Join us October 28th for the 2015 Watchers on the Wall Awards!


We’re happy to announce that next Wednesday, October 28th, we’re having the Watchers on the Wall Awards, celebrating Game of Thrones season 5! We’re inviting you all to join in the festivities starting at 8PM EDT.

At the ceremony, a live podcast airing on YouTube and embedded here, the writers of Watchers on the Wall and the Game of Owns crew will be announcing the winners voted by you, the fans. Over the summer and fall, the readers of Watchers on the Wall have led the way in choosing the best of season 5. After thousands of votes, it’s almost time to reveal the award winners in all fourteen categories!

We’ll be having prize giveaways for the fans joining us in the comments here on Wednesday. There’ll be more details to come in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Come on by next Wednesday to join in the fun and share your own thoughts on the wins and losses. If you can’t listen in to the ceremony, the award results will be posted here soon after they’re announced, and the recording will be available to listen to after the fact.

We can’t wait to share the winners with you, and thank you to everyone who voted and made the Watchers on the Wall Awards happen!

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    1. Finally. I was wondering when the winners were going to be announced!!!

      Now, how to steal some time to tune in and watch live…hm, may have to hex my charges.

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    2. I already had started wondering if I had maybe missed it!

      Nice. Most likely I’ll be sleeping when it goes live, but I’ll watch it the following day then. I hope the long time between the last vote and the ceremony means there’ll be some acceptance speeches…

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    3. Hummmm, gonna’ have to fix an early dinner or let the family go hungry while I tune in, I’m 3 hours ahead of you on the West Coast. Hummmm, I’m thinking I’ll let the family go hungry. LOL LOL

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    4. Yay for the WotW Award winners being announced! 🙂

      Boo for the last Wednesday of every month being a very long one for me, so I’ll have to miss the live fun. 🙁

      Everyone else have enjoy and have fun, and if you can find it in your heart to do so, spare a thought for poor, poor, pitiful me. I may have launched 10,000 ships, but I can’t fucking get out of my work commitment for one night.

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    5. Hey what time will this be on in the UK? The whole Pacific/Eastern time thing confuses me! (our clocks went back an hour today if this makes any difference 🙂 )

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    6. I’m totally going to tune in and lurk. I enjoy reading the comments on the regular posts; the community of ‘regulars’ here is just pleasant and inclusive.

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    7. Luka Nieto,

      Thanks for trying to help instead of just assuming I know which cities are in which time zones to use a calculator. (ok ok I am online and could have looked but a quick answer was what I was after 🙂 ) I think it might be 12am – still a wee bit late to stay up and watch with work at 9am the next day 🙁

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    8. Sounds like a lot of fun. I also love reading all the comments on here have only posted once or twice but I am an avid lurker and always stop by at least once a day.

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    9. Eck,

      You don’t need to know cities- you only need to know your own time zone, and the time zone you want to convert to, which is listed in the above post.

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    10. Looking forward to finally learning the results. Sadly, I can hardly remember who I voted for in the many contests, but not to worry. This is one time we are ALL winners.
      Starks rule, okay!!

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