HBO teams up with Primark for new line of official merch!

Primark Game of Thrones

The thirst for cool Game of Thrones merch is never quenched, but luckily, there are always new goodies just around the corner. The latest addition? Popular international retailer Primark has announced they’re teaming up with HBO for an official new line of Game of Thrones products, and they’re now in store! The fun collection features a diverse assortment, with everything from “Mother of Dragons” bags, nightwear, phone cases, luggage tags to “Hodor” doorstops. (Too soon? Nahhh!)  Arriving just in time for season 8, fans will find something up their alley, no matter which Great House you pledge allegiance to!

A few of our favorites from the Game of Thrones collection:

Winter is Here Ale Mug

Winter is Here mug Primark

House Stark Direwolf Headphones

Stark headphones Primark

I Drink and I Know Things Flask

I Drink and I Know Things flask

Direwolf Sigil Boyfriend-style Nightshirt

Boyfriend Nightshirt Primark

Dragon Egg Tealights

Dragon Egg tealights

Not a Queen, A Khaleesi Mug

Not A Queen a Khaleesi Mug

With prices ranging from €3/$4 to €13/$15, the product line is affordable for all fans. Head down to your nearest Primark quickly to get your hands on the collection! Primark can be found in eleven countries: USA, Republic of Ireland, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, and Italy. Find the nearest Primark using this Store Locator!

Thanks to HBO and Primark for the season premiere survival pack, offering us a sneak peek at a few of these items!

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    1. Ugh, I am torn! Primark is the worst…. but they have GoT merch now! But honestly, never will you find a more wretched hive of scum & villainy than at a Primark on Saturday afternoon.

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    2. The candles look more like votives inside tea lights. x3 They’re cool. But no wonder Primark wasn’t a very familiar name to my American self. Ah well…it’s cute, but I really don’t need a single thing more. 8|

      P.S. The “notify of followup comments via email” feature no longer works on this site.

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    3. I got a House Stark tote bag there the other day for £3. Gonna have to go back and see if they have one of those signs. They also have fluffy slippers. Dark Sister’s right, it’s a horrible place but fortunately this one had that sort of stuff right near the doors and tills so you don’t have to venture very far in.

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