Game of Thrones searching for more soldiers in Zumaia


Extras casting is finally underway in the north of Spain for Game of Thrones season 7!  Filming in the north will be centered in the Basque towns of Zumaia and Bermeo. ModExpor International has released their requirements for the casting taking place in Zumaia, starting tomorrow. The casting call confirms Game of Thrones will be filming in the area from October 21st through the 30th, and offers a few hints as to what we can expect for shooting in these towns.

According to the announcement, casting will occur tomorrow, Monday October 10th, at 10:00am, at the Culture House in Zumaia.

Game of Thrones is searching for men only, in the 20-50 years old age range. No women are needed in this area.

For candidates, they prefer:

People that are white or Mediterranean in appearance.
Men in good physical conditioning, with heights between 178-195 cm. (That translates to roughly 5’10”- 6’5″. They want average-tall men.)
They’d like to see men with military experience.
Locals and people living in the area are preferred.
Men should be prepared to cut or grow their facial hair as needed.
They can’t have any visible tattoos- casting will be checking their arms or legs, etc, during the process.

They all must be available for filming in Zumaia and/or Bermeo for October 21st through 30th.

Due to the high demand, Modexpor can only invite to the final casting the first 200 men who meet the requirements in the initial screening.

The complete announcement from ModExpor:


The casting call in Zumaia continues the trend in Spain asking for men with military experience, so it seems we’ll see more Thrones soldiers in this region when cameras roll. However, calls for the Unsullied and Dany’s Dothraki men tends to be more broad in terms of ethnicity/race. So the question is, whose soldiers are these?

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    1. I’m guessing Lannister soldiers. They’d need tall people for that amazing armor. However, Dornish soldiers would also fit (Mediterranean description and all that).

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    2. “So the question is, whose soldiers are these?”
      Ellaria’s and Olenna’s! I’m more and more convinced that the war will start before Dany lands, and that we’ll get to see an offensive and a counteroffensive.

      First, the Lannisters under Jaime against the Reach reinforced by the Dornish. That way, we’ll get to see Highgarden, and the Lannisters will have a minor victory.

      And then a counter by Dany directly on King’s Landing from the Stormlands.

      It would be actually an interesting maneuver – the combined Tyrell-Martell armies could draw the Lannister armies under Jaime south, thus vacating the Westerlands and King’s Landing of soldiers, leaving the latter open for Dany.

      e: And we’d get to see Jaime rush to King’s Landing once he realises what’s going on!

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    3. Flayed Potatoes,

      The requirement for no visible tattoos kinda undermines that possibility.

      The Lannister armour doesn’t leave any bare skin. Nor do the Dornish soldiers’ costumes that we’ve seen.

      It’s probably for more Unsullied, Dothraki and perhaps some Westerosi soldiers.

      Looking at the locations in Zumaia and Bermeo where they’re reported to film I can’t imagine these places being anywhere other than the Stormlands. The Itzurun Beach and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe mentioned in previous location reports just scream Storm’s End and the Stormlands to me.

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    4. Isn’t the filming happening along the coast in Zumaia? I think I remember reading that they required rowers for filming as well. So I had thought Greyjoy fleet landing.

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    5. ghost of winterfell,

      I think they could be casting some Westerosi soldiers too. If they were filming the capture or surrender of Storm’s End, for example, they would have some Westerosi soldiers present.

      But the requirement for no visible tattoos and Mediterranean looks suggests they are probably casting some of Dany’s crew too. For the record, they have cast white Unsullied in the past.

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    6. From the casting it sounds as though this could be a mixture of Dany’s forces as well as Westeros due to ethnicities and the tattoo rule, wasn’t that similar to Malpartida casting?

      I’m supposing there’ll be a series of battles across southern Westeros in the first part of the season at least, with KL falling toward the end.

      Luka Nieto, I now think you might be right about Zumaia being used for Storms end or Dragonstone… those Merlons have since been darkened and the surrounding terrain would easily pass as either. There’s even a structure on the beachfront with dragon like sculptures (in fact they’re horses), that could easily fit in with a Dragonstone set.

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    7. Itzurun Beach in Zumaia has been suggested as a potential landing site for Dany’s armada (wherever that turns out to be). Perhaps these extras will play a contingent of Tyrell and Martell soldiers, including the ones escorting Olenna and Ellaria when they arrive to greet the new Queen.

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    8. This looks like a fray involving both Westerosi (all white/Mediterranean) AND Unsullied/Dothraki (no tattoos on arms and legs). Pretty exciting stuff.

      Season 7 may have battles, big and small, in all the episodes – because, by its end, I think King’s Landing and the idea of a united 7-kingdoms will be in shambles, and up North, the Wall will be down.

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    9. The header does say VII which is 7. It’s just an image from S6 with 7 in the header.

      This year has been particularly difficult with filming because I can never tell who is filming with whom. It seemed less chaotic last year, or is it just me?

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    10. Basicly, all the battles/action sequences have to form a cohesive story arch. I agree with Yaga: if Cersei is intended to last till the end of the season, she has to strike first before Dany lands. Her target should be Dorne: the Reach is too big and the Queen of Thornes ir too wise not to take the required precaution measures. Meanwhile, the Sand Snakes are bastard girls who want to play at war, which makes Dorne a more appropriate target for Euron’s attack. It makes sense to assume that D&D will be making a rather spectacular action sequence on that occation: everyone would be so happy to see the Sand Snakes defeated that they shoudn’t miss a chance to give the viewers their heart’s desire just to show that the loss of the despised Sand Snakes will backfire on the beloved characters. Hence, there is a big probability that Zumaia will be used for Euron’s attack on Dorne. The Mediterranean appearance of the extras (Dornishmen/Lannister/Ironborn) kind of fits this scenario, as well as a relatively short filming time (one week).

      On the other hand, loss of Dorne could make Dany land ASAP on a hostile shore, which would also produce an action sequence with rowers etc.

      The main battle of the season looks to be evolving around the wagon train ambush and Dany will most probably lose. But if that happens, she will get another victory in the finale, and therefore Zumaia may indeed be used for the siege of Dragonstone or Stormsend. However, my bet would be either on Euron, or on Dany’s landing.

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    11. Ramsay's 20th Good Man,

      Dornish and Lannister soldiers are Westerosi. So there’s a contradiction. People get tattoos on their necks, hands/fingers or even face. So, the tattoo requirement still applies.

      If the casting was just for Dothraki or Unsullied, they’d specify mixed ethnicity instead of white.

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    12. Flayed Potatoes,

      They haven’t included a no visible tattoos requirement just to keep away the tiny proportion of people with face and hand tattoos.

      And putting the exact wording of the casting through Google translate they actually state that all attendees should wear shorts and short sleeves so they can see their arms and legs. So we know that they’ll be checking arms and legs and the costumes will probably leave such areas exposed.

      Lannister and Dornish soldiers’ armour/costumes both cover the arms and legs fully.

      Plus, I’ve never suggested they were casting just for Dothraki or Unsullied. But as I mentioned to ‘ghost of winterfell’ they have cast white Unsullied in the past anyway.

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    13. Luka Nieto:
      I’m a bit too short for that, 1,76cm. Hopefully they don’t have too many tall candidates

      You’re only 2cm shorter than the lower height requirement! Hope fully they won’t notice that!

      Buen suerte Luka 🙂

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    14. Well here I am, waiting in line. There are hundreds of people already here. I’m not even sure I’m amongst the first 200, but let’s hope so.

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    15. Luka Nieto:
      Well here I am, waiting in line. There are hundreds of people already here. I’m not even sure I’m amongst the first 200, but let’s hope so.

      Good luck Luka!

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    16. Inga,

      Yeah, that sequence is definitely a possibility. But I like how there’s still a lot of room to speculate what’s going to happen.

      In any event, that picture of Zumaia almost doesn’t even look real.

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    17. Well, I waited in line from 7AM to almost 12.30PM or so, almost six hours. It was exhausting, but it’s over, at last! If I’m chosen, they’ll call in the following days. They took a few picures and had us fill in a form. That’s basically it 😉

      I also took a few great pictures of the beach set, which is coming along very nicely. I’ll forward them to Sue 😉

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    18. Luka Nieto:
      Well, I waited in line from 7AM to almost 12.30PM or so, almost six hours. It was exhausting, but it’s over, at last! If I’m chosen, they’ll call in the following days. They took a few picures and had us fill in a form. That’s basically it

      I also took a few great pictures of the beach set, which is coming along very nicely. I’ll forward them to Sue

      Wow! But be specific! What kind of form? What did you need to sign? Nondisclosure agreement? xD

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    19. It’s totally the Golden Company! I really want them to introduce Griff to the show. Has anyone seen anything they explicitly states that they won’t?
      I also came across this video which includes how Jon will go about explaining his parentage and the reactions of some of the characters. It’s pretty funny.

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