Game of Thrones picks up 5 Critics’ Choice Award nominations!


The annual nominations for the Critics’ Choice Awards were announced yesterday, and Game of Thrones was well-represented on the short list. In addition to recognition for the show’s stellar actors, GoT has been nominated for Best Drama Series at this year’s awards!

The Game of Thrones nominees are:


Peter Dinklage and Kit Harington will go head-to-head once again. Here’s hoping that, unlike at the Emmys, one of them will take home the prize this time!

They face stiff competition from veteran actors in the form of Homeland‘s Mandy Patinkin, John Lithgow from The Crown, Christian Slater of Mr. Robot, and Jon Voight from Showtime’s Ray Donovan.


Emilia Clarke and Lena Headey are up for this award, similar to their Emmy face-offs. Will one of our favorites win this time?

The other nominees include Christine Baranski from The Good Wife, Thandie Newton who is incredible on Westworld, Maura Tierney of The Affair, and Constance Zimmer of UnREAL. The overall matchup is similar to what we’ve seen at the Emmys (with the addition of Newton) in the last year or two and is just as hard to predict.

And of course, Game of Thrones will be looking to take home the big prize, Best Drama Series this year.  Was season 6 strong enough, or will Mr. Robot or one of the new shows on the block win the award?

Their competition this year will be Better Call Saul, Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, The Crown, This Is Us, and HBO’s new series Westworld.

The Critics Choice Awards ceremony, hosted by Silicon Valley‘s T.J. Miller, will be broadcast live on the A&E Channel, from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, CA. Tune in December 11th at 8PM ET/ 5 PM PT to see the show and root for your faves!

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    1. Rooting for Kit and Lena or Thandie Newton.

      WTF no nomination for Anthony Hopkins in the Best Actor category for Westworld? Jesus critics.

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    2. Emilia is great at this role and deserves all the nominations, we all know She is the star of this show.
      Happy for her, she deserves it, hope she wins too.

      A lot of hate towards Emilia is simply because of misogyny. So i’m glad that critics recognize her amazing work on GoT.

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    3. Congrats to all GoT nominees and especially the show! Hoping as I was for the Emmy’s, Kit wins and one of the GoT actresses wins and of course the show! Critics may be harder to please than Emmy voters though. Will hopefully be able to watch and for sure ? for their wins.

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    4. This Is Us could be the dark horse Drama winner. I haven’t seen it, but I’ve read/heard how the critics really love it.

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    5. Rhaenys Stark,

      I have to say Im pretty shocked that Hopkins was overlooked for a nomination. He is by far one of the BEST parts of that show. His acting is superb, he doesn’t have to say a word and can portray so much emotion with just a facial expression. With as much as I LOVE my GOT, I have to say WestWorld is my new addiction. Its just such a well written show that honestly gets better with each episode. If any of you guys haven’t seen it yet and you are looking for a great show to get you through the GOT draught I HIGHLY recommend you guys check it out. I dont have HBO so I watch it through one of my online sites but the quality is amazing and its up there Monday mornings (Im pretty sure if you watch it on HBO it comes on Sunday nights) Its gonna be tough, as much as Im pulling for my GOT family in the other categories, I gotta give the supporting actress vote to Thandie Newton HANDS DOWN!! She is incredible to watch and steals every scene shes in.

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    6. Jupiter,

      I agree with you 100%!! I hope Evan Rachel Wood wins too. Everyone on that show is fantastic! I had no idea when I first started watching that I would love it as much as I do. Game of Thrones will always be one of my top choices but WestWorld is definitely a close second, plus it was just green lit for season 2 and I have no doubt that if they keep it up like they have been, the show will continue for quite a while (especially since we are getting so close to the end of the GOT TV series, which makes me sad..I really hope they do a prequel with either Dunk & Egg or even Roberts Rebellion would be pretty awesome to see and I think if they start somewhere right before the Tourney at Harrenhall they would have SOOOOO much to work with and a great epic story to tell) I think (I could be wrong…I really hope I am) but Im pretty sure Orphan Black is coming close to its final season (which sucks bc its another show that I absolutely LOVE to watch) so many good shows are coming to a close so Im glad that there are a few good ones out there to watch. Im sure Ill re watch GOT plenty but Ill still miss it once its not on anymore. Im going to have to invest in getting the DVD or Blu Ray set so I can watch it whenever I want

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