Game of Thrones nominated for Make-Up and Hair Stylist Guild Awards!


Award season storms on and Game of Thrones remains in the thick of it! The Make-Up and Hair Stylists Guild has nominated season 7 of Game of Thrones for three of its five television awards.

The Make-Up and Hair Stylists Guild has nominated Game of Thrones‘ make up artists, Jane Walker and Nicola Matthews for Best Period/Character Make-Up. Their fellow nominees are the makeup teams of “The Crown,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Bright” and “Stranger Things.”

Kevin Alexander and Candice Banks are up for Best Period/Character Hair Styling against hair stylists for “The Crown,” “Glow,” “Saturday Night Live” and “Vikings”

Lastly, Barrie Gower and Sarah Gowers are nominated for Best Special Make-Up Effects alongside the teams for “The Orville,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead.”

Game of Thrones is no stranger to the Make-Up and Hair Stylist Guild Awards. In fact, Jane Walker, Kevin Alexander and Candice Banks have won two years in a row. Barry and Sarah Gowers, however, stand to be first time winners this year when the results are announced on February 24.

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    1. In both the “Best Period Character Makeup” and “Best Period Character Hairstyling” categories, Game of Thrones is up against Saturday Night Live.

      Without denigrating professionals nominated by their peers, how does making Alec Baldwin look like Donald Trump compare to giving an austere appearance [in S7] to medieval, fictional characters in GoT? Besides, isn’t Alec Baldwin’s portrayal more about his mimicing of the speech and mannerisms of his real-life counterpart?

      Just curious why the two shows are in the same categories.

      As for “Best Special Make-Up Effects”, how can anyone beat Captured Wight? Or zombie giant? (I’m not including our boy the Night King because I felt he only had brief cameo appearances in S7.)

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    2. Rygritte:
      The bittersweet ending is Jorah’s scars completely heal, but he never takes off his shirt again. The end.

      You can hear the sound of hearts breaking for miles around.

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    3. One of the most satisfying results of GoT’s longevity has been the the quality, and steady rise thereof, of hair, wigs, makeup, costumes and general styling. Maester level work, and crucial to the compelling world-building of this program. Oh, to have been a humble assistant to even one of these artists! May they win ALL the awards.

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