Game of Thrones season 5 filming moves to Duilovo pillars with Maisie Williams, Klis fortress closed to visitors in preparation

Update: Goran Leš of the Skyscraper City Forum traveled to the set of pillars near Duilovo in Split today, and although he didn’t make it in time to spot any cast or crew, his pictures reveal one very important feature that we haven’t seen before: a set of tall painted doors, one black, and one white.

This makes the new pictures of Maisie Williams and the Braavosi captain spotted on set yesterday (seen below) even more interesting.

Spoilers and more pics after the jump!

duilovoset1The doors all but confirm that our previous source’s report was incorrect, and that this new set will not represent Meereen, but Arya’s first destination upon arriving in Braavos, the House of Black and White.


Right on schedule, filming of Game of Thrones season 5 in Croatia has moved on to a new location in Split.

Film crew can be seen busy at work at the Duilovo pillars yesterday in new pictures from Cast/extras can also be seen in full costume, seated and presumably waiting to film, including two familiar faces from the final scenes of season 4.


We had previously heard that the pillars will represent Meereen, but it appears that Maisie Williams was on set sporting a very familiar costume for Arya (seen above), as well as Gary Oliver, the Braavosi captain she met in the season 4 finale (seen below).






A passerby was able to take a short video of the area. It appears that a small boat was being filmed in the water, which may explain the presence of Braavos on set. We know that weather proved to be a problem in Kastel Gomilica, so they may have needed to pick up some additional shots, or had planned to shoot in the open water all along.

In addition to the green screens surrounding the pillars, another large green screen can be seen to the left of the set hinting that the shoreline may be used for filming as well.

klisFilming at Klis fortress appears to be next up after production has finished in Duilovo.

Yesterday,, the municipality’s website, kindly asked that Klis locals refrain from parking in the centre of Klis for the next few days unless it is an emergency to make way for the large production needs of Game of Thrones. They also informed all visitors that the fortress will be closed to the public until September 10th.

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    1. Lord Hugh Ryvenholt,

      It could just be, as Blaire said, that they needed the water, not the actual set. We’ll find out though, more pictures are bound to surface soon enough. I’m sure that we will see some Meereenese actors/extras on the set in the coming days.

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    2. I really hope they dont rush Arya’s story in Braavos this season. She has had a great story/development in the show but they have left a lot of great content out from the books (weasel soup, brotherhood etc). I have been a bit annoyed (for lack of a better word) at times that they have no problem adding random, filler scenes (that are no doubt, entertaining) for the likes of Tyrion and Dany but they remove a lot of great stuff for Arya (and others)

      I hope they actually let her have time this season to do something. It would be stupid if they had her show up in Braavos and then only featured her in 6-7 episodes, with her just talking to Jaqen before becoming a great assassin and leaving for westeros again. We need to actually see her develop. We need to see her adapt to live in Braavos (including how to speak the language) and then learn how to do certain things.I want to see scenes where Jaqen (if he’s back) teaches her how to lie, and tells her how to spy (and then i want to see scenes where she spies on someone)

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    3. I can understand why they have a green screen surrounding the set pillars but i don’t understand why there is a green screen standing on its own to the left of the set (shown in the video). I don’t know enough of how this works. Any ideas?

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    4. Maginor,

      Ah, yes, it was the camera angle i wasn’t thinking about. I can see that from a given angle there would not appear to be a gap between them. Thanks very much for your very prompt reply!

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    5. Ok, I’ve been squinting at my mobile screen for several good minutes and no doubt my vision is not what it used to be, but can some good Samaritan please point out where Masie Williams is and in which picture? Thanks.

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    6. Strider:
      Ok, I’ve been squinting at my mobile screen for several good minutes and no doubt my vision is not what it used to be, but can some good Samaritan please point out where Masie Williams is and in which picture? Thanks.

      I think the third one , sitting next to the bravosi capting
      You can also see her in the second and forth pic looking down at someting

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    7. Strider,

      Second photo, she’s the right most person sat down, under the black tent. I think that’s her, side on, hunched over a little… back in her outfit from season 4. And season 3. And 2. And the first. I struggled for a while, but you can just make out her hair and the costume. She’s around the same position in a few of the other photos.

      Also, doesn’t look like she did cut her hair… must have been braids or a wig in the last set of photos.

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    8. Narbo:
      Lady Nym,

      “Looking down at something…”

      Back in the day it would be the script or a goodbook – bet you any money it was her i-phone

      I stoped for seconds to think what should I write 🙂 ? Looking down at her script or iphone but I went with”something ” 🙂 but her and the capting seems to be holding a script in the third pic

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    9. Im have been wondering about how they are going to reveal Jaqen at the start of next season. Will he just be standing there to greet Arya when she arrives on the boat? I hope they actually do a version of the Kindly Man. I want Arya to meet an old man and talk with him for a while (maybe even a few episodes) before he reveals his ‘true face’

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    10. I’m quite intrigued by the hooded figure with dark fabric covering the face… It’s always good to get some set pics, I just hope we will eventually get some dornish and northern ones.

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    11. RandomSand:
      I’m quite intrigued by the hooded figure with dark fabric covering the face… It’s always good to get some set pics, I just hope we will eventually get some dornish and northern ones.

      I’m intrigued as well. It will probably end up being no one of particular importance but it is fun to speculate.

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    12. So Arya goes straight to the House of Black and White? Surely she would need to walk around Braavos first (it would be a great opportunity to introduce the new city more than they did last season), but the fact that she is with the captain makes it seem like this is the first place she encounters, which is a bit weird in my opinion

      Or maybe the captain tells her about it and she asks him to take her straight there

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    13. Walter Harrow,

      I’ll spoilerfy this, just incase…

      She showed the Captain the coin, Valar Morghulis and all that. It’s a ticket for a free ride to that one particular building in Braavos. In the books, the Captain’s son rows her directly to the Temple/House of Black & White, and it’s right next to one of the canals… she steps out the boat, and she’s on the Temple steps almost. So, aside from things like the Titan which she sees from the ship, and a couple places she sees as she’s being rowed ashore (the Warren, the home of the Moonsingers, the Red R’h’l’l’o’r”r” church), it is the first place she goes.

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    14. I was surprised to hear that the pillards would be part of the storyline in Meereen, because I always thought that it would be a perfect entrance oft the HoBaW. I’m glad that I was right!

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    15. Ser Florian,

      Thanks, Ser Forian. That’s how I remembered it, but my memory is certainly hazy on some things, so I thought maybe I’d remembered it incorrectly.

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    16. Yes! I knew it…This looks so much better than what I imagined in the books, except for the lack of faces, but its still too soon to point that out though..

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    17. Bard,

      Yeah, having just read a little of her first Feast chapter, and remembering the descriptions of it, and

      when Arya goes to throw all her possessions into the water,

      that looks like the perfect place for it, with the water and the stone jetty.

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    18. So it looks like the set is indeed THOWAB. The set is beautiful but as other have said, I would have loved for it to have some faces on it (like that cathedral; if only they could have used that, damn you religion). Maybe they rest of the building will have some (the green screen part), I guess it’s easier to CGI them :/

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    19. Wow, never got that impression of the HoB&W entrance at all. Maybe I read it wrong. Except for the weirwood moon carving, I always thought it was fairly nondescript….faceless, if you will.

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    20. I love the pillars, and love that they kept the black/white doors. Something about them looks a bit.. I don’t know… Cheap? Shiny? But I’m sure it will look much better on the screen in the final cut.

      I’m also really glad that there’s more to Braavos than just Kastela (though I understand the bulk of it will be in Kastela). That set is amazing but it’s just a small corner, doesn’t feel like a city. I hope we get some more locations to stand in for Braavos (in Sibenik, maybe?).

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    21. Ser Florian:

      when Arya goes to throw all her possessions into the water, that looks like the perfect place for it, with the water and the stone jetty.

      That was one of my favorite scenes. As far as the doors go I think they look amazing! Really really excited to see what they do with Arya in s5. I loved the creepy vibe of the place in the books and I hope they embellish on that a bit.

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    22. Arya,

      I really do hope they include that scene were she throws away her possessions. Maisie would do an amazing job with that scene just using her facial expressions without any dialogue.

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    23. I hate saying “I told you so,” but I did. 🙂

      From the beginning it was clear that the architecture of the building had no resemblance to anything in Meereen (whose buildings resemble ancient Egyptian and Babylonian structures, with large blocks of rectangular stones, straight lines and angular designs).

      In any event, it looks absolutely fantastic. Better than my vision of the place.

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    24. Did anyone else notice that they put the doors on backward?
      It should be white on the left, black on the right.

      “At the top she found a set of carved wooden doors twelve feet high. The left-hand door was made of weirwood pale as bone, the right of gleaming ebony. In their center was a carved moon face; ebony on the weirwood side, weirwood on the ebony. The look of it reminded her somehow of the heart tree in the godswood at Winterfell”

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    25. I hope if the do the Arya scene where she gets rid of her possessions they use the song “Goodbye Brother”. That would be perfect.

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    26. Casso,

      D&D butcher the books yet again (being sarcastic, but is an odd oversight).

      One thing interesting though about the quoted passage- I can see where the confusion over whether the door has a face carved on it comes from. I think the “moon face” description leaves ambiguity as to whether the door has an actual face on it or if it has a sort of yin yang symbol (like your avatar).

      Honestly, I think having the door without any face design, while not book accurate makes as much sense as having a face- because the Faceless Men both have many faces and none.

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    27. I gotta say that I love these sets….man those pillars are awesome, the level of detail and craftsmanship is just astounding. It brings to mind all those special featurettes on the making of the LOTR trilogy, and how those guys would pay attention to the smallest details!

      Otherwise, while I liked Malta as filming background for Season One, I think that the decision to move the production to Croatia was a brilliant one. Its just soo beautiful, the pictures don’t do it justice.

      Plus adding Spain was also another good decision, having visited a lot of the places where they will be filming this upcoming season, I can tell you that those locations will also add to the rich visual tapestry of the show!

      Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain…honestly can anyone remember ANY tv show that got to film in soo many cool locations?! Even large budget movies don’t get that!

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    28. The House of Black and White! I’m glad, the entrance is very beautiful. It looks a lot like I imagined in the books, so I’m happy with the design. I can’t wait to see the rest of the temple!

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    29. Chickenduck:

      Does that really matter though?

      It totally ruins everything 🙂

      It’s actually pretty funny.

      There were two images posted earlier in the thread:

      One has it wrong and the other has it right.

      There’s also this map from The Lands of Ice and Fire map set, which also has it wrong.

      So, if we count the show, that’s 3 out of 4 depictions that have it opposite George’s description. I looked it up a while ago (when I created my avatar image), and since then I keep noticing that it’s wrong more often than right.

      Maybe Arya is dyslexic, and the description is just George using an unreliable narrator 🙂

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    30. Hodor’s Bastard,

      I kinda felt that way too, especially after descriptions of buildings in Braavos representing the various faiths… Always felt the HOBAW to be very nondescript.
      The column/facades look great though, and I’m sure once post gets through with the footage the doors will look right. I have never had an issue with GoT set design.

      Oh, and

      GO HAWKS

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    31. Sister Kisser:
      Hodor’s Bastard,

      The column/facades look great though, and I’m sure once post gets through with the footage the doors will look right.

      I think all of the Braavos sets look great. Totally excited to see this storyline.

      They could flip all the footage horizontally to fix the doors, and as a bonus, right-handed Maisie instantly becomes left-handed Arya 🙂

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    32. Greenjones,

      Yay on Bran!

      And on the Toome filming… I think it’s definitely the Sorrows. Green screens, fog machines and that guy from the production saying the scene is unforgettable and comparing it to Mamoths and giants… Gotta be them stone men!

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    33. Casso,

      Honestly, who gives a shit about what side is black or white? Obviously, it could be nice if they end up flipping it just for that little detail (and I think they flipped one of the Joffrey shots from the Wedding in a season 4 trailer) but no one should lose sleep over it.

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    34. jentario:

      Honestly, who gives a shit about what side is black or white? Obviously, it could be nice if they end up flipping it just for that little detail (and I think they flipped one of the Joffrey shots from the Wedding in a season 4 trailer) but no one should lose sleep over it.

      I don’t think anyone will lose any sleep over it (certainly not me). It just amuses me that that particular detail gets reversed so often in pictures of the HOBAW that my first thought when I saw the picture was to check.

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    35. Patchface,

      They list everything under the season premiere (even the cast that only appear later on), so I wouldn’t start speculating based on it. They also list Hodor which we know isn’t appearing this season.

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    36. jentario,

      Well, not all the actors from previous GoT seasons are listed there. You may be right that not everyone listed for ep1 will necessary make an appearance in that episode, but they will probably appear in season 5. Anyway, Imdb alone does no say anything, but corroborated with my previous reports, and the recently publicized Bran’s interview it is pretty much clear Bran, Leaf & the ThreeEyedRaven are in. I truly believe Hodor is in as well, as I mentioned earlier he was probably just fooling around, but I cannot confirm that with certainty.

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    37. Very important! Could y’all please help me make an inventory of named swords that either appear or are referenced in the TV show?

      1. Valyrian swords “appearing” in the show: Longclaw, Ice, Oathkeeper, Widow’s Wail.

      Non-valyrian: Needle, Lion’s tooth (Lion’s paw?), Hearteater, Lightbringer, Jaime’s golden sword

      2. Swords “mentioned” in the show: Dark Sister, Lightbringer

      3. Swords mentioned/appearing in the History&Lore so far: Ice, Dark Sister

      Are there any swords that I missed? There is a purpose in asking this…

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    38. mariamb,

      Many thanks! You are probably right that’s Lion’s tooth in the books, but I think Arya said Lion’s “paw” in the TV show, I’m not sure, I can’t remember exactly… Anyway, is the list complete (including everything in the History&Lore)?

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    39. Patchface,

      ‘Dawn’ is mentioned in Ser Arthur Dayne’s entry in the Book of Brothers that Joffrey reads, if you pause and read the page, but apart from that I think you got them all if you’re just looking for the one’s from the show. Joffrey’s first sword is ‘Lion’s Tooth’, but Arya misremembers it as ‘Lion’s Paw’ later in the books.

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    40. jentario:

      Say, Patchface, do you know anything about Illyrio/Pentos?

      Nada. My understanding is that

      Tyrion and Varys are going to Illyrio with villa Dalmacjia serving as a location

      so we should probably see the magister return, but that’s just an educated guess on my part.

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    41. The HOBAW looks a lot more imposing than the version described in the books, which is, if memory serves, deceptively derelict from the outside. Which I kind of liked. But I have faith in these guys, they’ll astound us all again.

      Re: the swords, there’s Heartsbane, Valyrian steel greatsword of House Tarly, but I can’t remember for love nor money if it gets a mention on the show, sorry!

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    42. jentario:

      That place ended up being Dorne actually

      Oh, really? I missed that… Who reported this and it is certain? It feels more like Pentos than Dorne, but as I said, I have no info about it, so I could be very much wrong on this thing…

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    43. Patchface,

      This site reported seeing

      Jamie, Bronn and Doran’s actors on set. We also know that the other Dorne actors have been filming in Croatia, so it must be in that set.

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    44. They sure don’t want us to see who the actress is hiding behind that cape and hood, it’s no cold there either, look at the crew. I wonder who they chose for that role where they don’t want fans to know who she is.

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    45. tyjon,

      I don’t think they’re actively hiding him/her. The cape might just be part of her costume, or s/he could be feeling cold. But if they are, I’d guess that they’re trying to hide Jaqen so people don’t know he returns.

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    46. Patchface,

      Strange that they don’t mention Isaac. But it would seem a bit odd to have TER and Leaf without Bran I guess.

      Seems they are keeping the ladies playing Lollys and Septa Unella under wraps still – unless they are still casting.

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    47. Sister Kisser,

      Yeah, everything about Braavos will be interesting (and highly scrutinized by all!). I’m looking forward to how Maisie (Arya/CotC/BB/Mercy!) continues without the Hound to give her shit and provide witty banter. 🙂

      Sister, those ‘hawks do look good again this year….grrrr!

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    48. Patchface,

      I guess you can’t speculate or people will start to blend the information you provide with what you think might happen.

      The rest of us can go nuts though! If Gendry does return then I think he’ll pop up in either Brienne or Sansa’s stories.

      As a combination or himself and the Hyle Hunt role in Brienne’s or an expanded replacement for Mia Stone (Seeing as he appears to be representing all of Robert’s bastards so far!). Although if they’re linking Brienne and Sansa’s stories more this season ( which I think would be an acceptable change as neither really have anything to do and using it to give both some much needed character developement would be wise as long as it doesn’t take time and effort from other storylines) then he could potentially fulfil all of those roles!


      Any word on what’s going on with Brienne and Sansa yet Patch? Any inkling of what’s going on with Yara and Balon too? It’s been deathly quiet on the Iron Islands front. Sorry for putting upon you so much. We’re like junkies after our next hit!

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    49. jentario,

      I don’t think it’s

      Jaqen, the person wearing the cape looks pretty tiny in these pictures, so I’d bet it’s the Waif.


      do you have any information about what Jaqen will be doing in season 5, will he take the Kindly Man’s place like it was rumoured?

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    50. Patchface:

      Gendry is back, that’s all I know about him. I’d rather not speculate about his story line…

      Here’s the scene from the script:

      Camera zooms in on man walking toward a crypt. Dark hair, covered in dirt, it’s GENDRY WATERS. Knocks on crypt. Hears nothing. Gendry knocks again, and this time pulls and gets the doors open.


      No response.

      Hello? Er, Um…I’m kind of lost. Do any of you…

      (He stops, sees RHAEGON and VISERYION feeding on dead animals.)

      Wow, that’s…

      (Dragons roast Gendry, escape.)

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    51. TheTouchOfFrost,

      I’m doing my best, but reliable info it’s kinda hard to get. Everyone is pretty tight lipped, plus some of my sources are unsullied, so I need to get creative in asking questions (i.e. no characters with blue hair) and milking any piece of info I can get out of them.

      About Iron Islands, do not know any specifics, but there are … erm…”references” of “ironborn reaver” circulating around. So we should probably see them, but whether is just returning cast or some new players, can’t really tell…yet.

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    52. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Completely understand why Patchface wont’t speculate on Gendry’s role but we can…

      Not sure about him taking the role of Hyle Hunt. How would he meet-up with Brienne? Assuming he rowed his way back to KL, I think that’s where he will reappear. Perhaps he becomes one of the Sparrows and plays a role in Cersei’s storyline. I see no reason for him to pick up his storyline from the books and head back to the Riverlands. Regardless, I don’t think that he will have a significant role going forward…unless, of course, there is a sword that has to be reforged.

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    53. Patchface,

      No need to apologise. I think the community here are very appreciative of your efforts and I think you’ve worked miracles to eke out the amount of information you have. Keep up the great work 🙂


      Aye I don’t think the Hyle Hunt role is particularly important anyway. I think Brienne needs the character development she had in the books ( at Maidenpool with Randyll Tarly) as it gives the reader/viewer insight into the attitudes and bullying she had to contend with when growing up trying to become a knight. Although thinking about it The Vale with their arrogant opinion of themselves and dedication to old ideaswould be a perfect place to do the same thing. Back to Gendry. I can’t really see him going back to KL as he still seems to fear for his life there and I can’t see him as the religious zealot type. Going to Night’s Watch could be an option as he’d feel safe or the Vale. Really hard to say actually. Lad is at a loose end!

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    54. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Hopefully not. I wouldn’t like that at all, I know it’s just my opinion, but to me it would be silly if

      the Kindly Man changed his face just because Arya knows Jaqen. He still wouldn’t be him or talk like him, so what’s the point? And anyway, we don’t even know if it’s possible for more than one Faceless Man to use the same face.

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    55. Silly to bring up the black side vs the white side of the HOBAW, door but…

      But it’s called the house of B & W in that order, and western culture reads left to right.
      I doubt it’s an oversight, it makes more sense this way in a visual medium.

      Of course, they’ll reverse it in post, and make me look silly later…

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    56. Abyss,

      Oddly, as Casso’s post noted, it is described as being white on the left and black on the right (opposite of the door created for the show)- which is counterintuitive because it is the House of the Black and White not the House of the White and Black.

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    57. Jordan,

      Unless you’re of Hebrew, Arabic or Persian descent, which are accustomed to viewing/reading things right to left instead of left to right. 🙂

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    58. TheTouchOfFrost,

      Night’s Watch is great suggestion for Gendry since that’s where he was headed before poor Yoren was killed. They are in need of a blacksmith. If he knew that Arya had a brother at the Wall, he could have a connection with Jon. And Jon is going to need a few friends. Of course, then Gendry would meet up again with Melisandre and her leeches…so maybe that won’t work.

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    59. Regarding Gendry:

      If he ends up at the Vale or the writing leads him to the Vale, I think he could take the role of Harry the Heir. It would be a major coup for Little Finger to have Gendry and Sansa under his watch. It would be cool if he tries to utilize Gendry as a claim for the throne, maybe marry Sansa to him, but it’s unlikely especially since Sansa is aware of LF’s affection for her. Just a thought I had…

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    60. Patchface,
      Ironborn reaver? wheather or not that includes new players to game its still good news for the Ironborn storyline. If I might ask, how do you get access to all this good information? Anyway, thanks and keep up with the good news!

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    61. RE: Gendry, I think if he shows up, it will be in Brienne’s storyline, sort of like Hot Pie did last season. I don’t see him having a major role moving forward.

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    62. Tyrion Pimpslap:
      RE: Gendry, I think if he shows up, it will be in Brienne’s storyline, sort of like Hot Pie did last season. I don’t see him having a major role moving forward.

      I won’t begin to try and guess what his role would be, but he could be somewhat important moving forward, given he’s Robert’s only surviving issue (at least that we know of in show-world).

      Tyrion Pimpslap:

      Sweet Robin already has the role of Harry the Heir. He is not sickly in the show, and Littlefinger has shown no desire to off him.

      Quite frankly, I hope Robin dies sooner than later.

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    63. my friend just told me that Maisie has said that s05 is her last season because she going to college and her parents wants her to stop ?

      I looked it up and didn’t find anything about it , he`s fooling me right ?

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    64. nym sand:
      my friend just told me that Maisie has said that s05 is her last season because she going to college and her parents wants her to stop ?

      I looked it up and didn’t find anything about it , he`s fooling me right ?

      There was some fake article making the rounds…maybe a month or two ago…which said something along those lines.

      OT – I have another comment awaiting moderation. This happened yesterday, too. Am I using some word that automatically gets my comments sent to “awaiting moderation” status?

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    65. nym sand,

      That was reported on a fake news website a month or two ago. Actually the opposite is true. She won’t be continuing her education and she’ll stick with acting.


      It’s been linked here multiple times too.

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    66. jumpin4smoke:
      nym sand
      Yes, there’s a video on the site i won’t mention here….

      If you’re referring to the interview with Isaac, it’s been posted a couple of times on this site, too. It’s been posted at least once in the comments section of the Kristian article.

      Btw – as others have stated in other threads, all this stuff about no Bran in season 5 was merely extrapolated from quotes of Kristians, who never said anything specifically about Bran not being in season 5, and presented as fact in various articles (not here…just all over the internet).

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    67. jumpin4smoke:
      Yeah, didn’t watch the interview due to the lack of sound in the past . Good to know Bran is still in….

      If we’re talking about the same interview, which I think we are, the links I saw here were all youtube links, so there shouldn’t be a problem with sound…just in case you wanted to listen.

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    68. Dame Pasty:
      Nymeria Warrior Queen,

      I didn’t see anything that should have kicked it into moderation. I approved it so you’re all good now.

      Thank you!
      It’s not like my comment was of any great import, but since it happened yesterday, too, I was just wondering if it was some word I was using, or combination of words which was causing it. Maybe the system can just sense I’m trouble. 😉

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    69. H. Stark,

      Yes, they do look new but they require a log in to see the larger versions. Is there some way we can get the larger copies without violating anything legal?

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    70. Maelina,

      He could be there but

      he has business in Old Town if that is included so would have to leave her with the waif as not even with a jet pack applied could he travel that far that quick!


      Hmmm true about the problems with Melisandre. Although Jon could protect him as he protected Mance’s son ( who it doesn’t look like will be in) to show that like in the books he’s not willing to sacrifice innocents. Still think he’s more likely to end up in the Vale but who knows really?!

      Lord Hugh Ryvenholt,

      Good to hear hints that the Ironborn don’t seem to have been completely forgotten. Here’s hoping for those uncles…if not this season then the next!

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    71. TheTouchOfFrost,

      I’m hoping for a small introduction this season, like a cliffhanger with

      Euron’s kingsmoot speach about how he is going to conquer westeros and stealing Danys dragons

      I think this would be a great ending to an episode

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    72. TheTouchOfFrost,

      He could be in Braavos for the first half of the season, then catch a ride on a ship with some other travelers headed to the Citadel in the mid to late season. Leaving the Waif in charge after he leaves would probably be fine.

      They seem committed to finishing in 7 seasons, so it makes sense that they’re apparently squeezing Arya’s remaining storyline (including the WoW sample) into one season, which means that it will probably need to be compressed a bit. The Blind Beth section seems like the most likely part to trim, since it would seem like a reasonably natural progression to just promote Arya to her first real target after she proves herself by killing Dareon. The Blind Beth part seems like the one that had the most direct involvement from the Kindly Man, so if that’s cut, it probably wouldn’t be a problem to just leave the Waif in charge. So far, they’ve also never introduced Arya’s wolf dreams, which are most relevant to the plot in regard to LS and Blind Beth, so it may be that they’ve decided to cut that thread entirely.

      Of course, they could be changing things around even more extensively, since (as far as I know) there have been no leaks about Samwell’s journey to Braavos & Oldtown at all, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for more info (or just be surprised when it airs)

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    73. jentario,

      I didn’t even notice that! Jeez, I’m unobservant. Instead of thinking where’s her greyscale I immediately went to “make a joke picture” mode when I first saw the picture.

      BTW since greyscale might well play a prominent role next season (given their apparent Sorrows filming) they ought to explain that Shireen has the same disease that a certain group of river-dwelling baddies has…

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    74. Casso,

      That sounds reasonable. I’d like to see Old Town as would be shame to leave the world without having seen all the settings it can offer. Will have to see what happens with Sam. To be honest, I’m thinking they could cut out the part where he goes to Braavos and just have him head straight to Old Town.

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    75. jentario,

      GRR Martin also said in a recent interview that he was up to the point where the characters story lines were mixing up together so it would make sense that it would also be the case so quickly in the series, even if it’s made up exclusively for the tv show like Brienne and The Hound or Arya and Tywin.

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