Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3 “The Queen’s Justice” Video Recap Roundup

Jaime Olenna the end

Well, friends, it’s that time of week again. Time for you to bathe under the torrent of tweets Axechucker assembles in his Twitter recap. Time to polish off your predictions for next Sunday. Time to let your favorite video people go into conniptions (or not) over Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen facing off. Who will be close to fainting? Who will be unimpressed? Does anyone in Planetos really not know about Jaime and Cersei at this point? SO MUCH POISON. Watch and discuss!

History of Westeros is one of the sources I was most interested in for analysis of this episode, particularly the Jon/Dany scene. Is this representative of what the scene will be like in the books? Are the Stark kids really going to reunite in Winterfell? Their book-to-show review comes out tonight, Wednesday, so let’s watch to see what they think of the show and what we may see on the pages of the upcoming novels if they ever get released


Yo, Emergency Awesome’s videos are en fuego take a look

Cenk was too busy yelling at Democrats at Politicon to weigh in, but the panel on What the Flick?! has the radiant Kim Horcher as a sub


Did y’all like Nerdist this week? Including them for a second time, see what you think.
HappyCool: No Kenny, no curr. JUST KIDDING! <3
Ozzy Man: Look at that sub count, man, way to go. The first time I heard of Ser Ozzy was word of mouth suggesting to check out his Game of Thrones videos. Let’s petition him to come to Con of Thrones.

Before you comment about it, like I said last week I’m switching reviewers in and out because you guys like a whole lot of people. Keep commenting with suggestions and yell at notify me when I leave out one of your favorites so I know. Have a fantastic rest of week!


  1. I love people from History of Westeros, but it’s just too long. I was very happy to see them on Game of owns because I like to listen to them but more than 2 hours is too much for me.

  2. I was sooooo disappointed that Cenk was not on WhatTheFlick! I love Kim, but Meredith turned me off so badly that I couldn’t finish watching the video in its entirety. 🙁 After Buzz was OK. And that’s it for me.

  3. New Rockstars has a great video breakdown (from Eric) every week but it usually comes out on Thursday. One of the best in terms of talking about director decisions, music, and stuff like that.

    New Rockstars also has a Q and A w/a map where they locate everyone for the episode, that comes out earlier in the week. It’s not as good as the breakdowns later, but still useful.

  4. I live for Ozzy Man and Gay of Thrones, I love how hilarious they are but it’s still a good review. All Kings Considers is so fun to watch, got a serious woman crush on Jessica Cabot.

  5. History of Westeros is a good one. But I don’t think it’s even possible to do any form of book to screen (or screen to book now) projections anymore. While you can see the hallmarks of the main end points GRRM provided them starting to play out, the circumstances to get to those points will differ. Perhaps greatly differ. Will Jon and Dany meet for the first time on Dragonstone? It makes narrative sense, but who knows. It’s difficult sometimes to remember that Stannis is still alive, Jon is dead, Sansa is still in the Vale. I just don’t think there’s anyway to make projections anymore about if what we’re seeing is from GRRM or made up by D&D.

  6. Please, include in the next video round up the guys from Got academy.
    They’re awesome !
    Also, love Ozzy Man! Would be very Nice to see him in The Con .

  7. Off topic, but a big thumbs up to Kit

    Game of Thrones’s Harington backs disability campaign

    Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington has called on the government to fund six years’ back pay for overnight carers.
    Revenue & Customs has ruled care workers sleeping overnight to provide safety and reassurance should get the national minimum wage for all hours.
    But Harington fears people such as his cousin Laurent, who has Down’s syndrome and autism, could suffer as a result.
    The government said it would “ensure that action taken to protect workers is fair and proportionate”.
    But Harington said: “If the charities can’t pay this bill, then people are going to be left without the care they need.”…
    “Our duty for society is to care for the most vulnerable in our society. If this bill is having to be paid by the charities that cannot pay it, the most vulnerable in our society are going to be left without care.
    “That’s not a society I believe in or want to live in, so it’s of the greatest importance, and it’s urgent.”

  8. Ozzy Man gets better all the time!! He’s really grown since the early reviews, IMO. Awesome job.

    Conversely while I’m still amused by Gay of Thrones it doens’t quite have the “magic” it used to. Oh well. 🙂

    I was sooooo disappointed that Cenk was not on WhatTheFlick! I love Kim, but Meredith turned me off so badly that I couldn’t finish watching the video in its entirety. 🙁After Buzz was OK. And that’s it for me.

    IKR? Every word Kim said was spot on, while word Merideth said was… not, lol. Ben even alluded to it when he was like “well we’ve made two good points here today and they’ve both been from Kim!!” after Meredith had been talking like 50% of the time hahaha… shade thrown… :p

    Anyway Keep Kim Get back here Cenk!!

  9. I usually enjoy Whattheflick! panels, but this week it was seriously lacking John and Czenk. I mean, I like Kim from other series reviews, but the other two new panelists were not good at all, specially the guy… ugh!

    I am really enjoying the ColliderVideos reviews this season (somehow I end up always watching panels where Dennis is in!)

    I also enjoy the NewRockstars breakdown videos (with Eric Voss). These drop a day or two before the new episode airs (right about the same time as AltShiftX’s videos). This year they are also doing a Q&A video with Filup Molina and Maude Garrett, that is not bad (I prefer much more than the EmergencyAwsome Q&A videos).

    Of course I always wait for AltShiftX and Ozzy Man Reviews.

    The Nerd Soup videos are kind of fun:

    And if you speak Spanish, I really recommend HBOLatinAmerica’s SpoilerAlert videos for Argentina (there are some videos done for Mexico, but they’re not as good). Fiorella, the woman is excellent providing background information from the books.

    I am veering away from reviews where people spend a lot of time commenting how the show missed or nailed their expectations, because, seriously, who cares… Those reviews that do not provide any additional context from the books, from a historical perspective, or that don’t give any thematic analysis, for me are just like listening to any regular Joe talk about it… And for that, I’d rather read @Axechucker’s Twitter recap on Wednesdays or watch the Burlington Bar reactions.

  10. My favourites are Alt-Shift-X (Quick and informative) and Because Geek (Val is really good, loves the story, insightful and comes across well).

  11. People have recommended AltShiftX before and so I checked it out. Sadly, I didn’t care for his constant book vs show nitpicks. It’s a dry recap, which is easy to follow, just didn’t like the negative griping over changes which mean nothing to me – being a watcher who lost interest in the books after the FoC.

    Can anyone rec some the best mostly Unsullied show video recaps/reviews instead? It isn’t clear which are which in these posts and I think it would help to know.

    I know that we’re finally entering uncharted territory with book readers, but still, to have someone annoyed Jorah got cured because Jon Connington’s character (who isn’t even on the show) had a different greyscale arc – for example – seems awfully petty.

    I like Ozzy’s ripper vids, and Collider seems to achieve a nice balance between having a book person offering some insight along with mostly Unsullied watchers giving their thoughts. Is there any other channel that is worthy of checking out either for the humor or show only/mostly analysis?

    Wish Andre the Black Nerd watched the show, his Riverdale recaps were hilarious.

  12. Finally (almost a week later after Ep3 aired) to round off the video previews, here’s the one many of us have been waiting for from Alt Shift X

  13. I agree Nerd Soup is fun but I’m not sure it’s super informative, just fans with an excellent delivery and humour.

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