The Game of Thrones Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


Romance isn’t the first subject that comes to mind when we think of Game of Thrones. And yet the show has its moments when love shines through the warring and darker aspects of the world. (Of course, the canonical romances of GoT often have a complicated twist, and are plagued by misfortune, death, or close blood relation. This is George R.R. Martin, after all.) It’s not all gloom and doom, and with the holiday ahead, we have romance on the brain today.

Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a couple weeks. Why not make the holiday fun by adding Game of Thrones gifts to your shopping list? To make it simpler, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas this year for your enjoyment.

Dothraki couple rings
Photo: TimArtCreations

Jewelry is always a popular choice on Valentine’s Day, and we love these Dothraki couple’s rings. This beautifully crafted set of rings display the words Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo spoke to one another: jalan atthirari anni (“Moon of my life”), and shekh ma shieraki anni (“My sun and stars”). The set comes with one silver and one black ring, has different font options, and can be further engraved. ($59.00)

MEY Dragon RingA more luxurious jewelry option this year is a piece from MEY‘s Daenerys line, created in collaboration with Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton and inspired by the Khaleesi Handwrap made for season 6. The Dragon Storm Single Dragon Ring is a unique item, a dragon skeleton curled around the ring. This particular piece was created by modeling a full dragon, and then carving away to end with the skeleton, leaving you with a strong and modern feel. The Mey rings are available in sizes S, M and L, which are US ring sizes 6, 7 and 8. ($240.00)

game-of-thrones-stark-cufflinks_670Here’s a great gift to dress up shirts in a fun way for the Game of Thrones nerd in your life- the House Stark Cuff Links. Created by London designer Gallant & Beau, the cuff links feature the Direwolf sigil of House Stark. They also come in House Targaryen variety if that’s where your loyalties lie. ($35.00)

For those of you buying for a book-loving fan, check out the  George R. R. Martin Quote Necklaces created by LiteraryGiftsUK on Etsy. A wide variety of beloved quotes from the A Song of Ice and Fire series are available in jewelry form. Presented on aged-style paper with a glass dome, the pendants can also be purchased as keyrings. (Keychain version, $9.04, 16-inch chain necklace $10.01, 24-inch chain necklace, $10.65)

House Stark stemless wine glassesIf there’s anything universal in the Game of Thrones world, it’s the character’s love of wine. And certainly fans need a lot to drink sometimes to get through the particularly brutal episodes. That’s why the House Stark Stemless Wine Glasses (A Set of 2) are a thoughtful gift. This year, toast one another and the Starks as well, who are on the rise in the North. The wolves will come again, and they’ll be thirsty when they get there. ($14.99)

I Drink and I Know Things mugYou could go for the Lannister variation of stemless glasses instead. After all, no one brandishes a cup of wine like a Lannister!

Speaking of which- this next gift features Tyrion’s most on-point quote from last season’s second episode, “Home.” The two things Tyrion does best, neatly encapsulated in the “I Drink and I Know Things Mug.” The handmade wooden beer mug comes with the notorious quote engraved on a copper plaque. The sturdy mug holds 23oz of liquid of your choice, be it beer, ale or water for the mornings after. ($29.99)

game-of-thrones-ghost-direwolf-plush_670If you’re flying solo this year, no worries. Cuddle with something soft and cute- this Ghost direwolf plush! The sizable collectible plush, based on Jon Snow’s intimidating grown direwolf, is 18 inches long, and about nine inches tall. Normally Ghost will set you back $30 but right now he’s on sale for $15.00 in the HBO Store.

In a ghoulishly amusing coincidence, the Direwolf Plush Cubs for Grey Wind, Summer, Shaggydog, and Lady are all half off in the HBO Store. Gone but not forgotten! ($10.00)

Game of Thrones Clue
If your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day is game night, go for the official Game of Thrones Clue! The classic whodunit game is transformed for GoT fans with a double-sided game board including two locations: the Red Keep in King’s Landing, and Meereen in Essos. Six people can join the game, playing as characters from the show. ($42.98 on Amazon)

4DCityscape’s Game of Thrones Puzzle of Essos is another great option for the fan who loves the intricate world of Ice and Fire. The multilayered map puzzle challenges you to recreate the geography of the continent of Essos, while 3D replicas, flags, and house sigils bring the locations to life. The puzzle includes memorable sites such as Braavos, Pentos, Meereen, Valyria, Astapor and many more. (On sale for $49.99 at the moment!)

game-of-thrones-longclaw-letter-opener_670Here’s one of my favorite pieces of Game of Thrones merch. While the ValyrianSteel full-size sword replicas are amazing, they can be a little pricey for the average fan. Instead, why not go for the nine-inch Longclaw Letter Opener? This one will only set you back $23.99, with its die-cast metal handle and stainless steel blade, while still displaying style and love for Jon Snow and House Mormont. And yes, it does actually open letters, if you want it to. Though mostly I like to play with mine, and pretend to kill miniature White Walkers.

There’s no shortage of shirt options if you’re in the market for a Thrones one this holiday, but we’re partial to the Night’s Watch (obviously). Pledge your life and honor to defending the Wall with this comfortable cotton T-shirt, depicting the Night’s Watch oath. ($12.97 on sale)

Stannis Baratheon Dark Horse figure

The newest addition to the Dark Horse line of Game of Thrones collectible figures this year is everyone’s favorite grumpy king, Stannis Baratheon. The 8-inch figure shows the Mannis in his flaming-heart breastplate, with all the detail we’ve come to expect from DH collectibles. ($27.99)

There’s one more option that Valentine’s Day celebrants might find intriguing- cooking for their Game of Thrones fan an authentic Westerosi meal! The good folks at the Inn at the Crossroads have researched the foods from A Song of Ice and Fire, often spotted in Game of Thrones, and produced their own recipes. Bake Sansa’s favorite Lemon Cakes for dessert, or have some of Manderly Pie for dinner..naturally with a key substitution.

Have your own Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire suggestions for the holiday? Feel free to share them in comments!

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Darn.
    The Tyrion mug is okay, but I’d rather have Sandor Clegane merchandise, eg:

    A 16-oz. mug inscribed with “Listening to talkers makes me thirsty…and hungry.”

    A flask or carafe with the inscription: “F-ck Water. Bring Me Wine!”

    For Valentine’s Day, you can’t get any more romantic than The Hound.

  2. The Cupid bow-and- arrow motif of Valentine’s Day would be uniquely appropriate for -Ygritte-themed gifts. There ought to be, eg,

    Matching rings, glasses, etc. with her words to Jon. “You’re mine, and I’m yours.” ?

    For a truly iconic Jon-Ygritte gift set, her-and-his shirts with their words:

    Hers: “You know nothing. ”
    His: “I know some thinsgs. I know I love you, and I know you love me.” ?

    [Because the scene was so cute….] Gift card or imprint for a silk dress with the words “My dress is made of the finest silk from Tra-la-la-la-la-aday.” ?

    There’s lots of Ygritte-Jon source material for more risqué gifts, of course..

    For Gendry-Arya fans, a men’s shirt, BBQ apron etc with a playful, subtly submissive vibe.
    “As My Lady Commands.”

    (Optional matching women’s shirt or kitchen apron: “Do NOT call me “My Lady!” “

  3. How about the Rorge Anti-Valentine’s Day card:

    “You’re the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen, but don’t think I can’t make you uglier. You want a nose like mine? Fight me, and you’ll get one. And two eyes, that’s too many. One scream out o’ you, and I’ll pop one out and make you eat it, and then I’ll pull your fucking teeth out one by one”

  4. I am so with you here! A friend made me a custom House Clegane mug, but it would be nice to see Hound merch more available. 😀

    Ten Bears:
    The Tyrion mug is okay, but I’d rather have Sandor Clegane merchandise, eg:

    A 16-oz. mug inscribed with “Listening to talkers makes me thirsty…and hungry.”

    A flask or carafe with the inscription: “F-ck Water. Bring Me Wine!”

    For Valentine’s Day, you can’t get any more romantic than The Hound.

  5. Ten Bears,

    A-hahaha, great merchandising ideas! Especially the Jon/Ygritte and Sandor lines, love them.

    Of the stuff Sue has highlighted, the Ghost plush toy isn’t right – he’s got red (albino) eyes, and it’s an important point in the books. The show uses real wolves to CGI the direwolves so it might just be too difficult, or look too weird in a visual medium, I don’t mind. But HBO merchandising could’ve made the plush toy look like the real Ghost, the book!Ghost. Grump. 😀

    I like the Dothraki couple’s rings (but only if you learn to pronounce the words right!), and the one I’d really want is the Longclaw letter opener. Too bad I haven’t got anybody to give me Valentine’s presents this year, hahaha! (Or anybody to give Valentine’s prezzies to, either.)

  6. Rygar,

    Never too soon. ?
    Only problem is, now you’ve got me thinking of Joffrey-themed VD gifts, most of which would be inappropriate to describe (eg what Tyrion suggested Joffrey would need for his own bride if Joffrey kept insisting on a bedding ceremony at the Sansa-Tyrion wedding dinner).

  7. Brooklyn Ann,

    Considering the popularity of the show, I’m surprised the HBO store’s selections are so limited.
    And I agree about the Ghost plush toy. It looks like a generic stuffed animal. (And shouldn’t it come with a detachable wight hand?)

    I’m not being critical of the post’s suggestions – after all, WoW doesn’t manufacture the merchandise. Some of them aren’t really VD-day-specific.

    HBO could cash in big time on Lyanna Mormont, but they have nothing. (Meanwhile, there’s all kinds of poor quality, unauthorized Lyanna tee shirts advertised on the Internet.)

    I mention this because personally, I think a lot of guys would get a kick out of seeing their girlfriend in a customized tee shirt with Lyanna’s proclamation: “He’s MY king, from this day, until his last day.”

    For that matter, anything with her image and the words “I think we’ve had enough small talk. Why are you here?” woujd sell like hot cakes.

  8. Oh, to have a significant other who would buy the Dothraki couple’s rings for us! Now I’m sad 🙂

  9. talvikorppi,

    My first thought when seeing the Longclaw letter opener was “ummm How is this a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day?” If you’ve seen the Seth Meyers spoof skit, “Melisandre Attends a Baby Shower”, it reminded me how her gift to the expectant couple didn’t go over so well, i.e., a Valaryean Steel Sword rattle.
    (Seth M asked, “Melisandre, why would you get us this?” Her reply was so their child could protect itself because — of course — “the night is dark and full of terrors”)

  10. Ser Not Appearing in this Series,

    Great idea! “Anti-Valentine’s Day” cards!
    I’d HAVE to have an Arya card with her picture on the front that opens up to read:
    “You’re the worst s-it in the Ssven Kingdoms!”

    (What was her other line to The Hound? Something like “One day, I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.” I think that’d go well in a set with your Rorge card.)

  11. Ten Bears:

    Never too soon. ?
    Only problem is, now you’ve got me thinking of Joffrey-themed VD gifts, most of which would be inappropriate to describe (eg what Tyrion suggested Joffrey would need for his own bride if Joffrey kept insisting on a bedding ceremony at the Sansa-Tyrion wedding dinner).

    Joffrey-themed “gifts” would be crossbow bolts.

    Coward’s weapon. Ser Jaime Lannister (lately aspiring to be the perfect knight, despite everything) hates archers and crossbowmen. He wants to fight one-on-one with swords with other knights, fight with honour, not be shot by some cowardly hiding archer – Jaime’s a bit of a snob that way.

    What did Jaime think of his firstborn son and his preference to shoot defenceless animals and people with a crossbow? In the books, Jaime quite coldly thinks Joffrey deserved to die. He tries to father Tommen but Cersei will have none of it. (Myrcella is still away in Dorne and alive in the books.)

    Yeah, in the books Jaime has already broken with Cersei and is toying with ideas about telling Myrcella and Tommen the truth. The show hasn’t gone there. Myrcella and Tommen are dead in the show anyway, so maybe it clears the way for the final act of Cersei-Jaime story? Huh? Dunno.

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