Game Of Owns: Season 6 Trailer Part II

Episode 317 – Season 6 Trailer Part II
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WinterPhil joins the cast for an explicit look at the season 6 trailer, the fan community’s past, and the state of Game of Thrones.

Discussion Topics
Phil “Winter” is back
Unsullied, for the first time
No press screeners this year
Season 6 hysteria
From WiC to Watchers
Depecting book and TV
Jon’s body, Jon’s face
Who is burning?
Azor Ahai
King Bran?

What do you make of Bran and the White Walker?

Who is burning?

The Jon theory(ies). ?

On next week’s episode, Bran and Arya reach their first chapters in our A Feast With Dragons read through. They’re excellent, we need your Owns!

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    1. RedViper,

      If you’re asking why Watchers on the Wall doesn’t publish the “Dance of Dragons” narrative feature from season five’s Blu-Ray… that’s HBO’s material that would be totally illegal to upload without their consent. So the answer to “When?” is “Never”, probably. If you want it, you can look for it on Youtube. HBO isn’t obsessed with enforcing their copyright on Youtube, which is great, but that doesn’t mean it’d be fine for WOTW to publish it here.

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    2. Sue the Fury,

      Came on here just to say with all these vr devices on the horizon I want to see GoT take advantage of it some how. I’m currently brainstorming on a good idea outside of just a game (which I’m totally on board with)

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    3. The HBO Schedule now has the running times for the first three episodes of S6. They are in the search results, while only the info for S6E1 is in the schedule pages so far. They’re specifically here:

      The running times are 50, 54 and 53 minutes, respectively. Episode one is rated “TVMA: Adult Content, Adult Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity,” while the others have no ratings yet. The cast listing appears to be the same for each episode, so it probably does not tell anything about which main characters will appear in which episode.

      Still no episode titles. The wait continues. Really glad we have our daily trips down memory land and other things to ease the wait.

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    4. Great episode, but come on guys there’s no way Arya is taking over Jon’s body.

      I am intrigued about that figure on a horse with a fireball in the trailer. I have a hunch it’s a returning character, but I guess we’ll see.

      Ser Low-Res,

      The TVMA confirms some suspicions I have about Jon. Thanks.

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    5. Stash Brannigan:
      The Tower of joy scene there is for Dani. You are assuming R+L=J when really R+L=Dit is known.

      The silliest theory of all the theories… because R+L=D would change NOTHING about the story. D’s ALREADY the perfect Prince That Was Promised without R+L. Why would GRRM waste his time with it?

      He wouldn’t.

      Now, if someone would suggest R+L=J&D, then that would actually add something to the story…

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    6. Ok, if Stannis indeed was Azor Ahai than I’m looking forward to seeing Brienne’s face when her sword catches fire after chopping his head off! King’s blood magic. Ned’s sword. Maybe that’s her riding around with the flame in the trailer. 🙂

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