HBO announces Game of Thrones scavenger hunt at Comic-Con

SDCC logoGame of Thrones is confirmed for San Diego Comic Con this year, and HBO is rolling out even more fun for the week. Traditionally, they debut new merch with con exclusives at SDCC, and this year is no exception. Today, HBO announced officially that they’re having a Game of Thrones scavenger hunt at SDCC, encouraging fans to visit booths searching for specified GoT items such as the show’s new Daenerys-themed jewelry or a Night’s King mask, ultimately for the chance to win a sweet Comic Con prize pack.

The hunt begins on Preview Night: Wednesday, July 20th at 6PM Pacific time when the convention floor opens. It’ll run until Saturday, July 23th at 11am Pacific time.

*Update, per HBO:  Fans will now have until 5PM on Saturday, July 23rd, to complete all of the Twitter photo challenges! Once those are completed, hunters can go to USAopoly’s CLUE: Game of Thrones Experience Booth #1017, between 9:30am-5pm PT on Saturday, to enter their name, contact info and Twitter handle into the raffle for a chance to win one of 15 prize packs.*

How do attendees take part? According to HBO, hunters must complete all of the listed challenges by posting photos of themselves with the GoT products on their public Twitter profiles, along with the hashtag #GoTScavengerHunt.

Once you’ve posted everything required to Twitter using #GoTScavengerHunt, hunters must line up at the USAopoly’s CLUE: Game of Thrones Booth #1017 on Saturday. The first 15 fans in line who’ve completed the previous challenges and who post a final photo of themselves with the CLUE®: Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack will win a SDCC Game of Thrones Prize Pack.

The Prize Pack, valued at approximately $200, includes:

  • CLUE®: Game of Thrones™ + CLUE®: Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack
  • McFarlane Iron Throne Room Construction Set
  • Factory Entertainment Game of Thrones plush figures
  • Dark Horse Varys Figure
  • Insight Editions Sigil Stationery Set
  • Game of Thrones SDCC Exclusive The Night King T-shirt

The challenges:

scav hunt

So that’s the challenge! If you’re going to be hitting the floor at the convention, why not take a few photos while you’re at it, and tweet them out. That really is a great prize package.

Some other Game of Thrones products at the convention you may want to check out:

Composite Effects — Booth #2944
The Night King Mask and Gloves

Dark Horse — Booth #2615
The Night King Bust (Silver)
The Night King Pin
Son of the Harpy Figure
The Night King Figure
Stannis Baratheon Figure

Factory Entertainment — Booth #2647
Direwolf Cub Plush Box Set II (features Shaggydog, Lady and Summer)
The Red Keep Relief Sculpture
The Royal Crown of King Robert Baratheon
The Wall and Castle Black Limited Edition Desktop Sculpture

Funko — Booth #5341
Dorbz Three-Pack — White Walker, The Hound, Joffrey
Mag the Mighty 6” Funko Pop!

USAopoly — Booth #1017
CLUE®: Game of Thrones™ Convention Exclusive: Expansion Pack
CLUE®: Game of Thrones™
MONOPOLY®: Game of Thrones™ Collector’s Edition
Risk®: Game of Thrones™

Insight Editions — Booth # 1703
Pop-Up Guide to Westeros Book
Astrolabe Collectible
Sigil Stationery Sets
Poster Book Collections

Living Language — Booth #1034
Living Language Dothraki

Chronicle Books — Booth #1506
Inside Game of Thrones: Seasons 1 & 2
Inside Game of Thrones: Season 3 & 4

Think Geek — Booth #3351
Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica
Game of Thrones House Sigil Journals
Game of Thrones House Sigil Wine Charms

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Sounds like fun, but the competitive element could become too much of a distraction from all the panels and other stuff that I’d want to attend if I ever got to go to a Con. This one being at the corner of the continent diagonally opposite to me, I fear it will always be beyond my budget.

  2. Don’t bother with the CLUE® game. It’s rigged. The ending is always Littlefinger, in King’s Landing with the Raven.

  3. Of course the scavenger hunt ends the day BEFORE the only day I am gonna be there 🙁 just my luck.

  4. Neat. GoT themed clue. First I heard of that. Very thematic.

    Who killed Joffery in Kings Landing with poison?

  5. Nah, if I was going to CC I’d be at the panels and such. The prizes don’t excite me (now if they were given a set of DVDs from all 6 seasons, we might talk). But it will be fun to see pics of everyone else going. (I have a friend in LA who goes every year and watches the program – should probably pass this on)

  6. it’s that Magical time of year again watchers, The Emmy Nominations are Tomorrow!!! 😀
    really looking forward to talking about the Game of Thrones nominations with you all tomorrow 🙂

  7. It is a cool video – but I am sooo tired of the bad captioning on these things Really, its embarrassing that such a big company can care so little about the people who really depend on them. I am just hard of hearing, the captions help me understand better whats going on,, but for others much worse off, they are incomprehensible. To get my meaning, watch the video again without sound and turn the captions on

    sorry, end of rant

  8. HBO got the right idea!

    Nothing like turning grown folks into happy little kids for a brief timespan running around on this GoT fantasy quest.

    It will be like Xmass but instead of your family you’ll be with thousands of other people who are geeks just like you lol.

  9. All set to watch the Emmy nominations live stream starting in about 5 minutes. I bet that there will be a new thread on it up soon.

  10. They only showed a partial listing, top categories only….

    I am going to let Sue make the thread rather than spoil it here ahead of time. Because it is the right thing to do!!!!!

  11. JCDavis:
    All set to watch the Emmy nominations live stream starting in about 5 minutes.I bet that there will be a new thread on it up soon.

    Fingers crossed for Kit!!!

  12. Laura,

    They never get lead acting noms because they are not submitted for that but the show got like 23 nominations and five actors were nominated.I’m so happy for kit!!

  13. Guys, if you go to the Emmy website, you won’t BELIEVE the haul that Game of Thrones just pulled in! (under spoiler tags out of an abundance of caution).

    EDIT: Forget the spoiler tags. The news is out there.

    Peter Dinklage AND Kit Harington in Supporting Actor!

    Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, AND Maisie Williams in Supporting Actress!

    Max von Sydow in Guest Actor!

    Jack Bender AND Miguel Sapochnik in Directing!

    David Benioff and Dan Weiss in Writing!

    And Outstanding Drama Series, of course!

    I haven’t even checked all the below-the-line categories yet, but it’s incredible!

  14. Maisie and Kit! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    And Lena and Emilia! 3 supporting actress noms from the same show! Has that ever happened before?

  15. GoT just absolutely dominated the nominations! So it got nominated for everything it submitted except for Sophie!

  16. It’ll be embarrassing if we don’t nab the supporting actress Emmy with 3 nominations.

  17. My God these nominations are excellent
    I’m so so so happy
    I love this show, the cast and crew and produced. So extremely well deserved

  18. Sam:

    He’s in! And so are Emilia, Lena, and Maisie!!! Woohoo!

    Absolutely fantastic!!! So, so pleased for them all ❤️ Oh Kit. About time.

  19. Kinda feel bad for Sophie. She deserved perhaps even more than Lena or Emilia. Happy for Kit and Maisie. Both worked hard these past seasons to get there. Sort of don’t know why is Peter nominated because this wasn’t his strongest season but wouldn’t be surprised if he wins it. Domination of Game of Thrones is fantastic.

    Hopefully Sapochnik will win something because dude is insanely talented director.

    This will be probably last time Game of Thrones is fighting for Emmys. So make it count.

  20. ghost of winterfell,

    Maggie Smith could win with Downton Abbey being over. If a GoT actress wins, Lena is the most deserving imo. I didn’t watch any of the other shows to have an informed opinion.

  21. Tycho Nestoris,

    She was good, but nothing extraordinary. I like Maggie Smith, but I hope the winner is not decided for sentimental reasons. Lena deserves it, imo.

  22. I want Kit and Lena to win.They absolutely deserve it but I’m afraid votes might get split.Miguel should definetly win though.

  23. Flayed Potatoes,

    Yeah, Peter is probably the least deserving of the nominees, even though he was good too. I have not seen the other nominees in this category so don’t know how tough is the competition.

    I am rooting for Miguel too

  24. Scrolling down the nomination list, other nominations that GoT snagged include (but may not be limited to) …

    Production Design (Contemporary or Fantasy), Casting, Cinematography (Single-Camera), Costume Design (Period/Fantasy), Hairstyling, Non-Prosthetic Makeup, Prosthetic Makeup, Editing (x2), Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Special Visual Effects, and Stunts.

    Congratulations to all of the members of this incredible crew that brings the show to life!

  25. Jenny,

    Next season is delayed and there is a certain amount of like 5 or 6 episodes that must be aired until end of May or something. Somebody mentioned it here. Since Game of Thrones is starting shooting later in September so season will start likely in the middle of May.

    But I think they just want to make a proper ending to this series so let’s make it count and win something here. Hopefully accolades will go to Game of Thrones and respective actors. But also there is a thing that each actor can take valable votes. Especially ladies with Lena, Maisie and Emilia. Hopefully one of them will win but if got to bet it would be Lena.

  26. Glad that Maisie and Kit made the cut this year. (And puzzled as ever when Emilia gets nominated.) Much as I adore Peter, I don’t think this should be his year – he had crap material to work with, mostly.

    What truly bums me out, though, is only peripherally related to GoT: Tobias Menzies being passed over again for his absolutely stunning work in Outlander. I would have been rooting for him over Kit.

  27. Harington’s nomination is not surprising to me. I’m not saying because he deserves it or not as usually this is irrelevant (though I think he does). It’s name recognition to a certain portion of elites, in the different ATAS peer groups, quite frankly. Dinklage and Headey have been part of this crowd for a while. Clarke got in, in recent years which is why these 3 have been nominated multiple times over. He’s worked his way in this past year. He’s up for more movies and is known by more of the “in crowd” (so to speak) crew that works up and down American entertainment. Specifically, my understanding is Harington is now well known and well regarded with some of the more influential aspects of the ATAS. It’s because of this, that I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he actually wins the award over even Dinklage.

    Maisie Williams is the surprise to me. She may actually have been nominated based on skill alone and nothing else. Hey, what a novel concept for what is supposed to be an award show.

  28. Geralt of Rivia,

    Ah well even if they skip next year I’m sure they will get nominated the following years.And yes I’m it will win lots but in the acting categories it might be tough because of the split votes.Hopefully they pull through though

  29. Tycho Nestoris,

    It is. But I believe we’ll win something this year and then D&D would be more focused to make proper ending rather than thinking about throphies.

  30. orange,

    Hi, what does ATAS stand for? And is it weird that I don’t necessarily like to see Harington becoming part of the Hollywood elite?

  31. Love Maggie Smith, she’s one of the legends who brings gravitas, wit and makes it seem effortless. But I agree, though she’s perfect in her DA role, it’s not Emmy worthy merely because it’s kind of limited role compared to some of the contenders right now in this category.

    ghost of winterfell,

  32. Jack Bauer 24,

    With the whole diversity aspect surrounding the public sentiment and awards shows being part of that I would not doubt it. But if Thrones ends with Lena never having received any recognition I will think it a shame.

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