Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2 “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” Video Recap Roundup

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Episode Two of Game of Thrones has been and gone, and you’ve survived (which is exactly unlike what most of the characters will be doing next week…).  To prepare yourself for that oncoming storm, why not enjoy our Video Recap Roundup for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms?

First up, a two hour review (you know that’s in-depth) from Westeros History, featuring special guest Joanna Robinson from Vanity Fair (and A Cast of Kings, A Storm of Spoilers and a hundred other podcasts.)

But if you’re shorter on time and you fancy some Antipodean laughs then Ozzy Man is surely the way to go.

The good folks at HappyCool, with Watcher’s on the Wall’s very own Axechucker!

Some more Thrones’y comedy with Dem Thrones.

Thrones Talk from Collider Videos.  

The review from Smokescreen.

The Rawrist review.

By popular request, Funny or Die’s Gay of Thrones, featuring Anna Faris!

The Young Turks (formerly What the Flick?!) with their review special.

Finally we’ve got some awesome reaction videos for you, kicking off with this one from the chaps at Blind Wave.

This one from The Normies (Part Two is here.)

And of course some fabulous reactions from the lovely folks at Burlington Bar! (Be sure to check out Parts 2 and 3 as well.)

Enjoy those and brace yourselves, crypt death is coming!


  1. Everything you did brought you to where you are now. Where you belong. Home

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if Bran said this to the Night King??

    Probably not 🙂

  2. scholagladiatoria is a historical weapon and combat expert and talks about Arya’s new weapon. It isn’t really a spoiler, but a theory speculation due to her weapon of choice.

    Arya Stark’s New Choice of Weapon – Game of Thrones Season 8 (spoiler alerts!)

    I still think Arya should have some kinda proper armor on…

  3. Awww, thank you!!! I did not know where Cenk, Ben and John had gone. I was missing their take on these final episodes. I don’t always agree with their views, but certainly I enjoy their passion and dynamic about the show.

    I really enjoy the guys from NewRockstars, specially the breakdown analysis they do a few days after the episode airs. I like their attention to detail.

    Although I am sucker for most video reviews I can get my eyes and ears on (as a mechanism for survival until the next episode!), with every passing season I’ve grown more fond of those reviews that come out after the posters that take some time to process and ponder what went on in the episode and think about it’s meaning on a more ample scope.

    The reviews that come right after the episodes end tend to be very light and usually full of nipticking and arm-chair directing which I personally do not care for. It is very common to hear criticisms that stem from the fact the reviewer was not paying close attention (he/she was tweeting or writing notes) or did not understand something.

    In the end, I feel how I feel about the episode and that is not going to change, so I don’t need anyone convicing me it was good or bad. Plus, some of the suggestions that supposedly would have “improved” the episodes tend to be terrible if you consider them!

    That’s why I love AltShiftX, Ozzy Man, NewRockstars, Nerd Soup and the like. They re-watch scenes and ellaborate more about what we saw.

  4. BigMac,

    Thanks for posting that Awesome Walter one. I’m always looking for new fresh video takes. My first go to’s are Smoke Screen, Ozzyman and Because Geek (but I think she does not put her’s out until much later in the week), but I like to check out new ones when I discover them.

    I haven’t finished watching the Awesome Walter one yet, but I like it so far. I like the kind of retro “Wayne’s World” feel it has.

  5. viki,

    “I still think Arya should have some kinda proper armor on…”
    Arys has the element of surprise. She doesn’t need armor when someone’s caught with his pants down.

  6. Ten Bears:

    “I still think Arya should have some kinda proper armor on…”
    ________Arys has the element of surprise. She doesn’t need armor when someone’s caught with his pants down.

    She is going into battle… not a secret mission. Against the dead… not great thinkers. Some might not even have pants on, lol 🙂

    Battles are chaos, everyone fighting hard and dirty – not really the time or place for the element of surprise or fancy tricks.

    Hope at the very least they drape some chain mail over poor Bran’s body while he awaits the NK.

  7. Thanks for collecting these in one place, one easy click away for us, Geoffery.

    One tiny request. Could you indicate the runtime for each of these in the description so potential watchers don’t have to click on them individually to see how long they are. Sometimes you have 20 minutes to spare, sometimes two hours.

    I have a soft spot for Ozzyman but I also like some of the longer-format ones, such as the Collider gang panel discussion and History of Westeros – the show-only one with Sean and the ever positive and personable Aziz – cant stand the book-to-show one with that Asshai woman.

  8. viki,

    Well, TV/movie armour is never really realistic. Notice how all main character go into battle with no helmet on!!!

    That’s of course because we need to be able to recognise them in the chaos and see their facial reactions in close-ups.

    At least Arya is faring better than that woman in an old skit where the men got badass full armour (minus the helmet, of course) and the warrior princess got a bikini with some bits of chainmail and metal attached to it 😀

    Also, Arya, like Bronn and Oberyn, might prefer lighter armour to preserve better movement, so crucial to their, especially her, fighting style.

    Hm. Maybe they should’ve turned Bran’s wheelchair into a some sort of a light armoured vehicle…

  9. For completeness, here’s the review of S8E2 from Alt Shift X.

    Very detailed as always with references to the books which give a deeper insight into some of the characters and their ancestry – Enjoy 🙂

  10. So happy to see you, Axey! I always watch HappyCool video recaps on GOT, it’s my favourite, and I miss you when you’re not there. I love Sandrine’s enthusiasm and your black humour approach, it’s a perfect match.

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