Give us your Owns and favorite moments from Season 6!


Once again, the occasion is here. It is now time for the Game of Thrones community to share their definitive Owns of the Season.

As a community we shared in questions, theories, and speculation over the course of these past weeks, but now we finally examine Six as a single piece of work. A podcast will meet at the end of this weekend and discuss our own, but now we ask you:

What is your favorite moment and piece of Season 6?

Let’s jump in.



Simply smashing!






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Balon meets Euron in "Home"


Words can hardly do it all justice, but we can try.

Your comments will be collected and featured on the upcoming episode’s discussion, but feel free to discuss among yourselves!


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    1. Favorite moment was Ramsay finally meeting his end. The character had been around too long in my opinion and I didn’t think they would be able to make his death satisfying after all the things he had done but they did it.

      My season own goes to the casting department for once again knocking it out of the park. The actors playing Arthur Dayne, young Hodor, young Ned, and Euron among others were all very well cast. Then there’s the casting of a complete unknown in Bella Ramsey as Lyanna Mormont which was just perfection. Well done once again casting director!

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    2. Here are mine:

      3. Arthur Dayne sword fight. Never have I seen a more effective sword fight on screen showing 1 vs many. The choreography was great and hi believed Dayne was truly the greatest swordsman ever.

      2. Jon and Sansa reunited. I admit I got teary eyed (I’m a 32 year old guy!!). We needed some good moments this season after the dark season 5 and this brought it.

      3. King in the North! Great scene that Lyanna stole of course. Loved everyone realizing they fucked up by not backing Jon.

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    3. Aw man – ONE? Sigh….I mean, my #1 man returned and now weilds an axe. Lyanna Mormont and her epic sass. Hodor. Benjen’s return. Tyrion and the dragons. Jaime’s rage face on return to King’s Landing. But….

      Jorah and Dany saying goodbye. Emilia’s best acting of the season. It made me tear up (I do not tear up easily). How Jorah steps back. Iain Glenn’s fucking FACE. Sure a little shmaltzy with the ‘I command you to find a cure!’, but it was a lovely scene. She felt nothing dismissing Daario, but everything telling Jorah she needed him. My favourite scene.

      Runner up: Theon becoming Theon again, standing straight and looking people in the eye. Alfie is awesome.

      Runner runner up: Jaqen’s smile when Arya does the mic drop.

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    4. Words cannot describe how much I loved the addition of Lyanna Mormont. I quite enjoyed Drogon and company turning the tide for Dany, as well.

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    5. 1. Jon being returned to us.
      2. Jon winning the battle of bastards.
      3. Dany moving toward Westoros.
      4. Arya finding Arya.
      5. Hodor holding the door.
      6. Cersei for officially going loco.
      7. The return of the Hound.
      8. Ian McShane
      9. The directing in episode 9/10.
      10. Thormonds love for Brieanne.

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    6. 1. Ramsay getting eaten by his own hounds karma ser, karma (the face he made when he knew it was over!)
      2. Jon coming back after a year of panic
      3. Jonsa reunion
      4. Dany firefest 2016
      5. Sansa: winter is here. Jon: well father always promised, didn’t he? While stark music played. Priceless and tear wrenching
      6. Hodor origins explained after all this time. Also tear wrenching

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    7. My favorite moment was the TOJ-KITN joint scene. Perfect music and acting from Young Ned, Lyanna 1.0, Kit, and Lyanna 2.0. It was also nice to have the moments I’ve been waiting to happen for years finally get CONFIRMED.

      Honorable mention to: Jon’s resurrection and him leaving the Night’s Watch. FINALLY it happened!

      Second honorable mention to: BERIC AND THOROS AND THOROS’S MAN BUN!

      My own goes to Melisandre who:

      – spent the whole season babysitting Ghost so he’d make it alive through another year

      – gave Jon an amazing hairstyle, beard trim, and man bun at the Castle Black Salon and Spa

      – resurrected Jon via personal hygiene and grooming when she clearly had no idea what she was doing….but I appreciated the visuals

      My second own also goes to Meera for being the true boss ass bitch of the season by killing a White Walker, saving Bran, not going insane in a boring cave while dealing with grief over her brother’s death, and having amazing hair courtesy of the Bloodraven Beauty Institute.

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    8. Women owned the entire season!! Cersei owned the High Sparrow, Faith Militant, Septa Unella ,KingsLanding; Danaerys owned the Khals; Arya owned House of White&Black, the Waif, the Freys, Sansa owned Boltons & Littlefinger; Melissandra owned death; Lyanna Mormont owned Northern lords; Lyanna Stark had Ned own Robert into keeping Jon safe;Yara owned Euron, stealing his fleet! #Who run the world!! Girls
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    9. Hodor holding the door being the reason for his identity all along.

      The way the showrunners presented it was masterclass. That giant managed to save the entire realm with one action and no one will ever know. That simple, loyal, strong, good-natured fellow sacrificed his life for everyone. That’s the hero’s journey.

      So much of this season was astounding. As a whole, it really is an astonishing piece of work. There’s nits to pick for sure, but none of them measure up to how great the season was as a whole.

      Runner Up is Lyanna Mormont for me. She had barely any screen time and catapulted her way up to the top of my favorite character list.

      MMMM, the pie was delicious.

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    10. The first scene that came to my mind was Jamie’s talk with Edmure. The way Jamie used his and his family’s reputations to convince Edmure of his deadly intentions was impeccable writing and acting.

      The next scene that came to mind was Lyanna’s King in the North speech. That one brought a lump to my throat.

      Goosebumps were called for as Tyrion freed the dragons. I retold that scene to my eight year o’d grandson who is getting an annotated version of the show.

      Visuals that will stay with me forever are Jon facing those thundering horses, The dragons during the battle of Meereen, and Grey Worm’s sword work atop the pryamid.

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    11. It has to be the ToJ. Been waiting for YEARS to see that. But there were sooooo many great scenes this year! Best season by far!

      And Lyanna Mormont was an awesome badass surprise! Great little actress.

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    12. 1.TOJ-KITN
      2.The Whole Battle of the Bastards battle
      5.My Watch Has Ended
      4.Not a Sansa fan at all but really like Jon/Sansa reunion
      5. Tyrion unchaining the dragons

      I could go on and on.

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    13. My own goes to arya in the waitress face staring at Jaime during the victory dinner at the twins and bronn asking why do all the women want you. #hesonthelist #aryakillsjaime2k17

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    14. Hodor. There has never been another moment on TV or in a movie that made me cry. I am a grown man and I didn’t just cry, I boo-hooed and everything. This jumped off the screen, grabbed my by the balls, slapped my momma in the face, while pissing on my heart and laughing at me while i’m in the mud with my tail between my legs begging for mercy only to be thrown out of a moving car into a vat of acid to loosen me up to be flayed and have salt poured on the wounds followed by vinegar and gas set on fire and have my ashes poured into a chamber pot….. Yes it made me that sad.

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    15. My Own goes to Ramin Djawadi for the amazing music.

      Fav moments: Jamie and Brienne scenes. Finally a few glimpses of the real Jaime! And good riddance Essos.

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    16. top 5

      -everything in KL in episode 10..the music, the writing, the acting it was THERE
      -Jon/Sansa was perfect and is one of the ALL time great GOT scenes
      -Jon nearly being suffocated during BoB and then being “reborn”..I swear I didnt breathe until he did I was that into it
      -Dany taking out the Khals and walking out of the fire..
      -Jon resurrection..I was about to go “mad Queen” thinking I was gonna have to wait ANOTHER damn week ..then Ghost moved and I was like ” OOHHHHHHHHHhh….”
      and the world was right again ๐Ÿ˜€

      honorable mentions
      -Baby Bear Mormont..she better be back next year..make it happen D&D!!!
      -Theon Greyjoy finally back..a little wiser, a little humbler, but Theon none the less
      -Dany/Jorah goodbye scene..beautifully done

      and epic FINALLY moments
      -“Promise me, Ned” (praying to the Seven that Bran explores that further..need the WHOLE story!!)
      -DANY heading WEST !! Fire and Blood!! Lets get this started!!

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    17. There were many great moments this season but if I had to choose one The Tower of Joy including the amazing change from baby Jon to adult Jon. I love it. It was very moving. The King in the North scene was great and also Winter is here …
      The Hold the Door scene was the most moving scene ever … I cry like a baby.
      The cutest scene was between Tyrion and the dragons … “it could be little like me” ohhh, so cute.

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    18. My own goes to the absolutely insane fucking chills the show gave me many many times this season. Sansa and Jon reuniting, Dany emerging from the flames, Hodor sacrificing himself for the greater good, all of episode 9 which gave me constant goosebumps from the epicness, that cut from baby Jon to Jon, the King in the North chant, THE FREAKING SOUNDTRACK! Such an amazing season. Thanks for all the coverage!

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    19. Has to be the TOJ reveal….the baby Snow opening his eyes and then the scene cutting to the adult Jon Snow…..I teared up…as a book reader I was waiting a long time for that scene and it didn’t disappoint. That director did a great job. It was one of the few times that I look forward to an episode of a tv show partly because of the director.

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    20. Though obviously I was disappointed in season 6, I did enjoy a lot of moments:

      -Dany’s goodbye to Jorah
      -First episode scene with Sansa / Theon / Pad / Brienne
      -First Tower of Joy flashback
      -Arya training montage
      -Ramsey being presented with gifts scene
      -Braavos play
      -First Winterfell flashback
      -Children of the Forest / Night King flashback
      -Doran Martell betrayal at the Water Gardens
      -The Hound’s reintroduction cold open
      -All of the scenes between the Hound and Ian McShane’s character
      -Confrontation between Sparrows and Lannister / Tyrells at Sept of Baelor
      -First part of siege of Riverrun

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    21. The tower of Joy scene was great, it also made me realise that John’s birth meets the demands of the Azor Ahai prophecy, the bleeding star was Arthur Dayne’s sword.

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    22. There were just so many outstanding moments in season 6. Overall a masterpiece. Bravo to D & D and all of the directors. My Own goes to that moment when finally we get Jon back. After waiting so long it was awesome. I could not sleep all night I was so pumped. I miss GOT so much already. It will be a long 10 months.

      #awesomeyear #thewaitwasover #KITN

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    23. Favorite part of season 6 had to be Dany on fire staring down all of Vas Dothrak as they bowed to her after murdering all of the Khals- the definition of the unburnt. So badass. Can’t wait to see what she does once she gets to Westeros! #danyforpresident

      Also my own goes out to the music department for doing an excellent job every episode conveying the emotion needed to push everything to the top. It was truly exceptional this season, the Light of the Seven and The Door were definite stand outs.

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    24. 1. Daenerys Targaryen’s fire Resurrection when she showed all the Khals that they should have taken her advice and made her the leader.

      When Jorah and Daario both said their goodbyes they both should of bowed and said…. “Your Grace”

      2. The Tower of Joy – Rhaegar Targaryen has to be in season 7

      3. When Daenerys Targaryen made Tyrion Lannister the Hand of Queen.

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    25. There were a lot of good moments; but my best will probably be the Pyke stuff from “Home”, just 8 minutes of pure book-reader Win….and ironborn Win, really; I mean they hadn’t really appeared since Season 2 barring two brief scenes, hadn’t appeared AT ALL in Season 5, and suddenly Yara doesn’t just reappear but has one of her strongest scenes ever yelling at her father about the political failure of his invasion (“WHY? For more pinecones and rocks? We’re a sea power, why are we fighting a land war?!”)…and not just that we got Euron, but that it was a brilliant Euron scene (the one at the Kingsmoot itself wasn’t bad it just doesn’t compare to how badass this one was)…and just how well it was filmed and everything.

      Really, Episodes 2 through 7 of this year were very strong, as was episode 10. Episode 8 not terrible but rough around the edges. Season premiere pleasant but also rough around the edges at points (i.e. Dorne – I still think Season 4’s “Two Swords” was the strongest season premiere ever). Episode 9 was mixed; problems with writing for the North, though Meereen half was good.

      I’m just happy that all of us pining for the Kingsmoot/ironborn subplot got vindicated. Not just that we got what we wanted but that other people finally understood what we were talking about. And it was generally well received, the whole Greyjoy stuff this season.

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    26. Only 1??? Ahhhhhhh

      Ok, I thought it would be the Tower Of Joy battle which I’ve been waiting so long to see and absolutely loved BUT…. I have to give my own to the whole Hodor/Hold The Door scene. Unbelievable and so so clever. It’s not often I catch myself shouting out loud to the tv but on this occasion I couldn’t help myself. Sweaty palms and a real sadness to see Hodor die.

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    27. This season was like the rush you get after surviving something terrible ๐Ÿ™‚ So much payoff I can’t do only one. Jon coming back was the biggest of course, even though I knew it was going to happen.

      -ToJ-“Promise Me Ned”
      -Hodor. I still can’t watch that scene without crying my eyes out. Every. Single. Time.
      -All of Bran’s visions (hope they do more)
      -Brienne kneeling in the snow for Sansa. That was so beautifully done.
      -Meera killing a WW
      -Edd’s reaction to Tormund flirting with Brienne
      -Tyrion with the dragons
      -Davos and Tormund together
      -Battle of the Bastards
      -CotF leaving me with more questions-but fascinating
      -Alliser saying, “I fought, I lost and now I rest. But you’ll be fighting their battles forever.”
      -Lady Crane-every word she said on the stage and off.
      -Arya talking about Arya as if she weren’t Arya. “She sounds confused.” “She was.”/ Also Arya retrieving needle.
      -Olenna-once again every word she said, but especially insulting the Sand Snakes and “I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met.”
      -Dany commanding Jorah to heal and come back to her.
      -Kinvara knowing who spoke in the fire when Varys was a child
      -Sansa’s initial reaction to LF “If you didn’t know you’re an idiot. If you did you’re my enemy.”
      -Jon climbing out of the pile of bodies
      -Jon beating Ramsay’s face into the ground
      -Lyanna Mormont every scene
      -Wun Wun-two castle doors-without him we’d be lost
      -Greyworm’s two-for-one blade
      -THE HOUND everything of course! And brought back with a glorious speech or two from Ian McShane (“I’m a fucking Septon, what was I supposed to say?”)/Also loved the Hounds meeting with BWB and Thoros! “Clegane? Fuck you doing here?” and “You’re shit at dying”
      Brienne and Jaime’s short-lived reunion (need more!)
      -Bronn “Don’t fookin say it!”
      -“Madness has had it’s day!”
      -Frey pie
      -The imagery at Sept pre and post wildfire
      -Sam’s look at the library
      -Dany finally headed to Westeros
      -White Wolf! King in the North!
      -the music this season was incredible

      “Violence is a disease. You don’t cure it by spreading it to more people.”

      I’m sure there’s more. It was a busy season and I haven’t watched it through again.

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      The door – Hodor’s eternal loop of being and unbecoming.

      Jon and Sansa’s reuniting.

      Brienne offering her sword to Sansa.

      Tyrion becomes hand.

      Lyanna Mormont – whenever she was on screen.

      Frey Pie


      Euron Greyjoy

      Dorne ep 1

      Jon going all wishiewashy mid season.

      Arya becoming more human mid series – a girl was confused about who should be on her list – then transforming into a psycho revenge monster in the last ep. As I’ve said I liked Frey pie but the weird smile thing felt unArya.

      Wun Wun’s death was an effect beat not an emotional or story beat.

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    29. – The cave invasion by the White Walkers. I never felt so breathless in the whole show as I did with that sequence.
      – Arya retrieving Needle
      – Jon and Sansa meet again
      – Jon Snow in the middle of the battle
      – Melisandre is old crone
      – and that scene where Arya tells Lady Crane that her name is Mercy. I don’t know why but that was so strong and definitely rang true in my heart.

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    30. I adored the opening of episode 10. The hauntingly beautiful piano music put me on edge and high alert straight away. I read a comment from someone that said the way that Tommen, Margaery and Cersai were being dressed, alongside the music, reminded them of dressing a corpse for a funeral. Chills.
      Jon and Sansa reunion stuck the heart so deeply! Tormund and Brienne provided much need comic relief.
      The bad assness of the women this season – YES!
      Amazing season!

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    31. Jon waking up
      Davos and co standing over Jon’s body with swords drawn
      Sansa and Theon
      Sansa and Jon
      Arya and Jaquen
      Ramsey and his puppies
      Jon pulling himself out of the sea of bodies
      Margery and Loras in the cell
      Jaime and BF
      Hounds back!
      Tyrion and the dragons
      Sept explosion, the look in Lances eyes
      arya and frey

      Oh what the hell, pretty much all of season 6, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    32. Favorite moments in no particular order:
      -Introduction of Euron Greyjoy
      -Tower of Joy fight/reveal
      -Pretty much anything with Bran was a highlight this year imo. Benjen was great, “Hold the door” is maybe the most devastating moment yet in the show, and Max von Sydow as the 3ER was one of the show’s best casting decisions ever. So many of his lines gave me chills.
      “Am I ready?” “No.”
      “The time has come. Leave me!”
      -The opening KL sequence of the finale, from the start to Tommen’s suicide. It felt unlike anything the show has ever done, and it’s one of the best sequences the show has ever done.
      -The Battle of the Bastards, particularly the shot of Jon unsheathing Longclaw while the Bolton cavalry charges at him.
      -Sam in Oldtown
      -The meeting with Lyanna Mormont
      -Stark reunion

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    33. I always grade on emotional reaction; tears and fist pumps and smiles.

      Three moments of tears:

      3. Dany gives Tyrion that dignity he always wanted.

      Tyrion is good at a lot of things, especially being Hand to a monarch, but nobody’s ever really acknowledged it. When Dany put the pin on his jerkin herself, he finally got the only thing I think he’s ever wanted in life: Dignity. He earned it, and this time, someone appreciated it.

      2. Fade to Jon Snow.

      Hmm…guy of humble origins, born in a ruin, tried his best to be a figure of hope to the lowest among the people, got killed for it, rose from the dead to (possibly) save the world. I’ve heard a story similar to that before.

      They simply couldn’t have done it better than a segue from Bran learning the truth about Jon to a scene where Jon is proclaimed King in The North by men who once turned him away; from the opened eyes of the babe in a ruin, to the wide open eyes of a man who fought, died, rose from the dead and will continue to fight the darkness.

      1. Hold the door.

      I can’t even look at the words without getting choked up.

      Three fist pumping moments:

      3. “They’re here…m’lord…”

      Arya turning out the lights on the waif had it for a couple of episodes, then lost it to Arya feeds Walder Frey his sons, THEN kills him.

      2. Sandor Clegane returns to the fight.

      He tried. He recognized that he was lucky to be alive, even if he wouldn’t say it, and he just wanted to live the rest of that life in peace. Sometimes, the world won’t let you, and when a man is pushed, a man can either crumble or push back…with an axe.

      1. Who IS this guy?!

      Benjen Stark returns in greatest return in the history of returns.

      Three smiles:

      3. Tyrion explains the new reality to the last master kneeling.

      They were warned. They chose to ignore that warning. They died and lost all their stuff. Tyrion told them that would happen, they didn’t listen, and so it was.

      2. Yara brings Theon back.

      Were I as broken as Theon, it’s what I’d hope my own big sister would do.

      1. “They were, and now they’re starving.”

      Finally, Sansa gets even with somebody who done her wrong.

      And it only took sixty episodes!

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    34. The tiny smile on Sansa’s face after she watched the hounds attack Ramsay.

      Amazing what Sophie can do when she has a great director like Sapochnik. I happened to see her in X-Men Apocalypse the night before Battle of the Bastards, and the movie’s director did not know how ti bring out her best.

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    35. Michele Clapton for the awesome new costumes.

      Ramin Djawadi for the track “Light of the Seven” in the season finale.

      Maisie Williams for making Arya’s bungled, implausible, annoying story arc still compelling to watch.

      Natalia Tena and Art Parkinson for being good sports. You deserved more scenes.

      Kristian Nairn for an unforgettable exit.

      Episode 5 “The Door” for wandering into sci-fi territory.

      D & D, Miguel Sapochnik, and everyone on the cast and crew for making “Battle of the Bastard Winds of Winter” – aka Episodes 9 & 10 – the best summer movie blockbuster of the year. And for confirming that Hollywood film studios don’t know how to make good franchise movies anymore.

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    36. Owns:

      Ramin Djawadi – The music this season was really good, specially the one from the last episode.

      Miguel Sapochnik – It is 4 out of 4 for me. Loooove his work for GoT. The last two episodes were epic, mostly because he drew me totally into the action (the shot following Jon in the battlefield, the first 20 minutes of episode 10 and the TOJ).

      As for favorite moments:
      1) TOJ-KITN
      2) Jon’s Resurrection
      3) Every scene Lyanna Mormont was in
      4) Arthur Dayne. I have always been intrigued by him in the books. Great sword fight.
      5) The Hound coming back
      6) Benjen reappearing (not only for him butalso for Meera – I really felt her desperation)
      7) Hodor’s sacrifice (made me tear up)

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    37. Own would be Jon-Sansa reunion and/or ToJ reveal &/or KiTN!

      Top 10 fav moments:

      1) Cersei’s anguish at Myrcella’s death

      2) CB door opens to reveal Sansa up until the hug

      3) Seeing Ned, Benjen, Lyanna, & Rikard at WF together.

      4) That one blind Arya training montage ending with her overhead block!

      5) Margaery saving House Tyrell (sorta ) with that look into Olenna’s eyes

      6) BF speaking with the dishonourable kingslayer (may a Stark kill him): “I’m dissappointed!”

      7) All the King Aerys scenes

      8) “I’m Arya Stark of Winterfell…”

      9) Drogon’s entrance in ep 9

      10) Lyanna-Jon reveal upto “KING IN THE NOOORTH!!!”

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    38. I have nothing really clever to say but…

      My own goes to Rory McCann, The Hound, for making his way back into the show. It made me unbelievably happy to see him back. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We don’t get many happy moments from this show do we? lol

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    39. What is your favorite moment and piece of Season 6?

      For full action scenes it might actually be Daenerys defeating the arrogant Masters.
      That’s mainly because it was one big “hell yeah!” sequence. Not only that but we knew the result would be a major step towards leaving Meereen. It’s possible that I’ve watched that scene as many times as any other in the series, perhaps more. The others are all so well done too – I’m not downgrading them or anything. BotB was awesome and breathtaking. The 3ER cave/Hodor scene was fantastic, suspenseful and emotional… All really great stuff.

      ToJ into KitN has to win for my sobbing uncontrollably scene.

      For every episode of this series I’ve had scenes I watch many more times than my several viewings of the entire episode. I’d call those my favorite scenes of the episode and this year they were… (bolded favorite favorites)
      1. The Red Woman:
      – Brienne & Pod save Sansa & Theon
      – Davos & crew given the ultimatum by Thorne into Mel removing her necklace

      2. Home:
      – Wildlings storm into Castle Black – Wun Wun smash!
      Tyrion unchaining the dragons
      – Jon’s resurrection

      3. Oathbreaker:
      – first ToJ scene
      – Arya’s training – beating the waif blind to regaining her site

      4. Book of the Stranger:
      Jon & Sansa reunion
      – Daenerys roasting the khals

      5. The Door:
      – Daenerys, Jorah, Daario scene above Vaes Dothrak. One of Emilia’s best scenes
      “hold the door”

      6. Blood of My Blood:
      – Benhands saving Bran & Meera
      – Tarly family meal
      – Arya and Lady Crane backstage conversation
      – Daenerys flying in on Drogon for speech to Dothraki. I liked it – sue me.

      7. The Broken Man:
      – cold open for Sandor’s reintroduction
      – Arya booking passage and being stabbed

      8. No One:
      – Bronn & Pod meet again into Jaime & Brienne sexual tension discussion
      – Arya & the waif chase through to the end with Jaqen

      9. Battle of the Bastards:
      Daenerys defeating the Masters
      the BotB from Jon standing alone facing the charge to face punching

      10. The Winds of Winter:
      entire first sequence through the wildfire explosion
      – Daenerys & Tyrion – Hand of the Queen
      Arya killing Walder
      second ToJ scene with baby Jon
      – Daenerys’ fleet sailing for Westeros

      To be honest, King’s Landing was sort of my “Dorne” this season until it was all redeemed in the finale. The Cersei & Olenna ‘worst person’ discussion was good but I found myself skipping nearly all of the KL scenes after a few viewings. It’s not that I thought any of it was badly done. I just thought the HS stuff was kind of repetitive and kept thinking he could have been taken care of or eliminated easily. That damn smug face.

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    40. Favorite moments:
      1. The ToJ/KitN scene: Finally the reveal that so many of us were waiting for, and it was done perfectly. Young Ned, Lyanna, baby Jon looking as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, they were all perfect. Also loved the transition to the adult Jon being named the KitN, this was biggest fist pumping moment for me, seeing the Lords hail him as their king, Lyanna Mormont being a boss, Sansa’s ambiguous look towards LF which has spawned soo much discussion.

      2. Jon clawing his way through the pile of bodies and being “reborn”.
      Also, a shout out to the visual of Jon facing the cavalry charge with just a sword in hand.

      3. Hold the door: the most surprising and tragic moment of the season.

      4. Burn em all: even though we all had predicted this even before the season had started, the execution made all the difference. Sapochnik and Djawadi deserves all the credit for this.
      Cersei ascending the IT was another genuinely surprising event.

      5. Brienne kneeling before Sansa.

      6. Jon’s resurrection and his mic drop “my watch has ended” .

      7. Dany and Jorah.

      8.. Dany burning down the temple of DK.

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    41. KITN scene. From little Jon to adult Jon, music to it. Just it was beautifully done. Also Lyanna Mormont speech and her standing up for Jon. It’s like his mother in a way supported him. Well, Lyanna Mormont is named after Lyanna Stark. Also Lord Glover and Manderly speeches.

      Whole KL sequence in episode 10. Music was phenomenal, the way they dressed up without a word. Lancel chasing down the kid into tunnels and only to realize wildfire is there. Crawling to it and then boom it blows the whole Sept. Also High Sparow moment and Margaery.

      Dany, Tyrion scen when hse named him Hand of the Queen. Brilliant acting. Also would add Dany and Jorah and Daeny’s moment when she burned Khals insted of using Drogon. She did it by herself. Defeating masters’s ships with dragons. Great CGI

      I have to say costumes, music, scenery and casting always on point.

      Battle of Bastard and Winds of Winter two of the best episodes ever on Game of Thrones. Just the sheer gore, brutality and bloody war. Jon moment of rebirth when he was trampled under those bodies. Meeting between Jon and Ramsay. Daeny and masters. Tyrion and Sansa owning it. When Jon beat up Ramsay. Also when he stood against the cavalry.

      Arya’s storyline was grat until when she was stabbed by Waif. But I loved when she lured her into hr trap. When you get stabbed like that I mean come on plot armor.

      Jon and Sansa reunion. It was amazing. They way they studied their faces, slowly moving to each other and then hug. Also talking about childhood and then letter from Ramsay. Also Sansa making fr for Jon.

      Hold the door moment. come on. Whole sequence in Bran’s cave. Creation of WW.

      TOJ was awesome too. Music, casting, acting from Robert Aramayo was literally magical. He looks, behaves and has those Ned Stark’s mannerisms.

      Of course let’s not forget about Daeny and Yara or Tormund and Brienne new emerging ships. Such a chemistry and it was fantasticaly done.

      Revenge for Red Wedding. Arya and Walder Frey. She is really made into killer.

      Benjen nice to see him.

      Special thanks to Michelle Clapton, Miguel Sapochnik, Ramin Djawadi. The whole crew and cat deserves applause but these three are just so awesome. Let’s hope Miguel will be director for season 8. Soundtrack especially The Light of the Seven, Tower, Winds of Winter, Battle of Bastards songs like Bastard or Let’s play a Game. They deserve awards for this.

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    42. That’s really hard.
      1. Tower of Joy (fight +baby revelation)
      2. BOB (everything that Jon did)
      3. Light of the Seven music piece
      4. Jon’s resurrection and the traitors’ hanging scene
      5. Jon + Sansa ‘Winter is here’ scene
      6. The Hound + the amazing Ian McShane
      Loved this season. My favourite so far. Give Kit an Emmy please.

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    43. For me, without a doubt, the greatest moment of Season 6 was Jon on the slab, finally opening his eyes and gasping for air. Without that, if he hadn’t come back, the whole season would have carried a taint. Yeah, I would have watched, but it wouldn’t have been right. That moment ended an undercurrent of, how shall I say it, guilty-pleasure angst. As in, yes, it’s fiction and Jon Snow is a fictional character (a fabulous fictional character, my all time favorite, Kit is an amazing and wildly talented young man) and I shouldn’t have let it affect me. But damn, it DID affect me, ALL fucking year. I HAD to know he was back safe. Once that happened, everything else was rosy. In fact, anything Jon did all season was a favorite for me. All Jon, all the time.

      The second favorite was the shocked look on Melisandre’s face when she came in and saw him sitting up. The third was the revelation that Melisandre was a senior senior senior citizen, although they did nothing with it after the reveal.

      It was such a spectacular season, imho, as I read through everyone else’s favorites, I can’t help saying, “Oh yeah, THAT. That was great, too.” Everything was so beautifully revealed and there was so much that was wonderful, that Dorne could even be tolerated. I remember during last year’s off-season there were endless discussions about Alliser Thorne and what would happen, and what his motivations were. What would happen with Olly. By the time poor Hodor held the door, Alliser Thorne and Olly were after-thoughts. This is by no means a knock to the actors, it just says volumes about what an excellent, fully packed season it was.

      More favorite moments:
      Hodor holding the door. Leaf taking the stabs with a stoic look on her face, then everything blowing. Poor Meera pulling a comatose Bran out of Danger.
      Sansa and Theon escaping. Brienne and Pod finding them.
      Sansa and Jon reunion.
      Sansa watching the Army of the Vale rout Ramsay’s troops.
      Sansa watching the hounds end Ramsay.

      Jaime being especially gracious to Brienne, telling her the sword was always hers.
      Jaime backhanding (gold-handing?) Black Walder
      Jaime’s disgust with old Walder.
      Maisie’s “I’m Arya Stark and I’m going home.” Hooray!!
      Maisie revealing herself to Old Walder
      Drogon coming over the hill to sit with Dany – that whole scene, the slaver’s calling her a beggar queen, the Grey Worm ending them. The Dothraki riding in. The 3 dragons flying.
      Tyrion actually bending a knee, pledging himself to her
      Dany on the ship at the end.

      The entire lead-up to the burning of the Sept. The green of the wildfire showing in Lancel’s eyes. The whole Sept going up/down. Cersei’s satisfied smirk.

      So much, so much. I loved the whole season, truly. It went too fast. More than any season so far, I’m looking forward to rewatching the whole thing. This was my favorite season.

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    44. Clob,

      The High Sparrow ended up being a terrible foil in King’s Landing imo. I think maybe they should’ve kept him more in the background and focused on the fighting between the Tyrells, Lannisters, and small council members.

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    45. Tim,

      I think she probably stole the face from the House of Black and White? Or is she using magic somehow because that face fit on her pretty perfectly? Wish they could’ve touched on that a little more.

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    46. Flayed Potatoes: My favorite moment was the TOJ-KITN joint scene. Perfect music and acting from Young Ned, Lyanna 1.0, Kit, and Lyanna 2.0. It was also nice to have the moments Iโ€™ve been waiting to happen for years finally get CONFIRMED

      I read this thread at about 3:00 am after a tense and irritating day, and loved reading your post. It was actually the first laugh-out-loud that I’d had in a few days. Bloodraven Beauty Institute. Hilarious. thanks

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    47. Oh, I can’t forget to mention Davos: the way he almost lost it when berating Melisandre for burning Shireen.
      The way he handled the army during the battle, ordering them to follow their commander.

      So darned much to mention. Every actor should be proud of themselves.

      And, of course, little Lyanna. Everyone has loved her and wants her back. So do I, but only if she survives. If they are going to kill her just to tear our hearts out – but little Bella would act the shit out of that scene if it happened, wouldn’t she? Sigh, this show. We’ve gotten so used to having our hearts stomped on, we anticipate it at every turn.

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    48. My top moment was realizing that they against all odds managed to make episode 10 better than episode nine. Which I guess was at pie serving time.

      My teary eyes moment was holding the door. That along with Lancel following the recently fatherless kid into the tunnels are moments that people can nitpick to death for being illogical, instead of just enjoying good TV when they see it.

      Big shoutout for Tommen proclaiming an end to Clegane Bowl, The Hound pissing on a minor plot mistake in the book Riverlands and staying in the Riverlands… That siege was good. I don’t understand how some people think it was all built up for nothing.

      Oh and Arthur Dayne. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a credible one on five sword fight… And wankers wank on and on about The Sword of the Morning not being long enough.

      Davos having no reason to ask Mellisandre to resurrect Jon was hard to overlook and the Arya stabbing was the single worst moment in six seasons. The chase scene would have been so much more enjoyable if they had just let her headbutt the Waif after the first slash.

      And I did not even get to the Stark reunion, Dani giving Tyrion the handjob, ToJ, Mormont, Ramsay’s “My beloved wife”, Jon’s “Father always promised”, Theons “A few bad years?????”…..

      There were a couple of down moments but the payoffs were enormous. My favorite season so far.

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    49. I’ll go in sequence cuz there were many great moments!
      My first cheer came with
      1.Brienne saving and swearing fealty to Sansa
      2. Arthur Dayne. What a fight! Perfect casting for few dialogues.
      3. Jon reuniting with Sansa gave me a huge sigh of relief if not a lump in my throat!
      4. Khaleesi burns down the dosh Khaleen! Only game of thrones can now give me this kind of euphoria long after an episode is concluded (previously breaking bad)
      5. HOLD THE DOOR! BRILLIANCE. NO words needed.
      6. After that there was a dull before the storm which came in the face of 3 words. I CHOOSE VIOLENCE. watched that scene on repeat multiple times the first day.
      7. Ramsay’s hounds.. I found them really adorable it was an awesome moment for Sansa and perfect end to Ramsay’s character.
      8. Day of deliverance. The entire sequence from start to finish of Kings Landing folks getting dressed until the moments the sept explodes in neon green. Sheer visual magic.
      9. Cerseis confession. Ironically before the episode aired I was really hoping Cersei would in some way confess to the high sparrow arrogantly before killing him but the show did it in such a beautiful way when she confesses to that one person who tortured her to confess day and night.
      I’ve always said cersei gets the best lines and this scene is loaded with them.
      “I do things because they feel good”
      “Even Confessing under the right circumstances feels good.”
      “Your Gods have forsaken you. This is your God now!” (Gotta love Cersei)
      8. Frey pie. Arya killing the waif was a good concept in the way she did it but it didn’t impact me hard on first viewing but when the serving girl says for the second time “they’re right here my.lord” I looked towards my friend and when the reveal came we were cheering like crazy.
      9. King in the north!!! Beautiful score and dialogue.
      10. Fire and blood. Short scene but very impactful with the merging into daenerys with the music.
      11. Tyrion Lannister I name you Hand of the Queen. Lump in my throat along with everyone else.
      12. Cersei’s coronation. Loved the queen of the damned outfit and the new take on reins of CastAmere. No other queen can ever match Cerseis sense of style and fashion I guarantee.
      13. DAENERYS COMING FOR THEM Martell banners. tyrell banners. Targaryen banners across the horizon.

      Notable mentions. Jaime siege at riverrun it was drawn out into two episodes so there wasn’t one particular moment which impacted me as much as the above however great sequence and acting by Coaster Waldou and that he’s a good tactician and authoritative figure when he needs to be. A bit like his father. So I liked that a lot

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    50. Season 6 was easily my favorite one and exceeded my exepctations, with three episodes earning their place in top 5. I’m not sure if I can pick my favorite moment, so I’ll list the most outstanding ones (in no particular order):

      – Balon’s death, followed by Yara’s scene
      – Tower of Joy battle scene
      – Sansa reuniting with Jon (I still can’t stop rewatching that scene)
      – Kingsmoot
      – Daenerys saying goodbye to Jorah (my favorite scene of her)
      – Everything about “Hold the Door” scene
      – Mace Tyrell’s speech
      – The opening of “The Broken Man”
      – The reveal that Beric is still alive (and consequently no LS)
      – Battle for Meeren (avoiding Fire&Blood resolution)
      – Everything about Battle of the Bastards
      – Ramsay meeting his end by the hand of Sansa
      – Burning of the High Sept of Baelor (and the scenes leading to it, including the soundtrack)
      – Sansa and Jon’s tender moment (Winter is here)
      – Ned and Lyanna at the Tower of Joy
      – Jon becoming King in the North (and Sansa’s smile as well)
      – Daenerys leaving Meereen

      If I have to pick one, I think I would choose Jon becoming King in the North. Everything was perfect in that scene – Focusing on Jon’s face after Tower of Joy, the speeches from Lady Mormont and Lords Glover and Manderly, Sansa’s smile to Jon and LF’s sinister look.

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    51. Ah if I had to choose I pick the TOJ-KITN scene just amazing I even shed a tear haha.

      Honorable mentions go to Jon’s resurrection,him facing the cavalry charge,all of Bran’s visions and Jon and Sansa reunion.As whole sequences the cave,episode 9 meereen+the battle and the first 20 minutes of episode 10 were simply outstanding.

      Own is split between Melissandre for bringing back Jon even amidst an identity crisis and Meera for being so amazing.

      But real own goes to everybody who worked on this season from D&D to the last extra.

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    52. Moments that made me fist pump!
      1) Jon’s resurrection ?
      2) Walder Frey’s late red lunch. ?
      3) The King in the North!! ?
      4) Wun Wun breaking gates x2 ?
      5) Ramsay becoming dog’s dinner ?
      6) The return of the Hound ?

      Happy tears:
      1) Jon/Sansa reunion
      2) Tyrion becoming Hand of the Queen
      3) The King in the North….again!

      Sad tears:
      1) Hodor!! ??
      2) Wun Wun dying as Jon reached out to him ?
      3) Dany sending Jorah to find a cure ?

      Moments of panic:
      1) Jon getting buried on the battlefield. ? ?
      2) Smalljon Umber overpowering Tormund with those head butts ??
      3) Jon facing down a cavalry charge ??

      Moments that made me laugh:
      1) Tyrion unchaining the dragons ?
      2) Tormund’s reaction to Brienne ? ?

      ‘Oh sh*t no’ moments:
      1) Losing Margeary and Loras ?
      2) Septa Unella’s torture (freaked me out) ?
      3) Losing Hodor to wights ?

      If I had to pick just one favourite moment it would have to be Jon’s resurrection. For me, he’s the most important character of all. After ten months of convincing myself that he couldn’t possibly stay dead, that was some pay off! ???

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    53. A thread full of positive comments, how refreshing!!

      I am at work, yes I found another place, even better then the last!!
      So I can’t really go into details right now, but I will make a list in couple of houres!

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    54. My favorite scenes of this season were:

      Jon facing the cavalry charge, the look on his face when he stands and sees them coming toward him, the way he unsheathes his sword, also related that slow mo shot of the horses racing side by side. Liam’s acting in the dining hall (Carice was on point here too.) Tyrion interacting with the dragons, Jon and Mel finally talking about his resurrection, and the very last scene with all 3 dragons and the huge fleet sailing to Westeros with the beautiful soundtrack playing. Oh and the saddest moment of the season for me was ironically when Jon handed his cloak to Edd saying do whatever you want with it my watch has ended, walking away all disillusioned with life after having to hang his “brothers.”

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    55. 10 Sam in awe at the Citadel library
      9 Arthur Dayne sticking his sword in the ground, gripping his helmet and saying “Lord Stark”
      8 Tormund staring at Brienne
      7 Baby Jon’s face transitioning to Jon Snow
      6 Lyanna Mormont’s ‘hold it there’ hand signal
      5 Jamie ‘It’s yours’ to Brienne
      4 Jamie and Brienne waving
      3 Jon and Sansa reunited
      2 Hodor holding the door
      1 The charging horses hit with Jon in the middle – best battle choreography since Return of the King.

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    56. Halfman,

      I love your break down. That’s a fun way to do it! My thoughts would have lined up the same way yours did if I hadn’t read the dang spoilers on some of those scenes lol. Alas, the impact was lessened once I saw the episodes were playing out exactly as described.

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    57. 1. Jaime and Blackfish.
      2. The attack of the wights in the Cave.
      3. Euron’s introduction.

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    58. Owns to Ramin Djawadi and Miguel Sapotnik for their stunning soundtrack and direction respectively. Those for episodes nine and ten were cinematic and the best I have encountered on GoT. Owns also to the women of Westeros and Essos. They ruled the season, and may soon rule the world. Lyanna Mormont may be a child, but I would totally vote for her!

      Favourite moments – top one has to be everything ToJ related. Like many viewers I have quite literally waited years to see both Arthur Dayne and the inside of that room. And it did not disappoint. It was heartbreaking to see Lyanna say those three words that would haunt her elder brother for the rest of his life, “Promise me, Ned”. Chills. Elsewise, I loved the Stark reunions. After around fifty episodes, Jon finally got to see a Stark again! Tyrion and the dragons, Arya rediscovering her Stark identity, Frey pies (Maisie’s amazing acting more than covered any Braavos related plot holes IMO), the KL scenes in episode ten, the return of Sandor Clegane, Jaime at Riverrun, the heartbreaking Hold the Door sequence………

      Before the season started, I was most looking forward to the northern arcs, particularly Bran and Jon’s and on those counts the show more than delivered. Season six, for me, was about our favourite characters rediscovering their lost identities and returning to the path leading towards who they were meant to be. And it was about returning home.

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    59. Thronetender,

      Yass I’m loving your love for Jon because he’s my all time favorite character as well and lemme tell you if they’d kept him dead it would have tainted my soul for a good long time and yes I also know he’s fictional character but damned if my heart won’t get on board with my head ๐Ÿ™‚ I got spoiled on how he was coming back like 2 days before the episode, and while not being familiar with spoilers for shows, thinking they were just some good fan fic I was reading or maybe some truth sprinkled in with falsehoods, once I saw everything playing out perfectly it was like, I knew his eyes were going to open on that slab and the gasping for air too.

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    60. ygritte:

      I love your break down. Thatโ€™s a fun way to do it! My thoughts would have lined up the same way yours did if I hadnโ€™t read the dang spoilers on some of those scenes lol. Alas, the impact was lessened once I saw the episodes were playing out exactly as described.

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think even if you don’t read spoilers, the speculation and theorising online means that some scenarios which take place will be ones that someone has suggested and therefore it’s a bit of a trade off. I’m happy to trade the pleasure of the online community for the lack of surprises when the show broadcasts sometimes. It’s still great to see it played out on screen.
      I often feel the acting and the direction make even scenes you expect to happen, that much better than you imagined. One way of looking at it ?

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    61. Some fav sequences
      5 Arya and Lady Crane: Arya paired with anyone usually produces something special. Maisie brings that hushed intensity.
      4 Sansa and Brienne: The pledge. The first bit of good news, Brienne achieving her goal and Sansa gaining protection.
      3 Varys and the woman: Varys getting to show off his interrogation technique and reject torture.
      2 Tyrion and the dragons: Loved the dialogue as he freed the dragons.
      1 Mel, Jon and Ghost: Wonderful pacing in the ressurrection scene with the camera held just a bit longer than you expect. Great acting by Carice and Ghost’s wake up call was a great touch.

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    62. I also have to add my love to the mix for the Dany/Tryrion hand of the queen scene. Was so happy for Tyrion finally getting some recognition and feeling valued. Also liked the Bran/TER together and though he’s not very popular but from what little I’ve seen of Isaac I enjoy his acting.

      Owns to Ramin Djawadi. The music was beautiful, haunting and rousing at proper turns. A soundtrack usually takes a backseat to it’s visual presentation (at least for me unless it’s a musical or whatever lol) but many of these tracks stood out fantastically and set the mood perfectly.

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    63. Halfman,

      This is very true. Yep looking at it that way, the trade off is well worth it. It’s no good giving up all the fun speculation and engrossment in the GOT world just for a few minutes of surprise, especially when it’s still satisfying to watch play out regardless.

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    64. OK time to give some moments I loved. There are a lot, this season is my favourite! Just slightly overtook S4.

      Let’s get into it then, in no particular order just how I remember them:

      Sansa and Jon meeting.
      Sansa accepting Brienne.
      Sansa and Theon before he left home.

      Kingsmoot, Theons speech and Aerons narration the most.
      Euron’s introduction.
      Yara/Theon and Dany/Tyrion.

      Jon’s revival, loved how low key it was, was afraid they will make some grand staging…etc Glad they didn’t.
      Jon executing the traitors. God this was a amazing scene. Allister was amazing, the way he said ”lord Snow”, the way Jon hesitates before he cuts the rope and how anger engulfs him a brief moment, then guilt when he sees Olly, just amazing.

      Doran’s death.

      Jon and Davos/Mel. Liam is a outstanding actor.

      Jaime’s scene with Edmure
      Jaime and Blackfish.
      Loved his talk with Walder Frey a lot more though.

      Arya’s montage. The way she kills the Waif and when she leaves.
      Her killing WF was pure gold.

      Hodor scene, of course.
      I loved all the flashbacks, all of them.

      And I really loved Bran’s scene in EP6 after he escapes the WW, when Meera struggles to drag him and he is still in the visions, then her crying over him, realizing she can’t go on, and drawing her sword, ready to die, then Bran wakes up, so…cold and sure, saying that they were found.

      All of Tyrions scenes really. Found the first ”joke” scene ”nice” but nothing outstanding but I loved the second one, GW joking, Missandei laughing and him smilling at that, was so sweet and heartwarming.

      Dany meeting Khal Moro and her burning the Khals was one of my favourite moments of the season. Daario and Jorah kneeling was perfect.
      Her scene when she sends Jorah away was so sad…..

      Ramsey killing Roose, loved Iwans acting.
      The Hound and Rey’s speech. Having Thoros and Beric back is also great.

      And I think I covered about all, might have missed some. I did warn you this was my favourite season! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Not going to start and mention things from EP9-10 because I will just enumerate all scenes, these are 10/10 episodes for me, from music to writing, directing and acting. Just perfection for me.

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    65. Halfman,

      Thank you!

      Really love this new ”job”! Well it’s not really a ”job”, my father owns a small bar in the city I live, nothing to big, can’t say he got rich from it.. but enough to pay the taxes and bring food home.

      He wanted to retire for some time, but he didn’t want to close the bar, he has it for more then 10 years. So when I got ”fired” he talked me into taking over the bar, and I love it so far. So refreshing after doing ”desk” work for 7 years.

      I’m the ”boss” and waiter, well father does keep coming over here and helping me out, mostly with the paperwork and so.. I still have a lot to learn about commerce!

      Right now I’m sitting outside the bar, under the umbrella, drinking a lemonade and checking the internet on my laptop, because I don’t have clients! ๐Ÿ™‚
      The pay may be a bit less, but the flexible working houres and stress free environment more then makes up for it!

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    66. As I look at this past season, it seems there were a lot of great moments but (except for E5, 9 & 10) something was off about the way they hung together. Sooo, for consistency’s sake – the Owns go to Ramin Djwaldi for the epic score and, of course – Bella Ramsey as Lady Frikkin Mormont. Yaaaaas!

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    67. Mihnea,

      Sounds like a win win situation! It’s new and different and interesting and there is so much to say for taking the stress out of working life. After 30 years in a very stressful demanding job, I now do one which is easy and I don’t mind the downsides.
      Wish I was sitting outside with a lemonade ?

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    68. My favorite moment this season was by far Jaime talking to Edmure Tully outside Rivverrun. Superbly acted by both Nikolaj and Tobias.

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    69. Own of the season goes to Lyanna Mormont for the look she gave Ramsay – when you can’t even convince a 10 year-old girl that you aren’t a worthless piece of shite.

      Secondary Own goes to the writers, for despite a few bumps along the way proving life exists beyond the books now that GRRM seems to have given up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    70. If I had to mention my favorite moment of the season, hands down it’s the cold open to “The Broken Man” with the reintroduction of the Hound. Just a perfect mix of images, music, and acting (Ian McShane) capped off with the return of a fan favorite character. I wish I had never delved into spoiler territory after season 5 so this one could’ve been a surprise. One of my favorite moments in the entire series actually. Directed by Mark Mylod btw.

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    71. I want to add to the Owns for the episode 10 musical score. The music is always good but it was just outstanding in that episode. Not only the Light of the Seven, but throughout the episode at the Tower of Joy reveal, the KITN scene, and for Dany setting sail.

      I think my favorite part of the music in that episode now is something I didn’t even notice until I read it in an article about the music: as Lancel is crawling toward the candles the main Game of Thrones theme starts being played in the background along with the Light of the Seven score. I think in retrospect that was meant as foreshadowing to any viewers who noticed it right away that what was about to happen was going to change who was sitting on the throne. I love stuff like that.

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    72. -Battle of the Bastards & Battle for Meereen (the whole of episode 9 was phenomenal from start to finish!)
      -Tower of Joy
      Dany flaming the Khals and living up to her ‘Unburnt’ title
      -Tyrion being named Hand of the Queen
      – Jon’s resurrection
      -Hodor’s sacrifice
      -Dany and Jorah
      -King in the North
      -Lyanna Mormont giving Ramsey the stink eye
      -Cersei being crowned (gave me chills, but not in a good way)
      -Tormund eying up Brienne
      -The return of the Hound
      -Last but by no means least…Dany heading to Westeros FINALLY!

      So many good moments, these are just a handful of standout scenes. To be honest, there weren’t really any low points in this season…it has been fantastic! I’m sure seasons 7&8 will be incredible.
      Special shout out to Ramin Djawadi, musical genius. His awesome soundtrack is the icing atop a delicious cake of superb acting, creative direction and breathtaking vfx.

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    73. Some of my fave moments:

      Danaerys serves roast Khal, somewhat overcooked

      Jon and Sansa reunite!

      “Hold the Door!”

      The Hound Returns! “You’re shit at dying, you know that?”

      “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I’m going home.”

      “Promise me, Ned! ”

      Sam has a nerdgasm seeing the Citadel Library

      Frey Pie / “My name is Arya Stark. I want you to know that. The last thing you’re ever going to see is a Stark smiling down at you as you die.”

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    74. OWNS for Cercei clearly embracing the future death of her children. When Sleeping Beauty was cursed, her folks DID bother to burn all the spinning wheels they could find. Cercei used to LOVE dressing Joffery, she also enjoyed accessorizing Jamie. A WEE bit of gold-based wardrobe editing might have been in order for Tommen?

      Ah well, we were too busy blowing-up the wrong pretty lady… can’t wait until Sansa shows up…

      But favorite moment this season? The moment the two boys’s voices starting taking over during the Faith of the Seven. My stomach sank and turned a bit, I fell back in my seat and the idea the EVERYONE wasn’t going to make it out alive really started to sink in… my Mace, my Margery… and then to take my Tommen too at the end? I started babbling…

      The haunting music, stayed with me for days and days..

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    75. This season was excellent, the two last episodes masterpieces.
      I thought that nothing could actually exceed that EPIC, breathtaking, ep 9, but I was truly astonished with the finale: the music, the acting, the emotion: true poetry.

      Great acting not only from all major characters, but also from secondary ones – they are all amazing as well as the entirety of the show’s production.

      My favourite moments – there were many of those this year!
      1) Jon coming back from the dead, without any superfluous/pompous artifice or emotional manipulation: they approached it with sensitivity and somehow in a very human-earthy way, exactly how it would have played out if a normal person would experience something like that. Plus, the ‘broken’ in many aspects Jon, who in this season had this internal change, from fear, confusion, resignation from life (as a result of his losing his fighting cause /motives to live and fight and betrayal), to Jon being somewhat ‘reborn’ in the battlefield. This arc was excellent.

      2) One of the most emotional moments for me, the death/birth of Hodor in the episode Door – which was one of the finest episodes in the season, to my view. The next one I think Jon reuniting with Sansa.

      3) The Tower revelation of Jon’s parentage; that close-up from baby- Jon’s eyes, to Jon’s eyes at Winterfell…

      4) …. to King in the North – such a goosebump/cheering moment! Plus: Lyanna Mormont – indeed a scene stealer!!!!

      5)Cheering moments: Ramsey and Walder Frey going down – I hated these guys more than Joffrey!
      … No, I just hated all equally. Great actors though, I’ll give them that!

      6) Dany making Tyrion Hand of the Queen and his response to that: very touching! And of course Dany – FINALLY- sailing to Westeros!!

      7) The return of the Hound: I was so happy to see him back!

      8) That vision sequence that Bran had: I don’t know why but it was perhaps one of the strongest moments for me in the season, having that feeling that I’m watching something of huge importance for the story, even if I didn’t know why.

      9) Lady Olenna: just being Lady Olenna at those cocky Sandsnakes. A very satisfying moment!

      10) That Dany and Jorah moment, ordering him to heal and come back to her and that look they exchanged, very sweet and human.

      11) Tormund and Ser Davos: just noting that they are still alive, and God I’m so happy about that!!! I love these guys! Best Tormund moment: making eyes at Brienne ๐Ÿ˜€ Best Ser Davos moments – that speech to little Lady Mormont and the confrontation with Melisandre.

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    76. I am divided between Jon facing the Bolton army on his own and… Sam in the library. If I had to pick a third one, it would be Arya killing the lights.

        Quote  Reply

    77. Halfman,

      This is how I feel.I honestly don’t care about surprises at all.I find myself enjoying something even more when I know what’s going to happen and I can concentrate without being shocked or worried what’s gonna happen next.It’s why I’m happy I started watching in season one and could experience everything and not just binge watch it when it is done.The off season and speculation makes it even more fun

        Quote  Reply

    78. Best moments (no particular order):

      Jon’s gasping for breath in ep 2 and again in ep 9, the second ‘coming to life’ having that echo of the first,

      Scene in ep 10 with Davos, Jon and Mel, about Shireen’s death,

      Jon and Sansa’s emotional meeting, together with the later scene on the Winterfell battlements and ‘Father always promised’,

      and the ToJ with ‘promise me’ and the cut from the baby to Jon’s face.

      Other moments that have stayed with me were Tyrion and the dragons, and of course the start of ep 10… And that ‘cold opening’ with the Hound.

      Kudos in particular to the music and musicians, and to Ellie Kendrick for Meera. And has been already commented, to Maisie for making Arya’s revenges seem almost believable.

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    79. Moments that made me cry: Jon and Sansa hugging. Hodor holding the door. Baby Jon morphing into the Jon we know. Dany and Jorah’s tearful goodbye. Summer being ripped apart by wights.

      Moments that made me whoop out loud: the return of the Hound! Arya killing Walder Frey. Brienne swooping in to save Sansa and Theon. Jon returning from the dead. Rhaegal and Viseryion finally breaking out of their prison. Benjen Coldhands appearing to rescue Meera and Bran. The last scene – Dany leaving with her entourage. Wun Wun breaking down the gates of Winterfell.

      Moments that made me laugh: Any interaction between Tormund and Brienne. The Hound’s negotiation with Beric Dondarrion and Thoros. Davos: “Mutton”. Dany and Yara’s interaction.

      Best dramatic moments: The Blackfish and Jaime’s parley on the drawbridge. Jaime’s conversation with Edmure. The buildup to the wildfire explosion. Jaime’s conversation with Walder Frey, and his expression when he sees Cersei being crowned. Euron’s confrontation with Balon Greyjoy. Sansa and Ramsey’s last moments. Davos confronting Melisandre about Shireen. Any of the performances by the mummers in Bravos. Any scene with Lyanna Mormont! All of the Tower of Joy sequences.

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    80. All the very big ones have already been mentioned so I will go for two subdued but incredibly human moments I adored :

      – Jon’s “I like the wolf bit” comment to Sansa’s dress : such a boy thing to say ! ^^ The former lord commander is no fashionista but when his little sister makes a dress, he tries to say something nice about it ! (And she made him a beautiful, Ned-like coat so yeah !);

      – Tyrion’s “most famous dwarf in the world” line : not only is it delightfully meta but it also provided us with a great Tyrion/Varys “I love you, mate” smile.

      And, on a side note, Blackfish’s “I haven’t been in a proper swordfight in years. Probably going to make a damn fool of myself” moment… Sublime Don Quixote-esque last line for the Tully rebel.

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    81. Tormund And Brienne certainly put a smile on my face! The battle for the north was great. Ramsay dying, certainty a great moment as well. The mountain tearing the head off of the sparrow was nice, and the Wildfire at the Sept was amazing. Cersei becoming Queen was my all time fav!

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    82. What a season! So many great moments, even though I’ve listed a bunch I have more and more to add:
      Anything with the Hound. All of his scenes, any of his scenes, just wonderful and fun. Rory dominates the screen when he’s on. His scenes with Ian McShane were pure gold. I wish McShane could have been in the story longer. Everything he did was perfect. He brought infinite and memorable life to that tiny role and I enjoyed every second of his screen time. Thanks and kudos for the casting department seeing him in that role and getting him to appear.

      The biggest moments have been mentioned time and again, but there were so many small, perfect human moments that could play in any of our own lives: Meera’s looking over her shoulder as she is escaping, calling to Leaf “What are you doing?” Tormund saying “Hey” to Jon in the middle of the carnage; Grey Worm and Missandei together, smiling at each other; the look on Jon’s face when he realizes the red-head in the court yard is Sansa. The look on Edd’s face when he realizes that HE is now the Lord Commander “yeah, close the bloody gate.” Wun Wun’s “Snow.” Tormund and Brienne; Tormund’s look of disgust when it seems that Mel won’t be successful bringing Jon back. Even a bit of love for poor, messed-up Olly, full of rage at life, giving Jon the stink-eye right to the end. Yeah, and Thorne’s “Lord Snow.” Imagine how enraged he’d be to see the Northern Lords proclaim Lord Snow King in the North. HA Alliser.

      This process of trying to pick a favorite moment makes me realize just what a treasure this season was. Even after posting several times there are still so many to take and carress, over and over. That’s what makes being here fun.

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    83. Cersei’s scene with the septa. Beginning with the wine water boarding, her speech “what, now, today? Your not going to die today. You’re not going to die for quite awhile. This is Ser Gregor Clegane. He’s quiet too. Etc.” And she chants shame. Very much wraps up Cersei’s madness. Lena Heady deserves some award for her acting job this season

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    84. Jenny:

      This is how I feel.I honestly donโ€™t care about surprises at all.I find myself enjoying something even more when I know whatโ€™s going to happen and I can concentrate without being shocked or worried whatโ€™s gonna happen next.Itโ€™s why Iโ€™m happy I started watching in season one and could experience everything and not just binge watch it when it is done.The off season and speculation makes it even more fun

      I’m the same really. I didn’t discover GOT until early in season 5 and I binge watched 1-4 and then joined the broadcast of season 5.
      I knew nothing about the books or the show and spent the whole time shrieking in horror at a lot of the surprises and feeling rather traumatised afterwards. After season 5 I read the books.
      The show still does that to me sometimes as although I do get spoiled I don’t know all of them but I’m happier being prepared for really holy crap moments. ??.
      It doesn’t detract from the story or its depiction on screen for me. It works although I do respect some prefer not to know anything in terms of spoilers. We are all different after all.

      I love how the show intrigues us all. Everyone busy trying to fathom out what may happen next.

      My current puzzle is what No 3 is. There are 3 OMG moments according to the show runners. 1) Shireen’s burning 2) Why Hodor was Hodor… what is No 3?

      If I was going to guess it would be that

      Ayra kills Sansa. That really would be contraversial!

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    85. So many good, holy shit, moments!

      1. The top of the food chain, in a season filled with great moments, was the return of Sandor Clegane. The cold open was brilliant. Obviously done so not to reveal Rory’s name in the credits but effective. Rory and Ian McShane played beautifully off each other and it sets a big stage for his role moving foward. A “softer”, but by no means soft, Sandor.
      He is my favorite character easily, so I am really eager to see how D&D weave him into the fold in the north, which is where I assume he will end up. I think he will seamlessly blend into the fight with the WW, with Arya and Sansa and Brienne (once they get over their issues!). ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. BotB. I am not into big action shots or sequences, just not my cup of joe, but this was brilliantly done. The tension from the moment we saw Ramsay, with Rickon tied up, was insane. The energy was incredible and who can’t praise Kit for his acting, and action, from the start of the episode to when he sees Sansa as he beats Ramsay? I always felt that he was sufficient as Jon. Did the job well enough. But the whole performance was amazing. Just hand him an Emmy now, please.

      3. Hold the door! Aside from BotB, the best episode of the season. Kristian Nairn might not have had a ton to work with when it comes to dialogue but his final moments as Hodor, you could read every feeling, every fear, all his resignation on his face. It’s one of those moments that will standout and be talked about for years to come. And when the next generation revisit “classic” television, a new round of praise will emerge. It was confusing, chaotic and an emotional punch in the gut. And so beautifully orchestrated.

      4. Davos confronts Melisandre. While Kit blew me down in the BotB, Liam Cunningham is the best actor on this show. It wasn’t a long scene but dammit, Liam tells a story with his eyes, his mouth, his whole body. You could feel the anger and heartbreaking oozing out of him. For a season overflowing with great character moments for our “Big 3”, it’s the supporters who really do the heavy lifting.

      5. Margarey confirming to Grandma she is playing the game, then outsmarts them all way to late. Damn, losing Marg hurts. It sucked to lose all of them. Even brainwashed Lancel, who I had hoped would snap the fuck out of it. The final moments between Jonathan Pryce and Natalie Dormer is one of my favorite scenes ever on this show. The CGI was amazing. The music was beautiful. But Marg telling the High Sparrow to basically stick it up his fanatical ass, more is going on here, was satisfying as hell. All was lost but what an epic end.

      6. Arya leaves the HoBW. Yeah…suspend belief that this girl would be running the streets after a vicious stabbing but I am trying to get over that part. If Sansa and Theon can jump from the wall at Winterfell and be no worse for wear (because I didn’t see a snowdrift like the Theon/Jeyne jump), then I guess I can accept the stabbing wasn’t as crippling as it should’ve been. The fine details aside, I loved the chase and final confrontation. Faye Marsay was fantastic and Maisie Williams, always delivers the goods. The final moment with Jaquen, his sly little smile, was one of those high-five moments.

      7. Walder Frey and the Frey Pie. How can this not be a favorite? I don’t give a damn how fast Arya got there, like Varys in Dorne one minute, Meereen the next, I am just glad she was there. I wanted Walder to die in glorious fashion and he was. For all the confusion as to whether or not Arya is simply a bloodthirsty killer, this season gave us all the information we need. She is still Arya Stark of Winterfell but she doesn’t forget those who wronged her and will make good on her list.

      8. Little Lady Mormont. Perfect, PERFECT casting. People can ship Jon/Sansa or Jon/Dany…I ship Jon/Lyanna Mormont. In about 6-7 years, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

      9. Sansa gets the last word with Ramsay. And it was so satisfying. Gone is that girl who dreams of anything. Reborn is the girl who just wants to survive. I didn’t really understand her being gung-ho to get back Winterfell, then lie to Jon about the Vale, but her motivations are all based on her fears. Like she said to Jon, “No one can protect anyone”. She trusts him, sure, but she has to trust herself more. It’s nice to see Sophie Turner get some movement with Sansa because she played it beautifully.

      10. Tormund only has eyes for Brienne. It’s a small moment, but that smile he gives her when they are about the leave to treaty with the smaller houses was a laugh-out loud scene.

      11. The cast. This can never be said enough that the casting on this show is brilliant. While I know we are supposed to be wrapped up in the stories surrounding our two heroes (Dany/Jon), it’s the people that are the meat to their bread that move the plot forward. Sad to lose so many great characters this season but what they left behind will forever be felt in the GoT fandom.

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    86. Halfman,

      I really enjoyed reading your list, especially with all the smiley faces and emoticons next to the comments – that was the best part. ๐Ÿ™‚


      Congratulations on your new job, that’s so cool.

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    87. kells,

      I’m so glad that you added that last look between Queen Margaery and the High Sparrow in the Sept –her inner strength as a direct contrast to his utter disbelief and the only time I can recall fear ever crossing his face.

      Reading everyone’s previous posts has made me decide to forego making my own list in favor of rewatching the brilliant Season 6. (The only new thing I would add to my favorites would be the contributions of the WotW Community).

      Off-season idea: Can anyone get Dark Horse to make a Lyanna Mormont action figure?

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    88. Mihnea,

      Yeah for you! Keeping it in the family can be a good thing (we had a deli when I was a kid, but working for my dad would have been murder. Glad I didn’t have to, but sounds like you guys have a great relationship) I can imagine you outside relaxing Hope you get some customers soon tho!


      I really love your post and totally agree with it! Good idea to put it that way

      I often feel the acting and the direction make even scenes you expect to happen, that much better than you imagined.

      This. Esp in the first three seasons where I pretty much had a checklist of what I expected to see, the acting just knocked everything out of the ballpark!

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    89. Mihnea,

      Jonโ€™s revival, loved how low key it was, was afraid they will make some grand stagingโ€ฆetc Glad they didnโ€™t.

      I so agree with you here. So I was disappointed not to see some kind of aftermath in the next episode. Like the reactions of the NW, even just his friends or of the traitors. There had to be some reaction. But I got over that. Wonder how that will play out next year, if there is finally some connection with another resurrection down the line.

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    90. โ€œNo one can protect anyone

      I hope what someone else mentioned elsepost comes true – that ‘no one’ turns out to be Arya. Probably not but I just liked the play on words/names.

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    91. kells: The final moments between Jonathan Pryce and Natalie Dormer is one of my favorite scenes ever on this show. The CGI was amazing. The music was beautiful. But Marg telling the High Sparrow to basically stick it up his fanatical ass, more is going on here, was satisfying as hell

      Well said! Throughout the whole season, there was “new” Marge, sweet, soft-spoken, compliant, her voice barely above a whisper. You almost believe she’s bought the whole package.

      When the HS answers her concerns about Cersei with the remark “she (Cersei) will be tried regardless. We can’t have her escape the justice of the gods.” and Marge finally explodes with “Forget about the bloody gods and listen to what I’m telling you!” in that firm, full, enraged tone, it’s an ah-ha, there she is moment. I thought then, right up until the end, that she would get out. I just “you-tubed” that sequence, it’s so memorable and the music, the cellos, the organ, just perfectly done.
      A fond farewell, once again, to Natalie Dormer. She will be missed.

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    92. Number 3 – When Jon and Sansa are in the wall and they say Winter is here. Dad always said it was coming.

      Number 2 – the moment Tyrion unchained the dragons!

      Number 1 – Jon Snows resurrection. I did NOT sleep after he opened his eyes I was so excited!

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    93. Jon and Sansa’s reunion was the emotional highpoint of the season for me.

      For pure spectacle, the Battle of Meereen in some ways stood out for me more than Snowbowl, simply because the visual effects for dragonriding seemed to have taken such a huge leap in quality compared to the previous season. That bodes well for the future.

      Arya’s final conversation with Lady Crane was probably my favourite of hers in a number of years. The Braavos arc was no doubt physically challenging for Maisie, but in terms of interesting character interactions it never yielded much; this was a nice change.

      The first KL segment of 610 was a standout sequence, and I hope we see more directing in that style (even without Sapochnik).

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    94. My own goes to a show that can have me smiling at a villan dressed in black wine-boarding a nun. And when the villan leaves the room with a Giant zombie in charge to mutilate the nun I burst into laughter.

      Shame! Shame! Shame! to the well hidden parts of my personality that GoT brings out ๐Ÿ™‚

      My second own goes to the guy that made the Black Sabbath “War Pigs” trailer on Youtube:

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    95. My favorite season 6 moments were all those times you told us about the overnight ratings for each episode and especially when you emphasized the demographic numbers. That’s some of the most important stuff. Because the overnight ratings cause HBO to change absolutely nothing about their approach to making the show. And that’s important to note every week for 8 years.

      Bravo. You’re doing god’s work.


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    96. One own to rule them all! Own to Arya for acquiring the most life skills during a season: beggar, blind stick fighter, brewer of poison, drama critic, parkour pro, face changer, baker, waitress, assassin. #aryastoneheart2k17

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    97. Tim:
      So is everyone overlooking that Arya probably murdered an innocent girl to take her face so she could kill Walder Frey?

      Maybe she wasn’t innocent. Sure, she seemed like an innocent servant girl with Arya wearing her face, but she could have been a total b*%#h as herself. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’re probably not suppose to think about that.

      Speaking of which… The thought of Arya getting to King’s Landing quickly enough to take Tommen’s face… Oh the possibilities. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    98. My own goes to a door well held, the most poignant moment in the whole series.
      My sub owns go to Sansa and Jon reuniting and Dany making Tyrion hand of the Queen.

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    99. In no order:

      Lady Mormont confers with advisers while Davos and Sansa beg.
      Battle of the bastards.
      King’s Landing bits, episode 10.
      Dany’s navy, episode 10.
      Hodor, holding the door.

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    100. My number one moment: definitely Tower of Joy – everything worked there for me, there was great sword fight, the actors were great, their delivery of lines was great and it was emotional as well as badass…another minor moment I favor above others is Varys delivering the “Fire and Blood”

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    101. For me favourite rhymes with Bran’s flashbacks about happy Winterfell and TOJ – I loved Lyanna, Ned, Benjen, Wylis as children and young Roderick Cassell and I was impressed with young Ned, young Lyanna, the Sword of the Morning, the brooding baby becoming brooding Jon. Which brings me to other favourites: Lyanna Mormont, Bear Island, the White Wolf as KitN. And the so much expected return of the Hound (the one and only) and the wished, but not expected return of Benjen. Plus Tyrion unchaining the dragons and befriending them, I hope to see that friendship flourish!
      I can’t mention “hold the door” or Wun-Wun because my heart is still bleeding whenever I think of them.
      I also loved all the scenes with Brienne, Davos, Bronn, Olenna and Jaime at Riverrun.

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    102. 1) Margaery Tyrell telling off the High Sparrow

      followed momentarily by

      2) The “D-OH!” look on the latter’s face.

      Good times.

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    103. much too late to the party.

      My most memorable and as a consequence, favorite scenes in no particular order were:

      Theon hugging Sansa (sobs)

      Theon saving Pod! A little tired about hearing how Brienne and Pod saved Theon and Sansa, when in actual fact, Pod wouldn’t have made it without Theon in the end.

      Margaery, the HS, Loras and co going kaboom!

      Dany and her awesome fleet.

      That shot of Theon looking up at the Greyjoy banner. Beautiful!

      The Hound!!!

      Lyanna Mormont!!!


      Theon’s speech at the Kingsmoot

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    104. singedbylife: Theon saving Pod! A little tired about hearing how Brienne and Pod saved Theon and Sansa, when in actual fact, Pod wouldnโ€™t have made it without Theon in the end.

      You are right! Wow, wasn’t that back from episode 1? So much happened after that, so fast, that a person forgets all the great events from the beginning episodes.

      I remember thinking how happy I was that they were finally showing THEON instead of poor Reek. Reek was gone, and Theon was redeemed. And Alfie dropped the mic in every scene, he truly did. Alfie had a tough job to do in showing the changes Theon goes through, and he aced it. We, the WotW fans love you and appreciate you Alfie.

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    105. Arya and Walder Frey.
      The Hound!!! Generally, on GoT, if you don’t see a character actually die, there’s a good chance they’re alive.
      Sansa and Ramsey.
      Great season.

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    106. Such an overwhelmingly rich season on so many levels. Too hard to have 1 stand out moment…….so Ill say anything Jorah related!

      I know need a support group until S7 starts….withdrawals bad already

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    107. Just adding in a second Own, again to D&D for giving us ugly, warty, flaccid cock when all we wanted was some hot full frontal. #NakedNikolaj2k17

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    108. So many moments! I was so happy when the Hound came back to the show. The OMFG moment was when the origin of Hodor is revealed. But the most exciting and emotional moment that made me drop my first tear in this show was when Jon became The King in the North, with the speech of the person who shares the same name with his mother, Lyanna Mormont.

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    109. My top top top moment of S.6 is Jon facing cavalry, every time i watch this scene ( and have watched it maybe 20 times already) i got chills.

      Second is Jon dropping the lord Commander cloak ‘My watch is ended’.
      Third is Jon opening his eyes in the end of “Home”.

      U can say im Jooooonnnn obsessed ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    110. This really was a stellar season, and it came along just as I was losing interest in the show (I was over the Ramsay character and much of the KL plotline).

      The best thing, for me, was the undeniable maturation of the show’s creators, writers and actors. There was a fluidity to the storytelling this season that did not exist in the others, I genuinely appreciated the lack of sexploitation (I’m no prude, but a lot of that stuff came off as made by frat boys), and the big payoffs came just as many of us were becoming weary of/immune to the neverending dire.

      Biggest Surprise: they didn’t drag out Jon’s resurrection

      Best Visuals: every single frame of the BotB, Baby Jon to Big Jon, the cave fight, the dragons

      Biggest Moments of Satisfaction: Jon quitting the NW, Davos confronting Mel, Jon punching Ramsay into the dirt

      Saddest Moment: Wun Wun’s death (sorry, I just never felt that attached to Hodor, but really liked that he went out like a boss)

      Best Acting: Harington (you can see him go through about 5 different emotions while awaiting the Bolton calvary… almost hear his thoughts… all without uttering a word), and Cunningham (his barely kept fury and grief in that scene with Mel and Jon broke my heart)

      Best Direction since Alan Taylor’s “Baelor”: Miguel Sapochnik

      Best Music: everything during the battle and all of episode 10… Ramin is a genius

      Hats off to D&D for growth, perspective, and endurance

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    111. Very late to the game, but with so few new topic threads these days. I read every word of the replies.

      My favorite thing has to be that I got some really delicious and satisfying deaths this season. Usually I am gut punched, but this season – I even smiled at some of the deaths. In no particular order:

      The Nights Watch Traitors, including….
      All the Khals
      Waldor Frey
      Roose Bolton
      The Waif
      Maester Pycell
      The High Sparrow
      and #1…..Ramsay Bolton

      There were still some “aw damn” deaths…
      Doran Martell
      Trystane Martell
      Walda and Baby Frey/Bolton
      Mace Tyrell
      Brother Ray
      Lady Crane

      And then some, don’t know if I will recover….
      3 Eyed Raven
      Rickon Stark
      and last two here? Of course Wun Wun and Hodor.

      Emmy’s this year belong to a long list, but the costumers, editors, VFX, choreography, art direction, technical, sound…..and…

      Direction – Miguel Sapochnik
      Writing – D. Beneoff and D. Weiss
      Music – Ramin Djawadi

      Lena Headey
      Kit Harrington

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    112. HotPinkLipstick,

      I caught a clip of first season Jamie and Jon interaction at WF (the only one thy evver had) and I had forgotten how handsome Jamie looked at beginning of show, in that scene with his longer hair and cocky attitude but before we saw him screwing his own sister and trying to kill a young boy.

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    113. Ramin Djawadi’s score this season has been his best work so far. Favorite moments are actually the more subtle ones: The four-note motif played over Melisandre’s mirror scene, again during her effort to resurrect Jon Snow, and in Kinvara’s scene with Varys & Tyrion. Very haunting. I guess it’s the Lord of Light’s theme?

      Dany’s speech to her khalasar astride Drogon. Her walk out of the flames of the Dosh Khaleen a close second.

      Ser Alliser going out like a boss; “I fought. I lost. Now I rest.” Been an Owen Teale fan ever since his “You don’t know cold” scene back in season one.

      The dragons setting the slavers’ fleet afire was magnificent. I like to think GRRM was watching this scene and seeing his dream finally brought to glorious life. And props to HBO and the FX team for making such amazing scenes possible.

      The screaming Dothraki taking out the Sons of the Harpy. I really hope we see more of this in the Great Wars to Come.

      Sandor Clegane, King of One-liners.

      Lyanna Mormont.

      Arya taking out Walder Frey.

      D&D for making it all possible.

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    114. = / Why aren’t any of my comments being posted? I don’t see that they’re that different from anyone elses.

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