.”

Despite the show not moving forward, Whitehouse admitted that there might have been a slight sense of relief in not having to live up to the legacy of Thrones.

“In a sense, Game of Thrones was such a huge thing already, it’s kind of nice to not have that pressure, the potential to not live up to expectations and bring something new to the world,” he said. “But either way I would have been happy.”

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    1. Ummm. Josh Whitehouse never filmed anything, he wasn’t in the pilot, and he knows nothing about the canceled prequel.

      I’d love to hear what Naomi Watts has to say. Casting her was a major coup. How bad could the pilot have been for HBO to pull the plug on “Blood Moon” – and then greenlight a whole season of “House of the Dragon” sight unseen?

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    2. Ten Bears,

      I think she’ll talk about it when the chance comes. Anyway, she has the looks to be a Targaryen or a Lannister in House of the Dragon. I would like to see her in Westeros. She’s great. As a TV show based on Targaryen history, it’s possible there isn’t a clear protagonist as it was supposed in Bloodmoon. Maybe that’s an obstacle to cast more renwoned actors. On the other hand, HBO has green-lit the series without even filming a pilot before. If they are so confident, I believe there’s a lot of money involved. So I think there’s a chance to have actors like Naomi in this prequel.

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    3. I suppose projects being cancelled is something that goes with the job for actors. What I came to say was that there is a reading of Game of Thrones on YouTube. The style of reading isn’t to my personal taste but going by the comments some listeners like it. It’s called Tokybooks I think and the first reading is from chapter 1 to 20. I can’t copy a link. I thought I’d mention it in case anyone wants to try the story without spending money. The prologue isn’t included. Anyway I’ll leave it up to individuals what they decide to do.

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    4. I had some reservations regarding Bloodmoon but I would be interested to hear more on what the plot was about and why it was eventually cancelled.

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    5. I think if House of the Dragon becomes success there is a chance to see some version of this story in the future.

      Bryan Cogman confirmed on twitter that HOTD will be about the Dance of Dragons. He said he was working on that story, but HBO decided to go with Sapochnik and Condal’s vision.

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    6. So is House of the Dragon really about the Dance or is based upon the Fire & Blood book? I bought it last year but it’s huge and I’ve never really found the time to open and get stuck into it. I’m guessing there is a significant amount of lore and history rather than just characters arcs.

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    7. Jon Snowed,

      It’s very different from ASOIAF: no arc, no actual “character”. It sounds more like an historical chronicle, with an external narrator sometimes pondering various sources and trying to be fair. I felt surprised at first, then I enjoyed it. Never felt “affectively” involved with any of the ‘historical’ figures, kings, queens, hands, etc., though. But I admire the fact that he can deal with the same kind of world in a very different writing perspective, technique and tone. The second half is about the Dance.

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