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It just got easier to watch the new season of Game of Thrones, thanks to a new deal. HBO announced this week that the network will now be available on Hulu to subscribers. Viewers who sign up for any Hulu subscription packages can now add on HBO for an additional $14.99 per month. Swing by Hulu for complete details!

The shows already on Hulu are conveniently in-world fans of GoT:

With so many ways to legally watch Game of Thrones, including HBO, HBOGo, HBONow, Hulu, and more, HBO is running out of ways to politely say, “Please stop pirating the show and give us your money.” Unless you’re in a country where none of these options are available or remotely affordable. In which case…well, HBO still has some work to do!

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    1. Wait…its 14.99 to add it on top of the Hulu sub? Why would you just get HBO NOW for 14.99 instead?

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    2. That’s cool, HBO is pretty affordable in my country despite our shit economy. I’m so ready to wake up at 4 am and watch the show with the rest of the world!

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    3. In Canada older shows like Boardwalk, Wire, Sopranos, and Curb are on CraveTV, and yet no newer HBO programming and no Hulu either. This despite Showtime having day and date airings of all their stuff (hence no piracy for Billions and especially Twin Peaks). I really wish HBO would get around to a day and date up to date online service here!

      Seriously, I’d pay the $ 15 for HBO now if you’d let me.

      Hopefully it’ll hit either CraveTV or Netflix here before the season starts. Please take my money HBO! I really am trying here!!!

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    4. Dee Stark,

      I haven’t found a way, and it seriously annoys me. Honestly, I’d throw extra into Netflix or CraveTV in a heartbeat. It’s not for a lack of desire guys. And the fact that Crave does the day and date for Showtime is super awesome, and totally worth the price of admission, but it gets me that HBO doesn’t do the same. GoT and Westworld are totally meant to be watched live!

      Apparently we’re gonna get Hulu at some point, but evidently not fast enough for Season 7.

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    5. I admit that I watched the first two seasons in a less than honorable way, then borrowed an HBOGO password and finally was happy to sign up for the standalone streaming service when it became available.

      I’ve bought lots of merch, plus recruited dozens of people to the GOT phenomenon since then, all paying customers. Hope that makes up for it 😑

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    6. HelloThere:
      Damn it when r we getting episode titles :'(

      You said it, not me. I believe they are simply “Episode 1”, “Episode 2”, etc this season according to TV guide.

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    7. Tron79:

      It’s driving me nuts!I keep searching for those titles… when will they drop this year?

      Maybe not until the 16th. HBO might update the schedule with the premiere title on the same say.

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    8. dubq,

      It is HBO Go that requires the cable package in my area. HBO Now is for cord cutters. As it happens I have both Hulu and HBO Now. and HBO Now will go away when GoT does, unless they come up with something interesting for me in the interim.

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