Game Of Owns: The Tempest Subsides

Episode 307 – The Tempest Subsides
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We’ve reached the final two points of view in A Storm of Swords. For now we say goodbye to the forever changed Sansa Stark and Jon Snow.

Prepare your thoughts and Owns for next week’s episode, the epilogue is upon us.

Discussion Topics
The ink is still dry
New things for our Patrons
Inside Jon’s head
Ghost returns
The final vote
Building Winterfell
The tragedy of Flysa
Owns of the Chapters



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    1. “Only Cat.” 🙂

      Watch out for that giant destroying a snowy Winterfell!

      Which do you prefer after the snow castle destruction?
      1) [book] Sansa tearing up SweetRobin’s doll, causing him to have epileptic convulsions,
      2) [show] Sansa’s slappy smackdown of SweetRobin

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