Game of Thrones Finale Giveaway: Win Wun Wun!

Wun Wun

With “The Dragon and the Wolf” tomorrow night, Game of Thrones will have wrapped up another wild season of mayhem, shocks and larger-than-life drama. But before we settle in for the final ride, we wanted to throw one more giveaway to get you all revved up and ready- and we’ve got a larger-than-life toy for it!

Funko added several new figures to their ultra successful Game of Thrones collection this summer. Among them is this supersized 6-inch Pop!Vinyl toy of the lovable giant Wun Wun. Riddled with arrows during the Battle of the Bastards, the giant may no longer be with us, but one of our readers will be taking him home in a week!

This giveaway is worldwide, so WatchersOnTheWall readers around the world are welcome to join in the fun and enter to win.

How do you enter? It’s as easy as leaving a comment- complete rules and more ways to enter are below!

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Method #1: Comments: Sound off in comments on this post, telling us what is your favorite part of Game of Thrones season 7 so far! (Anyone posting episode 7 spoilers before it airs- your post will be deleted!)

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  1. My favorite thing this season has been all of the epic character meet ups. I wish we could listen in on more of the conversations that they would be having if the season was longer and slower.

  2. Hey,

    My favorite part of season 7 is the love between Jon & Dany. Also great job from the actors but the story go way too fast.

    Really want my Wun Wun.

    Have a great day.

  3. Ugh this season has been so hard on my heart, but it’s been really good. I’m loving all the bromances this season.

  4. So many to choose from, but I loved the opening of ‘Stormborn’ with the frank conversation between Dany and Varys, it was loaded with tension but ended with a mutual respect.

    A few other highlights would be Arya vs Brienne, Dany and Jon’s cave AND boat scene, and of course ‘You DO know her’.

  5. Jon and Darby boat scene, no question, followed by Drogon torching the wagons and Supermanning over the river.

  6. Most favorite single part of this season: Loot train battle. 😀
    The Jon and Daenerys relationship turned out to be my favorite part of the overall season. I don’t know why D&D didn’t have them meet earlier. Looking forward to all their scenes tomorrow!

  7. Favorite part of GOT season 7 so far is the length of each episode hahahaha, i love every bit of Game of Thrones!

  8. My favorite stuff has been seeing Sansa grow more as a character and seeing her be such a good Lady of Winterfell!

  9. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the tender moments between Jon and Dany. I’m actually proud of D&D for structuring their relationship in a way that just “works”. It’s been a gradual, yet organic building up of feelings.

    Special shoutout to the Field of fire 2.0 though because the OST was epic during that scene along with the masterful CGI.

  10. Favorite part of the season?

    Jamie: Rickon-
    Dickon: it’s Dick-on..
    Bronn: lawls-omfg-rofl!

  11. I love when Dany and Drogon first appear in loot train battle and when they rescue Jon. The music really are piece of art, bless you Ramin Djawadi.
    Hope I Win this Wun Wun.
    Thanks for the worldwide giveaway!

  12. Need this. Best moment? Jaime charging at Drogon for sure. Also Cersei’s revenge was nice. And some of the Dany dialogue was improved so that was cool too.

  13. Jaime charging at Dany and Drogon. The cinematography was amazing. From a character standpoint he has shown a glimpse of the Jaime of old courageous and doing anything to gain victory (echoes him killing the mad King). I think it was one of the most pivotal moments for any character this season.

  14. So far my favorite part of Season 7 has been the interactions between the Magnificent Seven, especially Jon and Berric.

  15. I have absoutely loved this season so far, and am SUPER excited for the last episode. I thought we would have lost several more characters than we did during the last episode, but I am loving how the loose ends are being tied up.

    Favorite scenes so far:
    Arya being a complete badass during her training with Brienne
    Bran putting Littlefinger on his heels with “Chaos is a ladder”
    Missandei and Grey Worm <3 <3
    Dani arriving at Dragonstone

    I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to hold!

  16. Favorite part hands down, the stark reunions…. even if it didn’t quite go the way I imagined it in my mind! 😑

  17. Lord Beric scenes in Behind The Wall, especially that one when he set his sword ablaze during final stand on frozen lake.

  18. I loved the Queen of thorns final scene.
    But I think the writers messed up from the point Jamey returned to kings landing, after “spoils of war”. I would have liked to see Jamey a captive of Dany, and see Tyrion inner conflict unfold.
    The graphic is amazing, but the last two episodes were dissapointing in respect of plot, story line and writing. We the fans deserve more!!!!

  19. My favourite moment from season 7 was when the hound threw the rock at the wight.

    “sometimes, nothing is the hardest thing to do”
    -Tyrion Lannister

  20. Favorite parts:
    Ep. 1 – Arya’s season cold open, Sandor/Beric/Thorus farmer’s house
    Ep. 2 – GW & Missandei, Sam operating on Jorah, Arya & Nymeria
    Ep. 3 – Jon’s arrival and meeting with Daenerys, Cersei’s dungeon, Jon & Tyrion on cliff, Jaime & Olenna
    Ep. 4 – Arya returning to Winterfell, Arya-Brienne spar, Field of Fire
    Ep. 5 – Daenerys w/ Jon & Drogon meet, Gendry
    Ep. 6 – Daenerys & dragons arriving for the escape

  21. My favourite part was definitely the loot train attack, especially when Jaime went to attack dany, it was so tense.

  22. Favorite part of the season 7 – when Dany came to rescue the Suicide Squad – mad feeeeels! =]

  23. I loved the Queen of thorns final scene.
    But I think the writers messed up from the point Jamey returned to kings landing, after “spoils of war”. I would have liked to see Jamey a captive of Dany, and see Tyrion inner conflict unfold.
    The graphic is amazing, but the last two episodes were dissapointing in respect of plot, story line and writing. We the fans deserve more!!!!

    (recomment due to facebook and email issues:( )

  24. Fav scene: Nymeria informing Arya that humans are not worth her time. Like you, I’m a survivor…go fight your own battles! But is Nymeria playing her own game?

  25. Fave scene is Bronn making his way through the field of fire on his way to Qyburn’s scorpion – then (almost) taking out a dragon!

  26. Favorite part of Season 7…that’s hard to choose. There have been a lot of good action scenes, and good character scenes, but I think I might have to go with Arya and Brienne dueling because it combines both. I really liked the way Brienne’s attitude changed as she realized how good Arya was, and how they both really seemed to enjoy the sparring. Also, the choreography was great, and I loved when Arya anticipated Brienne grabbing her wrist and flipped the dagger to her left hand just in time.

    The Frey slaughter, Field of Fire 2.0, Hound/Brotherhood at the farmhouse, and the various conversations along the trip north of the Wall were also among my favorites.

  27. Hard to pick just one!

    -“Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me”
    -Dany and her babies flying beyond the wall to save the day (even if one of them didn’t make it back 🙁 )
    -Field of Fire 2.0

  28. Wun wun!!!!!!

    My favorite has to be the charge of the Dothraki with Drogon providing air support

  29. And the nominees for Favorite S7 Scene So Far are:

    1. Arya Stark in cold (and I mean stone cold) open to E1: “If people ask you what happened here, tell them: The North remembers. Tell them: Winter came for House Frey.” 🍷🍷🍷🥂
    (aka 🐺🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 “Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.”)

    2. Dany + Drogon in flame broiling Lannister troops. 🐉🔥🦁🦁🦁🦁

    3. Arya Stark, with Needle + VS dagger, in training session with Brienne 🤺🗡🔪

    4. Arya Stark, in (brief) reunion with Nymeria. 🐺

    5. Sandor Clegane, in relieving boredom by throwing rocks at encircling wights. Because Sandor. 🐶💀💀💀💀🤽🏻‍♂️

    6. Sandor Clegane, in scolding Gendry for “whinging.” 🐶🤷🏻‍♂️

    7. Hot Pie + Arya, in discussing pie baking techniques and Arya’s destination 👨🏼‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳🏰

    8. Beric Dondarrian, in every flaming sword scene. ⚡️🔥⚔️

    9. Samwell Tarly, in “You’re not going to die today Ser Jorah.” 👨🏼‍🔬⛑🐨

    And the award for Favorite S7 Scene So Far goes to …..
    [Voice of King Robert from audience: “Open the bloody envelope before I piss myself!”]

    …and the award goes to:

    Arya Stark, with Needle and VS dagger, in training session with Brienne.

    This is Arya’s twelfth nomination and fourth win. She previously won for repacking clothes with Nymeria and receiving Needle from Jon Snow in S1; learning about pre-sleep prayer list with Yoren in S2; and walking to the Bloody Gate and erupting in hysterical laughter in S4.

  30. Definitely when Dany saves Jon and the group beyond then wall! Seeing the dragon destroy all the wights was epic!

  31. Robin Shams:
    My favourite moment from season 7 was when the hound threw the rock at the wight.

    “sometimes, nothing is the hardest thing to do”
    -Tyrion Lannister

    Ah! My first runner-up.

  32. I’m just wondering (given that this is about Wun Wun) where the three Giant wights are going to appear…

  33. I simply love the relationship of Jon and Daenerys and I think it was the one thing the showrunners are treating with lots of care and attention. It does not feel forced, nor rushed, and both actors seem to benefit from each other´s presence in the screen.

  34. I’m just wondering (given that this is about Wun Wun) where the three Giant wights are going to appear…
    Having said that, my favourite moment is probably Jon meeting Drogon.

  35. My favorite part of Season 7 up until now was Daenerys and Drogon being the Fire Team we need them to be!

  36. My favourite part is definitely the casual knowledge bomb dropped by Gilly confirming that Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding was official and recorded.

  37. My favorite part of the season was The Beyond the wall episode. When Jon and his crew were fighting the white walkers! Liked, followed and retweeted on twitter. @Laindia928

  38. Best part of Season 7 so far?
    Battle over the Roseroad I mean the “The Loot Train Attack”

    So is this POP! Wun Wun bigger than the other POP! figures?

    (I hope I’ll have internet while I’m abroad on holiday, if I get to win…)

  39. Too many great moments packed into this season, each episode is just getting better. Arya and Brienne sparring and then both staring down Baelish.
    The Loot Train battle was awesome, finally seeing a dragon unleashed and also Bronn shooting down Drogon was a YES and NOOO moment in one.
    The cat and mouse game between Arya and Baelish and the tension with Sansa, hopefully Arya is the cat in this game.
    The battle beyond the wall, and I had to laugh when The Hound threw that rock and it just skipped across the surface.
    The excitement at seeing Viserion dragged out and resurrected.

  40. The best part of this Season, for me, is when Drogon was flying over the river at the Loot Train Battle… Man, that soundtrack and that CGI was killing it!

  41. Hi. My favourite moment of season 7 so far was when Jon pet Drogon. You can clearly see how Jon is scared to death but there is something else. Like he feels a connection with the dragon. #DrogonAproves. All of Arya was pretty cool too.
    Valar Morghulis

  42. favourite part is when olana went out like a queen. admitting she killed joffrey and jamie couldnt do shit about it

  43. My favorite parts have been all the great meet ups. Dany and Jon, Jon and Drogon, the Hound and Tormund, Sam and Jorah.

  44. My favourite? The fall of (fake) D&D’s House Martell, my favorite House in the books but too silly in the series. At last, it has fallen.

  45. I think my favorite parts pf this season have been Jon and Drogon, and really the secondary characters intereaction. Bronn and Tormun ect.

  46. Dany and Jon on the boat was easily my favourite part of the season so far.

    Other favourites include the loot train battle, the dragons saving the Magnificent Five, and the Sansa/Arya reunion before it turned to shit.

  47. For me it was Dany on Drogon during the battle in episode 4. The way you saw her and Drogon was awsome and it made me want to have a prequel with more dragons involved. It would be awsome to see dragons going 1 on 1 with or without riders on them, especially with this budget.

  48. My favorite part of Season 7 so far is the Field of Fire 2.0 also known as the attack of Dany and Drogon (with her Dothraki army) against the Lannisters!

  49. Arya’ spar with Brienne – that little spin flip to the other hand that Arya did was sick as hell!

  50. Favorites were Olenna going out like a boss, Jon and Dany meeting for the first time, and Tormund/Hound in ep 6!

  51. My favorite part of Season 07 is when Olenna confessed her sin about Joffrey`s death because Olenna is still our badass grandmother.

  52. Wun wun – too awesome for the season 7 finale.

    one fav moment – Davos : Thought you might still be rowing

  53. Omgosh would❤️To win this my very first POP…lol….I have to say my fav part this season was episode 6 the train fight/fire!!! Also wanted to say Ty for all u put into this site for us Fans!! Ty for the awesome giveaway❤️

  54. I’m in! Fav scene: the cold open season premiere with Walder and his amazing speech: “Yes, yes… cheer. Brave men, all of you…” Kudos to David Bradley 👏

  55. Can’t wait for the finale! Loving that we get to finally hear more/confirm about jon’s parents!

  56. Cersei’s revenge for Myrcela assassination is my favourite part of season 7, definitely most GRRMish style.

  57. My favorite part of Season 7 would have to be the conversation between Tormund and the Hound about Lady Brienne when they are beyond the wall. It was the funniest part anyways. I have a feeling something in episode 7 will take over as my favorite.

  58. As usual the season is full of superior, brilliant, exciting, fun and simply cool moments.

    Here a few of the scenes I love in random order…

    * When Danerys and Jon snow meet the first time in Dragonstone and introduce themselves (including that fun moment when Davos introduces Jon as ‘Jon Snow’… ‘The King of the North’)

    * When Daenerys arrives to Dragonstone for the first time

    * The entire spoils of War sequence

    * Arya’s meeting with the Lannister soldiers

    * Arya and Sansa in front of Ned’s grave

    * The scene ending with Arya giving her dagger to Sansa

    * The smalltalk and banter between the Champions of Life on route north in E6

    * Tyrion on the Field of Destruction after the Spoils of War

    * Tyrion watching in horror as Jamie charges Daenerys and Drogon

    * The attack on Castlely Rock

    * The Nigh King’s prepared trap of the Champions of Life aimed at downing at least one dragon

    * Bronn’s delightful reaction to Dickon’s name

    * Daddy Tarly’s first show of love and care for anybody, presumably, when he takes Dickon’s hand just before being executed-by-dragon-fire

    * Jamie tensing up when Cersei hugs him after telling him that she is pregnant – and then telling him not to betray her again

    * Cersei is slowly becoming mad, propelled by greed, selfishness, paranoia, megalomania, hate, and revenge

    * The tender moment between Grey Worm and Missandei

    * The music, effects, storytelling, etc

    And many, many more.

    Superb work by everybody associated with the series. Thank you for providing us, the fans with this wonderful entertainment and top quality storytelling.

    [/ spoiler]

  59. mattan hacohen:
    I loved the Queen of thorns final scene.
    But I think the writers messed up from the point Jamey returned to kings landing, after “spoils of war”. I would have liked to see Jamey a captive of Dany, and see Tyrion inner conflict unfold.
    The graphic is amazing, but the last two episodes were dissapointing in respect of plot, story line and writing. We the fans deserve more!!!!

    After last night episode all I can say is “what I can forgive to, I do”
    great end of season.

  60. I loved the evolution of the Hound. During his reunion with Brienne, he almost had a proud smile about Arya.

  61. Favourite moment of the season was the last scene of the finale. I hope Tormund and Beric are not dead.

  62. Favorite part of the season is still Arya’s talk with the Lannister soldiers. It was the only time the season slowed down.

  63. So many great moments this season…the Queen of Thorns deathbed reveal, the destruction of the Loot Train, the end of Littlefinger, finally getting a Rhaegar scene…but probably the best was Jonarys ship scene. Oh yeah, Jon’s butt FTW!

  64. My favorite part of this season was all of the interactions between players who’ve never met before. R+L=J is (finally) realized between Bran and Sam. (“He’s not a Sand” and Gilly’s “An-ool-ment” moments made me SO happy!) Viserion becoming a plasma cutter after being zombified answered my biggest Ep. 6 question. Very sad, but the coolest CGI of Ep. 7.

    I will need Wun Wun to help me get through whatever this damn wait will be!

  65. Best part all season: Having one character survive way beyond the books. All hail burnin’ Beric, with a special thanks to one LSH. Also among my favorite scenes anyhing Sam in Oldtown.

  66. Seeing Dany finally arrive to dragon stone was amazing. So many crazy awesome things happened this season but my favorite was seeing dany finally make it to dragon stone

  67. Unable to choose between too many promising lines of dialogue (for season 8 plot twists), I’ll just go with the dragonglass cave symbols and the oculus (eye) on the Citadel’s library’s ceiling.

  68. When Jon Snow at the end of the hanging of the traitors of the nights watch gives the lord commander position to Eddison Tollett and finish the dialogue saying now my watch has ended!

  69. What I loved the most was the revelation that Rhaegar and Lyanna were married before Jon was born, I was really surprised and happy to know that, specially because I was sure he was a bastard! LOL, now we know Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

  70. This season had plenty to look at but nothing to hang your hat on. When the show spokesperson said they ran out of script content for the actors halfway through, I understood why the loot train scene felt like the finale. Hope next year is better.

  71. Arya the assassin FTW, Plus field of fire 2.0 has to be one of the best cinematography ever seen in a tv series.
    Favourite character return has to be Jorah Mormont.

    Can’t wait for season 8 hopefully Winds of Winter/ A Dream of Spring is released before final season.

  72. My favorite scene in Season 7 is the battle on the gold road (aka “loot train battle”).
    Awesome combination of Dothraki and Dragon fighting.

  73. My favorite season 7 might be Tyrion and Cersei in the finale, or the final Olenna scene, or the battle of fire, or… Sorry, I can’t just pick one!

  74. I really like it when the dothraki and daenarys and dragon flew over the hill and demolished the Lannister wagon train.

  75. Characters like Wun-Wun are what make this show so incredible. Even book Wun-Wun was so interesting. He deserved more time on the page.

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