The Game of Thrones Season 8 Soundtrack is Now Available!

game of thrones season 8 soundtrack

One of Game of Thrones‘ greatest assets has always been its music. Luckily this year we don’t have to wait to hear it all over again, as WaterTower Music has released Game of Thrones (Music from the HBO Series) Season 8, the soundtrack from the final season, as of midnight last night. The album features music by the show’s Emmy Award-winning composer Ramin Djawadi and is available for sale digitally and for streaming today, with a Double CD scheduled for release scheduled for July 19 and a vinyl release later this year.

The release is loaded with 32 tracks, including the 9-minute opus “The Night King” featured in “The Long Night.” The album also includes an instrumental version of “Jenny of Oldstones”, the Westeros classic that tugged our heartstrings in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.”

In case you were hankering for yet another cover of “The Rains of Castamere”, you’re in luck!  This one is from Djawadi and Serj Tankian, the lead vocalist of System of a Down.

“The music for season eight concludes the story arc of Game of Thrones,” explained Djawadi in a press release from HBO.  “Though it’s tough to say goodbye to the series, I hope this soundtrack transports the listener back to the world of Westeros.  It’s been such an honor to be a part of this incredible show for the past eight years.”

The track listing:

  1. Main Title
  2. The Rains of Castamere performed by Ramin Djawadi & Serj Tankian
  3. Arrival at Winterfell
  4. Flight of Dragons
  5. Heir to the Throne
  6. Jenny of Oldstones
  7. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
  8. The Battle of Winterfell
  9. The Dead are Already Here
  10. Battle for the Skies
  11. The Long Night Pt. 1
  12. The Long Night Pt. 2
  13. The Night King
  14. Dead Before the Dawn
  15. Not Today
  16. Farewell
  17. Outside the Gates
  18. The Bells
  19. The Last War
  20. Into the Fire
  21. For Cersei
  22. Believe
  23. Stay a Thousand Years
  24. Nothing Else Matters
  25. Master of War
  26. Be with Me
  27. The Iron Throne
  28. Break the Wheel
  29. You Have a Choice
  30. The White Book
  31. The Last of the Starks
  32. A Song of Ice and Fire

Announced a couple weeks ago, the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience returns this fall for a 20-city amphitheater tour, bringing the music of Ramin Djawadi (who will conducting and performing at select shows) to life at outdoor theaters across North America. Fans can relive the greatest musical pieces and footage from all eight seasons in an immersive outdoor concert experience. For a full list of tour dates and tickets, visit HERE!

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  1. I got tickets to the Chicago concert for the hubs birthday and he doesn’t know yet because our anniversary is this weekend so I’m gonna tell him then after I give him his much lamer anniversary present. Yeh. Stoked.

  2. My favourite soundtrack definetley has to be “Master of War”. It’s a sad love song to all the Dany themes!

  3. Man. I have looped “Night King” all night. My boy Theon’s death. I know Jaimes arc was fantastic but my overall fave was Theon-Reek. Such a great redemption. He turned out to be a good man. Sigh.

  4. Say what you will of the show itself but Ramin Djawadi improved every frakkin’ year start to finish and I’ll not hear otherwise.

  5. Has anyone seen the shredfest with RD, Tom Morello, scott Ian, Brad paisley, and one of the D’s? Sorry/ I can’t remember which one is which. (And he’s actually a good guitarist/ who would have guessed)
    What started as rather awkward was actually pretty awesome.

  6. The true MVP this season, just an incredible piece of work. A Knight of the seven Kingdoms just makes me cry, especially knowing what comes after. It sounds like a version of ‘I am yours and you are mine’ from season 2. Oh I have something in my eye….

  7. I might not be very objective as I was expecting this album so much and I’m such in love with GoT OST. But:
    All tracks are good.
    Most are great.
    Many are incredible.
    And if I had to choose one, it’s not easy with Ramin’s work, but “Not Today”… those chorus… no words needed.

  8. So many amazing tracks on this soundtrack. One of my favourites is Last of the Starks – the montage of Jon, Arya and Sansa at the end. The way he ties in all the themes is masterful. I love the Arya theme with the Winterfell theme woven around it. He’s a master at his craft!

  9. Che:

    One of my favourites is Last of the Starks – the montage of Jon, Arya and Sansa at the end.

    I’ve had this one on endless loop. It’s so beautiful, particularly at 3:04 & 3:19. Goose pimples!

  10. I’m waiting for the complete series soundtrack in limited edition collector’s tome from the library of the Citadel. I purchased the same for LoTR, Zeppelin, U2

  11. ThisGirlHasNoName,

    Thank you! And thank the 7 for this site, I am dying not being able to squeal with peeps IRL bc they WILL blab…this lil community is so special to me!

  12. I would like to add my thanks to all the people who run this website and everyone who has ever contributed to it.

    I didn’t post very often but always enjoyed reading through the content and comments.

    I would also like to say the show was not perfect and suffered a bit in the later years. However, this was a book adaption and they ran out of books. So to my mind working off a rough outline with a few major plot points must have been incredibly difficult.

    Please bear in mind GRRM has struggled for 8 years so far trying to knit his vision together into a sixth book. David and Dan didn’t have that luxury, nor did they have an unlimited budget or filming schedule. Each of these episodes are packed with more visual treats and iconic shots than most films.

    Did they struggle to move the peices into there correct positions, yes they did. Did the writing suffer as a result yes it did. Even with all its problems I still see it as the greatest thing I have ever seen.

    Will we see it’s like again? I hope so, and if we do well have Game of Thrones thanks for paving the way.

    Thanks to you all.

  13. Does the instrumental version of Jenny of Oldstones remind anybody of the music from The Witcher 3?

    For fans of that game, I was getting some serious White Orchard and Velen vibes from this rendition 🙂

  14. Ramin has outdone himself yet again. “Genius” really doesn’t go far enough to describe just how talented he is.

    My favorite tracks at the moment after listening to the full album a few times …

    1. The Night King (The Night King’s final march to the Godswood in “The Long Night”) – As if “Light of the Seven” weren’t enough, we now have definitive proof: Ramin + Piano = God Level.

    2. The Iron Throne (Drogon melting down the Iron Throne and carrying Dany’s body away in “The Iron Throne”) – So far, I have cried every time I have watched this scene AND every time I have listened to this track (and how many times is that? Well … a lot). That’s a true rarity, and a testament to the emotional power that comprised every element of that beautiful yet absolutely heartrending scene.

    3. The Last of the Starks (from the series-ending montage of the Stark children in “The Iron Throne”)

    4. Believe (from Arya’s discovery of the Pale Horse and final ride out of the City in “The Bells”

    5. Jenny of Oldstones (instrumental version of Pod’s song from “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”) – The melody alone is gorgeous. That being said, my only regret about this album is that I wish a version of this song with vocals had been included (preferably Daniel Portman’s, since the version with Florence + the Machine had already been released separately. Alas.

    6. The White Book (Brienne writing Jaime’s Kingsguard entry) – This is another moment where watching the scene OR just listening to this music has made me cry every single time so far.

    7. The Last War (the invasion of King’s Landing right up until the moment Dany and Drogon take off to burn the city from “The Bells”)

    8. Farewell (the opening funeral scene in “The Last of the Starks”)

    9. Arrival at Winterfell (Jon and Dany’s procession in “Winterfell”)

    10. For Cersei (Jaime and Cersei’s final moments together in “The Bells”) – Mixing “Light of the Seven” and “The Rains of Castamere” together … it’s unreal.

    11. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (Jaime knighting Brienne in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”)

    I realize that’s a third of the entire album, but I could have easily kept going …

  15. God damn. I already had time to adjust to The Night King, so for now I’m getting the hardest chills from For Cersei and Master of War makes me cry.

  16. hexonx,

    The song is “Master of war”. The songs of the throne room scene are together in the list. “Be with me” is the song that plays when Jon stabs Dany, and “The iron throne” comes after.

    I’ve listened to the soundtrack and I think it’s the second best Ramin has done in the show, after the mesmerizing soundtrack of season 6.

  17. Does anyone know the song played when Jon says good bye to his family at the docks? It’s been in the show before but I don’t know what theme it is.

  18. Jared:

    I realize that’s a third of the entire album, but I could have easily kept going …

    Please do – this is really helpful! 😀

  19. Tiago,

    Thanks! The part I was looking for is at the end of Master of War, the nice somber choral version of the theme. I was hoping it would be a separate track but this will do.

  20. Being a fan of dark ambient I am really loving Outside the Gates. I wish there were more scenes showing Dany’s descent into madness with this type of unhinged/unsettling music.

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