Game of Owns: High Sparrow

Episode 271 – High Sparrow
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A Stark returns to Winterfell, the North remembers. Weddings, bathings, and walking ignite this week’s discussion of the recently aired third episode of Game of Thrones season 5. A podcast must learn of a house and its people.

Discussion Topics
Picking up the pace
A Stark in Winterfell
Petyr’s plan
The new Queen
The Sparrow’s bowl of brown
Doctor Qyburn
The House of many faces
All Men Must Serve
Owns of the Episode

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    1. I haven’t listened to the episode yet I just wanted to ask first were can I see that image you talked about last episode? Something about Stannis and Davos? I’m not sure but I got curios.
      I looked for it on twitter but couldn’t find anything.

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    2. Good podcast, guys. Nice job to Mikah on the callback to Arya and Mellisandre, and how Mellisandre’s prophetic words: red eyes, green eyes, death, etc (I forget the exact quote) relates to her situation at the House of Black and White.

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