Game of Owns: Rise, Jon Stark

Episode 270 – Rise, Jon Stark
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A visit to Castle Black is due, for reflection on this level of new. A new Lord? A new Lord Commander? Terri Schwartz accompanies us from the top of the Wall, it’s time to absorb this news.

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    1. I’m unsullied after Clash but does anyone else get the sense like that Aemon will be the deal breaker on who is the new LC. I’m not sure if this is spoilerish because honestly I have no clue what happens with anything. I just feel like he’s gonna bite the dust soon from old age and he might do something really important first if not while voting than maybe in some other way. The guy looks like he’s 200 yrs old…

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    2. I wonder if Rickon is at bear Island. I don’t see what other Stark the lady of bear Island could be referring to.

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    3. Phyllis Ashley:
      Brandon Stark’s Monster,

      “…whose name is Stark”, I think just refers to the entity of the family, that they only recognize a king who possesses the name.

      Pretty much

      People who were watching carefully during Robin Arryns training will have noticed that Littlefinge received a note, made a point that for all he lacks Robin has his “name” (Arryn being as big a deal in the Vale as the Starks in the north) and then he immediately gestures for Sansa to come, so it applies to both

      Obviously this was important for Jeyne Poole posing as fake Arya in the books

      I’ll be as surprised as I was when Sansa outed herself though if they marry Sansa off to Ramsay as Sansa Stark rather than Alayne Stone as this does not strike me as something Littlefinger would do (he keeps everyone close to his chest around people he controls) eg He has kept Mya Stone near him in the books as well as Sansa/Alayne, he has people thinking he is doing one thing while he is really working on another and handing over Sansa as herself is too much of a plainly displayed hand and there’s nowhere to go after that.

      It would make sense if there was a large Vale Army and he was plotting ala Manderly but the show doesen’t seem to be doing that

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    4. Renly’s Peach,

      I get that they were loyal to the Starks. But it just seems to be very defiant for the Mormont’s to reject Stanis in the name of a family who everyone in the North thinks is all dead except Sansa who is missing. As things stand right now the Northern lords should be thinking that there will never be another Stark King again, so why stay loyal to a dead line? Unless you know something and are hoping for a return of the Starks?

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    5. Brandon Stark’s Monster,

      Books could be related to Robbs will

      Show could be related to Rickon Stark, eg where he has hidden with Osha (probably a northern Lord as opposed to Skaagos) and the Mormonts are aware (could even be Bear Island, as an Island not landlocked it would be harder for the Boltons to access though I seem to recall Last Hearth of Greatjon has been mentioned)

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    6. Yay for having a lady on GOO again (even if it’s just for one episode)! It really does improve the episodes (although I understand time commitments, etc). Athankya 🙂

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    7. Brandon Stark’s Monster,

      I agree it seems a bit weird that Moromonts are expecting a Stark at this point since they’re all believed to be either dead or missing. Maybe it just mean that they plan to mind their own business for the rest of the war and see who ends up on top unless a Stark were to come knocking.

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