Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Preview: The Door

Isaac Hempstead Wright as Bran Stark and Vladimir Furdik as The Night King. Credit: Courtesy HBO

“Bran, wake up!”

Tyrion seeks a strange ally. Bran learns a great deal. Brienne goes on a mission. Arya is given a chance to prove herself.

Have a look at the official episode photos here.

“The Door” is the first of Jack Bender’s two episodes this season, who is making his Thrones directorial debut. It is written by David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

Cian: I think everyone is excited to see the return of the Night’s King in this episode, who Sue recently noted is now played by stuntman Vladimir Furdik. Something else that looks like it holds significant dramatic weight is the first meeting between a more stalwart and world-weary Sansa and Littlefinger since their paths diverged at Winterfell last season.

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    1. Bill Simmons called this episode an “all-timer”, so really excited to see what they have in store!

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    2. Very excited about Bran’s visions and Kingsmoot. Can’t wait to see how Littlefinger talks himself out of this one.

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    3. Yeah, everything I’ve heard about this episode indicates we’re in for it. So that’s something to look forward to.

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    4. Sue the Fury:
      Yeah, everything I’ve heard about this episode indicates we’re in for it. So that’s something to look forward to.

      And here I thought it could not get any better. YAY!!!

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    5. Sue, just a quick idea I have for a series of WOTW posts. A throwback which compiles everything we know so far about the upcoming episode. Significant filming photos, casting and things like that.

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    6. Sue the Fury:
      Yeah, everything I’ve heard about this episode indicates we’re in for it. So that’s something to look forward to.

      The Starks head to Winterfell! Petyr gets a much deserved scolding from Sansa and hopefully she puts him in his place! Theon, Yara, Euron and Aeron clash at the kingsmoot! Creepy High Priestess Kinvara is introduced! Daenerys movilizes the Dothraki and Jorah reveals his greyscale! Bran gets some more Winterfell, Children of the Forest and White Walker backstory! And that’s just what we can infer from the promotional photographs and TV spot. It does sound like a pretty amazing episode, especially for an episode 5.

      Has there even been such an eventful mid-season episode?

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    7. Can’t wait to see bran and NK .what happens with them in the vison .

      And also can’t wait to see kinerva being introduced. .hope she gives more details about prophecy than what we learned from the leaked audition tape ..

      Iam wondering what episode did cogman write …

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    8. dragonbringer: Iam wondering what episode did cogman write …

      6 and 7 seem the most likely, “Blood of My Blood” and “The Broken Man”. Which is quite exciting! That probably means Cogman adapted the Broken Man speech, some of the Riverrun siege, and wrote the Tower of Joy reveal, the Tyrell-Faith confrontation, Sam confronting his father, as well as the presumed gathering of Northern Lords at Bear Island with badass Lyanna Mormont and hopefully Wyman Manderly.

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    9. Anyone here think Jorah’s greyscale arm can be healed by one of the red priests / priestesses, (Moqorro / Kinvara)? Could he end up with the “smoking and blackened” arm like Victarion Greyjoy?

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    10. Bran’s scenes alone look like all-timers, so I’m hyped to get some answers about the WW and whatever else he is seeing.

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    11. My bets:

      Beyond the Wall

      Hodor History!
      The Children & White Walkers

      Iron Islands



      Brienne & Pod mission to Riverrun
      Sansa & Davos to Bear Island
      Sansa tells Littlefinger to redeem himself sending Vale troops
      Jon & Mel, Wildlings head out to … not sure where but don’t think bear Island. I could be wrong


      Tyrion & co get R’hllor support

      Vaes Dothrak

      Khalasar rides to the slave cities for war
      Jorah reveals greyscale and is sent in advance to Dorne to search allies


      Arya gets a mission with an acting troupe
      Boobage according to Sean C.

      King’s Landing

      The mountain does something aweful and takes of his helmet

      Sadly absent

      Dorne, Horn Hill (though I expect both to be back for Blood of my Blood

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    12. Cersei’s Brain:

      Can’t wait For BCog’s episodes – love his writing…

      I find that Cogman sometimes struggles with wholly original material, unlike D&D. He’s great at adaptation, though, especially when he finds little kernels from the books and fleshes them out and turns them into great scenes. That’s why I’m excited to see his take on the siege of Riverrun, Meribald’s “Broken Man” speech, hopefully Manderly’s “The North Remembers” speech, and the other few remaining things that are still based on already published books.

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    13. Ok I’ve watched it enough times to be able to say that

      I do not believe that the Nights King is actually grabbing Bran. I think that it’s just a visual cue of Bran feeling Meera grabbing him, shaking him out of his Vision. I don’t think Bran can actually affect the past in any way.

      That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

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    14. Luka Nieto,

      Yeah that makes sense because he is the one who keeps most of the book lines in the show..
      So I guess we will be getting broken man speech in its entirety ..and watever we get from TOJ as well .
      Hype .


      I have been calling that ever since he got that disease last year ..
      I even started a thread on last year I believe ..

      With that said iam dreading the next episode because I have a feeling that they are going to make dany dismiss him again from her services ..which I think dany will never do ..lets see what happens and show don’t go that route ..

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    15. Lyanna_Targaryen,

      Good theory, but I still believe that Bran and the NK truly see each other and that the NK has some greenseer abilities, possibly high level like 3ER, enabling him to interact with Bran. Also, how do we know that the vision is in the past? It could be present or future, which opens more possibilities.

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    16. Luka Nieto: Creepy High Priestess Kinvara is introduced!

      Creepy? Perhaps, but “tantalizing” is the vibe I’m getting from the pics we’ve seen thus far. 🙂

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    17. I think this is going to be a very Bran centric episode. I have a feeling it’s going to be huge and will reveal a lot of about the White Walkers and Children of the Forest.

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    18. Lyanna_Targaryen:
      Ok I’ve watched it enough times to be able to say that…..
      That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.


      I was initially thinking that the NK was going to “break the 4th wall” of Bran’s greenseeing (taking the shout-out to Ned and reaction a bit further) , but if someone (Meera) is trying to wake him up from his trance, then I wonder if the vision will slowly dissolve to reality when the NK touches him.

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    19. bristolcity,

      I just listened to that podcast this morning! Hearing that piece of news woke me right the hell up and got me even more excited for Sunday. Much more effective than coffee. 😉

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    20. Gravemaster:
      Sue, just a quick idea I have for a series of WOTW posts. A throwback which compiles everything we know so far about the upcoming episode. Significant filming photos, casting and things like that.

      My first thought is that Sue would be way too busy to put that together, but my second thought was that maybe Luka Nieto or someone else who logs and tracks these spoilers might have time to run with that. I agree it would be nice.

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    21. Lyanna_Targaryen:
      Ok I’ve watched it enough times to be able to say that

      That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

      Yeah but,

      the wights were staring at Bran too. What could that mean? I like this theory but I think the Night King actually sees Bran and can touch him in his visions, to show us how much more powerful the Night King is than we thought before. That’s what I’m going with 😀

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    22. Surely Sam will arrive at Hornhill this episode. His Dad is a general with the Tyrell arming that will headed to KL. Otherwise they will miss each other?

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    23. Gravemaster,

      That is, as Ginevra suggests, very time-consuming to comb through months of posts every single week. We have the forums available for ideas exactly like this and I really encourage you guys to use the forums to do this so you can crowd-source efforts on an ongoing basis.

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    24. Ginevra,

      Honestly I find it a bit counter-productive. Why make a compendium of every little scrap that we know about an episode we’re gonna see in a matter of days?

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    25. Between this episode and the premiere of “Preacher,” I am so beyond hyped for this Sunday night.

      Thank goodness I already requested Monday off from work (for non-GoT reasons), so I can actually stay up late and watch both shows!

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    26. redxgod:
      Surely Sam will arrive at Hornhill this episode. His Dad is a general with the Tyrell arming that will headed to KL. Otherwise they will miss each other?

      I don’t think we’ll see Tarly in King’s Landing. Mace and Jaime seem to be taking the place of Randyll, it seems. Well, more or less. It’s more like this:

      In the books Randyll Tarly came to King’s Landing commanding the Tyrell army, if I remember correctly, and put Margaery under house arrest at the Red Keep, promising to deliver her to the Faith for her trial. That was skipped in the show and Margaery’s still in jail. I don’t think the show set up in “Book of the Stranger” that the Tyrells are going to force the Faith to free Margaery just to get her in the same situation as Cersei currently is —On parole, basically. So it’s not exactly the same thing they’re doing; this seems to be TWOW material, especially considering the spoilers we heard from the set —That, though Margaery is indeed freed, Tommen and Margaery seem to acquiesce to the High Sparrow and basically make the Crown subservient to the Faith.

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    27. Telperion,

      Yeah. I’ve had that thought too. But I think they would have to have a good reason to transfer that to Jorah and include it in the show. Hopefully we find out pretty soon.

      One interesting thing about that book only character is:

      After the red priest did that, I think his arm/hand was abnormally strong. I just hope that if Jorah gets that treatment and finds he has an abnormally strong arm, he doesn’t get the idea to enlarge the area of the treatment in a desperate attempt to impress Danny. 🙂

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    28. Gravemaster,

      This isn’t as refined as what you’re looking for, but Yaga and I compiled all of the various WOTW filming leaks into a single Google Doc during the offseason. It’s broken down by storyline, not by episode – mostly because we couldn’t always verify what episodes the spoilers were coming from. But if you know what you’re looking for, you might find some details about what you can expect in Episode 5 and beyond. You can also access it through the WOTW forums, in the TV section (it’s stickied at the top).

      Retroactively, there are also some inaccuracies for the aired episodes. For example, we knew that the Dothraki temple would be burned down Episode 4, but we didn’t know that Dany would do it herself, without Drogon’s aid. That was an assumption on our part, because obviously Drogon wouldn’t have been there during filming.

      Luka Nieto also put together a speculative summary, based on filming spoilers, that’s proven to be pretty accurate so far. That’s here (I hope you don’t mind me linking to it, Luka).

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    29. Looks like episode 5 will be one hell of a mythology dump. Like GRRM himself said, things will be spoiled. I still have no clue with regards to the Walkers, they are supposed to not be ‘evil evil’ (like Sauron), but have some kind of background that at least puts their actions in perspective. For all his failings, GRRM is great at plausible, yet unforeseen twists, so I have high hopes there.

      Despite the slight annoyance surrounding Litlefinger’s travel magic (why didn’t they put this scene in episode 2 or 3?), I am very much looking forward to that scene. I expect Sansa to basically tell him to fuck off. Have no clue regarding the rest of the episode, though the new priestess looks mysterious enough. Hoping season 6 continues its strong opening into the mid-section of the season.

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    30. WW/CotF!!!! Kingsmoot! Hodorigins! I am the most excited about those two! Everything else too! 😀

      Anyone here think Jorah’s greyscale arm can be healed by one of the red priests / priestesses, (Moqorro / Kinvara)?Could he end up with the “smoking and blackened” arm like Victarion Greyjoy?

      If I were Daenerys, I would ask for PROOF of magical ability and ask Kinvara to heal Jorah. If yes, then all good. If not, then Kinvara or any other Red Priest/Priestess can be a snack for those hungry, growing, teen sons of Daenerys’. 😀

      Luka Nieto: I find that Cogman sometimes struggles with wholly original material, unlike D&D.

      THIS. Unlike others here, whenever I see “Written by D&D” on Season 6 episodes, I am happy. Like “Book of the Stranger.” I would also that Cogman wrote am adaptation-heavy episode. Though his “Tyrion and Jorah sail by Valyria” is one of my all-time fav. scenes!

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    31. koempel,

      It would be hilarious if the show would actually give a plausible explanation for Littlefinger’s warping ability. If he actually were his own spy and had abilities similar to Bran for example including warping. Don’t see it happen though

      Agree Ep 2 or 3 would have been better for that scene (in S5E10 he was I think still in King’s Landing)

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    32. Freyjoy: Brienne & Pod mission to Riverrun

      I wonder if LF’s arrival at “Sansa’s location” will be before Brienne and Pod leave? It would be interesting to see LF’s reaction to Brienne after their tense encounter last season (during which Brienne dispatched many of his men). How Sansa stands up to LF (regardless of his use of “bullet trains” to get to her) will be quite intriguing.

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    33. Okay. So my new theory on BriPod is as follows:

      Sansa sends them to rally the Riverrun Rebellion army, which we will hear have retaken Riverrun from the Freys in this episode. The leader of that army? Brynden Blackfish. Brienne will get to Riverrun by the tuime Jaime is already there (after running into both the Hound, Meribald and a tackle with the Brotherhood Without Banners and hopefully a surprise reappearance from Gendry, who went there in search of Arya). Now, Brienne will explain to Jaime that in order to keep his oath, he must allow the Blackfish’s army to help Sansa. Frey gets back his castle without a fight, but he lets Blackfish and his men ride off to the North). And so Brienne, the Riverlands army and possibly Jaime as well will be the big deus ex machina of Snowbowl.

      Think about it. The Battle of Six armies is a couple of armies short. We have the Wildlings, the Knights of the Vale, the Loyal Stark Bannermen, the Traitor Stark Bannermen, the Boltons… that’s five. Either they’re structured and counted differently such as counting the Umbers and Karstarks seperately (which would be a bit silly since with that logic you might as well count every house Jon and Sansa rally seperately too) or we’re missing something. This episode has Sansa and Jon sitting around a map planning their next big move: who do they recruit? I think Littlefinger will win Sansa back with the powerful bit of information that the Riverlands have risen up against Walder Frey under Brynden Tully.

      Now what that means for Ruiverrun is that Frey will have retaken it by the end of the season, with the Brotherhood already set up as a threat to him in the region, and as we know from filming leaks ((((((((((((((((((SPOILER))))))))))))))) it seems that Arya is headed there by the end of the season, after becoming a fully trained assassin estranged from the Faceless Men. This sets up Arya’s first arc of season 7, and her first target: Walder Frey. She’ll run in with the BWB on the way there, and in the books Nymeria and the wolf pack will certainly play a role as well as Stoneheart, and I’m also positive that there will be an Arya-Gendry reunion in both show and books (Gendry is the closest thing to an heir of the Stormlands, and her love interest).

      Heard it here first.

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    34. Freyjoy,

      Unless they put it in Episode 4 because they wanted to establish that Littlefinger knew that Jon and Sansa were together at Castle Black before he approached Royce/Robin wanting them to agree to use the forces (therefore the show itself would have to wait until Sansa and Jon were indeed confirmed together). For those of us who suspect that LF might (keyword, MIGHT) be responsible for that letter that was sent to them, the timing would make a little more sense.

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    35. Freyjoy,

      It was never mentioned where he was in EP10. His last scene is the one with Olenna in EP6-7, can’t remember exactly witch.

      Before that he told Cersei he will gather the Knights of the Vale to invade the North.
      So he most likely left after his talk with Olenna.

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    36. kit_hepburn,

      I’m not arguing the theory, I can see why someone would think this way, especially if they read the books.

      But I also believe this is why they showed a Bolton soldier bringing the latter, to make it clear who sent the latter.

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    37. questions !!
      1) how will varys react to this strange new ally tyrion is making ,,he clearly hates the kind ……so will he be angry with tyrion ..or will he encourage it …In the sense that even though I don’t like it .,,but this seems like a good idea …or will be worried about what tyrion is doing and try to persuade him to take some other path …

      2) Why is this new red priestess talking to tyrion and varys anyway ….what does she want? ?
      3) what happens to those dudes from yunkai. ..will they leave mereen safely …I doubt it …..

      B. DANY
      1) how will she react to jorah being there and when she finds out about his greyscale. ..

      C. JANSA
      1) so how will they know which house they can approach and which ones they can’t ….If they want to gather an army …

      which accent is he gonna use .,,will he invent a new one since he is so far north …

      E.) BRAN
      1) where is three eyed raven when bran is near the night king
      2) what is he going to see In winterfell

      3) what is leaf and her leaflets doing ?? is that from present or past ??
      4) and that white walker scene is that present …
      5 ) okay so how is night king able to hold brans hand if it is a vision. ..
      6) how is bran coming back without three eyed raven touching him..
      7) what’s going on …..I’m totally confused ,…..

      I guess we have to wait till Sunday / me till Monday to find the answers ..I have those questions in my head repeating again and again when I’m on break …..even though I think I know the answer to some of them yet I can’t. be sure untill I see it myself ………….

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    38. koempel,

      Because they would have spoiled us the beautiful scene of Sansa and Jon reunion.

      And because the Pink Letter is from Ramsay and not from LF.

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    39. I think this will be THE Bran episode. I think he’ll have the first and last scenes, too.
      The first will be Hodor.
      Second will be the Raven explaining the Children and the White Walkers.
      In the end of the episode, Bran will try delving into the past all by himself and will stay far too long, wherever he goes. Possibly to the Tower of Joy. And then he finds himself in the snow, confronting the Night’s King. And the Night’s King sees him, and sees exactly where he is.

      Other cool moments this episode that will sandwhich the main stuff (Bran’s visions) should be mainly the Kingsmoot and some setup scenes all around. Kinvara, Jon and Sansa making plans, Littlefinger’s arrival, Sansa sending Brienne on a mission, Arya being entrusted with an assignment and the introduction to the troupe, and another classic “Dany rides with her army and a dragon” scene a la season 3 + Jorah showing off his grayscale (not clear if he tells Dany, or just talks about it with Daario).

      Can’t wait for it.

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    40. Hodors Bastard,

      Agree – Having someone as upfront as Brienne meet with a schemer like Little Finger will be very interesting. If anyone’s an oathbreaker it’s our friend Petyr, and having him explain himself with Brienne present will make for a fantastic scene.

      But given by

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    41. jentario:

      Brynden Blackfish. Brienne will get to Riverrun by the tuime Jaime is already there (after running into both the Hound, Meribald and a tackle with the Brotherhood Without Banners and hopefully a surprise reappearance from Gendry, who went there in search of Arya). Now, Brienne will explain to Jaime that in order to keep his oath, he must allow the Blackfish’s army to help Sansa.


      I also believe that Sansa, BF, BwB, Brienne, Jaime (and maybe the Hound) may be headed for a tense rendezvous in TWoW, which will lead to an army from the Riverlands/Vale heading north. I’m looking forward to a possible alignment (minus LSH) between mediums in the Riverlands.

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    42. James Hibberd just posted episode descriptions of eps 6 & 7

      – May 29: “Blood of My Blood”: An old foe comes back into the picture. Gilly (Hannah Murray) meets Sam’s (John Bradley) family. Arya (Maisie Williams) faces a difficult choice. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) faces off against the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce). Written by Bryan Cogman; directed by Jack Bender.

      old foe = the Hound?
      No Sam in ep 5 I suppose
      Will Arya be tempted to head back to Westeros?

      – June 5: “The Broken Man”: The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded. Written by Bryan Cogman; directed by Mark Mylod.

      another target = the Hound? or is it king Tommen?
      Jaime confronts a hero – is this Brynden Tully? Brienne?
      Arya makes a plan sounds like she is up to no good, killing Freys or something

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    43. James Rivers,

      “The High Sparrow eyes another target.” Not sure about that one.

      “Jaime confronts a hero.” The Blackfish, obviously.

      “Arya makes a plan.” I guess maybe this is her deciding to leave?

      “The North is reminded.” The Bear Island summit.


      The Hound really wouldn’t fit “an old foe” (an old foe of who?), plus with the title of episode 7 it’s pretty clear that’s when we see him again.

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    44. jentario,

      I’m looking forward to more information on ALL the things that you listed!

      It looks like Daeny, Daario and Jorah are all standing in the same unbelievably gorgeous location, so unless she walks away before Jorah bares his arm, she is finding out. I really hope the storyline goes more in a healing direction and not a take him out before it gets bad direction. Love me some Jorah Friendzone. 🙂 Kind of O.T. – has Daario always had that big metal ring emphasizing his man parts or is that new? Seems like something I would have noticed before.

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    45. off topic but my buddy (non book reader) just brought something up that may have merit – at the very least its worth some discussion.

      for the purposes of the show only: as we know, baelish is a master manipulator – and him not having any knowledge of what ramsay is truly like never felt quite right, to me or many others here on the site. when he arrives with the gyr falcon he says to robin – come and see! is there any chance he could’ve written the letter to jon instead of ramsay????? just a thought my buddy had and Id love to speculate with the good people of this site!!!!!

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    46. So maybe 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 ?

      That would make for a pretty good episode 5. Bad news is that half the season will be over.

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    47. Re: episode descriptions

      I hope we’re still getting the Northen storyline in episode 6. I’m greedy lmao. No mention of Dany, even though the episode title screams Dothraki…. Maybe those storylines make it into the epiode.

      “The north is reminded” about damn time lol.

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    48. serum,

      Mance Rayder, Arthur Dayne and Varys had used the expression “in the wars to come”. In fact, Mance and Dayne had said verbatim “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come”. A yet there’s no reason to imagine any further meaning of that expression or that Mance and Arthur are the same person…
      The same is for “come and see” (although my guess is that it was a deliberate choice of D&D to repeat that expression in order to create confusion).

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    49. VisceralVarys,

      I must’ve missed that – do you have the link to that article/video?

      A dornish Tyrell

      yeah but that line, for me at least, couldn’t have a double/hidden meaning whereas the come and see might. At any rate, I think you’re right about D&D trying to create confusion.

      I thank both of you for the input!

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    50. jentario:
      Old foe has got to be Euron, no doubt about it.

      As a show watcher only and Euron just being introduced this season I would think it is someone else. In my mind Euron would be a new foe, not an old one.

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    51. Why do people constantly think that Littlefinger wrote the Pink Letter? It makes no sense.

      How would Littlefinger even know that Ramsay had Rickon, and that Shaggydog was dead? I highly doubt the Umbers would be willing to share that information with anybody other than their “inner circle.”

      It’s one thing for Littlefinger to find out that Sansa escaped. That’s not something that can easily be kept quiet, especially with Ramsay sending out all of those men and dogs to track Sansa down. Rumors and word would get out about that, and it’d trickle down to Littlefinger’s network of spies. It’d be another thing entirely for Littlefinger to know that 1) Rickon is still alive (remember Westeros believes that Theon killed Bran and Rickon and displayed their bodies), 2) was with the Umbers, and 3) is currently a captive of the Boltons.

      Ramsay wrote the Pink Letter.

      (Oh, and the Umbers are not a part of any giant secret conspiracy to betray the Boltons. The Umbers truly and fully turned against the Starks, for all of the reasons given by Smalljon in his appearance. And they’re going to turn against the Starks in the books for the same reasons too.)

      As for BastardBowl …

      The Six Armies in that battle are:

      Wilding Army
      Manderly Army
      Stark / Lesser Families Army


      Bolton Army
      Karstark Army
      Umber Army

      The Vale Army won’t be involved in BastardBowl, until the very end where they will swoop in and defeat the apparent victors (Bolton / Karstark / Umber), a la the Stannis Army vs. the Wilding Army in S4E10.

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    52. jentario:
      Okay. So my new theory on BriPod is as follows:

      The Only way, the blackfish can actually help his niece is only if Riverrun is freed from the freys and Edmure is rescued. A lord without a castle is nobody. The Riverlands must be secured , and Edmure must be installed as lord of Riverrun again in order for his bannerman to help House Stark. I wonder how the show will handle this. Will they go by the book JAIME or will the show create a new version where House Tully would be reinstated as lord of Riverrun. Eventually Jon has to come down south and he will haven army with him and the only way for them to defeat the lannisters is to have the Riverlands on their side.

      Its a total mess, well see how this one plays out. I predict red wedding v2. Riverrun will be won by the Freys. The lannister army leaves, at night the BWB and bfish and aryawill murder and eliminate the freys.

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    53. As for the “old foes” …

      My guess is that it’s either the Sons of Harpy returning (it’d be around time to set up the Seige of Meereen and the Battle of Fire), or the Sand Snakes making a reappearance.

      Edited to add: Nevermind … I just saw the Walder Frey speculation. Yep, it’s him that’s returning in E6.

      The Gravedigger (aka the Hound) is clearly returning in “The Broken Man,” not “Blood of my Blood.”

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    54. Josh L.,

      I don´t think Littlefinger wrote the Pink letter but I still have a very bad feeling that he is planning to screw up Sansa (and Jon). Let´s face it: is dangerous to him, because she can tell Sweetrobin who killed his mom. I assume that LF sent Sansa to WF for this very reason hoping that Ramsay will either kill her or break her. Neither of thouse scenarios playded out and now Sansa is even more dangerous with Jon and others at her side. So, wouldn´t it make sense to lure her into a trap by promissing support of the Vail army and then not showing up in time? And its a good catch concerning “come and see” as well as “joining the fray/Frey”. Anyway I don’t expect LF comming to save the day or at least everything happening in a straightforward way.

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    55. bristolcity:
      Bill Simmons called this episode an “all-timer”, so really excited to see what they have in store!

      My guess is that it will be THE exposition episode on the White Walkers, the CotF and all the shenanigans beyond the Wall !

      Cant wait !

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    56. Jared,

      Awesome, Jared! I couldn’t remember who’d been tracking these spoilers, but I remembered one or two discussing they had. And giving Luka’s link is perfect, as well.

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    57. CONFIRMED LOCATIONS: Castle Black, Braavos, Iron Islands, Meereen, Beyond-The-Wall, The Dothraki Sea, Past Winterfell.

      CONFIRMED CHARACTERS: Jon, Sansa, Brienne, Littlefinger, Kinvara, Bran, The Night’s King, the Three-Eyed Raven, Meera, Daenerys, Daario, Arya, Jaqen, Leaf, Aeron Greyjoy, Jorah, Missandei, Tyrion, Varys, Yara

      And PRESUMABLY: Theon, Euron, Melisandre, Davos, Tormund, Hodor.

      RIDING THE BENCH: Jaime, Cersei, Margaery, High Sparrow, Tommen. All of King’s Landing, and probably Ramsay as well.


      At the Wall, Team Jonsa will commence forming a plan to face Ramsay. Sansa will direct Brienne and Podrick to go south in search of Arya, against her objections. Sansa knows that there is bad blood between Brienne and the remnants of Team Stannis, who are devoted to Jon at this point. Before sending her off, she has a tense reunion with Littlefinger. He is able to weasel his way out of her doghouse, but will never regain her trust. He pledges the Knights of the Vale to her cause, buy acknowledges that it will take some time for them to mobilize and march north.

      Jon, Davos, Mel, and Sansa will embark by the end of the episode for Bear Island, to court the Mormonts and other northern houses into joining their side. Tormund will depart to rally the Wildlings.

      In Meereen, Kinvara will arrive and seek an audience with Tyrion and Varys. She will entice Tyrion enough that he will seek to enlist her in aiding Daenerys in the city, but Varys will protest because of his history with followers of R’hllor. By the end of the episode he will depart Meereen to recruit allies for Daenerys in Westeros.

      At Vaes Dothrak, Dany will collect herself and figure out what she is going to do with her new khalasar. Daario will spill the beans on Jorah’s greyscale, but what this means for Jorah going forward is unclear. Perhaps he will be banished for a third time.

      On the Iron Islands, we join our Kingsmoot already in progress. Yara will be the first one to stake her claim, but others will follow. None will really challenge her until Euron shows up at the head of a massive fleet. This will make it all but certain that Euron will be king of the Iron Islands. How Yara and Theon react to this turn of events is unclear, as is whether we’ll get any idea of what Euron’s long term goals are.

      Beyond the Wall, the Three-Eyed Raven will begin to show Bran the history that is relevant to the White Walkers. He will go back in time to see some of the first Long Night, including Children of the Forest. He will see a great deal about the White Walkers, perhaps even answering some of the series’ most longstanding questions about who they are and what they want. Finally, he will return to Winterfell around the time he was there in his first vision, and likely see how Hodor ended up as Hodor. Afterwards, he will find a way or make an attempt at going into a vision by himself, to see where the Night’s King is now, but he will be detected by the NK, and apprehended by him within the vision, which is why Meera is shaking him in the promo. Somehow, the Night’s King didn’t just detect him inside the vision, he also detected the Weirwood cave in reality, and will begin to move against it.

      Finally, in Braavos, Arya will be given the full behind the scenes tour of the House of Black and White, meaning we will see just how the Faceless Men operate. Jaqen/No One will explain their methods, and will tell her she must follow it to the letter. Then he will give her her first assignment as No One, which likely will include masquerading amongst the theater troupe we know were cast.

      POSSIBLE DEATHS: I don’t think we will lose any named characters in this episode.

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    58. Josh L.,

      The whole point in calling it a battle of six armies is implying that six wholly different factions participate. By that logic you could call Blackwater a battle of 12 armies because of all the involved houses.

      I think the idea is that there are six armies clashing with one another, not two armies with three houses at each side. So we’ve got the Vale led by Royce (which is deffinitely one), we have the Wildlings led by Tormund, the Boltons led by Ramsay, the pro-Stark houses led by some Lord or maybe Jon himself, the pro-Bolton houses led by Smalljon and Karstark. Now unless those are split for some reason (which would IMO mean they’ll have separate roles in the battle), Riverrun would be a nice last army to the lot.

      At the moment, with Littlefinger already in the North, it seems unlikely the Knights of the Vale will be a deus ex machina.

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    59. HousePotterz: Before sending her off, she has a tense reunion with Littlefinger. He is able to weasel his way out of her doghouse, but will never regain her trust. He pledges the Knights of the Vale to her cause, buy acknowledges that it will take some time for them to mobilize and march north.

      I think he just might! I see this scenario playing out for LF: he profusely apologizes to Sansa, pretends to listen carefully to Sansa’s plan to take back Winterfell, and immediately pledges that he will do his utmost to bring the Vale army to join her cause. He will conveniently omit the fact that SweetRobin has already pledged his army. 😉 He will then depart, and for the next few episodes wait south of Winterfell with his Vale army. During the Winterfell battle, when all seems lost for Sansa’s side, he will come blazing in and save the day by routing the Boltons and saving Sansa. She will be eternally grateful to him for saving her and her home and restoring her back to Winterfell.

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    60. Sue the Fury:
      Yeah, everything I’ve heard about this episode indicates we’re in for it. So that’s something to look forward to.

      Sunday is my birthday, so I’m stoked to see

      who else might “share” it. 🙂

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    61. This site is wonderful when it comes to spoilers (and wonderful in general). My only small gripe would be once in a while the image used for the article on the front page is a little too much. The one for this article would be an example. There was another time before season started where an image of Sansa was posted where she was wearing her a sweater with the Stark emblem on it. Again, these instances are few and far in between, but that would be my only gripe / recommendation – keep the article images as general as possible (like you do 99% of the time).

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    62. jentario,

      I think it was called the battle of six armies by crew to up the ante on The Hobbit’s battle of five the five armies. This number likely does not represent the number of armies present and should not be taken literally.

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    63. Luka Nieto,

      I would argue there has been many quite eventful midseason episodes. The most note-worthy are probably season 3’s And Now His Watch Is Ended and the very underrated Garden of Bones from season 2. It had Aryas horror-show in Harrenhal from she arrives until Tywin saves her, Danaerys finally reached Qarth and was let in after a dramatic exchange and there was the all the brilliant Stannis-Renly rivalry which ended in the shadowbirth scene (which I think is one of the best high fantasy-scenes the show ever did. Just rewatched it the other day. The whole episode is extremely dark and moody, and then it ends with that huntingly weird spectacle.

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    64. Kay,

      I beg the gods that would not be the case but just like Dany, Sansa would not need ‘outsiders’ to save her and the North. Hopefully the Northern houses will finish off Ramsay themselves, maybe after some of them betray the mad dog Ramsay and join the Starks.

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    65. Jared,

      I wondered why there were suddenly so many people looking at the document.

      I’ve been pretty spot on so far, but I’m pretty sure things will start to deviate soon enough, especially in King’s Landing.

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    66. Kay,

      That does sound like a very Littlefinger thing to do….very plausible.

      I wonder how Littlefinger will react when he sees an army of wights coming at him in Episode 10, though. No way to scheme your way out of that battle…..

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    67. Telperion:
      Anyone here think Jorah’s greyscale arm can be healed by one of the red priests / priestesses, (Moqorro / Kinvara)?Could he end up with the “smoking and blackened” arm like Victarion Greyjoy?

      Once Victarion’s arm was replaced by non-living-flesh, Victarion became a cyborg, as is Beric and possibly Mel.

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    68. jentario,

      Interesting theory … Everyone in the Riverlands must hate the Freys, so Brienne could be in charge of gathering some support and promise them they will free the Riverlands from the Freys afterwards… could be … But I hope the sixth army will be Nymeria’s pack of wolves … wouldn’t it be wonderful????? Ramsay devoured by wolves… that’s a fitting end for him. But I suppose we must have Bastardbowl … Jon giving Sansa Ramsay’s head will be great too. Sansa told Joffrey that maybe Robb would bring her Joff’s head … now a different brother for a different monster. Can’t wait.

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    69. In the scheme of things this is a small matter, but with all the photos and all our speculation, Bronn is no where to be seen. I expect/hope he shows up when the Tyrells’ army arrives and Jamie & Mace get ready to ride to rescue Margaery and Loras and get rid of the High Sparrow. I can’t see Jamie getting into a fight without Bronn.

      The Lannisters & the Freys are allies at this point. So if The Blackfish attempts to retake the Riverlands for the Tullys, Jamie woud be fighting on the side of the Freys. Brienne would be on the opposite side with Sansa. Things could get messy as I see it.

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    70. Kay,

      Littlefinger will wait till the very last minute to save the day, expecting both Rickon and Jon die, the North army to get tired and kill each other … Then, The Vale army would kill them easily… And of course, showing Sansa how needed he was. I hope she kills him.

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    71. Mrs. Podrick Payne,

      In the books, Sansa is with Littlefinger … so maybe in the books the Vale with Sansa save the day. Only Littlefinger saving the day doesn’t have the same effect … but as long as Ramsay dies horribly, I’m fine with it. Sansa could kill Littlefinger afterwards.

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    72. Sue the Fury:
      Yeah, everything I’ve heard about this episode indicates we’re in for it. So that’s something to look forward to.

      Oh I’m so hyped. The first 4 episodes were superb so I’m really excited for the rest of the season. I’m so loving Season 6!

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    73. Josh L.,

      I do hope they won’t go the route that you’re expecting – that the Vale army will swoop in and save the day for Jon & co. It’s been done twice already – Blackwater and The Wall. I’ll be disappointed if this is how it’s going to go down.

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    74. bristolcity:
      Bill Simmons called this episode an “all-timer”, so really excited to see what they have in store!

      As exciting as sacking the manager and clawing ones way out of the relegation zone?….

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    75. I didn’t like AFFC and ADWD quite as much as the first three books, though I didn’t mind book Princess-not-Appearing-in-the-Series – I thought the idea of the first-born child being able to inherit the principality* in Dorne was quite interesting and there were some other good parts. Wimsey disagrees I know. I was disappointed to get to the end of the fifth very long book and [ spoiler ] still no deep explanation of the White Walkers or “Others” and Dany still meandering around Essos and I could have done without the gazillion “Where do whores go?” though maybe book Tyrion will meet up with his first wife sometime when and if the last two ASOIAF books are published and I didn’t miss the voyage down the Rhoyne [ / spoiler]. I am quite pleased to see Bran’s and Dany’s story-lines being advanced.

      Ghost’s Lunch,

      Do you really think the adaptation is that bad? Or are you just having a dig at BristolCity’s online name?

      * I heard Wales being referred to as a “principality” on the BBC once in that it’s (notional) head of state is a prince. By that reckoning Dorne would also be a “principality” Of course the last real Welsh prince died centuries ago and since the time of Edward I of England “Prince of Wales” has been the title of the British crown prince – though I expect a lot of the readers of the site will know that.

      P.S. I edited this once and my spoiler tags don’t seem to have worked but I did try.

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    76. Sam,

      I agree it shouldn’t be like that. I suppose we’ll know tomorrow. If Littlefinger isn’t involved in the plan since the beginning, I think he will wait to intervene in the battle. Looking for help in the Riverlands … it sounds like Littlefinger’s idea though.

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