Inside the Game of Thrones wildfire explosion with Rising Sun Pictures

rising sun

We have yet another Game of Thrones VFX breakdown for you all today! Released yesterday, Rising Sun Pictures’s video features some of their best effects created for season 6.

The company was responsible for many of the jaw-dropping effects seen this year, and showcased particularly in “The Winds of Winter,” with the Great Sept of Baelor and the destruction of the wildfire explosion. Combining the show’s footage taken on location and sets with their VFX, Rising Sun helped create some of the most memorable scenes of the season.

The video:

Two other season 6 VFX reels:

, and the Battle of the Bastards

Mackevision: Horn Hill, Pykeand Daenerys’ armada

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    1. That’s a wonderful bit of music Ramin Djawadi writes for this. I’ve probably watched this sequence more than anything else from the last six seasons, just to hear it again.

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    2. Every time I’m watching interviews with actors prior to movie/tv releases I think how it can be nearly as fun or good to watch for them since they were there for filming. I have to remind myself that it’s so, so different on set from the finished product. In scenes like this most of the stuff isn’t even there.

      What is an interesting thought is how the actors don’t have memories of being in the places that they and we see them. An example being Jon standing on top of the Wall looking out. We think, “Cool! Wish I could stand up there,” and Kit says the same thing as his first-person memory is standing on a platform in front of a green screen in a studio. So weird

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    3. CGI that doesn’t look like a video game. This stuff is amazing. Well done.

      And really surprised that Jaime returning to KL and seeing the Sept’s ruins was background CGI.

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    4. what’s real and what’s not? Who’s real and who’s not? This is very impressive. Are we getting to the point of not being able to tell the difference between CGI and reality?

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    5. The whole sequence was excellent at all levels. For me the best interior scene together with the Red Wedding.

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    6. Cool, full length version of the Sept explosion (more footage than what made it into the final cut of the episode)

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    7. Yep, simply f’ing amazing how this is done. The real credits should go to the people who write the software! No idea what programs they use to do this, but something probably more specialized for video editing rather than Photoshop.

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