Give us your final thoughts before Game of Thrones season 6 begins!

Tomorrow, a podcast records it’s final offseason episode, ending a stretch that connects the last breath of GoT’s fifth season with this crescendo into six’s perilous unknown. Tomorrow we’ll explore final thoughts and questions, and we’d like to invite you into the fun.

After the cut you’ll find three questions we’ve asked ourselves, and will be disputing as the show records on Tuesday.

What do you believe?

1. Who will die in Season 6?

Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.

2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

“The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker”.

That’s it. Let us know what and why in the comments below! Make sure to listen for your thoughts, theories, and input once this episode is released.


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    1. Hodor?

      Edit: Hodor!

      1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Balon, Pycelle, Rickon, Ramsay and Littlefinger

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jamie and Brienne.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Mel tries to have sex with Jon’s corpse.

      “Home” – No Idea

      “Oathbreaker” – BWB confront Brienne

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    2. 1. Deaths.
      -Roose, Ramsay, Loras, Kevan, Pycelle
      2. Unite
      -The obvious ones are Jon and Sansa then Jaime and Brienne, so I’ll try other ones. Asha and Dany, Varys with Kevan and Pycelle, Littlefinger and Cat(LSH)
      3. Episodes
      -The Red Woman- It is reveled that Mel is really old.
      – Home-Jon is resurrected(brought back home or something)
      -Oathbreaker- Jon decides to leave Castle Black, Jaime meets with people reflecting on his broken vows and decides to do better.

      Also I think that Jaime will eventually be the Hand of the King either late this season or the beginning of the next.

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    3. 1. Tommen
      Ramsay, Roose, and Walda Bolton
      Pycelle & Kevan
      …and Brienne, at the end, by the hands of Lady Stoneheart

      2. Jaime & Brienne
      Walder Frey & his killer
      Sansa & Rickon/Jon Snow

      3. The Red Woman: The fate of Jon Snow will be revealed, Dany will have a brief meeting with Khal Moro before marching to Vaes Dothrak, Sansa and Theon are rescued by Brienne and Pod, Margaery confronts Loras in prison, Jaime and Cersei mourn Myrcella, Jorah and Daario travel.

      Home: Dany arrives at Vaes Dothrak, Sansa & Theon arrive at a safe place, something will happen at the wall, Cersei will begin plotting revenge, Jorah & Daario continue travelling, Tyrion & Varys will keep ruling Mereen.

      Oathbreaker: Brienne will be sent to the Riverlands, Jaime as well, the Harpies attack in Mereen, Jorah & Daario arrive at Vaes Dothrak, Dany has an audience with the Dosh Khaleen, we meet Bran again, Cersei plots with Qyburn, something will happen in Dorne

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    4. 1. I think Pycelle, Tommen, Balon Greyjoy, Kevan Lannister, Rickon, Osha, Roose, and Ramsey Bolton will die this season.

      2. I think Sansa will reunite with Rickon in the North. Jamie and Brienne will also meet up in Riverrun. Jorah will probably reunite back with Dany by the end of the season.

      3. The Red Woman seems to refer to Melisandre and the new Red Priestess we saw in the trailer. Home could mean that many characters, such as Sansa, Theon, and Jamie return home and are reunited with their respected families. Oathbreaker probably has something to do with Brienne or the Night’s Watch, but I would bet on Brienne.

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    5. Hmm.

      1. Balon Greyjoy, Loras, Ramsay, Roose, and possibly Rickon (hope not)

      2. Jaime and Brienne will reunite, Sansa and Jon might reunite too. Obviously Davos, Sansa, and probably Jon of course will unite with the Mormonts this season, pretty much confirmed already.

      – The Red Woman, Mel will show us something we didn’t know about her, possibly rezzing Jon Snow, but it could be something else that does. Who knows, not too long to find out.

      – Home, Theon returning to Yara in the Iron Islands.

      – Oathbreaker, Jon Snow leaving the Night’s Watch, some other oath breaking or some shit.

      I have loads more but I’m too lazy to type it all down on here ahaha.

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    6. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Balon, Roose, Pycelle, Kevan, and Loras

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Jaime and Brienne
      Sansa and Rickon

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Melisandre and the new priestess in Merreen are going to do stuff (most likely involving take off an item of clothing).

      “Home” – Daenerys going back to Vaes Dothrak and getting Season 1 flashbacks and possibly Euron coming home to have a chat with his brother.

      “Oathbreaker” – Brienne will probably go to the Riverlands and meet up with Jaime and the Blackfish (it’s about time).

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    7. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.

      1. Davos Seaworth
      2. Tormund Giantsbane
      3. Grey Worm
      4. Tommen Baratheon
      5. Roose Bolton

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      1. Brienne and Jaime riverlands reunion. (LSH Hype!)
      2. Davos and Lyanna Mormont.
      3. Tyrion meeting Dany´s chained children.
      4. Walder Frey meeting his end.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker”.

      1. The red woman revolves around Melissandres story at the Wall, including a possible ressurection attempt.
      2. The north remembers Lord Davos. The north remembers, and the mummers farce is almost done. My son is HOME
      3. Oathsbreaker certainly refers to Jon Snow.

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    8. 1. Deaths: Balon, Pycelle, Alliser and the mutineers, Ramsay, Walder Frey, Roose, Walda, Wun Wun (please no), Tormund (also please no), Tommen, the Waif, Jorah, Loras, Lancel, Bloodraven, a few from the books who are already dead, and everyone but two at a certain flashback. And a load of extras.

      2. Reuniting: Jaime & Brienne, Theon & Yara, Littlefinger & Sansa, Dany & Daario.

      3. “Red Woman:” Kinvara and Mel heavy.
      “Home:” Dany gets to Vaes Dothrak and back to what was her “home” in a way, Euron comes home, Jaime comes home.
      “Oathbreaker:” Jaime leaves for the Riverlands and forsakes the KG, Brienne gets in hot water with the BWB

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    9. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      You say unexpected deaths here, so I will go with:
      Baelish, Brienne, Daario, Meera and Melly Sanders

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jamie, Bronn, Brienne and Pod, Sansa, Jon and Rickon, Meereen crew

      with the Greyjoy kids, Catelyn and Brienne (hahahaa)

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Wheels in motion for Jon’s resurrection, Sansa and Theon saved by Brienne, part ways, we meet the new Red Priestess, threats made to the HS by Jaime, Daenerys treated like crap by the Dothraki, which they will come to regret a few episodes later

      “Home” – First Bran flashback, Arya trained cruelly by the waif, Sam and Gilly on a boat, Doran vs. Ellaria, Euron arrives, Jon resurrected

      “Oathbreaker” – Brienne heads south, Jon, Davos and wildlings start plotting, if Alliser isn’t dead yet he will be in this episode, first glimpse of Riverlands action, maybe some Walder Frey

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    10. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Roose, Fat Walda, Walder Frey, Jorah, Ramsay, Rickon, Osha, High Sparrow, Balon, Ellaria, Kevan and the Three Eyed Raven.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jon Snow, Sansa and Rickon. Yara and Theon. The Mountain and the Hound.

      3. The Red Woman: At the wall Mel tries to resurrect Jon. In King’s Landing Cersei deals with the lost of her daughter and in Essos a new red priests appears, trying to convince Tyrion that Dany is Azor Ahai.

      Home: Sansa arrives at bear island, Theon goes to the iron islands, lots of islands in this episode….

      Oathbreaker: Jon Snow and his wildling army attack the remaining men of nights watch, in the Riverlands Brienne is forced to break her oath to Catelyn.

      Sorry for my english, is not my main language…

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    11. Who will die in Season 6?
      Mel, Ellaria, Rickon, Roose, Fat Walda, Tommen, Loras, Grey Worm

      Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.
      Unexpected? That’s a thing on GoT? They’re all expected.

      But… Tormund, Edd, Wun Wun, Thoros, the Hound (again)

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Sansa and Rickon briefly, Sansa and Jon, Arya and Nymeria, Davos and the North, Dorne and Varys

      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?
      Lyanna and Rickon
      Dany and her THREE dragons
      Sansa and Nymeria

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”,
      Mel is the broken bomb, resurrects Jon, converts Davos, and gets her warmth back

      Dany arrives in Vas Drothak, Tyrion meets a dragon, Sam plots to go home

      Brienne gives up on Sansa, goes to the Riverlands, Balon dies, brother returns, Jamie blows off Cercei

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    12. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Balon, Kevan Lannister, Roose, a shit ton of Freys, Thorne, perhaps Rickon.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jon and Sansa for sure, probably Bran as well, Arya towards the end of the season.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Resurrection

      “Home” – Theon gets back to the Iron Islands

      “Oathbreaker” – BWB confront Brienne

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    13. 1 – Who will die?

      I predict that Ramsay will kill Roose and Walda; it will turn out Ramsay’s “victory” over Stannis was pyrrhic; key hint that Roose wasn’t with them, and previously outright chastised Ramsay that they don’t *need* to commit their men to an attack, they can wait for Stannis to freeze in winter, and they need to preserve EVERY man they have left to hold the North. That’s not even considering that Sansa/Jeyne escaped as well. Thus Season 5’s building up Ramsay as an almost Mary Sue-like invincible figure was to knock him down to reality in the Season 6 premiere (I think Roose might outright punch him for his stupidity and short-sightedness). All misdirection. Roose decides he’ll probably name Walda’s child his real heir. Realizing if he doesn’t act quickly he’ll lose any chance of ruling House Bolton, Ramsay kills them both.

      Kevan and Pycelle may also die due to chaos in the Small Council.

      Also Balon and possibly the Waif.

      2 – Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Well we’ve got Jaime at King’s Landing, then Jaime at Riverrun meeting Brynden Tully and Brienne/Podrick.

      ….other stuff might be spoilerific. I *do not* think that Arya is going to return to Westeros and meet her family again by season’s end, though she might be on a ship at the end.

      ****Broad prediction is that I hope that, as in the novels, the TV show won’t pass up an opportunity with the “Samwell/Gilly journey to Oldtown” subplot, and have them stop to change ships at Braavos, where they cross paths with Arya (but don’t know who she is). Nothing big or game-changing, just cross paths.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Kinvara, a high priestess of the Lord of Light religion, arrives in Meereen as Tyrion and Varys have requested her help to bring order to the city (sort of a condensation of the Volantis stuff from the books crossed with Galazza Galare from Meereen itself).

      “Home” – Daenerys is trapped in Vaes Dothrak, her permanent future “home”, and we’re reintroduced to the Dosh Khaleen. Ironborn-centric as both Euron and Yara are now “home” at the Iron Islands.

      “Oathbreaker” – Jaime-centric. Grappling with his past, possibly even arriving at Riverrun to confront the Blackfish, who considers him an untrustworthy negotiator given that he’s “the Oathbreaker”. Meanwhile, Theon/Reek grapples with his guilt over his past. As in the novels, he sinks to his knees before a weirwood heart tree in a godswood, confesses his guilt and begs for redemption – he’s an “oathbraker” who betrayed the Starks and felt that he deserved his punishment as Reek and deserved to die, and should have died at Robb’s side. In response, the now returned Bran’s voice speaks to him through the weirwood (more obvious now that the TV show can show these in parallel) and calls him “Theon Greyjoy”. This *largely* restores his sanity, or goes a long way to that (he’ll walk away now muttering “I am Theon Greyjoy” or something to that effect)

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    14. Major question for the podcast:

      The TV series heavily condensed the Mutiny at Castle Black: in the books, it happened because Jon got a threatening letter from Ramsay Bolton (“the Pink Letter”), and announced he would break his vow of neutrality to ride off and fight them before they destroy the realm behind the Wall, even as he’s trying to stop the White Walkers beyond it. Letting the wildlings through the Wall irritated the older officers of the Watch but didn’t make them outright turn on him.

      The TV version omitted any mention of the Boltons and just has them stab Jon, seemingly at random…*after* the wildlings are already through the Wall?

      How can this possibly make sense in-universe?

      Episode 8, “Hardhome” – Jon leaves Hardhome by ship with the wildlings.

      Episode 9, “The Dance of Dragons” – *without explanation*, Jon and the wildlings reappear in front of the Wall at Castle Black, in the *middle of the continent*, with no explanation as to why they didn’t just sail back to the south side of the Wall. Thorne reluctantly relents and opens the gate to them.

      Episode 10, “Mother’s Mercy” – having already let Jon and the wildlings through the Wall…..Thorne and the other officers stab him to death.

      Why? What purpose did this serve *now*? If he was so opposed to letting the wildlings through the Wall that he would kill Jon over it….why not just bar the gates to them in the first place?

      I have no idea what the in-universe reasoning behind this was supposed to be, and I think many viewers were just so shocked by it that they didn’t pause to ask why it was happening.

      ……if Season 6 has Thorne say “We finally turned on Jon because Melisandre brought news that the Boltons defeated Stannis, and they’d attack the Watch if the last male Stark heir was leading us”……I’ll grudgingly accept it. Because it’s the only plausible thing that “changed” between when they let the wildlings through the Wall in episode 9, and when they stab him in episode 10.

      If they do *not* make any mention of why the mutiny occurred *when it did*, there are two possibilities:

      1 – they had a lot to condense and didn’t really care that the characters aren’t behaving rationally or logically after all of these changes. They think the audience won’t care about the plot holes.

      2 – ….the scriptwriters themselves didn’t realize this doesn’t make sense.

      Now *I’m hoping I’m wrong*, or that at least SOME on-screen explanation is given for why the mutiny happened *after* Thorne let the wildlings through the Wall in the first place.

      I hope this is good fodder for podcast discussion.

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    15. 1. Deaths — Tommen, Balon, Ramsey, High Sparrow, Jorah

      2. unite or reunite — Jamie & Brienne; Dany & Tyrion; Sansa & Jon

      3. The Red Woman — Melisandre will bring Jon back
      Home — Drogon returns to where he was born
      Oathbreaker — Jon renounces his oath to the Knight’s Watch

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    16. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Balon Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Ramsay Bolton, Grand Maester Pycelle, Tommen Baratheon, Roose Bolton, Tormund Giantsbane, Asha Greyjoy, Walder Frey. (uncountable more deaths)

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      – Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister (quite confirmed by the trailers but still had to mention)
      – Brienne of Tarth and Catelyn Stark (Lady Stoneheart)
      – Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister.
      – Jaime Lannister and Catelyn Stark (Lady Stoneheart)
      – Sansa Stark, Theon Greyjoy, and Brienne.
      – Sansa Stark, Davos Seaworth and Melisandre.
      – Sansa Stark, Jon Snow and Rickon Stark.
      – Asha Greyjoy and Theon Greyjoy.
      – Asha Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen.
      – Arya Stark and Walder Frey (She kills Walder Frey and many Lannisters in the “new” wedding)
      – Sandor Clegane and Ser Gregor Clegane (Cleganebowl!!! Sandor stands as the champion of the Faith and Gregor as Cersei’s. Sandor defeats Gregor and Cersei is sentenced to death, completing the valonqar prophecy, making Sandor the little brother who “will hold Cersei’s throat and choke the life from her”)
      – The Night’s King and Westeros. (The Wall falls down)

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      Episode 1: The Red Woman
      This could have two meanings. Either Melisandre tries to resurrect Jon Snow with her red powers, or the ‘Red Woman’ is actually a new red priestess called Kinvara, who will be in the Meereen storyline, replacing the book’s Benerro.
      In my opinion, this refers to Melisandre and her resurrection of Jon Snow. I’m pretty sure the ending of the first episode ends with Jon opening his eyes.

      Episode 2: Home
      Either Jaime Lannister returns home to King’s Landing with Myrcella, or Theon Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands after being rescued by Brienne from the Bolton men, or Daenerys Targaryen arrives at Vaes Dothrak, her rightful home as a khaleesi whose khal is now dead belongs there with the crones of the dosh khaleen.

      Episode 3: Oathbreaker
      We all know Jaime Lannister is known as an oathbreaker as well as a kingslayer and this could be something about him, but I still don’t know what.
      Another possibility which is mine own preference is that Brienne of Tarth encounters the resurrected Catelyn Stark, now known as Lady Stoneheart who now leads the Brotherhood without Banners. In A Feast for Crows (Chapter 42: Brienne VIII), Lady Stoneheart names Brienne a false friend, and her sword Oathbreaker rather than Oathkeeper. The other members of the BWB call her the kingslayer’s whore. I believe this could be the perfect moment to bring Catelyn back. It would be honestly one of the best and most shocking moments for all of us.
      I am not the only one to expect this is gonna happen, there are lots of bookreaders that haven’t had the chance to see this awesome character make it to the screen and if it could happen this time, we’d be very grateful to D&D.
      I personally believe there’s a 50%/50% chance that Lady Stoneheart will appear this season. I’d really love to see her, though.

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    17. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      My top 5 unexpected deaths:
      Daario, Brienne, Rickon, Tommen, Roose,

      My top 5 Hoped-For Deaths: Ramsey, Walder Frey, Ramsey, Ramsey, Ramsey

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Hound–Mountain…….I believe in hype

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”–We will meet all sorts of Red Women: Red Priestesses of Rhollor, Melissandre and her disillusionment included, as well as others in Essos storyline, perhaps an allegory of Sansa’s hair/need for revenge, Cersei vows mad, bloody revenge for Myrcella’s death, and somewhere there could be a reference to a woman in a bloody bed………

      “Home”–Everyone wants what was taken from them–their lands, their families, their centers for being, their “Home”. This will play out not only with Sansa, Daenerys, Tyrion, Jorah, Jon, Tommen, Doran, who will all begin to move major pieces on the board. I hedge a bet, and believe a dream or image featuring a red door will appear prominently. Arya will wolf-dream Nymeria. Petyr might slip and admit what his game really is.

      “Oathbreaker”–All hell breaks loose. Bonds of loyalty, family, honor, and valor will be broken and lost–by Night’s Watchmen, i.e. Jon, the Bat-crazy Bastard Son of Bolton who will kill his own father, Brienne & Jaime of course; the Brotherhood will lose their way and create mayhem, going against all vows of fighting for the people and religion as they did under Berric; Margery will betray her brother to the Sparrows. I’d really like the biggest Oathbreaker, Walder Frey, to die in this episode, but it’s too early in the season for him to get knocked off. Guess I’ll need to be patient.

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    18. Second question:

      Do you think that the Dorne/Martell characters can be “redeemed” in Season 6?

      Because I’ve heard rumors about plotlines they’re doing, the Sand Snake actresses themselves are good; I even think the “Jaime in Dorne” subplot in Season 5 sounded good *on paper*, it was just poorly executed, and suffered from lack of screentime and lack of resources in general.

      But I want to be optimistic and hope….do you think that the showrunners themselves, who infamously “don’t pay attention to critics”, would still somehow realize that the Dorne subplot last year didn’t really work well (even by their own standards), take the criticism to heart, and put more effort into it next year?

      Now if this sounds painfully naïve….consider how shaky some subplots were in Season 2: I considered the Robb Stark storyline in Season 2 to be godawful, and Daenerys in Qarth not much better……but then both Robb and Daenerys had their strongest plotlines ever in Season 3 (Robb executing Karstark, Daenerys taking the Unsullied, etc. etc.)

      So do you hold out any hope that the Dornish/Martell subplots can *possibly* rebound in Season 6? Will they?

      I think they *can* – don’t think all is lost – but I’m not sure if they *will*.

      Put another way….it’s hard to be as poorly executed as it was in Season 5.

      But we hear rumors (Varys) which give me hope.

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    19. Given that we know the Brotherhood Without Banners is returning in Season 6, and we know the Freys are prominently returning in Season 6, do you think the Season 6 finale cliffhanger will be LSH?

      The instant that I heard the Riverrun/Tully/Frey subplot would in fact return next year, I regained hope we’d get LSH — introduced when they’re hanging a Frey, and if the Freys were out of focus in Seasons 4-5, logically they wouldn’t have done it then.

      Also I think any resurrection stuff they wanted to push until after Jon’s death.

      ****If Arya starts getting wolf-dreams mid-season, I think its guaranteed.

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    20. Deaths
      -Tormund 🙁
      -Davos’s amount of attention in the marketing worries me.
      -Alliser and Friends
      -Pycelle, Kevan
      -Sparrow #27 at the hands of Robert Strong

      -Brienne and Jaime
      -Theon and Yara without the fingering
      -Sansa and Jon
      -Dany and Yara
      -Someone and the Hound
      -Brienne and the Brotherhood
      -Frey bitches and pie
      -Alliser and Wun Wuns foot

      Episode Titles
      -Red Woman- Melisandre and Kinvara get naked. Melisandre gets sad then bucks up and resurrects Jon. (I’m 50/50 on Jon gets resurrected in ep 1 but I can see it)
      -Home- People go home
      -Oathbreaker- Mad King Flashback, Brienne and the Brotherhood meet, Jon ditches the NW, Jaime goes to the Riverlands.

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    21. Who will die?
      Brienne, Davos, Ramsay, Roose, Tormund, Balon, Pycelle, Kevan
      And probably more…

      Who will reunite?
      Sansa & Jon
      Theon & Yara
      Daenerys & Jorah

      Predictions for the first 3 episodes
      Jon is resurrected(?)
      Mutineers get killed(?)
      Brienne saves Sansa & Theon
      Theon returns home

      Euron kills Balon

      Hopefully Kevan gets some good stuff to do

      Arya starts Warging
      We meet the Red Priestess Kinvara

      Probably more stuff, but that’s what comes to mind

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    22. Deaths: Theon, Lancel Lannister, Roose Bolton, Osha, Rickon Stark, Missandei.

      Reunions: The Hound and The Mountain – champions in Cersei’s Trial by Combat (Clegane Bowl), Jaime and Brienne – Brienne lures Jaime to Lady Stoneheart, Varys and Illyrio – plot next phase of reinstating a Targaryen.

      The Red Woman: Melissandre says she cannot resurrect Jon (needs Thoros), and we meet other red priestess.
      Home: Rickon returns home, Dany returns to Vaes Dothrak, Jaime back to king’s landing, Sam stops by Horn Hill.
      Oathbreaker: resurrected Jon Snow breaks his oath to the Night’s Watch, Brienne is called an Oathbreaker by Lady Stoneheart, Missandei defects.

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    23. A. Deaths: Kevan Lannister, Pycell, Lancel Lannister, Roose & wife; by Ramsey’s hands, Walter Frey, Black Walter Frey,
      B. Reunions: Bran & Jon Snow; (forgive the tin foil) Jon is in Ghost, leaving his body to be controlled by Bran, what a twist. Little Finger & Sansa, Bri anne/Pod & Jaime & Bronn, Danny & Mereen/Dario/ Jorah.
      C. Red Woman-new priestess introduced, Cersie causing more trouble, Sansa & Theon are saved, Melisandra has a change of faith when Bran talks to her magically.
      Home: Sansa begins to unite the north, Danny returns to Vas Dothrak, Marjorie Tyrell goes home.
      Oathbreaker: Brianne is conflicted, Sansa breaks her marital vows when she goes to war with her current husband,

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    24. Who will die?
      All doubts about the awesomeness of this show.

      Who will reunite?
      -Walder Frey will meet the pointy end;
      -Balon will meet the sea from very high up;
      -Thorne’s face will meet Davos’ fist

      Predictions for the first 3 episodes
      Tits and dragons.

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    25. My top 5 deaths are:
      1. Tommen
      2. Cersie (episode 9 or 10)
      3. Loras
      4. Tormund
      5. Littlefinger

      My top 3 reunions this season:

      1. Jon’s reunion to anybody in the living world, damnit, just let him come back early in the season…Seriously though, Jon and Sansa.
      2. Honestly Jaime and Cersie’s reunion is going to be great no matter what for the audience…may this be where Jaime gives up on his scornful twin, as we are led to believe he did in aFfC when setting her request for help aflame in his tent at riverrun? I have a feeling her reaction to Myrcella’s death is going to be pointed right at Jaime’s heartstrings.
      3. Tyrion and Daenerys. If and when she escapes the Dothraki bounds currently keeping her in quite unpleasant conditions, she will be much more hardened and most likely live out the words of her family from here on out. Will it be fire and blood for Dany? What will Tyrion have to say about this? Will she even care?

      No predictions from me tonight. It’s nap time

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    26. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Jorah Mormont, Lord Frey, Ramsay, Melisandre, the Waif,

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jamie and Brienne.
      Sansa, Davos, Jon Snow.
      Theon and Asha.
      Dany, Jorah, Daario.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Melisandre sacrifices herself while having intercourse with Jon Snow’s corpse.

      “Home” – Theon is back home.

      “Oathbreaker” – Jamie’s breaking his oath.

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    27. 1. Roose, Theon, Pod, Greyworm, Jorah, Tommen
      2. Jaime/Brienne, Jon/Arya (not going to happen but you said “hope”), Daenerys/Westeros!!!!
      3. The Red Woman: Melisandre sulks and tries to convince people to believe her new theories
      Home: Jaime makes it back to Cersei with dead Myrcella or Theon heads towards the Iron Islands or Sansa grieves Winterfell
      Oathbreaker: Brienne goes to Jaime’s aid instead of helping Sansa with her plans

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    28. deaths: the giant new kingsguard dude with the totally secret identity.

      Reunion: Sandor and Gregor Clegane

      First 3 sodes: really everything before episode 8 is gonna be mostly cleganebowl buildup

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    29. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      a. Roose Bolton
      b. Walder Frey
      c. Tommen Baratheon-Lannister
      d. Jorah Mormont
      e. Cersei Lannister

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      a. Jon Snow and Life
      b. Sansa and Rickon Stark
      c. Sandor and Gregor Clegane (hype)

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”

      Sansa (red woman) and Theon are saved by Brienne. Tyron meets Kinvara (red woman). Arya sheds more blood (red woman). Cersei sets her revenge plots in motion (red woman). Mellisandre (red woman) resurrects Jon at her lowest point, similar to Thoros and Beric.


      Dani returns to the Dothraki Sea (home). Euron returns to the Iron Islands (home). The Free Folk claim lands near the wall (home). Bran journeys through the past, present and future (including Winterfell aka home).


      Resurrected Jon leaves the Nights Watch on a technicality (oathbreaker). Brienne (oathbreaker) leaves Sansa with Stark allies. Jaime leaves the King’s Guard to lead Lannister forces (oathbreaker). Arya leave the House of Black and White (oathbreaker)

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    30. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Expected: Balon Greyjoy, Roose, Ramsay, Kevan, Pycelle, Tommin a ton of Frey Pie will be served.
      Unexpected: Dario, Thoros,

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Dany and company
      Sansa and he who is dead, but is not dead, that killed a boy, but still knows nothing and still has long hair.
      J & B obviously
      Bron and Pod (Bron does need sec tips after-all)
      Bran And Rick through visions
      And big Hope beyond hope in E9 Arya and the Hound

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman (Mel shows titties that don’t work to bring Jon back. A new red woman for All our favorite Dwarf ) I really think more will be about her than Mel

      ”, “Home” This will be when we see Vaes Dothrok and Myrcella brought back to KL.

      “Oathbreaker”. Jammie breaks his Kings Guard Oath and gives up the Gold Cloak. Bree becomes disparaged and gives up her quest to protect the girls .

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    31. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Tommen, Ramsay, Roose, Walder Frey, Jaime(??)

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Hoping for Jon and Sansa. Maybe Rickon and Jon/Sansa. Brienne and Jaime will likely happen.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”- Melisandre is shaken still, maybe mentions of when she saw Thoros of Myr and the possibility of bringing Jon back? In Meereen, Tyrion and Co. meets the new Red Woman who offers her talents to help control the city.

      “Home” – Sansa makes it somewhere “safe” in the North. Theon/Reek goes back to the Iron Islands. Bran sees the Tower of Joy scene and discovers the truth about Jon (May be too early in the season?)

      “Oathbreaker” – Brienne leaves Sansa and goes to Jaime (War on Sand Snakes?)

      Lady Stoneheart seeks revenge on Freys


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    32. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      1. Lance Lannister (at the hands of FrankenMountain in Cersei’s trail by combat)
      2. Tommen Baratheon, Grand Maester Prycelle, & Kevan Lannister (all by Varys and his little birds, which leads to Cersei burning down King’s Landing)
      3. Loras Tyrell (either he loses his own trial by combat, or he dies at FrankenMountain’s hands)
      4. Alister Thorne & the Night’s Watch mutineers (by a resurrected Jon Snow & his loyalists)
      5. The Waif (by Arya, which will end her turn as “no one”)
      6. Roose Bolton & Fat Walda Bolton (at the hands of Ramsay, after Roose taunts him once too many times)
      7. A whole bunch of Freys & Lannisters at Red Wedding 2.0 (by BlackFish & the new Brotherhood without Banners)
      8. Balón Greyjoy (by Euron Greyjoy, and the final leech finally fulfills its purpose)
      9. Walder Frey (who will survive seeing his entire family line wiped out, only to be taken down by Arya who gets to cross one more name off her list).
      10. Rickon Stark & Osha (by Ramsay & the Boltons right before BastardBowl)
      11. Ramsay Bolton, (by Jon Snow after he attempts to surrender right after losing Winterfell during the BastardBowl).

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jon Snow & Sansa Stark.
      Brienne Tarth & Jamie Lannister
      Brienne Tarth & the Hound

      (I think CleangeBowl will be happening in Season 7, not this season.)

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”

      Mel & Davos will try to resurrect Jon Snow and will fail. We will meet the other Red Woman in Meereen, who will share news with Tyrion and the Meereenese Council and offer him an “easy out” that Tyrion won’t take. Cersei will see the dead Myrcella, and have a complete emotional breakdown. Cersei and Jamie will have sex for the last time. Theon & Sansa will run into Brienne who will save them from the Boltons. We will see the new and improved Bran, who will show us a vision of some sort.


      We will meet Blind Beth for the first time, who will be harassed by the Waif. Dany will be humiliated by the Dothraki. Ser FriendZone and Daario will track her down. Bran will have a vision of young Ned, Brandon, and Lyanna at Winterfell (and possibly the origin story of Hodor). Theon returns to the Iron Islands, only to find out that Balon Greyjoy has gone bye-bye. Jon Snow will be resurrected.


      Jon Snow realizes that his “Night’s Watch” vows don’t apply anymore, since he died and “his watch ended.” Sansa forces Brienne to go back to Riverrun. Jamie tries to bond with his lone remaining child, and realizes that what Tommen really wants is to see Marg freed. Jamie finds out about Lancel, and starts to pull away from Cersei. Bran sees a vision of Jamie killing the Mad King. Arya starts warging into cats, and uses that sense to beat the Waif, which enables her to regain her sight.

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    33. 1. Kevan Lannister

      2. Jaime & Brienne
      Sansa & the great northern conspiracy
      Dany & the others in her storyline

      3. The Red Woman: Jon Snow is resurrected and Mel gets his warmth back.

      Home: Dany arrives at Vaes Dothrak, Iron Islands and Balon finally bites it.

      Oathbreaker: Brienne gets the Jaime Lannister choice, Jon Snow leaves the Night’s Watch.

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    34. 1. Unexpected deaths? I don’t know…I expect a lot of death…so, possible deaths that I don’t really expect…yet…
      Meera – dont think her dying helps anything
      Rickon – really, do we need to kill another stark
      Littlefinger – he could stick around a while or not…who knows
      Theon- think he has more to do yet
      Tormund – what would the wildlings do if died…kind of the defacto leader, right?

      2. Uniting, re-uniting
      Dany – bringing unsullied and dothraki together would be cool
      Jon/Tyrion – would love to see them chit chat…especially as uncle/nephew
      Blackfish/Sansa – he would like to see her alive and well

      3. “The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker” There are always multiples
      Red woman – I don’t think Melisandre is long for this world…but there’s a new red woman as well…one will give way to the other
      Home – Sam will go home. Too early for Sansa to go back home again. Theon might go back home
      Oathbreaker – Brienne and Jamie could break oaths. Jon and Sam maybe? Stark supporters that betrayed them?

      I dunno…but I see a 5 in the days remaining column.

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    35. 1. Who will die in Season 6? ( Kevan, Pycelle and Lancel are expected deaths)
      Ramsay, Roose, Fat Walda, Walder Frey, Tormund.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Sansa, Jon and Rickon

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      The Red Woman: Mel will perform some kind of sorcery. Women will be blood thirsty: Brienne, Sansa, Cersei and Danny.
      Home: Some people are back home: Sam in Hornhill, Euron in Pyke and Sansa gets somewhere safe or reunites with a family member.
      Oathbreaker: Jaime will leave the Kingsguard. A flashback of the murder of the mad king. Ellaria will attempt to murder Doran.

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    36. Unexpected deaths – Rickon, Edmure, Dolorous Edd, Daario, Melisandre

      Reunite/unite – Clegane Bros,
      Davos w Mormonts, and Jorah w Dany then anyone they can find to cure the damn greyscale.

      Red woman – Melisandre flashback and new red woman in Meereen.

      Home- Dany to Vaes Dothrak, Sam to Horn Hill, Jamie retuning Myrcella

      Oathbreaker- Jamie flashback to mad King , Jon resurrection, theon recaptured

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    37. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Ramsey, Roose, Rickon, Cersei, Jaime/Brienne.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Jamie/Brienne, Sansa/Rickon & Jon, Cleganebowl, Dany/Tyrion.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – myrcella’s death aftermath, Jon’s spirit in Ghost, Dany Dothraki Prisoner. ToJ!

      “Home” – Jon ressurected; winterfell home. Dosh Khalen, Kingsmoot.

      “Oathbreaker” – BWB confront Brienne, Freys. Jon’s oath.

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    38. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.

      Podrick, Lancel, Dolorous Edd, Meera, Oleena Tyrell

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      Gendry and the BWB
      Blackfish and Edmure Tully
      Sansa and the Hound

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”
      Melissandre talks Davos into protecting Jon. A new red priestess is in Meereen.

      Sam arrives home with Gilly. Euron arrives home. Bran sees his home through visions. Daenerys arrives at Vaes Dothrak.

      Brienne heads to River Run and runs into the BWB. Arya tries to escape the Faceless men. Cersei turns Robert Strong loose to avoid a trial and get revenge.

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    39. Deaths:

      Ellaria Sand – Can’t see why Doran wouldn’t off her after what she did, unless he feels his hand has been forced and her death would no longer be of any value.

      Daario Naharis – I just don’t see him going to Westeros with Dany, and if the rumors of her departure this season prove true, I think it means he’s a goner.

      Roose Bolton and Fat Walda – Killed by Ramsay, flayed and burned on crosses outside Winterfell.

      Ramsay Bolton – Killed either in the Battle of Winterfell or soon thereafter. I feel strongly that the Boltons have to be toast this season to prepare for the invasion of the White Walkers in Season 7+8.

      Balon Greyjoy – No need to comment further!

      Rickon Stark – Sad but true. I feel like he might be another victim of Ramsay’s, and mostly because if he reappears and lives, he actually becomes a real impediment to Sansa’s storyline (Queen in the North), and Sansa is a far more developed and important character.

      Walder Frey – Those shots in the trailer have me convinced that this is the season the Frey family buys the farm.

      Kevan Lannister and Grand Maester Pycelle – A certain book event showing up a little bit late.

      Tommen Baratheon – Yup, I think this is the last straw that will set Cersei firmly down the path to madness. I have a feeling that Cersei herself will unintentionally cause his death as well.

      Alliser Thorne, Olly, and Night’s Watch mutineers – They signed their own death warrants when they plunged knives into Jon Snow’s belly. Davos, Ghost, Tormund, Edd, and Wun Wun will make quick work of them.

      Melisandre – Tough one. I think she will be instrumental in Jon’s return, but after that she loses her importance to the story. I think she will be killed by Davos after he discovers what really happened to Shireen. It seems like the best way to wrap up her character’s arc in the series, because although she is of utmost importance to Jon right now, she has to pay for her many crimes at some point. I don’t want to see Jon fall victim to the same madness that she pushed on Stannis.

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    40. 1. Who will die in season 6?
      I. Cersei Lannister (dies at the end of the war against the Faith. That’s her one last push for a life that she’s not getting back)
      II. Alliser Thorne (Jon’s act of punishment against the traitor brothers. But not as the Lord Commander – as Jon Stark, Warden of the North).
      III. Daario Naharis (Has literally no role to play anymore, especially once Daenerys and Tyrion head back to Westeros)
      IV. Walder Frey (Cuz Arya’s not staying in Braavos for another whole season 😉
      V. Ramsay Bolton (Defeated at the Battle for Winterfell. Jon gives Sansa the knife to kill him. But Sansa refuses and gives Theon the honor of ending the Boltons)

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      I. Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth PLUS Podrick Payne and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater (Because this has to happen. PLEASE.)
      II. Jon Snow and Sansa Stark (the most obvious of this list, I can’t wait for the both of them to regain some of their former selves and kickstart the REIGN OF THE NORTH)
      III. Arya Stark and the Blackfish (again, she can’t be in Braavos for the whole season)

      3, The first three titles: “The Red Woman” obviously deals with Melisandre and Davos dealing with the aftermath of the mutiny, but also introduces Tyrion and Varys’ new friend(?). Also, I think this could be a Sansa-centric episode, considering her hair.

      “Home” is very vague, so there are plenty of ways to go here, but I think for sure Samwell and Gilly return to his family home, Sansa perhaps returns to the Tullys, and Daenerys returns to the Dothraki.

      “Oathbreaker” (hopefully) features the reunion of Jaime and Brienne, though I certainly have no idea what this title could refer to.

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    41. Reunions:

      Jon Snow and Sansa Stark
      Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister
      Podrick Payne and Bronn
      Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy
      Bran Stark and Ned Stark (in a vision, obvs)
      Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah Mormont/Daario Naharis
      Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister
      Littlefinger and Sansa Stark

      And a death I forgot!

      Lancel Lannister – Not getting out of that encounter with Bob Strong in one piece.

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    42. Episodes:

      “The Red Woman” should have a lot of Melisandre in it, but I don’t think she’ll get around to doing what we all hope she might do this season. I think we’ll also meet Kinvara in Meereen. Varys will depart Meereen for parts unknown (Dorne? King’s Landing? Both???) Sansa and Theon will be rescued by Brienne and Pod. And Davos will be all sorts of badass, with words and blades. Oh, and Ghost will eat Olly’s face.

      “Home” could be a lot of things to a lot of characters. Dany should arrive in Vaes Dothrak and be welcomed home. Euron should arrive home in the Iron Islands and off his brother. Theon should make the decision to return there as well, under circumstances I couldn’t begin to attempt understanding. Sansa will likely make the decision to rally the loyal northern houses and take back her home. And I think before the credits roll, Jon will return and come to grips with the fact that Castle Black and the Watch are NOT his home.

      “Oathbreaker” seems likely to contrast pointedly with the episode ‘Oathkeeper.’ Just seems to make too much sense. I think Brienne will be challenged on all the various oaths she has made since we’ve met her. I believe she ends up heading south this episode, whether on Sansa’s orders or as a result of a rejection by Sansa I do not know. I think Jaime is a prime character in this episode as well. And I think we’ll get a lot of Jon in this episode as well, as he struggles to adjust to life after death and life after the Watch. I think this episode will include the reunions between Yara and Theon and between Jon and Sansa.

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    43. Unexpected deaths: Doran, Littlefinger, Cersei, and I’m gonna say Pod. Just three I could stand to lose emotionally and yet are unexpected. But I believe the first teaser. Anyone could die this season (except Dany, Jon and Tyrion) please don’t kill Tyrion.

      I expect to see Jon and Sansa with Davos (as do we all). I want Arya to come home but I’m afraid they would hunt her down. Brienne and Jaime. And I think it’s obvious to the educated watcher (on the wall) that Dany will be headed home. I’m expecting that in 610.

      I don’t know what’s going to happen in the episodes, but I expect Jon to be back before the end of 604 (that’s the longest one, right? Is it also speculated to be the TOJ episode?)

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    44. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Give us your top five unexpected

      I expect Roose, Ramsay, Walda, Loras, Kevan, Pycelle, lThe Waif, Elleria Sand, one or more of the Sand Snakes, Alliser and other Night’s Watch mutineers, Walder Frey, Lame Lothar, Black Walder, Tormund, Balon Greyjoy, and probably many lesser characters I am not recalling,

      More unexpected – Jorah, Rickon, Shaggydog, Tommen, Ser Robert Strong, possibly LF, but more likely Season 7

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      The Clegene brothers, Jamie and Brienne, The Starks

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”, – the three Red Women – Melisandre, Cersei, and the Kinvara (or whoever is the red priestess in Meereen)

      “Home”, – Dany/Vaes Dothrak, Sam, Horn Hill, Euron Pyke, maybe Theon and Yara

      “Oathbreaker – obvious is Brienne – Oathkeeper has been referenced as Oathbreaker by a character in the novel, Jamie and his Kingsguard oath, Jon (and others) Night’s Watch oath, it’s too early for the Freys, Theon …

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    45. To piggyback my previous comment: (I left out predictions)

      1. Jon will be brought back to life simultaneously by Melisandre and the Night’s King, unbeknownst to either of them, the respective magic users accidentally “combine forces” to bring Jon back.
      2. The Night’s King gets pissed
      3. The mountain’s reanimated corpse kills Tommen
      4. Doran sends Ellaria to Mereen where she gets roasted trying to release the dragons
      5. The Boltons are knocked down a few pegs of not irradiated completely
      6. Just before Littlefinger has what he desires in his grasp, it is taken away before his very eyes. He becomes a broken man just before he dies.
      7. Sansa kills Roose Bolton (just for fun… Or maybe not 😉 )
      8. Wun wun dies in the battle at winterfell after taking out massive amounts of enemy forces. He will later be shown being reanimated by the Night’s King.

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    46. 1. RIP the 3 Rs: Roose, Ramsay, Rickon; and Wun Wun; Pycelle; Kevan. Plus ten thousand extras.

      2. Sansa & Littlefinger; Sansa & Jon; Jon’s body and 21 grams.

      3. To paraphrase that legendary character Jar-Jar Binks… yousa say people gonna die? You bet yousa ass dey is.

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    47. 1. Balon Greyjoy, Maester Pycelle, Roose Bolton, Tormund Giantsbane and Ramsay Bolton

      2. Brienne & Jaime, Sam & Randyll Tarly, Theon & his favorite toy 😉

      3. Jon Snow remains dead

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    48. 1. Who will die in Season 6? Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.

      1. Lothar Frey
      2. Smalljon Umber
      3. Khal Jhaqo
      4. The Head of the Dosh Khaleen (the main one, etc.)
      5. The Waif

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6? Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      1. Jon Snow/Sansa
      2. Arya/Brienne
      3. Daenerys/Tyrion

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      The Red Woman

      Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again. Varys and Tyrion entertain a guest. Sansa and Theon get in touch with nature.


      Daenerys meets some stone equestrians. Sam is terrified. Ellaria makes a speech. Sansa moves a pawn. Tyrion enjoys a warm fire. Davos begins a journey. Arya has a dream.


      Brienne discovers road trips. A promise is broken. Jaime discovers a new profession. Daenerys remains stubborn. Lightning strikes a bridge. Sansa plots. Arya stumbles across a cat.

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    49. I’m leaving this guess without glimpsing at the other comments:

      . Who will die in Season 6?
      Little Finger: His part in the story is becoming increasingly unnecessary since the “chess pieces” took on a life of their own.

      Jaime Lannister: If we’ve seen anything happening in this series, major players die and houses become fragmented, with the “weaker” individuals rising to power. House Lannister is still a major threat in the inner-Westeros conflicts, diverting attention from the real threat of the White Walkers. They’re going to keep playing war until the major players like Jamie lose their heads, and the Lannister hold on power.

      Rickon: His death will be tragic and have a major impact on other characters, due to his lost childhood and untimely death. It will also renew the wrath of the loyal Northerners, inciting them to follow Sansa or Jon. I have a feeling Ramsay will be the one to kill him.

      Ramsay: Well, this is an obvious one.

      Melisandre: I don’t see much use for her in the future. Davos is all the advisor the Starks will ever need in terms of strategy and wisdom, and Jon is not that keen on her. I think she is going to die in some manner, contributing to the magic needed for Jon’s resurrection. “Only death can pay for life”. She doesn’t show up too often in the promos either, which makes me believe she’ll be written out. I also think the time is right for Carice van Houten to leave the show on a personal basis. I get the impression she is now more interested in pursuing domestic life and personal projects.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      -Brienne/LSH: I don’t really want this to happen, since we know where it goes in the books. However, the set-up for this combination is too strong to ignore. We’re getting potential hints of resurrection magic, Thoros of Myr, and Brienne in the Riverlands this season. It just screams for LSH to show up.
      -Tyrion/Daenarys: Both riding dragons. I’d love to see that.
      -Arya/Any other main characters: Her storyline has been dangling by itself for far too long in the show.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”: Davos/loyal Crows discover Jon and stash him for safe keeping. Alliser Thorne and comrades are slaughtered trying to eliminate the rest of Jon’s buddies/wildlings. Afterward they decide to burn Jon’s body. Melisandre has a breakdown near the pyre and decides to kill herself or try something crazy with Jon. And oops, Jon is back from the dead. Melisandre is dead. In the meantime, Sansa (another redhead) and Theon are hunted by Ramsay’s men. Brienne and Podrick rescue them and bring them to The Wall. Davos goes with Sansa/maybe Jon to raise an army for taking back the North. Varys and Tyrion meet a Red Priestess. They experience a division over this woman who uses magic, due to Varys’ past experiences. I am kind of hoping Little Finger returns early to the North, after Sansa has fled. Ramsay captures him and flays him for the marriage deal gone wrong.

      Home: -Daenerys is still in Dothraki custody. They reach Vaes Dothrak, her old home. Everything is different, and she is treated very badly by her captors. Drogon shows up and burns the whole place down, scaring the Dothraki into making her a khal/khaleesi again. She seizes power and marches the Dothraki back towards Meereen.
      -Wildlings decide to follow the Starks in exchange for a new home, land behind The Wall.
      -Margaery Tyrell is recovered or sent back to the Red Keep to commit espionage for the religious zealots.

      Oathbreaker: Brienne has fulfilled her obligation or remains in Sansa’s service. She goes to the Riverlands with Northern forces to free the Riverlands from siege, and combine it with the Stark army. In the process of breaking the siege, the good guys smite the Freys. Jaime Lannister shows up with his army to support the Freys. He and Brienne are somehow captured by the Brotherhood without Banners, and accused of breaking their oaths (to return the Stark girls to their mother). LSH or Thoros of Myr conduct trials for Jaime and Brienne.

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    50. 1. Who will die in Season 6? Roose Bolton
      Ramsey Bolton
      Loras Tyrell

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Jon Snow, Davos and Sansa
      Blackfish and Edmure
      Jaime and Brienne

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – The wildlings, loyal brothers, and Davos kill/rout the conspirators at CB. Melisandre reveals she is super old. Sansa and/or Theon get saved by Brienne.

      “Home” – Euron comes home to the II and kills Balon. That’s all I got right now lol.

      “Oathbreaker” – Sansa orders Brienne to find Arya and get support for the North in the Vale/Riverlands. Either a flashback or vision of Jaime putting it in The Mad King. Jon (If resurrected by now) decides to abandon the wall to form up the northern lords against House Bolton and the white walkers.

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    51. 1. Unexpected Deaths
      Ramsay and Balon seem to be no-brainers, so I’ll go with Roose, Loras and Rickon

      Hoped-for Reunions
      There are a number of reunions we sort of know about (Sam-Tarlys, Cersei-Jaime) and some meetings we hope for (Yara-Dany), but as for hoped-for but not yet confirmed “reunions”: Varys-Kevan, Jaime-Brienne, Jon-Sansa

      Episode Predictions
      The Red Woman – Melisandre doubts her abilities and searches for a way to right the wrong; Tyrion & Co meet a new red priestess in Meereen
      Home – Dany arrives in Vaes Dothrak; Theon goes back to the Iron Islands; Euron arrives on Pyke after a long absence
      Oathbreaker – Brienne tries to make up for breaking her oath to Sansa in favor of pursuing revenge; Jaime leaves the Kingsguard behind to fight Lannister battles; Jon is resurrected and leaves the Nights Watch behind to raise banners and retake Winterfell

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    52. 1. Three-Eyed Raven, Melisandre, Alliser, Roose, Ramsay, Balon, Pycelle, Tommen, Kevan, Bronn, Beric, Walder, Ellaria, Wife, Mace, Missandei, Robin Arryn

      2. Sansa/Jon/Rickon, Jaime/Brienne/Pod/Bronn

      3. Nah, I’m not playing, too many possibilities

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    53. Unexpected deaths:

      Roose Bolton
      Rickon (got a bad feeling about him)
      Wun Wun

      In all honesty a lot of people might die (even more than usual) because if the plan is truly 13 episodes after this. We need to tie loose ends and focus on others things.


      Sansa and Jon but even tho they never had a scene…still we can say family reunion.
      Jaime and Brienne
      Cleganebowl do i need to say more?

      As for titles of first three episodes:

      The Red Woman – strongly suggest Mel and Kinvara. The Wall and Meereen might be featured heavily and so will Jon and Daeny. Since last season finished at the Wall and we pick it up right then at the end of season 5.

      Home – classic Game of Thrones title. Vague, yet important, hold significance to many characters. Sansa, Jon, Rickon?, Daeny, Arya, Yara, Euron it could be about getting home back, planning to it get back or holding his new home together meaning Tyrion.

      Oathbreaker – Three names that comes to my mind Brienne, Jaime and Jon. LSH anyone? We might get a first glimpse of her or hint that she might appear. Brienne swore an oath to bring Stark girls back to their mother, Jaime and Brienne are tied together and Jaime is an Oathbreaker. So is Jon, we might see him taking decisions.

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    54. The Dragon Demands,

      A couple days ago, I would have told you to stop ranting about Pink letter. But now after the mess with Luka Nieto, I will simply pretend that you and your personal blog you made out of once a great Wikia fansite, simply do not exist. You should be glad that Gonzalo84 is covering your back

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    55. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Melisandre, Loras, The Waif, Walder Frey, Tommen

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Jaime / Brienne / Pod / Bronn
      Sansa and Davos

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      Looking forward to find out!!!!!

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    56. Deaths (in no particular order): -Ramsay
      -Walder (looking like a given)
      -Balon (looking like a given)
      -I would also throw in Daario/Meera

      Reunions: -Sansa and Jon
      -Jamie and Brienne
      -Sam and Randyll
      -Sansa and Littlefinger
      -Cleganebowl, it’s happening and I can’t wait

      Titles: CBF

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    57. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Ser Alliser, Ellaria, Jorah, Roose, Ramsay, The Waif, Jaime, The 3-eyed-raven, Lord Karstark, Kinvara, Melisandre, Olly, Smalljon Umber, Walder Frey.
      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Jaime and the King’s Landing crew, Jaime and Brienne, Sansa and Jon, Rickon and Jon, Littlefinger and the Boltons, Jorah and Daenerys.
      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      The Red Woman: Melisandre resurrects Jon. Tyrion meets Kinvara.
      Home: Euron returns to the II.
      Oathbreaker: Jon leaves the Night’s Watch. Jaime is reminded of the death of Aerys.

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    58. 1. Top 5 Unexpected Deaths
      – Melisandre, Roose Bolton, Loras Tyrell, Littlefinger, Tormund

      2. Top 3 Reunions
      – Jaime and Brienne, Asha and Theon, Littlefinger and Lady Stoneheart

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      The Red Woman: Melisandre decides to try and resurrect Jon (doubt it’s successful by the end of the ep), Varys and Tyrion meet a new priestess in Meereen, Sansa is rescued by Brienne (red hair in the case of Sansa).
      Home Daenerys arrives at Vaes Dothrak which the Dothraki consider her rightful home among the Dosh Khaleen, Bran has visions of Winterfell in the past, Theon heads for the Iron Islands where Euron Crow’s Eye has returned home, and Davos considers returning home to his wife until Jon is reanimated and then he stays to fight for the living.
      Oathbreaker Jon no longer feels bound by his Night’s Watch vows and announces his intent to retake the North, Brienne parts ways with Sansa thereby breaking her vow to Catelyn, Bran witnesses Ned making a promise to his sister in a flashback/dream sequence.

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    59. 1: Brienne, Cersei, Rickon, Daario, Tormund

      2: Brienne/Jaime, Euron/Sam, Sansa/Baelish

      The Red Woman: Ser Alliser dies, Wun Wun breaks the gate, Melisandre’s age is revealed, Roose rues the day he raped Ramsay’s mother, Brienne meets Sansa/Theon, Cersei rips into Jaime for letting Myrcella die, Daenerys is brought to Vaes Dothrak, Tyrion and Varys are awesome

      Home: Daenerys reaches Vaes Dothrak, Arya is blind and uses her hearing to do some kind of FM errand, Bran has vision of his ancestral home and/or youth there, Cersei tries out the revamped Mountain on Lancel & Friends, Ramsay is Ramsay, Melisandre/Davos talk about Jon and prophecies and magic, Tyrion and Varys are awesome

      Oathbreaker: Melisandre brings Jon back in some form, Umbers ‘betray’ (family members are held captive by Freys) Rickon to Ramsay, Margaery and Loras in cell, Blind Arya trains some more, gets rewarded with returned sight, join theater troupe (LANGRISHE!!!), Brienne gets a new task from Sansa, heads to Riverrun, runs into some friends, Jon holds a speech declaring his return as a Stark, Bran looks into the past and witnesses Aerys death by Kingslayer, Tyrion and Varys are awesome, meet dragons

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    60. Unexpected deaths, hmmm… Olenna; Jaime – in the arms of Brienne, the woman he loves. Then Brienne. Jaquen; Theon. Plus a load of extras and hopefully Walder Frey, Thorne, Pycelle, Ellaria and at least one of the Snakes. Plus the ones we are expecting for sure, like Balon and at least one of the Boltons. And yeah, sadly, Jorah and Melisandre.

      United: ultimately, at least before the end of show Arya and Jon. But more realistically, the Wildings with the group guarding Jon; Sansa and the houses of the North; Tyrion and Shae, sorta; Jon and Sansa; Brienne and Jaime. Dany and Drogon, and Dany with the other dragons and everyone in Meereen. Sam and his mother and brother; Sam and Jon, somehow, with Sam knowing how to conquer the WW.

      Red Woman: mostly about Melisandre attempting to resurrect Jon, and probably failing. The introduction of the new Red Woman in Meeren. Beyond that, can’t say – Dany dragging her tired ass into Vas Dothrak, searching the skies for Drogon.

      Home: sadly, the return of Myrcella to her home; Cersei returning Trystane to his home, in the same condition she got Myrcella; Margaery getting out of jail and returning to the palace. Theon getting to the Iron Islands, uncle What’s his name coming home after a long stint of trouble-making to give Theon and Asha more trouble (sorry for the grammar, lack of punctuation and whatever other mistakes are on here, tired but determined) Sam finally getting home.

      Oathbreaker: has to be in large part about Jaime and Brienne, considering the name of her sword and five prior seasons of Jaime being called an oathbreaker. Jon, leaving the NW and having the few remaining NW hurling insults from a distance. Or, Thorne hurling them, if Thorne is somehow left alive.

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    61. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Brienne, Loras, Cercei, Meera, Myrcella (last one is obvious)

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Brienne/LSH, Sansa/Littlefinger, Sansa/Jon, Sam/House Tarly

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”:
      Melissandre admits being wrong about her predictions for Stannis, Cercei “chooses violence”
      Dany unites the Dothraki clan to her cause
      A new red priestess is introduced (maybe in Oldtown?),
      We finally get to see LHS?
      Jon’s backstory is seen through Brans visions – Lyanna.

      Myrcella brought to Kings Landing
      Sam comes to Horn Hill
      Euron arrives at the Iron Islands
      Dany comes to Westeros (too soon)

      Brienne vs LSH
      Jon resurrected and released from his vows?
      Jaime admitting his relationship with Cercei to the faith
      Some parts of the Dorne storyline?

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    62. So, I’m cautiously excited.
      1) Deaths would be easy, but unexpected?? A little tougher. I’m guessing Tommen, Yara, Jorah, Pycelle. Varys seems kind of pointless at the moment, he’s in danger, but if he surives, Littlefinger might die in his place. Roose is done, Ramsay might survive for a couple more episodes into Season 7. Daario I think also needs to go, but I don’t see them killing both him and Jorah… the rumors about Rickon seem interesting, that would be a shocker and why not? he’s too young to count with only 13 episodes to go, they haven’t explored even his wargness.

      2) Well, Dany returns to Meereen, meets Yara. Jon, Tormund, Sansa, Rickon. Brienne meets Jaime, they’re captured by Thoros? Blackfish and Edmure Tully will probably get together. Sansa and LF. Let’s see… nope, this is about it, I don’t think there’s much time for other reunions. I don’t know what they’ve planned for Dorne, don’t really care after S5. Arya is the wildcard but politically that’s not important.

      3) I don’t really have predictions for the first 3 episode, because I’m not expecting any monumental surprises. Those who have read the books and visited this site know what to expect. The only question remaining is Jon, I’m guessing that by episode 3 he’s back, curious how it happens.

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    63. Starting with 1 and 2 and gonna think about 3 some more. So here it goes:

      1. Who will die?
      Lots of Freys

      2. Who will re/unite?
      Jon/Sansa (pretty pleeeaase!)
      Daeny/Tyrion (because it was soo good; happening probably late in the series)
      Arya/Westeros (I was going to say Arya/Nymeria, but that’d be too good to be true, so I just hope she makes it back)

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    64. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Roose Bolton
      Ramsey Bolton
      Balon Greyjoy
      Loras Tyrell

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Davos and Sansa
      Jaime and Brienne
      Theon and Yara
      Jon Snow and Bran

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” – Brienne saves Theon and Sansa. Melisandre does some tricks. The new Red Priestess tells something important to Tyrion and Varys.

      “Home” – Theon returns to the Iron Islands. Bran comes home in a mind trip that takes us through various times and to various places.

      “Oathbreaker” – Jaime and Brienne do… something. Ramsay kills his father.

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    65. The Dragon Demands: Meanwhile, Theon/Reek grapples with his guilt over his past. As in the novels, he sinks to his knees before a weirwood heart tree in a godswood, confesses his guilt and begs for redemption – he’s an “oathbraker” who betrayed the Starks and felt that he deserved his punishment as Reek and deserved to die, and should have died at Robb’s side. In response, the now returned Bran’s voice speaks to him through the weirwood (more obvious now that the TV show can show these in parallel) and calls him “Theon Greyjoy”. This *largely* restores his sanity, or goes a long way to that (he’ll walk away now muttering “I am Theon Greyjoy” or something to that effect)

      All of that happened in season 5 with Sansa instead of a weirwood.

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    66. 1: Ramsay, Roose, Brienne, Littlefinger, Sansa
      2: Sansa, Mel, Davos and Jon, Theon and Yara, not sure about who else
      3: Red Woman: Introduction of Kinvara, big Mel twist. Home: Literally no idea, “Welcome home, Khaleesi” is E3 and Jaime returning is E1. Oathbreaker: Jaime flashback?

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    67. koempel:

      Roose rues the day he raped Ramsay’s mother

      That would probably be one of the best moments of the entire show. Hopefully that nuke is dropped when Roose is scolding Ramsay about losing Sansa, or as a final word as Ramsay kills him.

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    68. Top 5 unexpected deaths
      (As in, deaths I could imagine happening this season, but which I think will shock the majority of fans)
      1. Melisandre (she will die in ep 1 or 2)
      2. Rickon (if that was indeed Ramsay’s voice in the trailer, it’s hard to see how that exchange could end well for Rickon – and we know the show isn’t above having children die in horrible ways)
      3. Tommen (we know he has to die because of the prophecy, but I don’t think most people expect it to happen this season. I think his death will come at the hands of someone unexpected)
      4. Grey Worm and/or Missandei (another death in Meereen is likely, and I don’t get ‘happily ever after’ vibes from these two. Tyrion, of course, is safe, and I don’t see Varys dying yet)
      5. Podrick (the BWB will be involved)

      Tywin’s children, the remaining Starks, Daenerys, Jon and Theon will be alive at the end of the season. I think odds are also good for Littlefinger, Varys, Brienne and arguably Davos. Pretty much everyone else is fair game.

      Unions and reunions
      Any or all of these may be unlikely, but I’d like to see:
      1. Jon and Sansa meeting up (this is one of the most likely to happen)
      2. Arya and Gendry seeing each other again (very unlikely as Gendry is just about the only abandoned character who doesn’t seem to be returning)
      3. Arya and Nymeria (via wolf dream)
      4. Brienne and Jaime seeing each other again
      5. The Lannisters and Tyrells teaming up to take down the Faith, then turning on each other again
      *tinfoil hat firmly in place*

      6. LSH will spend some quality time with some old friends: Brienne, and a certain Walder Frey

      Episode titles
      1. ‘The Red Woman’: Melisandre does some stuff (and, I think, carks it); Tyrion and Varys meet a red priestess in Meereen
      2. ‘Home’: The most vague, and therefore the most intriguing. Theon returning to the Iron Islands seems likely. Myrcella of course is now home. Rickon and Osha return to Winterfell. Sansa reaches the Wall – not ‘home’ for her, but the closest she’s been to safety since her father’s death
      3. ‘Oathbreaker’: The obvious interpretation is that this is when Brienne catches up with You-Know-Who, but I somehow feel it’s a little too early. Jaime is a known oathbreaker so I think it’s likely we’ll see flashbacks of that (maybe even ToJ) in this episode. Jon may either have been resurrected by this episode, or is resurrected during this episode: some may consider him to be an oathbreaker. Another oathbreaker, of course, is Walder Frey so his comeuppance might happen here, or the groundwork laid.

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    69. 1. Alliser, Balon, Ellaria, Pycelle, Kevan, Roose, Walda, Lancel, Loras, Tommen, Pod, Brienne, Walder Frey, Rickon, Ramsay, Jorah.

      2. Jaime & Brienne, Sansa & Petyr, Sansa & Jon, Daenerys & Jorah/Daario

      3. Ep. 1 =
      – Davos, Wildlings and GdN loyalists against Alliser&co.
      – Tyrion and Varys meet Kinvara
      – Daenerys meets the Dothraki Khal
      – Jamie brings Myrcella’s corpse to Cersei
      – High Sparrow talks to Margaery about her crimes
      – Bloodraven teaches Bran how to have green visions
      – Doran confronts Ellaria about Myrcella’s murder
      – Ramsay’s looking for Sansa and Theon
      – Brienne saves Theon from Bolton’s men
      – Petyr finds Sansa
      – Melisandre sees Jon through the flames

      Ep. 2 =
      – Euron returns to Iron Islands and kills Balon
      – Gilly and Sam arrive at Horn Hill
      – Arya learns how to see without eyes
      – Bran meets the Night King
      – Jorah and Daario find Dany’s trails
      – Sansa escapes from Petyr (heading to the Vale), but gets caught by the Brotherhood Without Banners
      – Brienne and Pod are searching for Sansa in the Riverlands
      – Loras and Margaery get their trial
      – Roose regrets that he has made Ramsay his heir
      – Tollet (and Davos) take the leading of the Nights Watch
      – Cersei plots to riot against the Sparrows

      Ep. 3
      – Loras is executed by the High Sparrow
      – Cersei uses violence against the Sparrows
      – Daenerys arrives at Vaes Dothrak
      – Euron is nominated King of Iron Islands
      – Yara sails to Meereen
      – Bran gets visions about the Tower of Joy
      – Pod is kidnapped by Blackfish; Brienne meets Tully’s survivors
      – Meera travels to the Wall
      – Tyrion wants to free dragons
      – Jon gets resurrected

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    70. Forgot one of the most obvious interpretations of ‘Home’: Samwell stopping off via Tarly Towers on the way to Oldtown?

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    71. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.

      1. Rickon Stark
      2. Tormund Giantsbane
      3. Melisandre (only death can pay for life)
      4. Tommen Baratheon
      5. Roose Bolton

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      1. Brienne, Jaime, Pod, Bronn, Catelyn 😉
      2. Dany & Asha/Yara
      3. Sansa, Jon & Littlefinger
      4. Pycelle, Kevan, Varys

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker”.

      1. Clearly Melisandre and her doubts… maybe her abilities and her death…
      2. Dany is brought home, Jaime brings someone home, Sansa flees from home, New developments in Theon’s home…
      3. Jon breaks his vows, Jaime tries to match them (and fails), Brienne is facing challenges…

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    72. 1. Deaths


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    73. Geralt of Rivia,

      They’re not bringing back Rickon just to kill him. Sansa will shine this season and then BAM she’s dead. I can see her dying in Jon’s arms, just before or after he kills Ramsay (this has to happen, they’re not gonna name it the “Battle of the Bastards” and not have Jon and Ramsay face off).

      And oh yea, Brienne and Jaime will def be reuniting as well.

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    74. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Roose, Fat Walda, Tommen, Rickon, Ramsay, Loras, Kevin, Pycelle, Walda Frey

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Jon & Sansa, Brienne & Jaime, Arya & Nymeria

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      Red Woman – Mel losing her faith, trying to resurrect Jon and failing, a Red Woman appearing in Mereen.
      Home – Euron arrives, Theon returns to Iron Islands, Sam returns to Horn Hill
      Oathbreaker – Flashback of Jaime killing the Mad King, Brienne breaking her oath to the Starks. Jon leaving the Night’s Watch

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    75. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      1. Tommen
      2. Loras
      3. Daario
      4. Roose
      5. Ramsay

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      1. Jon and Sansa
      2. Brienne and Jaime
      3. Bran and Benjen lmao

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      The Red Woman – Chaos at the wall. Jaime brings Myrcella home. Brienne saves Sansa and Theon. Melisandre questions her faith. Jon is resurrected (either the last scene of episode 1 or episode 2). Bran and Bloodraven talk about magic.

      Home – Dany reaches VD. Euron arrives at the Iron Islands. Sansa arrives at the Wall. Tyrion wants to release the dragons. Bran has visions of the past.

      Oathbreaker – Jon receives a show version of the Pink Letter and makes plans to leave the Wall. Jaime becomes involved in the conflict against the High Sparrow. Sansa sends Brienne to the Riverlands.

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    76. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Balon Greyjoy, Jorah Mormont, Melisandre, Walder Frey, Grand Maester Pycelle (+ Kevan Lannister)

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker”.

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    77. Damn, forgot the last two questions!

      Reunions: Jon + Sansa, Brienne & Jaime

      Red Woman: Melisandre tries to resurrect Jon.

      Home: Jaimre returns Myrcella’s body, Arya escapes the Faceless Men, Sansa is in a safer spot

      Oathbreaker: Jon leaves the Night’s Watch, Walder Frey is killed, something with Brienne, something with Jaime

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    78. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      1- Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.
      Tommen, Cersei, Daario, High Sparrow, Melisandre, 3 eye Raven


      Loras, Mace, Olenna TYRRELL

      Doran Martell, Sand Snakes, Ellaria Arena

      The Waif,

      Meera Reed, Rickon STARK, Davos, Ramsay, Roose, Walda

      Walder Frey and sons


      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      Bran & Jon

      Sansa & Littlefinger

      Nymeria & Arya

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker”.

      Red Woman – Melisandre dies for resurrect Jon Snow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Home – Theon goes to Pyke, Dany to Vaes Dothrak
      Oathbreaker – Brienne´s loyalty will be in risk and she will have to make a hard decision

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    79. 1- Who will die?

      Walder Frey, Loras Tyrell, Alistor Thorn, Ollie, Balon Greyjoy, Kevan Lannister, Roose Bolton, Fat Walda, Rickon Stark, Tormund, King Tommen and (shockingly) Cersei.

      2- Reunions?

      Sansa + Jon, Brienne & Pod + Jamie & Bronn, Brienne + The Hound, Sansa + Rickon, Theon + Yara

      3- Predictions for first 3 episodes?

      The Red Woman: Mel gets the idea of resurrecting Jon. (And we do not see until episode 9 if she has been successful or not but the idea will be planted in the first episode) + Kinvara meets Tyrion and Varys.

      Home: Dany gets to Vaes Dothrak and Sansa to either Castle Black or Bear Island.

      Oathbreaker: Brienne travels to Riverrun at the orders of Sansa to seek revenge on the Freys. But the revenge will not happen this epiosde.

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    80. Why is everyone killing poor Rickon?
      I don’t think they would bring him back to kill him right away. That’s if hes coming back. That would suck man.

      Unexpected deaths:
      Tommen, Loras, Roose, All freys, Ramsay (I hope), Davos (I hope not), Brienne (:() Jorah (:()

      Starksssssssss – Sansa and one of her brothers. I hope it would be Jon but that’s too much to ask for. First lets get him back. Maybe Rickon. Sansa will meet Brienne and she will help her get to some northern families for protection and hopefully they will come together to get rid of the Boltons on behalf of the Stark name. I would love to see the Mormonts in this because of Lyanna’s letter to Stannis last season.
      I would love to see Arya get her hands on some Frey meat.
      Dany reunites with ALL three of her dragons, and her peeps.
      I would love for a Jon Snow reunion with all of us 🙂

      The Red Woman: Itll be Mel trying to resurrect Jon and FAILING. She will look into her fire and see something. I don’t know what it is. I also think they will introduce a Red Woman in Meereen.

      Home: I was going to say Myrcella returning home, but I feel like that will happen in episode 1, unless we don’t see any King’s Landing in episode 1. I think itll end up being Dany’s arrival in Vaes Dothrak.

      Oathbreaker: I have no clue. Brienne breaking her oath? Jon breaking his oaths? (I would love that :))

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    81. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      King Tommen, Alliser Thorn, Roose Bolton, Lancel Lannister, Walder Frey

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Brieanne & Jamie, Jon & Sansa, Arya & Nymeria(through wolf dream/warging)

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman” Mellisandre attempts the resurrection of Jon. New red priestess makes herself known to Tyrion & Varys.
      “Home” Theon returns to Pyke. Sansa arrives at the wall, her & Jon decide they must rally the wildlings and take back winterfell
      “Oathbreaker” Brieanne crosses paths with the BWB & Lady Stoneheart. Bran vision of Jamie killing King Aries.

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    82. Who will die

      Dario Elaria or Doran Pycele The Waif Me when I throw something at the TV and it breaks thanx to another O Shit moment

      Who will unite

      Walter Frey and justice , Jon and his True last name, Daenerys and dothraki extra #7 (I picked 7 cuz I like that number) cud also be referred to as Daenerys and the scary Dosh Khaleen lady from season 1 who always reminds me of Crazy Boob Lady from The Simpsons Movie , Jaime and his book plot(I’m
      Sure some1 has mentioned this already) Viewers and the song of ice and fire plot beyond book 5 (it’s going to happen even if most of it is D&Ds version there’s still bits from winds of winter that’s gonna be in there) Rhaegal and Viserion with fresh air

      What will happen in season 6 Ep 1,2&3

      I’ll keep this short and simple . OUR MINDS ARE GONNA BE BLOWN

      P.s I know this is kinda late but I hope this makes it to the episode

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    83. Who will die

      Dario Elaria or Doran Pycele The Waif Me when I throw something at the TV and it breaks thanx to another O Shit moment

      Who will unite

      Walter Frey and justice , Jon and his True last name, Daenerys and dothraki extra #7 (I picked 7 cuz I like that number) cud also be referred to as Daenerys and the scary Dosh Khaleen lady from season 1 who always reminds me of Crazy Boob Lady from The Simpsons Movie , Jaime and his book plot(I’m
      Sure some1 has mentioned this already) Viewers and the song of ice and fire plot beyond book 5 (it’s going to happen even if most of it is D&Ds version there’s still bits from winds of winter that’s gonna be in there) Rhaegal and Viserion with fresh air

      What will happen in season 6 Ep 1,2&3

      I’ll keep this short and simple . OUR MINDS ARE GONNA BE BLOWN

      P.s I know this is kinda late but I hope this makes it to the episode

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    84. dragonmcmx,

      They bring back Myrcella only to kill her. It’s not like they never did that before. This season is supposed to be a big victory for Sansa as she’s extracting revenge on people who wrong her and her family. She needs to take down LF. I’d say next season maybe or she even survive this whole thing.

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    85. Here we go ! 🙂

      Five unexpected deaths (so no Balon, Pycelle or Kevan here) :
      – Bronn.
      – Loras Tyrell.
      – Obara Sand.
      – Tormund Giantasbane.
      – Jorah Mormont.

      Three reunions/meetings :
      – Sansa and Davos.
      – Nymeria Sand and Cersei.
      – Blackfish and Arya.

      Quick predictions :
      The Red Woman : Mel has a crisis of faith. Kinvara is introduced to the viewer.
      Home : Theon sails back to Pyke.
      Oathbreaker : Brienne will face a hard choice.

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    86. 1. Unexpected deaths (since I believe they should survive at least till s7):
      Any of them dying this season would be shocking to me.
      2. Reunions
      Sansa & Jon
      Jaime & Brienne
      Most unexpected would be:
      Tyrion & Cersei – hopefully Dany will finally land in KL this season & I hope Cersei will live long enough to see Tyrion as Dany’s Hand-of-queen?
      3. Since I didnt watch the trailers and based on titles alone: ep1 smth to do with Melisandre & Sansa ( her being a redhead)
      Ep2: Home : Dany returns to Vaes dothrak
      Ep3:oathbreaket. Smth Jaime does and I believe this ep will hopefully bring Jon back

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    87. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      The top 5, from most prominent to least: Brienne (though I hope not), Ramsay Bolton, Roose Bolton, Ellaria Sand, Alliser Thorne.

      In speculative order of death, this is every named character whose death I predict:
      Balon Greyjoy
      Alliser Thorne, Olly, Othell Yarwick, Bowen Marsh (and other mutineers)
      Ellaria Sand
      Khal Moro, Qhono, Akho (and other Khals, bloodriders and Dosh khaleen)
      Roose Bolton, Walda Bolton & their unborn son
      The Waif
      Pycelle, Kevan
      Smalljon Umber, Ramsay Bolton, and possibly (though hopefully not) Rickon Stark
      Yezzan, Razdal (and other Masters)
      Walder Frey, along with most of his family and Lannister guests
      Tommen, Loras
      The three-eyed raven

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Sansa and Jon
      Jaime and Brienne
      Theon and Yara

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”. Melisandre makes a big impact (and possibly Kinvara too).
      “Home”. Euron returning to the Iron Islands, Theon heading back home.
      “Oathbreaker”. Sansa ordering Brienne to go after Jaime, or else she will become and oathbreaker.

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    88. I don’t think Rickon is going to die. I think we’ll see Sansa become more and more of a badass, earn the title of Wardeness of the North, then step down for her little brother just because she’s a woman and that’s the reality in the show universe. It would be part of the bittersweet end Martin mentioned.

      For similar reasons I think Dany will reach westeros then kill people everyone love (I’m guessing Davos, or a sweet kid like Tommen) so we’ll end up thinking that in the end none of them was the “right” king/queen and there’s no such thing. That would be a nice subversion of clichés.

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    89. The Dragon Demands,

      I feel they did the mutiny because Jon is going to get the letter after his resurrection. Thorne wasn’t part of the stabbings because he wasn’t even at Castle Black in the books when it happened. They probably figured having him get the letter after would make for a better show on the screen.

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    90. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Roose, Ramsay, Alliser, HOPEFULLY the Sand Snakes, who are essentially the Jar Jar Binks of GoT and F#@$ OLLY MOVEMENT IS IN FULL SWING!!!!…and please ALL the FREYS!!!!!

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Sansa and Jon
      Jaime and Brienne
      Theon and Yara
      Stoneheart with the WORLD!!!!!!!!!

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”. besides the obvious The Red Woman also refers to the woman of the Red wedding which means Stoneheart time baby!
      “Home”. Euron-ating all over this episode and Sansa finally feels at home…
      “Oathbreaker”. Jon lives and leaves, Brienne meets trouble, Jamie does some badassery!

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    91. Luka Nieto,

      Good one! I agree with every speculative death, although I’m not so sure about Brienne and Tommen.
      Brienne more for sentimental reasons and because I hope she’ll have a part (even if it’s a small one) in the “endgame”, although I admit that I haven’t thought much about where her arc could be going after reuniting and being at odds with Jaime…
      Tommen would be interesting this season. If you throw in the rest of the Tyrells and the Sparrows, the last shot we see of King’s Landing should be Cersei finally on the Iron Throne! I don’t care how probable it is, but it would be glorious! 🙂 But fanfiction aside, it would be interesting to see how the Lannisters will handle the matter of a vacant throne with noone left to put on it. It would be a desaster.

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    92. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Top 5 Unexpected Deaths:
      Roose Bolton
      Ramsay Bolton
      Tommen Baratheon
      Rickon Stark
      The Three-Eyed Raven

      Book Note:

      Since you specified “unexpected” deaths, I’m excluding the characters who have died in the books but not yet in the show – Balon Greyjoy, Grand Maester Pycelle, and Kevan Lannister – from this category. However, I do believe that all three of those characters will die in Season 6.

      Other characters who I believe are likely to die in Season 6:
      King’s Landing: Grand Maester Pycelle, Kevan Lannister, Loras Tyrell, Lancel Lannister
      The North: Walda Bolton, Osha, Wun Wun, Smalljon Umber, Harald Karstark
      The Wall: Alliser Thorne, Olly, Othell Yarwyck, Bowen Marsh
      The Iron Islands: Balon Greyjoy
      Dorne: Ellaria Sand
      The Riverlands: Walder Frey, Lame Lothar Frey, Black Walder Rivers
      Braavos: The Waif
      The Dothraki Sea: Many Dothraki
      Meereen: Razdal mo Eraz, Yezzan zo Qaggaz, all of the Sons of the Harpy
      Oldtown and the Reach: Nobody we know, at least of yet.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Top 3 Reunions:
      Jon and Sansa
      Jaime and Brienne
      Tyrion and Daenerys

      Others: Davos and Sansa (first meeting), Theon and Yara, Arya and Nymeria

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”: Melisandre deals with a crisis of faith in the aftermath of Stannis’s defeat and Jon’s death. Tyrion and Varys meet a new Red Priestess in Meereen.

      “Home”: Having been rescued by Brienne from the Bolton hunters in Episode 1, Sansa declares that she means to take back Winterfell from the people who stole it from her. Myrcella is laid to rest in the Sept of Baelor. Euron Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands, kills his brother Balon, and declares himself King.

      “Oathbreaker”: Jon is resurrected, and the traitors in the Night’s Watch are killed for their insurrection. Sansa tasks Brienne with a mission that will cause her to question her honor.

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    93. Who will die: Ramsay, Roose, Walda Bolton, Wun Wun, Rickon, Osha, Shaggy Dog, Small Jon Umber, Jorah, Grey Worm, Tommen, Loras Tyrell, Kevan Lannister, Thorne, Olly, Pycelle, Lancel Lannister. Walder Frey, BloodRaven. Maybe Brienne/Pod/Bronn/Jamie.
      Who will unite: Dany with Tyrion. Sansa and Jon. Theon and Yara. Jamie and Cersei (but not for long).
      First three episodes: Jon to be resurrected (episode 2). Nightswatch mutineers to be killed (episode 1). Brienne to save Sansa and bring her to the wall. Dany to be in a bad spot with the Dothraki but Jorah/Dario to find her in Vaes Dothrak by “Home”. Theon to reach the Iron Islands in “home”. Jamie to fall out with Cersei during Oathbreaker.

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    94. Luka Nieto:
      Luka Nieto,

      Oh, and Wun Wun. He’s dying too.

      The Dragon Demands,

      You’re like the only person who doesn’t get it. The question has been answered a hundred times. Stop it with the Pink Letter, please, for the love of God.

      That is not true. I don’t get it either. Please explain why Jon came to the north gate rather than sailing around, why he was let through, and only then subsequently murdered.

      Hint: You can explain it very easily – the directors consider drama to be more important than plot consistency. This is not unusual for TV and movie directors, so it is hardly an insult…well at least to them…it probably is an insult of their audiences.

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    95. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Unexpected deaths:
      The Blackfish.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      Jaime/Brienne, 5EVA! And along with that, Ice will reunite because he’ll have Widow’s Wail and she’ll have Oathkeeper.
      Petyr Baelish/Moon Door.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”
      Melisandre’s loss of faith,
      Davos fights over Jon’s body.
      Sansa and Theon split up.
      Roose and Ramsay discuss the loss of Sansa and what it means for them.

      Theon-centric, intro to Euron.
      Dany and the Khalasar.
      Tyrion explains politics of Westeros to Missandei and Grey Worm.
      Tormund and the Wildlings at the Wall, where do they go now?
      Sam arrives in Horn Hill.

      Wall-centric with Thorne having broken his oath, Jon possibly breaking his.
      Fight between Sam and his father of his NW oath.
      HS threatens Jaime, maybe reveals the Lancel bang.
      Brienne heads south, feeling a failure and gets her ass kicked along the way.

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    96. The Dragon Demands: Given that we know the Brotherhood Without Banners is returning in Season 6, and we know the Freys are prominently returning in Season 6, do you think the Season 6 finale cliffhanger will be LSH?

      Nope. I’m 95% positive that the Season 6 finale cliffhanger will be the Wall falling down.

      LSH is gone. She’s not appearing on this show. Her “revenge” plot will be dealt with by other characters (with BlackFish taking over the majority of the BwB aspects of LSH’s plot). Anybody who is desperately hoping for LSH to show up is only setting themselves up to be bitterly disappointed.

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    97. Top 5 unexpected deaths, 1. Melisadre 2. Lancel Lannister 3. Loras Tyrell 4. Wun Wun 5. Olly

      Reunions, Jon and Sansa, Jamie and Brienne, Theon and Yara

      Red Woman: Melisadre woking her magic setting the stage for her Nissa Nissa moment.
      Home: Probably not so much about being home as much as setting the stage for people trying to find their way back home. Ie. Sansa, Dany, Theon
      Oathbreaker: NW traitors broke their oath I think the consequences of their actions will be shown and possibly we see Jamie break an oath via flashback and Brienne face her own decisions regarding an oath she made.

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    98. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Season 6 deaths will be numerous and vast, with bodies piling up all across Westeros and Essos, but I’m turning my focus to King’s Landing.

      Tommen – the last golden crown to don his golden shroud.
      Ser Robert Strong – Cleganebowl!
      Cersei – her valonqar is not the brother she thought he’d be.
      Myrcella – WTF, you say: isn’t she already dead? Yes. Of course. But then again, so is The Mountain. So is Jon Snow. So is Catelyn. (No, she really is dead.) Qyburn will revive Myrcella but not for long. #frankencella #cindercella
      Qyburn – Qyburn will burn. Burn, Qy, burn.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

      Now that the white winds are blowing in The Winds of Winter, I am hungry like the wolf, in dire need of Stark reunions.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      If we base predictions only on these titles and nothing else, there would be nothing to predict other than the titles themselves, of course. However, if we extrapolate what we know from the show, the books, and some filming and casting spoilers, I would hope that:

      *”The Red Woman” reveals an epic Melisandre twist as well as the introduction of Kinvara,
      *”Home” starts what will be a long homecoming for the Starks, the Greyjoys, and perhaps even Khaleesi, and
      *”Oathbreaker” mirrors the Oathkeeper episode, contrasting the idealism we saw in Brienne originally with the crushing realism of Westeros.

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    99. Five unexpected deaths:
      Margaery, Olenna, Mace, Davos and Theon

      Cersei/stupid decisions

      Episode predictions:
      Plead the Fifth

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    100. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Rose Bolton, Tormund, Loras, Kevin Lannister,Balon, Jorah maybe Dario.
      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Danny Jorah and Dario, then Danny and the Meeren gang (Tyrion, etc)
      Sansa and Rickon, Sansa and Jon, Sansa and Littlefinger, Brienne and Jaime, Theon and yara
      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman” – Melisandre strugles at the wall to find a purpose while Kinvara is introduced in Mereen.
      “Home” – Dany reaches Vaes Dothrak
      “Oathbreaker” – Multiple characters will break different oaths, Brienne, Jaime, Jon, Arya, Danny, Sansa. Euron, Yara

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    101. 1. Deaths
      Brienne (in some sort of LSH(maybe substituted by Black Fish) connected plot)
      Fat Walda or at least her new born (killed by Ramsey) I give Roose and Ramsey one more season
      Jorah (mercy killing by Dany or Tyrion before the grayscale spreads)
      Loras, Trystane and Lancel (killed in Cersei’s quest for revenge)

      2. Reunions
      Lady Stoneheart and the show (and Jaime and Brienne)
      Tyrion and Westeros (though not very likely this season)
      Jon and the Starks (probably just Bran and Sansa, Arya probably not until 7th season)
      Jorah and Dany

      3. Episodes
      Red Woman: Tower of Joy, Mel resurrects Jon, the new Red Priestess from the trailer is introduced, Cersei’s trial, Jaime returns with Myrcella’s corpes, Brienne and Pod head south
      Home: Baelish finds Sansa, Theon heads for the Pyke, possible running into Brienne and Pod, Jaime has to leave KL to stand at the head of their army as Cersei told him to, Dany gets to Vaes Dothrak, Tyrion wants to release the dragons, Bran wants to find Jon to tell him about Tower of Joy and he has a vision of Winterfell frozen over, Sam and Gilly are happy in Oldtown.
      And if the gods are good Jon gets the pink letter and Thoros of Myr comes to Riverrun with LSH
      Oathbreaker: Jon leaves for Winterfell, LSH/Blackfish confronts Breinne, Tyrion releases Drogon

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    102. Flora Linden:

      Cersei/stupid decisions

      They never truly broke up. It was just a lack of opportunity to be together. She will, however, be reuniting with wine.



      Starks? Uhm, yeah, no. The only person who makes worse decisions than the Starks is Cersei.

      I’m not saying I want Arya to die. Maisie is adorable and I think she has an interesting red carpet look and does quirky chic really well. And I like her only less than I like Rickon, who is my favorite Stark mostly because of his absence from my screen. (Psst, he’s going to die too, but that’s expected.)

      In my “who I want to die” list, Arya doesn’t even break the top 5.
      1. Dany. Holy mother of fuck is her story boring.
      2. Sansa. So I never ever have to read another discussion on agency.
      3. Qyburn. Fucking creepy.
      4. Theon. Everytime I see him, all I can imagine is his difficulty urinating.
      5. Baelish. Dude and his wandering accent needs to go.

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    103. Josh L: Nope. I’m 95% positive that the Season 6 finale cliffhanger will be the Wall falling down.

      Nighty Whitey came to The Wall.
      Three Horns of Winter made The Wall fall.
      All of Snow’s Children and all of Snow’s men
      Couldn’t put The Wall together again.

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    104. Where are all these theories of Rickon dying coming from. Is this just a coincidence or is there something that indicates his death?

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    105. The Dragon Demands: The TV version omitted any mention of the Boltons and just has them stab Jon, seemingly at random…*after* the wildlings are already through the Wall?

      How can this possibly make sense in-universe?

      You are living proof of somebody who is so absolutely blinded by the book version that you cannot see how anything else could possibly be different. As GRRM has repeatedly said, the book is the book and the show is the show. They’re two different tellings of the same story.

      This is the same as the whole “It doesn’t make sense for Tyrion to go off and kill Tywin on the show because he was never told about Tysha!” scenario that book purists are so hung up on. Yes it does make sense. Tywin repeatedly put down Tyrion and outright tried to have him killed despite knowing that Tyrion didn’t kill Joffrey. That’s plenty of reason to return the favor.

      The same thing here with the unnecessity of the so-called “Pink Letter.” The mutineers don’t need the catalyst of Jon Snow asking NW to go down to Winterfell to take it away from the Boltons to turn on him (and honestly, if you actually understood what you were reading instead of being such sticklers for details, you’ll note that the plan clearly was afoot *before* Jon Snow made his announcement … the mutineers were going to kill Jon Snow with or without the Pink Letter, otherwise they would’ve not already been prepared to do so right after the announcement — it was no spur of the moment thing).

      What is shown on the show makes plenty of sense to me. Jon Snow goes off to Hardhome to save a bunch of wildings, and takes some NW with him. Thorne clearly doesn’t agree with this, hence why he stayed behind. After the massacre, Jon Snow brings the survivors to the gate at the north of the Wall. Why north and not south? Because if it was that easy for a bunch of wildings to simply go around the Wall and escape south, it would’ve already been done earlier. Considering how many of them were stuck at Hardhome, it’s a pretty safe assumption that it’s not that easy. Also considering the fact that the Wall has been there for thousands of years, it’s also a safe assumption that the North probably have a whole bunch of safeguards in place to prevent that from happening. Jon Snow, being the Lord Commander, very likely already knows that, and he’s aware that it’s safer to bring the wildings north of the Wall to Castle Black where they can then go through the gate.

      No, the show doesn’t have to provide us with that bit of exposition. It’s unnecessary, and it would be chunky for them to tell us that. Rather, they assume that their viewers are clever enough to figure it out without them holding our hands through the process.

      So now we reach to the Castle Black gate itself. Allister Thorne stands atop of the Wall, and he has an internal debate as to whether he should let the wildings go through the gate or not, or if he should just outright kill them (and Jon Snow) right there.

      You see that as a massive plot hole. That’s because your vision is so narrowly limited by the book version that you cannot see there are alternative answers. Book Allister would’ve never let this happen. However, if there’s one thing the show did better than the books did, it’s to show that Alliser Thorne clearly loves the Night’s Watch.

      In the books, Thorne is just a guy who is set up to be a jerk to Jon Snow. That’s it. On the show, however, Thorne is set up as a counterpoint to Jon Snow. Both Thorne and Jon Snow care deeply about the Night’s Watch; they just have completely different views on the purpose of Night’s Watch. From Thorne’s perspective, the primary job of the Night’s Watch (and the Wall) is to keep the wildings out of Westeros. From Jon Snow’s view, the purpose is to keep the White Walkers out. Both of them are doing absolutely everything they can to fulfill what they see as the purpose of Night’s Watch.

      However, as much as Alliser Thorne hates the wildings and Jon Snow, he values the Night’s Watch more. He’s not stupid. He knows that if he simply bars them from entering, he’ll spark a mutiny within Castle Black, which will lead to a mini civil war and the deaths of a Night’s Watch that is already severely decimated from the double strikes of the massacre at the Fist of the North, and the Battle of Castle Black. The NW, which is already barely running on fumes, absolutely cannot afford to take on more losses.

      Thorne also realizes that even if he decides to simply not let the wildings go through … there’s more than enough of them that they can simply break the gate. So not only would a whole bunch of NWs die unnecessarily, it’d all be for naught as the wildings would still go through the gate anyway.

      So, even though Thorne desperately does NOT want to let the wildings go through the gate, he realizes he’s stuck in a bad position. He lets them go through, but it is at that moment that he makes his decision to kill Jon Snow, for the sake of the Night’s Watch. And he’s smart enough that he realizes he has to do it later in secret with a small group of people loyal to him, instead of right there in open space.

      Honestly, this has been repeatedly explained to you, by many people more eloquent than me. That you refuse to see this is wholly on you. There’s absolutely nothing confusing or illogical about the sequence as presented on the show.

      I wish I remember exactly what Wimsey said, so I’ll just paraphrase it as well as I can remember it. But his point perfectly describes you. Book fundamentalists understand the story about as well as religion fundamentalists understand the Bible.

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    106. HotPinkLipstick:

      They never truly broke up. It was just a lack of opportunity to be together. She will, however, be reuniting with wine.

      Yes, perfect! I should have written that instead. 🙂

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    107. Josh L.,

      Perfectly stated.

      The Dragon Demands,

      We’re all familiar with your position on this issue. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from posting it in non-applicable threads like this one. This is not the right place for it.

      If you’re so keen to have GOO discuss this particular topic, why not send them an email? Their address is [email protected]. They’re very responsive – I’m sure they’ll write you back. They may even discuss it on the podcast, as you wish.

      For this thread, the GOO crew asked three very specific questions (which, to be fair, you did answer in your first post). Let’s do them a courtesy and keep this particular comment section dedicated to answering those specific questions so they don’t have to sift through a bunch of arguments to get to the information they seek. I’m sure the issue will come up again the Memory Lane post for “Mother’s Mercy”. That is a fair venue in which to discuss this topic yet again. Again, this article is not the place for it.

      To be honest, I don’t believe the Wiki is the place for it either. However, considering the degree of control you wield over that website, asking you to not to write about it there is a lost cause.

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    108. Josh L.,

      100 Thumbs up 🙂

      Its funny that only a select group of people find some of these things don’t make sense.

      I haven’t read the books, but I am not a casual viewer of the show, who takes what I see at face value. I analyze a lot of things I see on the show. This mutiny made so much sense and does not even need explaining.

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    109. 1. Who will die?

      -Most Expected:
      1. Balon Greyjoy
      2. Grand Maester Pycelle
      3. Kevan Lannister
      4. A lot of people with the surname of Frey
      5. The Martell boy who is in the boat with Jaime (can’t think of his name) Totally gone.

      -Least Expected:
      1. Tommen
      2. Ellaria (not sure of the scale of Doran’s anger for her rash decision, though we may be treated to his cool speech)
      3. Theon Greyjoy
      4. Sandor Clegane (after he appears for the greatest event on the hype train)
      5. High Sparrow

      2. Reunions

      1. (I liked this answer someone else had) Jon Snow and Life
      2. Sansa Stark and Jon Snow
      3. Arya Stark and Nymeria
      4. Jaime Lannister and Cersei Lannister
      5. Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth
      6. Sansa Stark and Peter Baelish
      7. Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton
      8. Sandor Clegane and The Mountain
      9. Theon Greyjoy and Iron Island folks
      10. Brienne of Tarth and Sansa Stark
      11. Daenerys Targaryan and Dothraki
      12. Daenerys Targaryan and Dosh Kaleen
      13. Daenerys Targaryan and Co.
      14. Daenerys Targaryan and Drogon
      15. (If they go with this storyline, though I’m not particularly for or against it) Brienne of Tarth and Catelyn Stark
      16. Margaery Tyrell and Loras Tyrell
      17. Margaery Tyrell and Tyrell Fam
      18. Margaery Tyrell and Tommen
      19. Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister
      20. Night’s King and 3-Eyed-Raven and Co.
      21. Night’s King and Westeros

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes?

      -The Red Woman
      Namely, I would expect this one to focus on Melisandre as she questions herself, her faith, and her place in the world. I’m thinking she might have a “Thoros” moment. Keeping with the Lord of Light theme, we may also have a bit of a foil character in Kinvara- Melisandre is expected to lose a lot of confidence, whereas Kinvara looks very confident. I don’t expect Kinvara’s role in the first episode to overshadow Melisandre’s, though. I think Melisandre will get a bigger focus.

      As for other meanings of “Red Woman,” this could also refer to Cersei. She will be receiving Myrcella in this episode. “Red” will refer to her fury.

      Other possible meanings? Red Woman could also refer to Sansa Stark in a more literal way.

      All of our “Red Women” will tie in the rest of the characters in regard to where we saw them last.


      I think most of the major characters relate to this title. Theon Greyjoy will likely return to the Iron Islands. Danaerys Targaryan will be brought to her “home” by the Dothraki. Sansa Stark will want to reclaim her home in the North. Arya Stark may start having the wolf dreams, which draw her more into her Stark heritage. Jaime Lannister will start to realize what it means to be the heir to the Lannister dynasty. Melisandre and Davos will look to find a new home on the council of yet-to-be-brought-back Jon Snow. Bran Stark will start getting comfortable as the heir to the 3 Eyed Raven.

      An off-hand note in regard to the series- as it goes on, I’m more inclined to believe that the major characters might abolish the “one” Iron Throne and set up a more inclusive government that benefits the realm. It seems like most of the “end-game” characters have seen or are learning the downfalls of an absolute monarchy.

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    110. Ginevra,

      If I weren’t thoroughly enjoying myself, I wouldn’t be here. Now, pass the wine.


      I disagree with like a good 60% of what people predict and even more of the analysis, but damn if I don’t appreciate a funny post. I’m glad you at least got that out of it.

      Flora Linden,

      I might fight Cersei for the wine. Not gonna lie.

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    111. I’m not going to answer questions 2 and 3, just question 1, in 3 parts, because too much to explain:

      1. Won’t die, because plot armor/too important to the end game:

      Tyrion, Dany, the resurrected Jon Snow (because really, people), Sansa, Arya, and Bran

      2. Won’t die even though they’ve completely outlived their necessity as part of the show:

      Bronn. Really. Bronn could lift out entirely – as he has already in the books. But because characters need to have conversation and feed off each other, and because Jerome Flynn is so great in this part, you keep him around.

      3. People that look like fuckin’ goners, so they’re not “unexpected” deaths:

      Both Roose Bolton and Ramsay Bolton. I’d be seriously surprised to see either of them survive the year. Balon Greyjoy, no explanation needed. Tommen is also a walking target, though I think he might actually make it through the season, and succumb maybe next year, so I put 50/50 odds on him. Pycelle isn’t long for this either, I would think. Jorah Mormont, for obvious reasons, but I think this takes him slowly, and he gets one more year. Eventually, Cersei – but not this year. And Loras Tyrell looks finished, so none of them work as “unexpected” deaths. Same with Melisandre.


      Top 5 unexpected deaths:

      1. Brienne and Pod — It leaves a gaping, 6-foot-3 hole in the story, but you want unexpected, there it is.
      2. Reek/Theon – I can see this ending badly.
      3. Davos – You’d hate to lose him, but you can see where his usefulness to the story ends this year, as much as we like him.
      4. Jaime – Sooner or later one of the Lannister trio is going to go, and I think it’s him.
      5. Frankengregor — He’s supposed to be unkillable, right? So let’s see what the real deal is.

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    112. I think this season will be good, overall. But I do not think it will meet the hugely large expectations and hype (no pun intended) people have for it. I think there will be some head scratching moments that make you go WTF? I am a defender of Benioff and Weiss. But they are not the greatest writers in history either. There have been some plot holes when they went off in their own direction in the past. Also I think if you’re the type of person bothered by quick travel you’re going to have to get over it. I have a feeling people will be bouncing around from place to place in 1 episode or less.

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    113. 1) Pycelle will surely die. Also Melisandre, as she is playing the part of Nissa Nissa. FrankenMountain will die after the trial with Sandor, or totally the opposite. I wish a lot of Freys die too.

      2) Jaime and Brienne, Sansa and Jon AND The northern lords. The Greyjoys will too.

      3) The Red Woman -> To me it seems more driven towards the new priestess rather than to Melisandre, altough the episodes always have more than one meaning. It could also refer to Sansa, given her red hair.

      Home -> Mostly Theon reaching the Iron Islands.

      Oathbreaker -> Brienne will definitely find the Brotherhood. I doubted this at the beginning, but with the recent news about Thoros appearing this season, I can see the scene in which they try to hang her for having a Lannister Sword.

        Quote  Reply

    114. 1) Deaths: Loras Tyrell, Ellaria Sand, Tommen Baratheon, Trystane Martell & The Waif
      2) United: Arya & Nymeria, Jamie & Brienne and Gendry & anyone…. Seriously let us know he finished rowing!
      3) (Written as vague HBO TV guide summaries)
      Red Woman: Melisandre re-evaluates her visions, Vary’s & Tyrion receive unwanted help in governing Mereeen, Bran discovers his father’s secret.
      Home: Dany refuses to bend, Samwell arrives in the Reach. Storm clouds gather around Winterfell.
      Oathbreaker: Brienne heads south, more trouble at the wall, Arya’s training takes an unexpected turn.

        Quote  Reply

    115. Death:
      Alliser Thorne
      Walder Frey
      Black Walder
      Grey Worm
      Wun Wun

      Tyrion+Dany+Jorah (and cast of meereen)
      Walder Frey+Catlyn Stark

      Red Woman:
      New red woman in meereen, lots of mel, cersei is upset, arya is murderous, sansa is running, dany is stripped (other metaphors for red with all the woman)

      Dany is ‘Home’ in vais dothrak
      Sansa runs from home
      Arya misses home?
      Sam goes home

      Someone leave the night watch
      Brienne finally breaks her oath to cat and jamie (she meets sansa)

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    116. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Unexpected? I kind of expect a lot of people to die, so who’s left?

      1. Littlefinger. Sansa offs him in the finale in Winterfell (that shot from the trailer with him in the godswood).
      2. Rickon. I think Sansa’s destined to take back Winterfell and he’s kind of in the way for that, so his comeback will be a short one.
      3. Meera. I don’t see her having much purpose once Bran gets help from that black rider.
      4. Grey Worm. It’s either him or Missandei and he’s way more like to get in trouble.
      5. Edd. With potentially only 13 episodes left, the Wall might come down in the finale and there has to be someone we like to go down with it.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Obviously Sansa and Jon, but that’s the boring answer (same for Jamie and Brienne). Let’s go with those instead:

      1. Bronn and anybody, really. Most likely it’s going to be Pod. A scene or two with Brienne would also be very welcome.
      2. Arya and Hot Pie. Seriously.
      3. Ramsay’s throat and Longclaw. Long overdue.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      The Red Woman:
      – Melisandre is having a crisis of faith and speaks to Davos. Nothing really important will happen in the episode itself, but it will lay the foundation for Jon’s resurrection and maybe bring some info about Azor Ahai.
      – Another red woman will be the priestess in Meereen. She will try to unite a large part of Essos behind Dany in exchange for her converting to the faith of the red god.
      – Cersei will have a very bad mood, even for her standards, and will swear bloody revenge on, well, pretty much everybody not named Cersei.

      – Arya will be informed about some of the events in Westeros that took place after her departure. Mainly the whole Jon stuff, but also Sansa marrying Ramsay and fleeing.
      – Bran will visit his home in flashbacks.
      – Sansa will start making plans to get her home back.

      – Sansa will send Brienne on a mission. She’ll remind her to not break that oath. What type of mission? To kill Jamie seems to be the easy answer, but I doubt it. Maybe to recruit Jamie to kill his sister, take Casterly Rock and fight for her.
      – Jamie meanwhile will swear an oath to protect Tommen at all costs. But will set something in motion that will lead to him getting killed instead.
      – One of the big northern houses will break the oath they sworn to house Stark and swear fealty to the Boltons instead.

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    117. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      I know it is expected, but Roose Bolton has got to die.

      Loras Tyrell, Doran Martell, and Maester Pycelle are on their way out, and maybe Walder Frey finally???

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Brienne & Jamie <3
      Jon Snow & Bran (at least in a dream!)
      Dany & Jorah
      Jon Snow & Sansa
      And I'm secretly rooting for Tommen & Margaery because they are so cute.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”: Melisandre is definitely going to lose her cool. Ser Davos and the Queen's men protect Jon Snow's body from the Night's Watch, who want to burn it so he can't become a wight. We'll find out if Stannis is actually dead/how Brienne punished him. The other red priestess shown in the promos is a game changer.

      “Home”: Jamie returns from Dorne, Cersei loses her shit… again. Jon Snow's body is returned to Winterfell to rest in the crypts of his forefathers.

      “Oathbreaker”: one of three things… Jon Snow, called an oath breaker for his shenanigans with Ygritte will be relevant. OR Jamie, the oath breaker of the king-slaying variety breaks his oaths further. Perhaps he leaves the kingsguard, or marries Cersei, or takes another lover (Brienne??). OR Brienne, a juxtaposition to her sword's name Oathkeeper, breaks her oath to Catlyn Stark, Jamie, or Sansa/Arya.

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    118. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      The top 5 “unexpected:” Ramsay Bolton, Roose Bolton, Tormund, The High Sparrow, The Three-Eyed Raven

      Other named character deaths:
      Balon Greyjoy
      Alliser Thorne, Othell Yarwick (note, as much as I want him to, I kind of think Olly won’t die and will be given a chance to redeem himself), Melissandre
      Ellaria Sand, one (or more, hopefully) of the Sand Snakes, Doran Martell
      Some Dothraki, some other poor fools by Arya
      Walda Bolton & Roose’s unborn son (+Roose and Ramsay, above), Tormund (please no), Smalljon Umber, Wun Wun (also hope not), Davos
      The Waif
      Pycelle, Kevan, Frankengregor, The High Sparrow, Lancel, Loras, Tommen (?)
      Walder Frey, Lothar, Black Walder (or whatever his name is), many unimportant Freys
      The Three-Eyed Raven

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Sansa and Davos, Sansa and Jon
      Jaime and Brienne
      Theon and Yara, Yara and Arya
      Pod and Bronn
      Daeny and Jorah/Daario, then Jorah dies
      Frankengregor and The Hound
      Edmure Tully and his freedom

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”. Melissandre faces her actions and deals with her doubts. Kinvara makes a splash in Meereen. Cersei must recover from her walk of atonement, and face the public’s knowledge of her adultery (with Lancel, even if she didn’t admit to Jaime). Ellaria Sand must potentially face Doran.
      “Home”. Sansa reaches a safe haven. Euron and Theon return to the Iron Islands. Jaime returns to King’s Landing with the dead Myrcella.
      “Oathbreaker”. Jon is resurrected with his vow voided. Sansa sends Brienne south to get revenge on the Freys. Maybe a House Sansa tries to recruit says they’ll stay with the Boltons? This might be a stretch but Tommen dies, meaning Jaime has failed in his oath both to Cersei and as a member of the Kingsguard?

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    119. I’m just going to ignore the format and say that the trailers have made me incredibly excited about the Mountain and I cannot wait to see him fk shit up. 🙂

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    120. Looks like most of us are thinking along the same lines for expected deaths, so for unexpected I guess a pick and mix from LF or Varys; Melisandre or Davos; any Tyrell other than Loras; any Greyjoy other than Balon; Daario, Missandei or Greyworm; Hodor or Meera; FrankenMountain or Cersei; Tormund, Edd or Wun Wun; Pod or Bronn.

      In the North I’m hoping for a hybrid House Kick-Ass! with all the people I like who are anywhere near the Wall or Winterfell plus their supporters forming a team of Westerosi superheroes along the lines of the Avengers or the ones with loads of other characters I only vaguely know (Marvel maybe?). You know what I mean, the name says it all really! 😀

      Eps 1-3 hoping for awesomeness from the get-go with plenty of action spread throughout the series rather than bunched together at the end.

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    121. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Septa Unella, the High Sparrow, Roose, Walda, Daario, Walder Frey

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Sansa & Jon, Brienne & Jamie, Arya & Nymeria, Ned & Lyanna 🙂

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      Red Woman – Mel resurrects Jon, Kinvara tells Varys & Tyrion about the WWs.

      Home – no clue

      Oathbreaker – Jon breaks his NW vows by leaving it, Jamie breaks his KG vows by leaving it.

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    122. 1. Deaths: not sure if these can be called “unexpected” but…Roose, Walda, Pycelle, Kevan, Daario. Others will die, of course, and one of them needs to be Ramsay (Sorry, Iwan; you are much too menacing)

      2. Hoped for unions or reunions: Sansa/Jon (and possibly Rickon), Yara/Theon, Jaime/Brienne, Sam/the Tarlys, Blackfish/Edmure/a pack of killer wolves, Trystane and the pointy end of someone’s sword

      3. Predictions:
      (1) “The Red Woman”: Mel’s true self is revealed, Jon’s “situation” is not absolute, Sansa and Theon separate, Jaime and Cersei plot revenge; Varys and Tyrion face unrest in Meereen, Doran responds appropriately

      (2)”Home”: Dany returns to the Vaes Dothrak, Yara/Theon return to Pyke, Euron makes his presence known, Sansa finds allies in the North and plots a return to WF, Tommen brings his Margaery back to the Red Keep (possily too early for this scene)

      (3)”Oathbreaker”: Brienne makes a hard choice, Arya hears of Jon’s death and plans her escape from Braavos, Davos chooses to support the North, the NW is in chaos

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    123. Deaths: Tyrion, resurrected Jon, Roose and all the Wildlings and all the Night’s watch.

      Unite: All the great Northern houses against the Wildlings and then against the Boltons.

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    124. The only reunion that’s matter is Benjen & Jon. Remember “We’ll speak when I return”? Will they speak about Jon’s mother?

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    125. Top five deaths: 1. Pycelle 2. Kevan 3. Roose 4. Walda 5. Loras
      Top three reunions: 1. Sansa and Sandor (SanSan) 2. Arya and Jon 3. Jaime and Brienne
      The red woman: Think this episode will be Melisandre heavy, maybe we get an indication that she will ressurect Jon or maybe she does it in the first episode. We will also meet the new red woman in Meereen.
      Home: Euron arrives home to the iron islands, Sam arrives home to Horn Hill, Jaime arrives home to Kings Landing, Daenerys arrives “home” to her initial position in the story, Jon arrives home to winterfell.
      Oathbreaker: LSH hype train!!! We can hope, but this will be a Brienne heavy episode and someone will say the LSH line. Jon will maybe leave the nights watch.

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    126. I am most interested to see what HBO does about season 7.
      I get the vibes that Vinyl is going to lay an egg.
      Westworld is gonna lay a anvil.
      They are stuck with killing the goose that lays the golden egg.
      Not a good situation for Time Warner.

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    127. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Jorah Mormont, Ramsay Snow, Roose Bolton(by the hands of Ramsay).

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Dany will reunite with Jorah and the gang. Sam will obviously reunite with his family. Possibly Sansa and Rickon or Sansa and Jon. Balon will reunite with Euron, only to be tossed off the rope bridge to his death.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”: We will see a major change in her character. Likely a lot of doubt and vulnerability. Very possible she plays a role in the resurrection of Jon.

      “Home”: I’m *hoping* this is a reference to Winterfell… and obviously that is Jon’s “home.” Probably a reference to Sansa finally finding a peaceful place in the North to reside, though.

      “Oathbreaker”: Jon? Idk. Probably Brienne doing something she shouldn’t.

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    128. Lulus Mum: Eps 1-3 hoping for awesomeness from the get-go with plenty of action spread throughout the series rather than bunched together at the end.

      Hey Mum! Hope all is well with you! Good point about spreading the action throughout the season. From all accounts, especially from interviews of Liam (Davos) that is how it’s going to be this season!

      For your deaths, you mentioned Hodor. Oh my goodness, that sadly makes sense. Bran is way too big to be carried, and what else can Hodor do now? If it happens, it will be a tear-jerker indeed.

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    129. Boojam: I get the vibes that Vinyl is going to lay an egg.
      Westworld is gonna lay a anvil.

      No eggs for Vinyl, I like it. I wasn’t sure about Vinyl, but started watching, grudgingly, muttering the whole way. After about the third episode, it started to get to me. I’m a big Olivia Wilde fan, so I watched mostly because of her at first, worried how she’d end up, and tended to swear at Bobby Cannavale’s Richie not to mess her up.

      But I got pulled into his big vision, especially by that scene where the whole warehouse crumbles from the noise and he’s left standing in the dust. That man was totally committed to the vision he held, so of course you have to go along with him to see if he can make it happen. Then, the plight of the rest of the cast got to me, now I tune in specifically to see Vinyl, and not just as a fill in for Thrones.

      Have no idea what Westworld is, though. Is that going to be on HBO?

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    130. I took the liberty of tallying up everyone’s responses in the thread up to about 5 pm Eastern Standard time. Only for everyone’s death and reunion suggestions (episode descriptions not really quantifiable). Some interesting results!

      Roose Bolton – 60
      Ramsay Bolton – 47
      Walder Frey – 38
      Tommen Baratheon – 38
      Grand Maester Pycelle – 36
      Loras Tyrell – 35
      Balon Greyjoy – 34
      Rickon Stark – 33
      Kevan Lannister – 30
      Jorah Mormont – 22
      “Fat” Walda Bolton – 21
      Tormund Giantsbane – 20
      Alliser Thorne – 20
      Melisandre of Asshai – 19
      Daario Naharis – 17
      The Waif – 15
      Brienne of Tarth – 15
      Lancel Lannister – 14
      Ellaria Sand – 14
      Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers/The Three Eyed Raven – 13
      Cersei Lannister – 13
      Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish – 11
      Wun Wun – 10
      Olly – 10
      Davos Seaworth – 9
      Jaime Lannister – 9
      Theon Greyjoy – 8
      Grey Worm – 7
      Meera Reed – 7
      Ser Robert Strong/Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane – 7
      Podrick Payne – 7
      The High Sparrow – 7
      Osha – 6
      “Dolorous” Eddison Tollett – 6
      “Lame” Lothar Frey – 6
      “Black” Walder Rivers – 6
      Smalljon Umber – 6
      Olenna Tyrell – 5
      Doran Martell – 5
      One or multiple Sand Snake(s) – 5
      Missandei – 4
      Thoros of Myr – 3
      Yara Greyjoy – 3
      Mace Tyrell – 3
      Othell Yarwick – 3
      Trystane Martell – 3
      Sandor “The Hound” Clegane – 2
      Shaggydog – 2
      Bronn – 2
      The New Lord Karstark – 2
      Margaery Tyrell – 2
      Sansa Stark – 2
      Arya Stark – 2
      Bowen Marsh – 2
      Yezzan – 2
      Razdal – 2

      And the characters who received only one vote:
      Edmure Tully
      Khal Jhaqo
      The Dosh Khaleen
      Beric Dondarrion
      Robin Arryn
      Jaqen H’ghar
      Elder Brother/Septon Meribald
      Obara Sand
      Khal Moro
      Brynden “Blackfish” Tully
      Myrcella Baratheon
      Septa Unella

      Off the top of my head that leaves Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, Bran Stark, Hodor, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Varys, Drogon/Rhaegal/Viserion, and some others I am likely forgetting as death-proof!

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    131. mariamb: Tommen brings his Margaery back to the Red Keep (possily too early for this scene)

      Yes, but if he does, how is she going to feel about him after her long, hellish stay in the dungeon? I’d say the honeymoon is over for Tommen.

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    132. Zen: The only reunion that’s matter is Benjen & Jon. Remember “We’ll speak when I return”? Will they speak about Jon’s mother?

      Yeah, the same way Ned was going to talk to him about her when they next saw each other. Poor Jon. He’d better come back blazing fury and taking names. No Direwolf Jon, no Bran-running-his-body Jon, but Jon effing Stark, a strong man in his own strong body, maybe somewhat changed by his ordeal, but still Jon in heart, mind and body.

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    133. Now for the unions and reunions. Some wacky stuff in adding all these up. Some we know are happening for certain, and others are clearly tinfoil.

      Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth – 64
      Jon Snow and Sansa Stark – 58
      Theon Greyjoy and Yara Greyjoy – 19
      Sansa Stark and Rickon Stark – 18
      Daenerys Targaryen and Jorah Mormont – 17
      Sansa Stark and Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish – 15
      Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister – 15
      Sandor “The Hound” Clegane and Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane a.k.a. CLEGANEBOWL GET HYPE – 11
      Bronn and Podrick Payne – 10
      Arya Stark and Nymeria – 10
      Daenerys Targaryen and Daario Naharis – 8
      Jon Snow and Rickon Stark – 8
      Sansa Stark and Davos Seaworth – 7
      Brienne of Tarth and Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart – 7
      Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister – 7
      Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen – 6
      Walder Frey and his death – 6
      Jon Snow and Bran Stark – 5
      Samwell Tarly and Randyll Tarly – 5
      Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon – 5
      Varys and Kevan Lannister/Grand Maester Pycelle – 4
      Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish and Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart – 3
      Brynden “Blackfish” Tully and Edmure Tully – 3
      Davos Seaworth and Lyanna Mormont – 2
      Tyrion Lannister and Rhaegal/Viserion – 2
      Sansa Stark and Davos Seaworth/Melisandre of Asshai – 2
      Brienne of Tarth and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane – 2
      Arya Stark and Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully – 2
      Margaery Tyrell and Tommen Baratheon – 2

      And the meetings and reunions that got only one vote: Some are kind of wackadoo!

      Varys and Doran Martell
      Jaime Lannister and Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart
      Sansa Stark/Theon Greyjoy and Brienne of Tarth
      Arya Stark and Walder Frey
      Varys and Illyrio Mopatis
      Arya Stark and Jon Snow
      Bran Stark and Rickon Stark
      Arya Stark and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane
      Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister
      Sansa Stark and Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully
      Sansa Stark and Sandor “The Hound” Clegane
      Gendry and the Brotherhood Without Banners
      Bran Stark and Eddard Stark
      Arya Stark and Brienne of Tarth
      Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish and Roose Bolton
      Euron Greyjoy and Samwell Tarly
      Tyrion Lannister and Shae
      Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly
      Arya Stark and Gendry
      Bran Stark and the Night’s King
      Bran Stark and Benjen Stark
      Cersei Lannister and Nymeria Sand
      Arya Stark and Mace Tyrell
      Brienne of Tarth and Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully
      Jaime Lannister and Walder Frey
      Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton (hope not!)
      Brienne of Tarth and Sansa Stark
      Margaery Tyrell and Loras Tyrell
      Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister
      Arya Stark and Hot Pie

      and my personal favorite:

      Eddard Stark and Lyanna Stark

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    134. I’ve said this several times during the off-season, but it’s worth saying again: I can’t wait for Oz’s Unsullied recaps and his Twitter recaps of these coming episodes, and for Oz to return in general. His recaps are how I found this site (well, the other site, at first, if we’re getting technical)

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    135. Ginevra:

      You must have taken arithmancy, right, HP?But I think both HotPinkLipstick and I voted for Qyburn.

      Nah, just a numbers geek. I just eyeballed it, so I may very well have missed something here or there.

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    136. Brandon,

      Hey good one on the ep, ‘Oathbreaker’! I didn’t even think of that. When I saw the title, I immediately thought of Breinne’s sword Oathkeeper. So I thought it was something to do with her and Jaime. Your theory makes much and more sense!

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    137. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      roose or ramsay or both (just hope haha)
      balon greyjoy
      olly (“olly” sh*t I want it so much)
      tommen (or maybe next season)
      and pycelle

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      lady stoneheart/frey
      jon/sansa or stark/stark no matter which one

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman”
      about melisandre and jon

      sansa with brienne finding a new home to be safe and hidden

      and “Oathbreaker” probably about brienne and about breaking one of her oath (w/ lady catelyn or renly)

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    138. 1. Who will die? – melisandre, tommen, lancel, ramsay, thorne
      2. Who will reunite/unite? – sansa and jon, sansa and little finger, jaime and brienne, Davos and dany, asha and theon, rickon and Davos, rickon and sansa, arya and cersei (I’m just hopeful arya takes down someone on her list by then end)
      3. The Red Woman- this episode will be about the new red woman in Mereen NOT melisandre, so she will be introduced and start some dark shit in mereen, also fate of Jon should be addressed and probably sansa and theon getting saved by brienne will happen
      Home – I would guess this episode is largely about Bran…Idk
      Oathbreaker- probably largely jaime and brienne in this episode…maybe LSH if they bring her in (kind of hope they don’t)….since brienne currently has the sword “oathkeeper” i would imagine she gets into some trouble not really jaime…

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    139. 1. Who will die in Season 6?

      Roose Bolton, Fat Walda, Walder Frey, Balon Greyjoy, Tommen Lannister.

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?

      Sansa and Jon Snow, Brienne/Pod and Jaime/Bronn, Theon and Yara.

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?

      “The Red Woman” will give away the imminent alliance between Davos and Melisandre, as well as Jon Snow’s resurrection. “Home” will showcase some glimpse into the past by Bran, probably of Ned’s and Hodor’s childhood. “Oathbreaker” will bring Brienne to the Riverlands and reunite with Jaime in the middle of the conflict in Riverrun.

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    140. Thronetender,
      Hi TT *waves* All good with me thanks, hope the same is true for you (and everyone else of course) 😀

      Lots of people seem to like S4 the most, including me, and the evenly spread, rather than building towards just one event, story was certainly part of the reason. To me S5 felt like a bit of a slump after that but I hope it’s more like the slow upward progress on a roller coaster before the screeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmmmm of the massively awesome drop the other side! 😀

      My death list includes a few I really don’t want to loose. I was just concentrating on the more unlikely ones and that unfortunately includes some of the loveable minor characters. Forgot to include Jaqen if it is possible for him to die? I’m really trying to convince myself everyone’s going to die so when at least some of my favs are still alive for S7 it’ll feel like a good result 🙁

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    141. OT: I just looked at the schedule for HBO on my TiVo and the second episode is titled “Homeward Bound” not “Home”, not that it makes a huge difference. There’s no summary yet.

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    142. 1. Who will die in Season 6?
      Give us your top five unexpected deaths of Season 6.

      Roose Bolton
      Tommen Baratheon
      Loras Tyrell
      Tormund Giantsbane
      Alliser Thorne

      Maester Pycelle
      Kevan Lannister
      Balon Greyjoy

      2. Who will unite or reunite in Season 6?
      Which three unions/reunions do you pray and hope for the most?

      Theon and Yara
      Sansa and Davos and the Northern Lords
      Dany, the Dothraki, the Unsullied and the Dragons sailing west
      Jaime and Brienne
      Arya with Needle and the Freys

      3. What are your predictions for the first 3 episodes, based only from their titles?
      “The Red Woman”, “Home”, and “Oathbreaker”.

      The Red Woman – A focus on events at the Wall, including Melisandre, as well as the new Red Priestess in Mereen reaching out to help Tyrion and Varys. In King’s Landing, Myrcella’s body arrives, draped in Lannister reds. Brienne spills blood to do her duty.

      Home – Theon arrives in the Iron Islands. Sansa visits Northern Lords who support her family retaking Winterfell. Dany arrives at the Dothraki city. Margarey is released from prison to her family.

      Oathbreaker – Brienne arrives in the Riverlands. The Freys party with the Lannisters Littlefinger confronts/visits Ramsay. The Night’s Watch get a taste of vengeance. Arya breaks the rules again.

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    143. not sure I’ll watch. The “butterfly effect” without the books being finished might be worse than if the show was following the books exactly. Because we’ll know the big moments, but in D&D’s context instead of Martin’s.

      It’s like if there was a book that came out before Empire Strikes Back where Yoda reveals that Vader is Luke’s dad before he goes to Bespin. Then you go watch the movie, already knowing the big twist but not how it will be revealed.

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    144. Wall Builder,
      Maybe they are going for a Simon and Garfunkel vibe?

      The one where Balon presumably meets his watery end could be Bridge Over Troubled Water


      A quick google reveals some other suitable ones: Hazy Shade Of Winter and Sparrow look good and there’s also Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall which the Tyrells could adopt 😀

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    145. if it is homeward bound I think it will be about cersei and how she is on her “homeward bound” to become stronger and “fiercer”

      and I’ve just finished episode 8 and I am thinking on what will be the reaction of tommen when he’ll talk to cersei or jaime now that he knows that he is the son of jaime ¿

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    146. This is my second post to this thread. The first fucking disappeared into cyberspace! It was certainly there (about halfway down this thread before it reached monumental proportions) and when I checked in a bit later it was still there with a few newer ones posted afterwards. However, the next day it was bloody gone 🙁

      From memory it was something like this…

      I’m not going to speculate on who will die, who will reunite or what may happen in the first 3 episodes based on the official episode titles. I just going to ‘chill out’ and ‘go with the flow’ (as I used to do in my hippie era!) and take things as they come. I’m sure there will plenty of surprises (some good, but probably more bad/tragic ones) that we’ll all witness soon enough.

      The one thing I will speculate on is Ghost playing a part in bringing Jon back? I’m basing this on what Wiess said to Harington a while ago at the Oxford Union meeting.

      Harington – “I would like to be a warg – like put myself into a wolf.”
      Weiss – “I have just two words for you – “Season Six.”

      I reckon Weiss was being genuine and not acting when he said that? He then quickly added probably realising he may have let out a spoiler – “That’s all I have to say”.

      So I reckon Jon has (or will) warg for a time into Ghost before Mel, Thoros or whoever brings him back? Not as Jon Snow though. That character is DEAD as Harington, etal has said on numerous occasions, but as Jon Stark, Jon Targaryan or perhaps with a different name entirely. We’ll just have to suck it and see on that one 😉

      It will be interesting to see if Wimsey’s ‘Chekhovian hanging guns’ reasoning or my simple ‘gut feeling’ turns out to be correct 🙂

      I have copied and pasted the above into notepad! Just in case this problem of losing a post in cyberspace happens again. Its a pain in the ass to say the least!

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    147. Who will die?
      Kevan, Pycelle, Balon, Alister, Walder

      Who will die unexpected? Now that is another question.
      Tommen, Melisandre, Robert Strong, High Sparrow, Jorah

      Who will reunite?
      Jamie & Brianne, Sansa & Littlefinger, Deneris & Jorah

      Red woman
      Melisandre tries to resurrect Jon and fail in the attempt

      Euron comes home to Pyke

      Jamie assault Riverrun

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