Game of Thrones returning to Lokrum to film for season 5, Alfie Allen gets ready for filming, and more set updates

According to An Englishman in Dubrovnik (unmarked spoilers at link), filming for season 5 of Game of Thrones will take place on the island of Lokrum.

Lokrum is an island 600 meters off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It was previously used to film some of Daenerys’ Qarth scenes in season 2, including the outdoor garden sequences and the exterior of the House of the Undying. Update: Alfie Allen posted an image of his dyed hair on his Instagram account today, teasing that he will soon begin filming more scenes as Reek.

It looks like the Moneyglass castle that’s been in development for several weeks is seeing more action:

Another Twitter user has spotted activity out at Shane’s Castle as well. Shane’s Castle has been used extensively for Game of Thrones filming over the past few years.

Cian: As of now, information is quite scarce on what the location could be used for, but there will undoubtedly be developments in the coming days and weeks. Again, Unsullied fans should be wary of the source article, as there are spoilers therein.

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    1. I’m not sure that the image in this article is of a Season 5 set… It looks like a regular ol’ building construction project.

      Why would they bother to pour a concrete foundation for a temporary set?

      No, I think someone is just imagining all new construction projects in the area as linked to GOT.

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    2. Before I looked at the pics I was hoping for the Quiet Isle soon as I read the word “island”, but the photos don’t exactly fit …. Hmmmm.

      Maybe the completed project or at least a photo of the buildings nearing completion will limit possibilities, but right now, once again, it could be anything.

      Pentos like some suggested makes a lot of sense….

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    3. I’m still waiting for someone to take some pictures of the castle set in Moneyglass. It should be done by now, no?

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    4. Can’t wait for Theon’s scenes next season – just know that Alfie Allen is going to smash it. I just hope that D & D give plenty of screen time to the Theon/ northern storyline next season – Theon and the Boltons barely appeared last season. The Theon chapters were the highlight of DWD for me.

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