Game of Thrones season five filming in Spain rumored to have already begun ; Portstewart filming completed


According to new reports out of Spain, Game of Thrones season five filming may have already begun in the town of Osuna.

Los Siete Reinos has heard a very intriguing rumor from a reliable source connected with a media company that uses drones to record aerial images that are sold to an international news agency. According to this source, HBO’s production crew have already shot in Osuna’s Plaza de Toros, with 50 extras and the episode director, for one morning a few days ago. The bull ring is generally assumed by Game of Thrones fans to be standing in for Daznak’s Pit, prominently featured in the climax of A Dance with Dragons.

It’s unknown at this time if filming occurred at other locations in Osuna, (though it appears unlikely) or which locations will be used when Game of Thrones returns to the town.

The University, La Colegiata, and the Canteras de Osuna have also been reported as possible shooting sites for Dorne or Meereen scenes.

It was not expected for filming in Osuna to begin until October, after shooting had completed at the Real Alcázar in Seville, October 14th-22nd. Production is still believed to be returning to Osuna in October to film at other locations.

This Spanish news report, with the aerial footage, displays the Osuna sites where Game of Thrones will most likely be filming in the future.

And in other locations news, it looks like Portstewart Strand filming has been completed, and with a friendly message for the accommodating locals.

So everything’s done on the beach. Back to the studios, or will we see cast members next in Moneyglass or somewhere else in Northern Ireland?

Sue the Fury
Susan Miller, Editor in Chief of


  1. Walter Harrow:
    Im hoping we get some news about Arya/Maisie’s story/filming soon

    I believe she will only do studio stuff in NI this season so we won’t get much info of her storyline until they begin shooting in Croatia.

  2. Next season will sure be interesting when they are shooting in locations and we will have little idea what for.

  3. fuelpagan,

    We already don’t know what most of the plotlines are going to be since they are going to cut so many of them,not that i’m complaining,we have entered the territory where the books have gone down the shitter imo so i personally i’m fine with it .

  4. So do we know if Emilia was in Spain? Is she even done filming for the new Terminator movie?

  5. Patchy Face,

    In my opinion AFFC is one of the worst books i have ever read,now granted i don’t read that many books but of the ones i have read it’s definitely in my top 5 of the worst ones,i’m sure it’s better than filth like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey but that isn’t really saying much. As for ADWD the only thing saving it from being on par with Feast it’s the whole northern plotline otherwise the other stuff especially the Essos plotline it’s pure shit .

  6. Balerion The Cat:
    So do we know if Emilia was in Spain? Is she even done filming for the new Terminator movie?

    No, these were just extras, and the director apparently. No main cast.

  7. They have updated the information and it seems that what they were doing was testing the location, the images they’ve already filmed could be used in the show, but the proper shooting will be in October.

  8. Cami,

    The main filming is in October yes. This definitely wasn’t all of it, and we should see more people later on. But I don’t think you need 50 extras for a bit of testing. Bear in mind they’re quoting the Film Commission president, giving an official statement. I really wish someone in Osuna had actually seen something. That would be helpful.

  9. Sue the Fury,

    It’s pretty hard seeing anything from outside the Plaza, I hope they’ll use that drone again when filming starts. Is that legal though?

  10. Sue the Fury,

    I think their information about the 50 extras is wrong, the person who works for Flytime is the one they’ve got that information from and he said “50 people” he nerver really said that they were extras. I think it was a missunderstanding.

    The Film Commission president never said they have already filmed anything:

    “Sólo puedo decir que el rodaje en Osuna será en octubre y que habrá un gran despliegue. Lo que han hecho hasta ahora son pruebas y trabajos de campo.”

    He said that the filming will be in October and that the only thing they have done is testing and field work.

  11. Sue the Fury,

    Your link says

    that they are testing out inserting a dragon into these shots.

    So maybe they are just testing some choreography things, I imagine it would be quite hard to preplan the events in the Daznak Pit without actually testing it in the location considering all the CGI involved.

    In any case, color me excited.

  12. I would assume they were filming crowd reaction shots in advance of the actual Daznak fights. My brother and dad were extras as part of a crowd shot in a baseball movie that was filming in town. I forgot which one because it was about 20 years ago. No scenes with the main cast were being shot while they were there. They added the crowd in digitally later. I should think they will do the same for the Daznak’s scenes.

  13. jentario:
    Why do all my comments have to await moderation? Is it normal?

    This happened at WiC a lot too, to you in particular, more than any other commenter. I have no idea why, but Akismet, the spam filter, seem to think you’re spam. So I keep fishing you out. Not sure what to do about that yet.

    Not all quoted/spoiler things go in there. Just some, like any other type of comment.

  14. TaviColen123,

    D&D are trying to give the series an end similar to what GRRM has planned for the books or they wouldn’t have bothered him to learn the rest of the story and just made up their own. While they are streamlining the story while adapting it for TV, I don’t think they are completely abandoning where the main characters are going, just how they get there. To that end we know where Jon, Dany, Jaime, Cersei, Arya, Sansa, Tyrion are all roughly headed. We see the show pick a location of a bull ring and have an idea what it might be for. We see them plan to use a long stretch of street in Croatia and we know what for. Next season, we don’t. There could be a few parts that get pushed to the next season, but probably not much for us to be able to latch onto.

    Speculating on casting, locations and the adaptation of the story has been a fun part of this community since the beginning. Next year every location will be like Moneyglass with us wondering what it could be for. There will be little to speculate on adaptation as we simply won’t know.

  15. Patchy Face,

    At this point it would be a beach ball on the end of construction equipment. Dragons are getting too big for a tennis ball and stick to work. 😉

  16. Lady nym,

    While I do have hope we will get TWoW before viewing season 6, I’m not very hopeful we will have the book before they start shooting season 6.

  17. fuelpagan,

    It will be so different won’t it!
    We might be able to glean some details. By the time filming for Season 6 comes along tWOW probably won’t be released, but we could have another few sample chapters to give us some ideas Even if we do though it will be a new game!.

  18. This season is already going to tell us big things from twow such as What happens to

    Jon . No way they are leaving it same as the book , I was hoping the same thing before because I want to read it before watching it but as most of you said yhey can’t end it like this because some pic will leak from s06 set for Kit and spoil every thing + one of the main battles and I’m gussing Winterfall + More action for Bran from TWOW not just the chapters from adwd when they teach him how to use his gift” I hope we could see his vision espicaly that one for Ned with the heart tree” + also I think this season they will push Dorne’s story more quicker than the book maybe we will see Nymeria reachs Kingslanding after Cersi’s walk
  19. Lady nym:
    This season is already going to tell us big things from twow such as What happens to

    This is the biggest reason I think


    was cut (which I have no problem with, btw). Makes the cliffhanger more exciting.

    Still hoping for WoW in 2015…ever the optimist.

  20. Lady nym,

    I agree in hoping they don’t leave that a cliffhanger as the books did. I’m not at all concerned about the show spoiling the books. And some of those may not really be spoilers but just the show taking a different direction. When we found out Talisa was pregnant we were all going nuts just to have the child die at the red wedding. (One theory blown to bits. LOL.) I’m ready for the end of the story and I’ll buy the books when George finally finishes them to read his version of the end.

    I’m simply reflecting that this may be the last year we will be able to speculate on what is in, what is cut, and how the adaptation may take form. Take Jaime going to Dorne for example. Without Feast and Dance we wouldn’t even know how this is different from the books to speculate on what else has been cut. Without the context of knowing the story already, my only comment would be…”Jaime in Dorne, that’s interesting; I wonder what for?” I guess we can still debate on what we hope the books don’t do that the show does. Who knows.

  21. Lady nym,

    Really? I’d enjoy the cliffhanger if they did it aDwD style, but I can sympathize with set photo leak concerns. Still…I cannot see that alone as grounds for changing major plot event pacing/a great season finale.

    Cersei’s walk (and whole arc really) will be great though; such a pivotal point for that character!
  22. jentario:
    Why do all my comments have to await moderation? Is it normal?

    Because you touch yourself at night. You better get right with R’hllor, son.

  23. If i had to guess, they were doing a helicopter shot and the extras will be multiplied with CGI. So that they can begin that scene with a beautiful view of the fighting pits full.

  24. Ragman’s Harbor,

    Does GoT do helicopter shots? I don’t think they have yet, but it would be cool if they started doing them. (I’m pretty sure the Stannis charage in 410 was CGI meant to look like a helicopter shot instead of an actual one).

  25. Cumsprite: Because you touch yourself at night. You better get right with R’hllor, son.

    …And I just spit the drink of coffee I’d taken all over the floor.

  26. TaviColen123,

    Huh. I really don’t get why people have this attitude towards A Feast for Crows. I’m just getting through it now and it’s definitely my favourite of the whole series so far. The whole tone of the story changes, and I’m not sure why everyone finds Dorne and the Greyjoys so boring, the characters are incredibly well-written and riveting. I particularly loved the man-of-few-words Areo Hotah who still managed to provide a fascinating perspective as a POV character. So yeah, I think it’s great. People seem to want these constant “events” like deaths and plot twists or they seem to feel like it’s “going nowhere” – whatever that means, like people’s lives go in some specific “direction”. Fuck the action, fuck the battles, fuck the intrigue, what’s amazing about these books is the characters and their depth – and how all of them are just the people we meet every day in a “fantasy” guise.
    It’s just tiresome to see people banging on the same old refrains, “the show’s going to the dogs” because of the books, etc. Nah, it ain’t, you’re just finding more and more reasons to complain, more and more reasons to be offended, to justify your ranting.

  27. Rien,

    I think it is a different experience when you read the next book after the others and waiting for years before reading the next book. I liked Feast as I just started reading the series when it came out. Dance took a while for me to warm up too. Many see parts of them as filler and it won’t be until the series finishes before they will view them otherwise. There are actually some very important information in those books.

  28. Rien

    My main issue with AFFC was how many character’s story-lines were saved for ADWD. I was impatient to find out where some of their stories were going. Much of this was not GRRM’s “fault,” beyond just writing too much material to be physically bound in one book, so it had to be split into 2 books, if I understand or remember how all that transpired correctly. I don’t know whether it was the editor or GRRM’s decision to split the stories the way they were split, but I would have preferred having all the characters in both books, with half their stories in each. I know, it isn’t quite that simple.

  29. Bott,

    I remember that one! It was in S2E6 I think (watched this show too many times now). It was a pretty amazing shot.

  30. If they’re featuring

    Dany flying off on Drogon this season

    then Trystane/Quentyn is going to have to get his skates on

    if he’s going to be involved in the Queenmaker plot AND go and propose to Dany (I guess him getting roasted can wait until the siege of Mereen which I would guess won’t happen this season)


    I think Feast gets a lot of shit as it was very much a builder book, setting up new plotlines and introducing new characters. I enjoyed it. Not as much as the first three but still a good read.

  31. Lady nym,

    That is damn hilarious! I can’t find it at the moment but I know something else going around on tumblr about a “conversation” between Doran and Oberyn, where Doran questions Oberyn if he’s really the father of the four oldest Sand Snakes and he thinks how they’re all like him

    For summation: Obara hating Westeros, Nymeria having sex with identical twins, Tyene being ready to poison anyone who gets in her way, Sarella infiltrating the Citadel

    and him being “Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re all mine.”

    Back on topic, for the bull ring, didn’t they do something similar with the unsullied army this season? When Dany and Missandei are walking to Daario and Grey Worm they only had a handful of actual people, then CGI’ed duplicates? It might be rehersal but it could also be actual filming, so as to not give too much info as to what is happening there away.

  32. vegan dragon,

    Don’t take that as an attack, because it isn’t, I just really don’t get that way of thinking. How is GOT promoting “bloodsports and animal abuse” by filming in a bull ring? They don’t promoting anything of the sort, they just film on a set. Let’s not over-interpret things.

  33. TheTouchOfFrost,

    I think one season is plenty of time for Trystane’s arc.

    Dorne and his relationship with Myrcella are established in the first four episodes. The Queenmaker plot can be episode 5. Trystane gets sent off to Meereen in episode 6. He arrives in episode 9 to be rebuffed by Dany at the beginning of the episode. She flies off at the end of the episode. He gets charred in episode 10. Season arc complete.
  34. Abyss,

    GOT is filming in active bullring, where animals are still tortured to death to entertain people. There are dozens of closed bullrings in Spain and they could have picked anyone, but they chose one that is still in use. Thus they promote bloodsports and animal abuse.

    I really hope PETA or some other organisation picks this up to make people more aware of animal rights.

  35. vegan dragon,

    They could have picked any one, yes, but they picked the one that most resembled what they were looking for.

    Just like Shane’s Castle in Northern Ireland – there are many castles scattered across N.I., but they chose that one because it fits the bill.

    There’s nothing more to it.

  36. Abyss

    While I don’t agree, I believe the line of thinking goes, they’re filming in an active bull-fighting ring—>fans of the show will be interested in visiting any site used in the filming of GoT—>because of that, more people will want to visit the active bull-fighting ring used, therefore, it is tacitly promoting bullfighting (bloodsports and animal abuse).

    Speaking of Daznak’s Pit, I really hope

    Dany flying off on Drogon

    is the last image we see of that character for the season. I know some are of a different mind, but that’s what I’d love! With all the cuts, though, it may well be that happens earlier in the season.

  37. vegan dragon,

    Maybe GoT shouldn’t have filmed in Morocco when the penal code allowed rapists of underage girls to avoid prosecution by marrying their victims?
    Or Croatia where they have voted against Gay marriage.
    Whilst we’re at it how dare they film the majority of the series in Northern Ireland which still has outmoded and oppressive abortion laws.
    Are you saying that the show supports all of these things just because they’ve filmed there? Guilty by association?
    I think Bull fighting is a pretty vile custom but come on, to try and have a go at a TV show for using a certain type of building is far too cynical.

  38. vegan dragon,

    There is a big deference between promoting something and choosing a location. GOT doesn’t go around and tells people to watch bull fighting. That would be promoting it. You could argue, that they are promoting the bull ring, and I would agree with that, but that does not mean, they promote or even agree with what is happing there. Could the people who are actually promoting the bull fights twist it that way? Yes, but that can be done with pretty much everything. People have always used the popularity of a good thing to promote a bad one and some people might fall for it. That sucks, but it will never change.
    Bottom line is, the only thing that promotes bloodsports and animal abuse here is the bull fighting itself.

  39. Regarding ADWD/AFFC, I think the main problem is that they’re one story split in two, but instead of being 50%/50% it’s more 25%, 45%. AFFC had a measly amount of POVs and it only covered a small amount of ground. He took 200-300 pages of book and filled it out so that ADWD wouldn’t have to be split in two… (which is ironic because in Britain ADWD IS split in two)… that results in filler chapters like Jaime standing vigil or Jaime having a chapter with Devan/Daven Lannister or Brienne doing mostly nothing and making acquaintances.
    ADWD was a marked improvement structure wise, except that the final part of the book was cut off, the pay off for about 1500 pages of story was none-existent. Leaving many character arcs incomplete or at a cliffhanger, and man did GRRM wear cliffhangers and fake deaths thin in AFFC/ADWD.

    I think the content was very good, apart from those filler chapters (and I only mean the ones he wrote to literally fill out AFFC)

    ps Daznak’s Pit is gonna be amaaaazing

  40. Will the locusts be in, and if so, who do y’all think will be…dealing…with them?

  41. Tatters:
    vegan dragon,

    Peta is already trying to bring down the show, it would be ironic.

    All, seemingly, to no avail.

    Here’s an interesting quote from Peter Dinklage regarding it:

    “Award-winning Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, who plays the popular character Tyrion Lannister on the show, is himself a member of PETA and a vegetarian, but on this issue he seems to disagree with Newkirk and the organization. “We’ve never had an instance of any animals being harmed on our show, not that I’m aware of,” Dinklage said in a recent interview with an English newspaper. “This is a fantasy series, and in the world these characters inhabit, animal cruelty is just a part of their everyday lives. They can’t simply walk into a grocery store and get food like we can today. I don’t think we’re glorifying these animal deaths, and if I did, I wouldn’t be a part of this series.” ”

    The whole article is worth reading, imo, especially as it points out the co-founder of PETA, who is involved in this particular campaign, has never watched a full episode of the show.

  42. To prevent myself from launching into a diatribe about PETA, especially as this isn’t the place, I would encourage anyone who thinks PETA is all about being good to animals to do a little research. You’d be amazed and appalled, or at least I was, to learn they condone, promote, and in some cases even actively participate in the killing of many animals. I, personally, will never send them another cent.

    Moving on, I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone had mentioned Nell Tiger Free had already been working on GoT in Belfast. They cited her twitter account wherein she stated she was leaving Belfast.

    So, was she just rehearsing, and if she was shooting, they did a great job of keeping it under wraps.

  43. vegan dragon,

    I like my murder cooked to a cool, purple center served with steamed asparagus and garlic potatoes on the side.

    PETA is too busy suffocating puppies in the trunk of a Prius to give a fat fuck about where GOT films a scene.

  44. Oh, shit. Oops. They certainly got me on that one. I just knew Dinklage was a vegetarian, so when someone mentioned they’d already tried to shut down production, I googled “Dinklage, Game if Thrones, PETA.” That article popped up. I knew I recognized the name of the site, but I couldn’t remember why. I won’t forget, again…hahaha.

    (I’m the type who usually tries to find a secondary/back-up source, too, but PETA just really gets to me…and I’m a vegetarian who spent years working for a no-kill animal adoption program…so I didn’t do my due diligence)

    My apologies!

  45. Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Yep, PETA will euthanize any cat or dog brought to them because they think it’s wrong to keep them as pets. I don’t really understand that. Both animals, but particularly dogs have been living with humans for so long they’ve actually evolved to be different from their wild ancestors. My cats seem to be pretty happy with me. And why not? They get free room and board and love. Dracarys used to be a stray and she shows no desire to leave my apartment. She’d rather live with me than be free outdoors.

    This is turning into a rant and I’ve been drinking so I’ll shut up now. But really, fuck PETA.

  46. Am i the only one who think that aerial shot will be used in the later episode to look down from the above the sands and grass by a certain character

  47. Do you believe that book Doran actually wants Marcylla to Marry Trystane ?

    I was waiting for him to say somerhing about that in the books but he didn’t ! I thought that maybe doran agreed first just to not make dorne in place of traitors by not helping the crown + maybe he just agreed because he wanted the seat in the small cunsel because it was of a personal value to his mastar plan ” remember later in the books he said that he told obryen to watch them carfully and to find their weaknesses and to find people who are ready to be our inside spys ? / even after Obryen’s death and after he knew of Cersie’s filthy plot to murder poor Trystane to you think he still wants this marriage ?

    What do you think ?

  48. Lion of Night:
    House Mormont,

    Have you read those two in one of the alternate reading orders? There’s a pretty great one here:

    Chronological. Of course, “filler” chapters are still there, but it really altered the experience for me second time around.

    Yes I finished the books for the first time 3 months ago and I read AFFC and ADWD by this order and it was very good better than reading a book by book I didn’t have to wait till I finish affc to know what happen to the rest of the characters .

  49. Jorn:
    Lion of Night,

    This seems really interesting. Do you think it’s convenient for a first read?

    It absolutely is! I’m still pissed at myself for not using this reading order when I first read AFFC & ADWD. I read the books as 1 book only recently using this combined order, and it’s just a much, much better reading experience (also in terms of tone and character variety). It’s a lot different. And you know, in the end it was always MEANT to be one book, so now that you have the chance to read it as one, why not do it?

  50. Jorn,

    I’d be hesitant using it for the first read-through because of how certain book spoilers happen in the books as two separate novels. I think it spoils some things earlier than the normal reading order.

    For me personally, the division of POVs wasn’t too bad because they were mostly separated geographically. Also there seem to be a ton of parallels between the two, which is fun if you’re reading them back to back.

    Edit: If spoilers don’t phase you, go for it (This would have driven me nuts the first time around haha)

  51. WeirwoodTreeHugger:
    Nymeria Warrior Queen,

    Yep, PETA will euthanize any cat or dog brought to them because they think it’s wrong to keep them as pets.I don’t really understand that.Both animals, but particularly dogs have been living with humans for so long they’ve actually evolved to be different from their wild ancestors.My cats seem to be pretty happy with me.And why not?They get free room and board and love.Dracarys used to be a stray and she shows no desire to leave my apartment.She’d rather live with me than be free outdoors.

    This is turning into a rant and I’ve been drinking so I’ll shut up now.But really, fuck PETA.

    I didn’t know that about PETA. My cat was from a British rescue society (Cats Protection League) and they have a policy of re-adopting cats and trying to find them new homes if anything happens to the owner. I am mature in human years (which was one of the reasons I said I was prepared to have an older cat) and my cat is mature in feline years so hopefully I’ll be around for the rest of her years. I still have to confine her to barracks in certain hours of daylight in June (when the fledglings are learning to fly) though, despite her age.

  52. I first read AFFC and ADWD in book order ( no choice really as ADWD hadn’t come out when I got AFFC!) and it did seem a bit of a grind. Re-reading in merged FeastDance order – I slightly changed it from strict Boiled Leather order – did make it a lot more satisfying, although still some chapters dragged. It does help in that you don’t get certain characters dropping totally out of the story in book order for so long only to realise that you’ve gone back in time when you get back to them…

    Still I would say for a first time reading better to stick with book order as things are revealed in the sequence GRRM intended.

  53. Jorn:
    Lion of Night,

    This seems really interesting. Do you think it’s convenient for a first read?

    I’ve only read AFFC and ADWD like this and it works really nicely. It flows well and has no spoilers if you use the non-spoiler reading order on boiledleather.

    Still not a fan of AFFC/ADWD but then that’s not uncommon among book readers.

  54. Getting back to the topic of what they were filming at the location, my guess would be that they were shooting background plates for vfx shots. Since that’s going to be cgi intensive scene to rival the wights in season 4, they probably want to get working on it asap.

  55. Sorry, the Spanish government has bankrupted the GOT production, no more seasons of GOT will be produced, should have shot it in Portugal.

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