Game of Thrones unveils new merchandise throughout Comic Con

Direwolf Plush Box Set, available exclusively at the Factory Entertainment booth. Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

San Diego Comic Con has begun, with last night’s Preview Night allowing several vendors to reveal their new Game of Thrones products for con-goers to check out. The GoT Scavenger Hunt kicked off as well, with fans roaming the booths and gathering photos of themselves with this new merch in order to have a chance at an amazing Game of Thrones prize pack.

Game of Thrones Clue debuted this year, and there’s already a cool Clue Expansion Pack at the con. You can pick that up at the USAopoly booth, or pre-order it through the HBO Store if you’re not there in San Diego.

Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

The newest Game of Thrones Pop Vinyl is based on a character from the season 4 episode “The Watchers on the Wall.” Mag the Mighty died facing Grenn but before he did, he made an impression charging the gate. You can find Mag at the Funko booth, or pre-order him online.

Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

Funko also has Dorbz on display, including this 3 Pack of Joffrey, the Hound and a White Walker:

Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

Stop by the Dark Horse booth to view their latest Game of Thrones collectible offerings. Their new figures include Melisandre, the Night King, Stannis Baratheon, and a Son of the Harpy.

Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

You can order the Night King Silver Bust online now. The other figures will be available this fall, but you can pre-order them now!

The leader of the White Walkers has a big presence at the con this year. There’s also this new Night King pin from Dark Horse, which would be a great piece for a collector or cosplayer. This one will be available next month:

nk pik

At the CFX booth, fans can find the amazing Night King mask and gloves, to complete your authentic White Walker look:

Night King mask
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

We already have the Westeros puzzle; it only makes sense to have a Game of Thrones Essos 4D puzzle. The new puzzle, unveiled at SDCC, has 1400 pieces and will be available this November. You can pre-order it at the HBO Store. Here it is, along with a few close-ups:





Factory Entertainment has several beautiful and unique items at SDCC. The King Robert Baratheon crown:

Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

The Red Keep Limited Edition Relief Sculpture, a con exclusive:

Red Keep
Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

The Wall and Castle Black Sculpture. If you miss SDCC, you can order this one online.

Photo: Twitter/GameofThrones

Visit the Insight Editions booth and see some lovely GoT merch, including this House Stark stationery set:

Photo: Twitter/Margaery_Tyrell

Insight Editions also has on display several of their Game of Thrones journals, poster books, house stationery sets, the Pop-Up Guide to Westeros, and my personal object of lust, the Game of Thrones Astrolabe Collectible:

astrolabe collectible

David J. Peterson, master of Dothraki and Valyrian, can be found at Booth #1034 at the con, with his book, Living Language:



The Game of Thrones Scavenger hunt will continue through Saturday. Follow the fun on Twitter, on the #GOTScavengerHunt hashtag, and join the hunt if you’re at the con!

We can look forward to the Game of Thrones panel on Friday, at 2:15PM in Hall H, with the cast of the show. See our full original post for details!

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  1. All the new merchandise looks great, but I really want that 3D puzzle! It would be a fun puzzle to put together over the long wait for season7! Love seeing all the pics from ComicCon! I’m sure everyone will have a great time! Looking forward to seeing pics from the panel for GoT tomorrow! Really wish I was there!?

  2. I sooooooooooo want those cuddly direwolves. Does anyone know if they’re available anywhere else please. Would make great Christmas presents 🙂

  3. I admit to being a bit pea green here!! I would love to have that Astrolabe gismo. I don’t know what it does, but it looks really cool just sittin’ there. Then again, I would have to mortgage my car to get it!! What I really would want to do at a Con is to see the panel. I think I would just geek the freak out, make a total ass of myself. That wouldn’t be too cool.

  4. Ahh I want to be there!! I did however get an up close and personal look at the Game of Thrones pinball machine when I went to the beach last weekend! I’ll post pictures of it soon. 🙂

  5. Aren’t most of those dire wolves dead now? Do Shaggydog and Greywind have Velcro, removable heads?

    Hey, it just occurred to me, was Ned killing Lady symbolic of how his actions later on would lead to the near destruction of House Stark?

  6. I would love to be able to go! But I can’t imagine how many people will be there! Still, it would be exciting!

  7. JCDavis,

    ive seen the astrolobe up close … they have them at the stores in australia … its really cool and actually spins and all the little details are on it too . sells for $800 here … gonna add it to my shelf soon

    i have to get the robert baratheon crown to go besides my joffrey crown . i love how theyve used the same base . just hope its a bit bigger than joffreys crown .

    just a few hours ago i told my boyfriend it would be nice to have a melisandre figure with the stannis figure and then i see this … only wish there was a davos figure too or is he gonna be left out like Cat is still missing from the stark figures

  8. I actually would want that Niggit’s King pin for my winter coat.

    Oh for anyone interested here are some pictures I took of the Game of Thrones pinball machine I encountered recently! I know there was a post about it earlier and I was SO happy when I saw it! 😀 It was at the Funland Arcade in Seaside, OR! *pokes JCDavis :)*

  9. Aryamad:
    I actually would want that Niggit’s King pin for my winter coat.

    Oh for anyone interested here are some pictures I took of the Game of Thrones pinball machine I encountered recently! I know there was a post about it earlier and I was SO happy when I saw it! It was at the Funland Arcade in Seaside, OR! *pokes JCDavis :)*

    To quote Scarlet O’Hara…..”I am just pea green with envy”. I wish you could PM me, I am at Twitter as LadyFionavar if you are on that. I would like to know where you found this pinball machine. I am planning a trip to the beach sometime in the next few weeks. *pokes back*

  10. I’m going to assume that when the person took the picture of the plush direwolves set Ghost was still in a box over by the Wall. 😛

  11. Thank you JCDavis and DarthCercei for taking the trouble. They are all however in the US and I’m in the UK.
    But I have just got a brand new Ghost for only £12.99 on ebay. A real bargain compared with what others are asking. Fingers crossed it’s all ok and I haven’t been done. 🙂

  12. I cant be the only one who thinks the Stark stationary set is one of the best items here. The wax and Stark stamp are just so cool. I’d stop texting and start sending ravens if I had that.


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