Isaac Hempstead Wright Reads Your Game of Thrones Fan Theories


Isaac Hempstead Wright was busy this week, stopping by Madison Square Garden for the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience and chatting with the press. In addition to speaking with Entertainment Weekly about season seven, the actor spoke with The Huffington Post about his work on the show as Bran Stark, and examined some of the fan theories surrounding his character.

It turns out this isn’t the first time Hempstead Wright has taken a look at what fans think is in store. When he learned about Hodor’s fate for season 6, he did a little research of his own.

“I remember reading when I got sent the script for Season 6, and it had Hodor’s death in it. I thought, ‘God, this is amazing. Let me Google this to see if anyone came up with a theory,’ and of course there was some guy on some forum somewhere who had come up with ‘hold the door,’ ‘hold the door.’ It was in a slightly different context, but he got it absolutely dead-on, so it’s like anything really could happen,” the actor tells HuffPo.

And apparently he hasn’t stopped reading all your thoughts! Asked about the theories he’s reading now, HuffPo reports that “Some may be right, according to Hempstead Wright.”

“No, there are times you read it and go, ‘Holy shit! Yep, they’ve got it,’” the actor says.

HuffPo‘s Bill Bradley discusses with him the idea of Bran warging into a dragon, a popular fan theory, and Isaac responds “excitedly,” saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s cool! That’d be up there on my list of things I’d like to be … dragon, number one.” He adds, “You’ll have to watch and find out.”

As for the long game of Game of Thrones, Hempstead Wright denies knowing more but still enjoys the reading. “Even though we’ve just shot Season 7, you have no idea how it’s gonna end or what’s gonna happen in Season 8, so I love going online and seeing what people are coming up with.”

Swing by The Huffington Post to find out what Isaac thinks of the Jon & Meera Twins and Bran the Builder Theories!

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    1. Isaac may not yet know how it all ends but they will soon start with the scripts for season 8 and then more people than D&D and GRRM will know so increases the chances of things leaking.

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    2. Typically the season has been completed for several weeks before the cast get the script for the new season. This year they could get them just as the season is starting to air. That could be weird for them.

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    3. I’ve been trying to stay off the forum because there was just more information floating around than I wanted to know about. I miss everyone on here and chatting it up. I hope we get a good break from when leaks start again. I’m not in any rush for them.

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    4. The Bran the Builder theory is not something I ever took seriously. Then two things happened last season that now make me wonder. The Hodor thing which GRRM confirmed as his idea, meaning Bran can influence things in the past, and two after that episode aired someone on the internet pointed out in the Histories and Lore from season 1, Bran the Builder is being carried in every animation he is part of. He never is seen standing on his own feet and sits on a sled like thing and is being carried around. This could be a coincidence, but what a coincidence. So now I don’t know anymore.

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    5. i can just imagine Isaac googling “does Bran ever get to do anything but exposition?” and thats how he came across those theories.

      Just joking around, Isaac seems like a good sport, and i’m purely projecting, LOL

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    6. orange,

      However Bran can walk in his visions, though this doesnt mean much considering Bran having a physical presence in his visions is show invention in the first place. If bran starts physically manifesting himself in the books, then the AllBran theory will go up +10 credibility. I dont think thats too out of the question since he’s already surpassing Bloodraven’s abilities in a couple ways.

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    7. Dee Stark,

      Did Kit truly say “There are less episodes this year”? Didn’t he learn anything from Stannis?

      Dee, glad you were able to join us on a non-spoilery thread.

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    8. keltia,

      Thank you!!!
      I have been waiting a very long time for this!!!!!!!!!
      I really want to be involved and discuss theories and stuff. but I am scared. So much has leaked and im scared someone would say something pretending its a theory when in fact its a spoiler hahaha

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    9. And so it begins…the countdown has started, folks. (first time commenting on here, although i have been following the page for two years, don’t ask me why it took me so long haha)

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    10. Dee Stark,

      I can understand your fear, there are uncovered spoilers in every thread… anyway, stick with us (both sullied and unsullied, whatever these might mean now) and make good use of your ability to avoid spoilers! Superdee 😉

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    11. Juan Snow,

      No, so it will end… in 128 days! Welcome! Don’t worry, it usually takes a long time until one decides to start commenting… and then it’s no way back 🙂

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    12. Shy Lady Dragon,

      So true! I was nervous about commenting here (because I had seen newbies disrespected on other sites) but found a happy place here. Thank you for always being so kind and welcoming!

      (My comments seem to be getting sent to moderation. Is it because I had to change my Gmail username?)

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    13. Jon Snowed:
      Isaac may not yet know how it all ends but they will soon start with the scripts for season 8 and then more people than D&D and GRRM will know so increases the chances of things leaking.

      D&D may revert to doling out the scripts one show at a time on a need to know basis. The end game will be will be tightly guarded.

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    14. Marlana,

      I think this may be a good idea for the last season. Leaks before are just annoying, but they can leak cliffhangers and reveals at the most – not the end of the entire story. So if that got out beforehand, I’d be super pissed. I actually do read spoilers, but I hope to avoid those.

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    15. I hope the final season is very tightly guarded, I allowed myself to read the season 7 outline and wish I hadn’t but cuiousity got the better of me. At this stage I am thinking to go completely cold turkey come September when the filming starts.

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    16. Dee Stark,

      Well, another take on that is if some of our speculation/theories end up being true one or more posters could be accused of passing off a spoiler even if they didn’t read them.

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    17. Unfortunately, I don’t think the last season will be tightly guarded at all. If people with inside information couldn’t hold off on revealing the plot details of previous seasons, then how the hell are they gonna hold off on revealing the actual ending of the show?

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