Game Of Owns: We Choose Violence

Episode 321 – We Choose Violence
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Days remain. A podcast dives into the latest and greatest Game of Thrones season 6 trailer, with four clips from the show sprinkled on top.

Theories, conclusions abound. Let’s do this!

Discussion Topics
The new beast
Fire Walkers
Sansa Stoneheart
Tully fish
Capital city troubles
Tyrion and Quentyn
Hard plotting
Trailer Owns
6 is coming


Please, let us know if we missed something you would’ve thought to explore in the discussion!

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    1. Sansa Stoneheart

      I was an early proponent of the Lady Sansaheart theory last season (though far from being the first of course).

      But now that the theory seems to be gaining a bit of traction, I’m not so sure. It COULD fit into this years storylines as far as we can decipher them. But other paths could also.

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    2. My anticipation for the season can’t get any higher, the premier can’t get here fast enough. I am really excited to see the vengeance for the events of the red wedding, it’s long overdue.

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    3. We Choose Violence

      Frankly, I choose peanut butter cups, but that’s how we Catspaw Assassins roll.

      A ball of string works just as well.

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    4. I meant to say, a ball of string works just as well in a pinch.

      Mmmm, I wonder if Hot Pie knows about the joys of peanut butter and chocolate?

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    5. It’s funny; everyone is salivating for Sansa to lead the north into bloody revenge, but if book and season 5 taught us anything, it’s that everyone – especially the north – needs to combine to confront the threat. Assuming Jon is resurrected, I wonder what his view on this battle is going to be?

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    6. Love the podcast – just wanna mention amongst the hype of characters colliding this season (not heard much of Jon + Sansa possible reunion) that it also marks the departure of Jon and Sam – since season 1 been best mates and the not so first time we see them at least not near the wall and heading away from each other with no sure reunion – cant wait for them to be reunited the many faced god willing – a man lives in hope

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