Game Of Owns: Lords of Sorts

Episode 311 – Lords of Sorts
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Lump is hurt and alone. The free folk have scattered, and the cold dread marches. But for today, Castle Black is back to business.

Our second episode in A Feast with Dragons is here!

A Dance with Dragons — Prologue, Jon I

Discussion Topics
Let the feast begin
Second lives
Fleeing the Wall
Warg or die
Another wolf dream
A maester’s warning
A king’s requests
Melisandre and Jon
Owns of the Chapters

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    1. Have a look at this recently published article: “This Is Why A Hollywood Screenwriter Called The Unaired ‘Game Of Thrones’ Pilot A ‘Complete Piece Of Sh*t”

      Interesting! 🙂

      And here’s the link to the podcast with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss in which they relate their experience with the pilot episode of GOT:

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    2. It’s enough to put some awesome picture of King Stannis to get a click on article.

      King Stannis is at least as effective as boobs or booty. Well done btw 🙂

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