Game of Thrones Season Seven Trailer Breaks Viewing Record


Watched the incredible new Game of Thrones trailer more than once? You’re not the only one! According to reports, the season seven trailer is fast on its way to a record-breaking 61 million views, the highest amount of views for any TV trailer in a 24 hour period!

According to Deadline, the new trailer has now been viewed over 60 million times since its debut, across digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  In the hours since its release, the video has become the most viewed TV trailer of all time in a twenty-four hour period.

It’s hot on the heels of its predecessors.  The Long Walk to the Throne promo is the HBO’s most watched trailer ever, with 67.6 million distributed views to date since its online debut on March 30, 2017.  That broke the previous HBO record which was Thrones’ Season 6 trailer, which amassed 63.5 million lifetime views.  However, they’ve a way to go before they can catch up with HBO’s most watched  video content of all time; the “Donald Drumpf” segment from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has 98 million lifetime views.

Sounds like a good excuse to watch the trailer again to me!

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    1. Wow! I must say though, im not all that surprised. They waited until the thirst for a trailer couldn’t be any worse before hitting us with one – and not just any trailer, but an absolutely mind-blowing one. And of course the whole world devoured it like Ramsey Bolton’s army of hungry dogs at the sight of Ramsey tied onto a chair!!!

      Well done HBO mar

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    2. I am going trailer / everything free as usual. I highly advise people to do the same for full enjoyment of S7.

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    3. Breaking bad Ozymandias finally lost its 10 on IMDB
      I wonder what kind of Master piece season 7 of Game of thrones will give us 🙂
      hope D&D finally get their wish ^^

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    4. King Beyond the Wall II:
      Matthew The Dragon knight,

      I’m sorry can you please clarify?

      D&D, after battle of the bastards premiered checked IMDb to see if the score could match breaking bad ozymandias. Ozymandias was the only episode to maintain a perfect 10, and battle of the bastards and winds of winter did for a time.
      Ozymandias in now a 9.9, but they held the 10 for a long time.

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    5. That’s probably all of the people who will wind up watching it….

      Oh, wait! That actually would be pretty damned impressive.

      (If this makes no sense to you, then that line was uttered by an unnamed industry insider after the first Lord of the Rings trailer got nearly 2 million views in 2000, which was a hell of a lot back then. )

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    6. Gfx: can’t even begin to imagine how many views the season eight trailer will get next year.

      Higher than Betty Devos can count!


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    7. I havent watched the trailer yet. Im going to see how long I can hold out.

      Also, too depressed right now, my boyz got eliminated last night from the NHL playoffs. Gosh I can’t stand the pens

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    8. Dee Stark,

      I’m sorry! I know how it feels, but with soccer. Anyway, I’m sure that it won’t be long until you get rid of the blues and become your optimist self again – and a model for all people who indulge themselves in sad contemplation!

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