Game of Thrones filming in Basque Country wraps; the cast has a musical night out


It’s been an extremely exciting week for fans of Game of Thrones as set photos galore hit the internet depicting the truly incredible scenes shot in Zumaia. With El Diario Vasco, Game of Thrones line producer Peter Welter talks about the crews’ “fantastic” experience in Basque Country despite the leaks.

We also have some new photos of Team Dany out and about at the Chemical Brothers concert in Bilbao under the cut!

Welter says the filming went “smoothly” and the crew enjoyed their time in Zumaia regardless of the set photos released. He offers some criticisms of those who sneak shots of the set and discloses some of the exposure problems on set during the shoot in detail at El Diario Vasco.

He’s not a fan of those who take and share set photos, and possibly affect people’s perception of season 7. “If you think you are doing a favor by posting a picture on Twitter of Jon Snow filming a scene, think again. All you get is to end the illusion of millions of followers,” Welter says.

Welter also says that the show attempted to make arrangements with all the landowners around Zumaia’s shores, to avoid onlookers during filming, but weren’t able to manage that entirely. “We knew that that point could bring us problems. We negotiated with landowners, but we didn’t reach an agreement with all of them. ” Despite that, Game of Thrones decided to go ahead with the filming in Zumaia since it suited their needs.

The cast finished out their time in Basque Country with a night out at a Chemical Brothers concert. Team Dany bonding!

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Meanwhile, filming in Seville starts soon and several casts members have already been spotted there and on the way, including Gwendoline Christie, Jerome Flynn, Daniel Portman and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau!

Stay tuned for Seville filming reports over the next few weeks, and be sure to send us all your Game of Thrones-themed Halloween costumes for our annual Halloween parade post! 


  1. Those #hashtags by Emilia are a mouthful, lol. And somehow I can’t imagine Jon Snow rocking out.

    On to Sevilla!! May its spoilers be as bountiful as Zumaia’s.

  2. They all look happy and having the best time! Bless them!!

    #jonsnowknowshowtorock, omg i love Emilia! HAHA

  3. So there’s no spoilers in this post or what? I can’t decide if I should look under the cut. Help?

  4. Jack Bauer 24:
    What does he mean “end the illusion of millions of followers”?

    Probably the magic of the final product. When you see all the crew, cameras etc and the actors in the same picture, it takes the illusion of being in a far off fantastical land away. You see all the hidden behind the scenes stuff.

    That’s my interpretation anyway.

  5. Emilia has such a cheerful, sunny personality!

    ZOMG! Pod is on his way to Seville… !! Yay! I have been so worried as to what’s going on with him. I want him to reconnect with Tyrion so, so badly!

  6. Kit is such a weird dude i na good way. He seems to be a lot fun but on photos always pouting. 😀 Emilia and her smile is just a legendary combo. Natalie is stunning.

  7. BunBunStark:
    Those #hashtags by Emilia are a mouthful, lol. And somehow I can’t imagine Jon Snow rocking out.

    Oh, you never saw the GOT Red Nose Day skit, did you?

  8. Jack Bauer 24:
    What does he mean “end the illusion of millions of followers”?

    I guess simply that? When you watch an episode, the film crew or their equipment never gets seen. The scenes change seamlessly from one to another so the viewers ‘live the illusion’ without knowing the work going on behind the scenes that has gone into it.

    Was interesting reading the report of the Zumaia filming in EL Diario Vasco. Seems like a lot of the land owners that overlooked the beach got a ‘payoff’ from HBO to keep their land secure to prevent leaks, but not all abided by this. Probably ‘casa rural’ Santa Klara being one of those !

    Here’s a rough translation of a part of the article from El Diario Vasco.

    Regarding the role of the media in the coverage of a film of this nature, Welter makes criticism of social network users that have leaked information. “Those responsible for ‘Game of Thrones’ carry seven years of filming in various countries and say that they have not suffered as much media pressure as in Spain. “What happened in Barrika, with a photographer using a giant telephoto lens from the other end of the bay was damaging. Basque local television in a program focused solely on how to circumvent security measures to take pictures was issued”. It was a bad joke, says Welter. Also, the administrator of Fresco Films considers that this situation can damage the image of Spain as a cozy place for filming: “In this world people talk, it is said that Spain may not be a good destination. Faced with such cases, a shoot like Star Wars, with all the confidentiality that surrounds it, may not be interested in coming here. We must consider this and will come under criticism.”

  9. Tyrion Pimpslap,

    Yes should be team Dany and Jon Snow lol. Or, I guess the spoilers are being taken for granted now. He’s on “team Dany” not his own man anymore smh. That’s the KitN until and unless I see him officially bending the knee! 🙂

  10. Sir Imp hand Strong:
    Someone please tell Natalie Emmanuel that her nose piercing is gross, unattractive and pointless. What is she an SJW Trigglypuff?

    Pointless? What is a nose piercing supposed to do, create green jobs? Of course it’s pointless. It’s decoration.

    And if you really feel she must know how your views on how she chooses to decorate herself, go write her an e-mail.

  11. Eleanor,

    Black Raven,

    Sir Imp hand Strong,

    Technically a ear piercing is also pointless as are tattoo’s aka (Lena Headey) as are dyeing your hair aka (Emilia Clarke)
    Everyone has a different view about what is attractive to them, on someone else or themselves when they look in the mirror. To her it is a nose ring and later in life she may decide it’s not her anymore and decide to remove it or she may keep it until she’s grey and old but that’ll be completely up to her and no one else has a say about how someone else chooses to look.

  12. Jack Bauer 24:
    What does he mean “end the illusion of millions of followers”?

    He sees hallucinations of the fanbase hovering in the sky. When someone tweets about Jon, the image goes poof and they disappear. I think he may just have eye floaters.

    Eleanor: Pointless? What is a nose piercing supposed to do, create green jobs?


  13. Does anybody have insight on where they are ?
    We know of Iain and Nikolaj’s whereabouts but where is our happy Zumaia posse ? Was their flight really delayed because of the fog ?

    From this video, it looks like Kit is splitting from the group

    Could he be going somewhere else?

  14. Irina Stark,

    My Spanish is not good but Javi said something about Kit and Sevilla. Not sure if from his own source or simply quoting someone on twitter. Maybe he’s not going to be part of it, we’ll see. I haven’t seen him among the actors going to Sevilla.

  15. Watcher,

    I dont think Lena will be filming anytime soon .. Her custody trial for her son will begin soon and I imagine she must stay in London until that’s over

  16. Irina Stark,

    He is with the group.Why would he have stayed in Bilbao when he finished shooting on Thursaday?The video doesn’t look like anything cause he is just walking.They are not required to be attached to the hip lol.Anyway the flight to Sevilla was canceled and Kit and the others turned back at the hotel.Maybe they already left now who knows.

  17. Irina Stark,

    That video only shows Kit walking within the airport. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is splitting up. He was travelling with the people headed to Seville. His flight was cancelled just like the others headed to Seville. He is also headed there, imo.

  18. I love the cast! 🙂

    not reading much to avoid spoilers, but a friend of mine told me that the entire season 7 plot leaked! is that true?

  19. Dee Stark,

    Possibly, we won’t have confirmation whether the entire leak is legit until the season. But quite a few spoilers from it have already been confirmed true.

  20. Dee Stark,

    Probably, but not the entire plot. By the leaker’s own admission, there are many twists and turns left to be revealed. Also, the leaked summary was quite generic, with very few details, and little to no context.

  21. dreamshade:
    Dee Stark,

    Possibly, we won’t have confirmation whether the entire leak is legit until the season. But quite a few spoilers from it have already been confirmed true.

    Dee, for a time it was horrible, people would discuss it, and even if the initial post had spoiler tags others would reply without them. UGhh.

  22. Newbietothegame,

    Oh trust me, im carefully treading about… the problem is its going to be SOOO hard to avoid unless I don’t visit this place at all. cause at anytime anyone can say anything.


    I know… I don’t search anything got related.. I only come here first.

  23. Irina Stark,

    If the wight hunting it’s true then they’re going to Iceland, not Belfast. They’re filming there in January. And if the sex scene is true, they’ll film that scene in the studio not in a boat.
  24. Myname,

    Stop posting this in the regular posts.
    You think this does not apply to you????

  25. I honestly think the leak got the locations of characters right somewhat. So IMO this really does not prove the validity of it.

    Now I really suggest we do not talk about them here anymore as per Sue’s instructions. So lets drop the subject completely.

  26. Mickey,

    It appears to be gospel for some folks posting here.
    I wish those trolls would go back to Reddit where they belong.

  27. May I ask the mods why possible spoilers suddenly belong in the forums and not here as long as the are covered?

    All the other years, spoilers have been posted in the main thread and now it’s not allowed. I mean I had never heard about Kingsmoot etc before because I’m not a book reader. Why was it OK to spoiler tag these things in the main thread last year and the year before? Just don’t really understand the difference as it’s all speculations and nothing else.

  28. singedbylife,

    In years passed what we got was information from the books and filming.
    Someone on Reddit supposedly knew everything that will be happening.
    Really? Reddit is now a reliable source?
    Every Tom, Dick and Harry can post in there whatever they pull out of their
    a$$es and that is now gospel?
    And it needs to be discussed on WotW, the most reliable place for GoT news?
    I think the mods are very kind for letting this garbage be discussed in the forum.
    This shit has no place in filming news posts. It sucks the live out of a thread if every other post is covered in spoiler tags talking about THAT.
    That is my humble opinion.

  29. singedbylife,

    It’s already been explained over and over, we’re not going to keep doing this. As if it wasn’t obvious, the difference between a scattered handful of spoilers and people spreading a complete season full of spoilers over every post. Please respect the rules, which exist to keep everyone here content.

  30. Good to see the cast having fun on and off camera!! Too bad to see people here being careless with their comments…

  31. Newbietothegame,

    Why you yelling at me? Was I ever disrespectful towards you? People are normally very nice in here but you’re being very rude.
    I covered what I wrote and I was answering her question, no need to yell at me.
    And one more thing, I have a lot of RESPECT for Sue and all the Watchers On The Wall team, it’s not my intention to disrespect them.

    Sorry if my grammar is not good, english is not my first language.

  32. Dee Stark,

    what I do is avoiding long posts; I mean if someone writes like three pages it is almost certain that he’s telling something I don’t want to know.
    Still I got a little spoiled just by reading the Independent!

  33. Newbietothegame,

    Well, as someone who does not want to learn anything about the leaks, I would appreciate it if people kept any relevant discussions in the forum. Experience from previous years shows that 1 out of 5 misuses spoiler tags leaving everything in the open and 2 out of 5 don’t use spoiler tags at all (forget them, don’t care, think that spoilers are ok if they add a tiny little detail and call them speculations). Plus, you are right, a discussion where more than half of what is discussed is covered really sucks.
    So yes, please keep it in the forum ladies and gentlemen!

  34. Dee Stark: Oh trust me, im carefully treading about… the problem is its going to be SOOO hard to avoid unless I don’t visit this place at all. cause at anytime anyone can say anything.

    We’re trying as hard as we can so that people like you can continue being in the community without fear of being spoiled 🙂

    If only other people in the community tried just as hard… Well, if only.

  35. Black Raven,

    This is what it says:

    After being closed for a week, they open this morning Itzurun beach, the Game of Thrones series finished recording work. 10 am to 00 people close to the beach, trying to get to know firsthand the place of the series is recorded. Outside are a lot of people come in and they create huge traffic and parking problems in the town center. 11am to 00 etarako Zubitxian two signs prohibiting access to put up with, but have continued to enter the car.

  36. So from the weeks pics, seems, Jon and Davos went (stopped off at KL?) to KL, for some reason, left KL with Gendry in tow…. arrived at Dragonstone , with Gendry in tow, guessing they all met Dany…
    then we know Jon, Davos, Jorah and Gendry left Dragonstone … I guess those four… left?
    Now the crew is traveling to Seville with Kit and Alfie … how about Liam and Joe?

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