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I’ve been on a Game of Thrones merch spree of late, and just received a sweet piece I pre-ordered some time ago, so now seems like the perfect time for another post full of GoT goodies! Just after Back to School madness and in advance of the scarily earlier-every-year holiday shopping, here’s a list of my favorite things.

Pre-ordered back in May, this week I finally received the Weirwood Tree Goblet (shown above left), actually ahead of the announced October shipping date. Vivid and beautifully detailed, it’s worth every penny. I can’t wait to drink buckets of wine out of this thing while making stupid Jojen-paste jokes for the next fifty years. ($44.95)

HBO has definitely stepped up its beverage game- there’s a ton of new steins and glassware in the HBOShop that are a step up from the previous class. One I love and will probably be my next purchase is the House Stark Winter is Coming Tankard (shown above, right). The tankard includes a light blue take on the crest. The “icy” rim and the armored handle are cool touches, and the chains and wires give it a hardcore Northern vibe.  This one comes packaged in a Seven Kingdoms gift box, so it’ll be great for displaying or gifting. ($59.95)

VMBeing a writer, naturally I’m a sucker for the Game of Thrones journals created by InsightEditions. The journals feature strong construction with 192 lined pages of high-quality heavy stock paper. The ribbon placeholder, elastic closure, and back pocket in each one included make the journals super functional and useful. With my affinity for Jaqen H’ghar, personally I’m drawn to the lovely Valar Morghulis journal. I also love the Night’s Watch journal, with the interesting cover illustration and the oath inside. We’re partial to that here! ($18.95-$19.95 each)

If you’re fully in the school-supplies mindset, go all out and get yourself a Thrones stationery set while you’re at it. These beauties come with journals as well, and come in Targaryen, Stark and Lannister varieties, so  you don’t have to compromise your house loyalty! Each set includes a wax stamp, envelopes, paperweight, and writing paper all featuring the house sigil, plus two wax sticks, all in a gorgeous display case. Send your enemies a command to bend the knee with the Targaryen Stationery Kit. ($34.95)

eggs puzzles

4DCityscape returns with another amazing puzzle to challenge GoT fans. The Dragon Egg Puzzle Set is a 3-piece set of puzzles recreating Daenerys’ dragon eggs. Made with 180 pieces, the assembled eggs each measure six inches, and can be presented in 360-degrees with the included display stand. This one will make a great holiday gift. ($39.99)

Daenerys pinThis one is so damned pretty, we’re blessed as fans that we get these replicas- Daenerys’ Three Headed Dragon Pin by Noble Collection is available. Whether you’re looking  for an authentic touch for Halloween or just like nice jewelry, this is a great collectible. The detailed pin measures 4.25 x 3 inches, and gives off legit khaleesi vibes. ($54.95)

During the in-season, we oooh and aaaah every week over the latest stills released for each new episode. One cool piece of merch for fans who are into these beautiful photographs is the Game of Thrones Poster Collection ($19.95), which is up to Volume III now (covering seasons 5 and 6). The posters, great for framing, include portraits of the show’s biggest characters, including Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion and more, plus art from marketing campaigns. Volume I (featuring seasons 1 and 2) and Volume II (seasons 3 and 4) are also still available.

lannister pillowThe Great House sigil pillows are pretty swank and they’re all on sale this week. Shaped like shields and featuring the house motto on the reverse of each pillow, the pillows include gold rope trim for that extra royal touch. The House Lannister pillow is my favorite. It’ll give me something to cry into during the final season. ($25.46)

Halloween is coming, of course, just over a month away now. Go on, buy the Night King mask and scare the shit out of everyone. Do it for us, and take pics. And report back. ($49.95)

It’s nice to see HBO has been on their game with new updates in the shop. It looks like they’ve been doing the same with Westworld, adding items for their newest hot show, including this friggin hilarious and disturbing prototype host body bobblehead. It’s so bizarre…I might actually pre-order it.

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    1. Can’t see or order it in Belgium (Europe) 🙁

      HBO has decided to cease operation of the HBO UK, FR, DE, & EU Shops. We are no longer offering merchandise for sale through these portals.

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    2. I’ll admit. This stuff looks pretty cool.

      But where’s my Arya Valerian Steel dagger replica???? Where’s my blue-faced Swingin’ Olly diorama? Where’s my miniature Qyburn Scorpion bolt launcher? Where’s my oversized beer mug with sullen Sandor’s face and the inscription “How can a man not keep ale in his home?”

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    3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I can’t even LOOK at the merch from the UK. I was totally going to buy a discount pillow too. Take my god damn money HBO.

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