Game of Owns: Hardhome

Episode 282 – Hardhome
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Spellbound from the contents, path, and conclusion of the eighth installment of this fifth season, your hosts fall into conversation directly following the finish.

Discussion Topics
What a finish, what an episode
The great threat
Valyrian steel
Uniting the planet
Returning to the Wall
Talk over drinks
Breaking the wheel
Owns of the Episode
Live show/celebration announcement!

Reigning in the uproarious enthusiasm was a task and a feat. What an episode.

We are very grateful to be part of your post-Hardhome therapy, medicate accordingly.

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    1. You guys really do a great job, thanks for what you’re doing with this podcast. By far the most enjoyable I’ve listened to.

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    2. Love the Night’s King standing there, all “Come at me, bro!” to Jon.

      Come at me, bro!
      Come at me, crow!
      Come at me, Snow!

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    3. Great pickup on the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” biblical reference

      Hadn’t picked up on that elsewhere

      Characterisation was great, Sorenson was great, made you as a viewer feel for the people who succumbed there, as using Rattleshirt as face of resistance, Thenn as face of resistance but who came round once seeing the greater threat, Edd will the the equivalent

      Btw, the impression I got was that they had been loading people on and off the ships for a few hours

      Night’s King staring at Jon was a great twin to Melisandre staring at Jon through the flames last season

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    4. I luv you guys podcast and this week I especially loved your welcome back to those that have “quit” the show. Priceless

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    5. Excellent, excellent, excellent episode.

      I know it’s grueling, probably hard as fuck to call the banners and arrange / record this thing immediately following an episode, but guys… it completely pays off in the amount of raw emotion and the wonderment and… all of that stuff that you’re able to throw through the mics and into our ears.

      Bravo, bravo, and I can’t wait for the live show in Chicago!

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    6. the highlight was most certainly this bit:

      “To all the viewers who quit the show after episode 6:

      Welcome back!”

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    7. Did anyone else make a mental connection between what happened with johns sword(killing the other) and what master aeamon said about stannis’s sword.”there is light but no hear”
      Stannis is not the one,Jon is and melissandre thinks she if she’s after kings blood and the r+l=j theory is correct then he could be the one!

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    8. Am I crazy if I keep watching the last 30 minutes of this episode all day over? I mean the all scene is so powerfull since their arrival

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    9. Let me add to those appreciating hearing you guys record right after. I have been so pumped up after that episode it’s really great hearing others having that same reaction and same emotions! What an episode!

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    10. Another one voicing their thanks for recording right after and capturing the emotion.
      There was not a bad scene to be found this entire episode. I did tell them (my TV anyway) to burn the LOB as soon as they started walking away, well what is one more in that army?

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    11. Has anyone noticed the whote walkers are wearing black armour/clothing, perhaps an indication towards the nights watch and further proves the nights king theory

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    12. Tergaryen:
      Has anyone noticed the white walkers are wearing black armour/clothing,perhaps an indication towards the nights watch and further proves the nights king theory

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    13. I like the question that was brought up about who is going to die? GRRM said people die who done die in the books. So far I only one person: Barristan. Am I missing someone?

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