Game of Owns: Goodbye Season Five

Episode 288 – Goodbye Season Five
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Another season, gone. The table is set, your submissions have arrived — the podcast returns to reflect, remind, and definitively Own season 5.

Discussion Topics
Upcoming live GOO at GeekyCon
Jon Snow
Ebb, and flow
The course of season 5
The long game
Owns of the season
Listener Owns of the season
The on-season

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    1. Rygar:
      24 Noms?Makes sense if it is for S4 but if its for 5, then that seals it….the Emmys mean nothing.

      Well, boohoo. The season I didn’t like got nominations, so the awards are meaningless.

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    2. Rygar:
      24 Noms?Makes sense if it is for S4 but if its for 5, then that seals it….the Emmys mean nothing.

      The Emmys are meaningless….unless you’re the one being nominated. If you can’t be momentarily happy for the people who work hard on a show you presumably like, then maybe you should stop watching the show.

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    3. mau,

      Not for Miguel Sapochnik in the Directing category, unfortunately – Game of Thrones earned two nominations in that category, but they went to Jeremy Podeswa for “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” and David Nutter for “Mother’s Mercy”. But Hardhome did get several nominations in other categories, including Cinematography, Editing, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, and Prosthetic Makeup.

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    4. Jared,

      Well, 506 had very strong and atmospheric Sansa’s scenes, but 510 is stronger. I don’t know much about their competition.

      I didn’t watch Mad man.

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    5. Whooooooaaaaa, my brain just melted!

      “what are all of our lives, but small victories here and there until we’re dead…”

      That’s the Own of the Season for me. I bow unworthy before your depth!

      You guys went on a “walkabout” without the walking. Good to hear your voices again as we begin “The Dry Season”. Some thoughts…..
      *Do you really think Nutter lied or maybe he doesn’t know the truth yet? It would take balls as big as a Camel’s.
      *Thank you for putting out your frustration as a book reader and the Jon situation. I’ve been feeling the same way. It’s actually affected my enthusiasm for the show as well.
      *Having Jon be the “end all, be all” (Arturian/Luke Skywalker character) is VERY unlike GRRM and that’s the one thing that makes me think that Jon might be truly dead.
      *Thorne turning against Jon was inevitable…Olly might have gone either way but being so young, he was easily influenced by older leaders like Thorne.
      *And finally, as long as no camels were hurt in the making of your show, we’re all good.

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