Game of Thrones Emmy Competition and Biased Prognostication


Peter Dinklage, 2015

Or alternatively titled, “A guy that only watches Game of Thrones boldly predicts the winners of the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards.”

The off-season is dark and full of TV shows I know nothing about.

Who better to run through the Emmy nominations and give half-ass, uneducated predictions about who has the best odds of winning? The certified village idiot. That’s who.

The ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 18, 2016. So get your tuxes rented, Sers. And ladies, pull out that dusty prom dress. It’s time to walk the carpet…


Disclaimer: This primary objective of this post is to provoke discussion on the nominees of the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards as they relate to Game of Thrones and NOT to give any merit whatsoever to my biased winning predictions. Good folks who have time to watch more telly than myself are abundantly more qualified to do so. If you are one of those people, then by all means, please give your opinion in the comments below. I am interested to read what you have to say.

Let’s be honest… awards mean different things to different people, especially those of us in the viewing public. I personally appreciate the recognition of great acting on a great production with great writing accompanied with great direction. But many don’t give a rip, which is their right. To each his/her own.

Does it mean that I pick my viewing pleasures by way of Emmy nominees? Unabashedly NO. Too many good shows have been overlooked through the years to let the Emmys decide what is blasted on the new H.D. L.G. of House O.Z.

Besides that, have you ever stopped watching a show just because it didn’t win an Emmy or because it was snubbed altogether? I would hope not. Virtually all of the selected nominees are likely worthy of something and the ceremony should be more of a celebration of great television rather than a concentration on who won and who lost.

That being said, it would be ludicrous for us not to root for the home team. And so we shall…

By the way, if you are unrefined on how Emmy voting is handled these days, I would suggest checking out this piece of reality. Probably the most interesting bit of info from the piece are the changes made just last year in an attempt to increase voter participation.

After becoming more in tune with the new procedure, perhaps I am qualified. Hell, we all are.

One more thing: This post is probably a great opportunity to recommend existing shows to watch now that we are devoid of the only show that matters. Knock yourselves out! Netflix’s Stranger Things is good stuff, especially if you are even mildly interested in sci-fi and are embroiled in some odd search of 80’s nostalgia. And thus far, HBO’s The Night Of has filled in the Sunday night vacancy beautifully.

And we’re off…

Best Drama

The Americans

Better Call Saul

Downton Abbey


House of Cards

Game of Thrones

Mr. Robot

Biased Conjecture: Considering Thrones won the award for Season 5 for what was a less-than-stellar season, Thrones S6 has to be the undeniable favorite if for no other reason than the previous accolade vote (coupled with the fact that it was arguably much better).

attends the "Larry Crowne" Los Anglees Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 27, 2011 in Hollywood, California.

A man has been informed that Mr. Robot is fantastic as well. I’ve been a fan of Rami Malek ever since his crushing portrayal of King Ahkmenrah in the coveted Night at the Museum trilogy. OK… I’m kidding about that one. What I meant to say, was his portrayal of Merriel “Snafu” Shelton in The Pacific. If you haven’t seen it, do it now.

Even better, it put Christian Slater back on television.

Beyond that, The Americans is on my personal radar for no other reason than word of mouth. I heard it was pretty damn compelling.

Even still, Thrones has the upper hand (of the queens) and Emmy voters would be foolish to uncrown a previous winner after the series was even better than the previous winning season. And they won’t.

Winner: Game of Thrones

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

Downton Abbey “Episode 9”

Game of Thrones “The Door”

Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards”

Homeland “The Tradition of Hospitality”

Ray Donovan “Exsuscito”

The Knick “This is All We Are”

Biased Conjecture: When two of the six are nominated for the same show, then you are ahead of the curve right out of the gate. Homeland has a history of carrying its own weight in terms of noms and statues, and is always a fly in the punch at the GoT party.

Kit Harington as Jon Snow. Credit: Courtesy HBO

But the only real threat here is probably Downton Abbey who is coming off of a series finale. Emmy voters have been known to give a farewell sympathy vote if nothing more than to show appreciation for the body of work. And we already know who is going to win Best Drama.

But considering the strong GoT eps that are nominated, an upset seems to be highly unlikely.

Winner: Battle of the Bastards (Sapochnik, baby)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Jonathan Banks- Better Call Saul

Ben Mendelsohn- Bloodline

Peter Dinklage- Game of Thrones

Kit Harington- Game of Thrones

Michael Kelly- House of Cards

Jon Voight- Ray Donovan

Biased Conjecture: Once again, the men of GoT have a decided advantage as it pertains to the other men of drama from various shows.

nikolaj-coster-waldau-emmys-2014-03However, I’m not as certain about this one as I’d like to be.

Dinklage is a past winner and is obviously someone the voters cannot ignore. But I’m not sure that Peter had enough variable scenes during the course of Season 6 to display his vast array of acting chops to warrant a win.

Kit is a pleasant surprise and deserves the accolades of a nomination. Argue what you will about Harington’s ability, but no one can take away the guy’s passion and dedication to doing his best representation of the character. Even Cogman tweeted his congrats calling Kit the “hardest working sonofabitch I know.” the odds even better would have been the inclusion of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. But the nominating Gods weren’t smiling on Jaime for some unknown, nonsensical reason.

That being said, the competition in the category is just too fierce for the hometown heroes. I haven’t seen Banks in Saul, but I did see him in Breaking Bad, and the guy literally kills it as Mike. And what little I’ve seen of Kelly in Cards is always quality.

I’m rooting for the King in the North. But…

Winner: Banks or Kelly

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Dame Maggie Smith- Downton Abbey

Lena Headey- Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke- Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams- Game of Thrones

Maura Tierney- The Affair

Constance Zimmer- UnREAL

Biased Conjecture: Speaking of advantage, good Lord. Three of the six are from our backyard. And two of them are queens.

Emilia is always solid, so long as she is given more to work with than the monotone “break the wheel” dialogue. And Season 6 gave her a lot more to work with.

Maisie is a bit of a surprise nominee in the eyes of many (blind or not). Game of Thrones has given us the opportunity to see her progress from being a scared little girl back when Ned lost his head to a semi-trained assassin in the demise of Walder Frey. It’s definitely nice to see her recognized.


But this year seems pretty much a lock for Lena. After losing to Anna Gunn in 2014 and Uzo Aduba in 2015, voters won’t miss this opportunity to give the Queen her crown. No one knows how long Cersei will sit on the iron throne (and correspondingly, how long she will be alive in Season 7). Considering GoT won’t be in contention for the Emmy’s next year, this will be the final opportunity for voters to bend the knee for a while. As it relates to GoT, maybe ever.

Winner: Lena Headey


Outstanding Sound Editing

Black Sails  “XX”

Game of Thrones “The Door”

Gotham “Azrael”

Marvel’s Daredevil “New York’s Finest”

Vikings “The Last Ship”

Biased Conjecture: Dammit… “The Door” deserves to win something.


FX’s “The Americans”

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

Downton Abbey “Episode 8”

Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards”

Mr. Robot “Pilot”

The Americans “Persona Non Grata”

The Good Wife “End”

UnREAL “Return”

Biased Conjecture: Voter fatigue. Thrones winning a handful of statues is pretty much a mathematical certainty. At what point do voters change their vote to avoid making the ceremony a GoT love fest?

And God forbid another entity having good writers and being recognized. Blasphemy!

Winner: Mr. Robot or The Americans

Wun Wun

Outstanding Special Visual Effects

Black Sails “XX”

Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards”

Penny Dreadful “And They Were Enemies”

The Man in the High Castle “The New World”

Vikings “The Last Ship”

Biased Conjecture: I can honestly tell you that I haven’t been fortunate enough to see any of the opposing nominees. But I can promise you this: If BotB doesn’t win, I will immediately view the top award getter while conceding that I don’t have a damn clue what’s going on in the rest of the series. In other words, if it beats Battle, it deserves a stand-alone view.

Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series

Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones

House of Cards

Mr. Robot

Orange is the New Black

Biased Conjecture: Nina Gold.

Max vod Sydow
Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Max von Sydow- Game of Thrones

Reg E. Cathey- House of Cards

Mahershala Ali- House of Cards

Paul Sparks- House of Cards

Hank Azaria- Ray Donovan

Michael J. Fox- The Good Wife

Biased Conjecture: Never tell me the odds, especially if they aren’t in my favor.

Cards returns serve with three nominations in the category all of which are pretty stellar judging from past performances. I’m a huge Reg E. Cathey fan from basically everything I’ve ever seen him in. Plus, he is a returning champion. Sparks and Ali are no slouches either and supposedly had more of a role in Cards than Reg this year.

Max portrayed the Three-Eyed rooted vision man better than anyone could have ask for and definitely deserves the nom. I’m just not sure it was enough of a role to unseat the current title holder or one of his co’s.

Winner: Cathey or Sparks


Enough of my banter! Here are the rest of the categories. Speculate as you see fit.

Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary or Fantasy Program (One Hour or more)

American Horror Story: Hotel

Game of Thrones “Blood of my Blood, The Broken Man, No One”

House of Cards “Chapter41, Chapter 47, Chapter 48”

Penny Dreadful “Fresh Hell, Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places, And Hell Itself My Only Foe”

The Man in the High Castle “The New World”

Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series

Bates Motel

Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones



House of Cards

The Man in the High Castle


Game of Thrones



Rush Hour



Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones

Masters of Sex

Penny Dreadful

The Knick


Game Of Thrones “Battle Of The Bastards”

Penny Dreadful “Glorious Horrors”

The Knick “Whiplash”

Vikings “Yol”

Vinyl “Pilot”


Better Call Saul “Klick”

Downton Abbey “Episode 9”

Game Of Thrones “Battle Of The Bastards”

House of Cards “Chapter 52”

Mr. Robot “eps1.5_br4ve-trave1er.asf”

Ray Donovan “Exsuscito”


All the Way

American Horror Story: Hotel

Game of Thrones

Penny Dreadful

The Walking Dead


Better Call Saul “Rebecca”

Better Call Saul “Nailed”

Game Of Thrones “Oathbreaker”

Game Of Thrones “Battle Of The Bastards”

Narcos “Descenso”


Downton Abbey “Episode 8”

Game Of Thrones “The Winds Of Winter”

Outlander “Not In Scotland Anymore”

Roots “Night One”

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”



Game Of Thrones Main Titles 360 Experience

Saturday Night Live Interactive Experience

Talking Dead Interactive Experience

The Late Late Show With James Corden

That’s a wrap for me today, guys and gals! Hope you are all having a grand off-season. Don’t be bashful on recommendations for viewing during the current dead period. Life leaves a man little time, and there is too much good TV out there to waste it on crap.

Until next time, happy viewing and may there always be peace in your realm. -Oz

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    1. Now, being serious. I mostly agree with your predictions, though the love Mr. Robot gets from the critics kind of puzzles me, tbh. It’s basically Fight Club with some technobabble. Which isn’t to say it can’t be fun, just that there are better shows that could take its spot.
      I agree that S6 should win, considering it’s better than 5, and that one took the award home. An award for Miguel Sapochnik is a no-brainer as well.
      As for supporting actors, me says Jonathan Banks is going to win this time. I don’t hate Kit, but his range is quite limited in comparison (you’re right, Nikolaj should’ve been nominated instead) and Peter didn’t have much to do this time. In fact, I was rather surprised when he won for S5.
      Lena should win, Emilia has no chance, and Maisie’s nomination should’ve come sooner (seems a bit unfair that when she finally gets the nom, she has to compete against Lena).
      VFX…Thrones really has no competition in this area.
      As for writing…I think it’ll go to The Americans, but I won’t bitch if D&D win again (I can already savor the delicious tears from a certain group of people if that happens).
      Should be a fun night.

        Quote  Reply

    2. Supporting Actor is hard. I would think Banks would be a favorite, but I thought that last year, and his incredible performance was overlooked and instead the statue went to Dinklage in his weakest season. I think there are enough voters who watch Better Call Saul to get Banks a nomination, but not enough to get him a win.

      I would argue that Harington deserves it this year more than Dinklage. And his nomination indicates that his performance did not go unnoticed by voters. And unlike Banks, I think enough voters have seen Harington’s performance that he could get it. But a known quantity like Dinklage always has an edge over a newbie. Plus, some don’t like Jon Snow as a character, whereas everyone likes Tyrion. If Dinklage beat Banks last year, I think he can beat him this year. I’d give the edge to Dinklage.

      (Btw, not sure why people think NCW should have been nominated this year. He’s good but he spent the first half of the season following Cersei around. He had one great episode but I hardly think he was snubbed. Kit, by comparison, performed well and had a big season).

        Quote  Reply

    3. (Btw, not sure why people think NCW should have been nominated this year. He’s good but he spent the first half of the season following Cersei around. He had one great episode but I hardly think he was snubbed. Kit, by comparison, performed well and had a big season).

      Well, yeah, but by that same logic Peter spent almost the whole season telling bad jokes with Grey Worm and Missandei. He only started to shine when Dany came back and he could start counseling her…in eps 9 and 10. Regardless, he shone the brightest in S4 during the trial scene.
      As for Maisie, she had far better scenes with the Hound than in the entirety of the dull mess that was the House of Black and White, but there you go.

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    4. why some people always have to brag about Kits range, and dont mention other actors who clearly arent better than him on the show “cough” Emilia Clarke “cough´”. To say that NCW should have been nominated over him? Then why can Emilia get nominated like almost every season? Its just unfair. Dinklage is a great actor, but honestly, last years win was strange and Nikolaj should have gotten the nomination over him.
      Other than that, Mr Robot is really popular atm and could sweep some emmys too.

        Quote  Reply

    5. I tried to watch Mr.Robot but didn’t like it. Not my cup of tea I guess. Now when it comes to Thrones I predict that it will win everything in the technical categories (apart from the costume award, which should go to Outlander). I also think Lena will finally win, while Kit has a relatively strong chance. It truly was Jon’s season and Kit may be rewarded for his wonderful and excellent performance. They should also hand an Emmy to Miguel Sapochnik like right now. I’m not sure about Writing and Best Drama. Perhaps Mr.Robot will win the former and The Americans the latter? I seriously don’t know. Thrones deserves every award it’s nominated for though and I’m kinda biased since I’ve only watched Mr.Robot, Outlander and BCS. It will be a fun evening, that’s for sure.

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    6. Von Sydow’s name alone may win him the guest category (it probably got him the nomination), as that’s been known to happen there. Last year, Margo Martindale won Guest Actress for The Americans for a single scene where nothing particularly significant happened, and she’s nominated again this year for another unmemorable appearance (she was an indispensable part of the show’s first two seasons, and justly nominated for them, but hasn’t done anything all that important since).

      I actually do think a Harington win could happen, because of all the emphasis on “The Battle of the Bastards” in relation to the show.

      It seems like Headey should win — but then, I thought she was the one win they’d get last year even if they didn’t win anything else, and we saw how that turned out.

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    7. I’m kind of an awards junkie, so I love these things. My predictions:

      I think Thrones has this in the bag to be honest. Its main threat is Mr. Robot and possibly The Americans, but seeing as it won last year, and still has a ton of momentum (and nominations) I’d bet strongly on it. However, I’d argue The Americans should win for this particular year *ducks*.

      Another easy win for Thrones. I really don’t think there’s any competition here actually. This is probably Downton’s most likely shot at a win, but that show has long been a filler at the Emmys, and if Mad Men couldn’t win much in its final year, Downton certainly wont. Thrones deserves this, too.

      Supporting Actor:
      Tough. I think Kit has a very strong shot at winning this, due to all the attention his character got before and during the season. I think his biggest threat is Banks, who is still yet to win an Emmy. However, I’m going for Kit. And, due to Banks and Dinklage having little to do in their seasons, I’d say he should win as well.

      Supporting Actress:
      Lena’s got this. Next.

      I feel like this is the category the show won’t win in. It’s either going to Mr. Robot or The Americans, with the former having a slightly better shot. I’m rooting for Americans, though.

      As for technical categories, GoT should largely sweep.

        Quote  Reply

    8. I’ve finally caught up on Mr Robot, it’s definitely worth the time. I’m disappointed they overlooked The Knick, maybe because it is a Cinemax show and doesn’t get many views, but I would rank that show on par with all of the nominated dramas, I am afraid they are not going to make the 3rd season, Ive heard nothing about a premiere this fall.
      Oh and that picture of Dink is not from 2011, that is from the last Emmys.

        Quote  Reply

    9. NCW had one good episode and he should be over kit who shows huge progress since season 1?i mean come on….episode 8 was jaime’s but he pretty much play the good sidekick for cercei all this season…and episode 8 was problably the worst ep of the season…and while peter dicklage is great actor his character didn’t do much this season if not making jokes…his biggest was talking to a CGI dragon…

        Quote  Reply

    10. G Stark:

      I think Thrones has this in the bag to be honest. Its main threat is Mr. Robot and possibly The Americans, but seeing as it won last year, and still has a ton of momentum (and nominations) I’d bet strongly on it. However, I’d argue The Americans should win for this particular year *ducks*.

      Honestly, no hate of any kind towards The Americans. It’s a really fine show, and if it wins, I won’t complain. However -I also won’t be able to help but to cringe knowing that S5 won and S6 didn’t. And I’m not among the people who hated S5. But it was objectively weaker than S6.

        Quote  Reply

    11. Morgoth,

      Well, I’m not necessarily saying that Dinklage is the most deserving nominee either (although he had some great moments outside telling bad jokes with GW and Missandei). Just that NCW wasn’t snubbed, given that he didn’t have much to do for most of this season. If he had been nominated I would have been fine with that, I just am not surprised or disappointed that he wasn’t. I would have been disappointed, though, if Harington wasn’t nominated, especially of someone else from GoT was.

        Quote  Reply

    12. I would like to see Kit Harington win just so I get to watch all the hipsters at the AV Club explode in righteous anger! He’s no great actor, but he’s also not all that bad and the Emmy noms are not exactly about the ‘best’ these days. And I tend to have no value for opinions where folks denigrate Harington and Emilia Clarke’s acting and then go on to advocate an Emmy nomination for Sophie Turner. She is as bad as or even worse than either of them.

      But I foresee either Jonathan Banks or Peter Dinklage to win. Peter submitted ‘No One’ as his episode, and that has no Kit Harington, while Harington submitted ‘BoB’ an episode that does have Dinklage. So Emmy voters get a double whammy of Dinklage’s acting prowess. As for the women, I foresee a Lena win.

        Quote  Reply

    13. Sean C.,

      Yeah, when I saw Martindale in Guest I struggled to remember what material she even had this year. Nominations like that remind me that it can be very hard to predict winners at these things. So much of nominating and deciding the winners comes from habit. It’s why I’m so unsure about Kit’s chances against repeat nominees like Dinklage and Banks (tho you bring up a good point about BotB getting so much attention and improving his chances).

        Quote  Reply

    14. I think Kit will win. Lena as well. GoT will win the best drama. I think Max fon Sydow will win also. In directing they don’t have a competition.

      I’m not sure about D&D’s award.

        Quote  Reply

    15. Sean C.,

      Yeah. About Lena I just think that her time has come. I wouldn’t call it pressure at the Academy, but I think that there is just that kind of “energy” around her.

      Like Jon Hamm last year.

        Quote  Reply

    16. Kidney Pie:

      Check out the definition of objective mate. Some people thought it was weaker than season 6, others thought it was stronger.

      As with every season. Yet I didn’t see as much whining as it happened with S5 (because of the Dorne hijinks, Sand Snakes, Sansa’s wedding night, the burning of Shireen, Selmy’s death, and so on). The only episode from S6 that got poo-pooed by critics and fans alike was “No One”.
      S6 had plenty of memorable moments (Hold the Door, the battle of the bastards, Dany burning the slavers’ ships, the sept going kaboom, etc.), whereas most people who watched S5 will only mention Hardhome.
      Again, I didn’t hate S5. Overall I thought it was a good season, despite a few hiccups here and there. I’d rank it above S2, easily. And I didn’t have problems with any of the “controversies”, except maybe how lame Dorne was. In fact, I’d take S5 over ADWD any day.
      That doesn’t change the fact it was indeed weaker than S6.

        Quote  Reply

    17. I think GoT will win in the following for sure.
      Best drama
      Best director
      Special VFX
      Sound mixing

      Kit will win for sure. I mean if its all really about popularity contest. How about POTUS himself worried and asking about his characters fate…basically the only question of last year in all interviews and promotions

      Lena should win this one but I also think Maggie can win it too..

      The ones i think they have chance of winning is
      Sound editing
      Writing ( I would have put it under sure if they had submitted winds of winter ,but let’s see )

      Anyways its going to be another record breaking awards raining season for GoT.

        Quote  Reply

    18. Morgoth:
      That doesn’t change the fact it was indeed weaker than S6.

      In your subjective opinion it was weaker. There is nothing objective in that. I also think S6 was stronger than S5, but it’s still subjective.

        Quote  Reply

    19. Kidney Pie: In your subjective opinion it was weaker. There is nothing objective in that. I also think S6 was stronger than S5, but it’s still subjective.

      All right, of course I can’t speak for everyone else, there’s a bit (or a lot) of subjectivity in my opinion. I’m not saying I hold the absolute truth, but going by critics’ reviews and fan reactions, most people seem to prefer 6 over 5.

        Quote  Reply

    20. Best Drama: I really hope Americans gets it. This is a superb show, and it hasn’t won the “best drama” Emmy yet.
      Directing: BotB. The best medieval battle I’ve seen anywhere.
      Writing: Americans, Persona Non Grata.
      Supporting Actor: Jonathan Banks, Best Call Saul. Great actor, nails it.
      Supporting Actress: HEADEY!!!!

      All the technical awards: Hand them to GoT, including costumes.

      Best Cast: GoT. The acting saves this show, even when it hits a couple of weak seasons (looking at you, seasons 5 and 6).

        Quote  Reply

    21. Morgoth,

      Yeah. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I think that general opinion is that S4 and S6 were the best, followed by S3 and S1.

      S2 and S5 are considered the weakest.

        Quote  Reply

    22. Morgoth,

      I agree, but majority of negative reactions to S5 was from book fans and people influenced by them , because that season was so different from AFFC and aDwD.

      Only they cared about Selmy’s death for example, becasuse he has a bigger role in the books.

        Quote  Reply

    23. “Jaime was just following Cersei”…
      Be real..Jaime had more screen time than Cersei in season 6….and was pretty strong in episode 1,2,6,8 and 10.
      Jon was sleeping,took two breaths and that started to follow Sansa (you complained about it) until he got his own episode. So Jon was good in 3,8,9 and 10. Tyrion was strong in the dragons episode and in the last three. They all got the same ammount of good scenes…so you can’t say that when someone will disagree with u!
      On the same level Lena ,Emilia and Maise are out to win an Emmy with 3 good episodes each one of them. Thats how got works,nobody had strong scenes in every episode.

        Quote  Reply

    24. SerNoName,
      I would like to see him win because I think he genuinely deserves to. Granted, I haven’t seen any of the competition aside from Dinklage and I’m sure they are all very good to excellent but unlike a lot of people I don’t see anything wrong with Kit’s acting skill. He and Liam play the only characters on Thrones I still have feelings for. Don’t care what happens to Arya, Sansa, Cercei, Jamie, Dany, Brienne, Tyrion etc. I do care about how the story plays out with them but not the character themselves.

        Quote  Reply

    25. Don’t get the hatred for Kit, Emilia – and Sophie for that matter – myself but then I don’t get the love for certain other actors (not GoT ones and I’m not going to be so churlish as to mention anybody by name). I’d like Lena to win though as she’s had two previous nominations – and she is awfully good at playing evil! I know some people didn’t think Lena was glamorous enough in comparison to book Cersei but although I wanted to smash her face in (as her being in character as Cersei) when she grabbed the throne in episode 10 of the last episode I thought she looked really lovely sitting on the throne. The pageboy type hairstyle albeit’s a wig suits her well. I’ve caught the odd episode of “The Americans” and thought it well acted but I haven’t watched enough to really judge. As a UK citizen I appreciate Maggie Smith as the national treasure she is but there’s something I can’t define that stops me warming to – or wanting to follow religiously – Downturn Abbey as it’s sometimes called.

      The problem for me is that as with “The Americans” I haven’t seen enough of – or any of – many of these shows to really be in a position to state an opinion. Never watched “Outlander” – seen a few clips and it’s struck me as being a bit “bodice-rippery” for my taste, but there is the caveat that I’ve never watched a full episode.

      I thought Tatiana Maslany might have got at least a nomination (in her own right) for “Orphan Black”. I know some British people have said the English accents on “Orphan Black” are like nails on a blackboard but I worked in London for a time and I’ve heard accents not unlike Sarah and her brother. But then, I think some people complain just for the sake of complaining – there were commenters who said Maria Doyle Kennedy sounded stage Irish and she is from Dublin!

      All in all, I find it hard to just this sort of thing but I’d like GoT to do well.

        Quote  Reply

    26. But I can promise you this: If BotB doesn’t win, I will immediately view the top award getter while conceding that I don’t have a damn clue what’s going on in the rest of the series. In other words, if it beats Battle, it deserves a stand-alone view.

      Absolutely love your attitude, a very nobel one indeed. As another GOT fan who doesn’t watch many other programs, you have given me a challenge – watch the show that beats out GOT in the various categories. Who knows, I just might get hooked on something that I’ll continue to watch long after season 8 is over

        Quote  Reply

    27. Kit deserves his nomination. He has improved a lot too. I find it hilarious how he’s the one people like to single out as a weak link, and in the same sentence suggest that Sophie should get a nomination for her wooden performance. I’m not a fan of Emilia’s acting either, but at least she can convey what her character is supposed to be feeling most of the time (unlike Sansa). There are also other actors on the show who have limited range or aren’t even trying anymore, but I don’t see anyone mentioning them. Hmmm.

      NCW didn’t do much to get a nomination this season. I can’t think of any memorable scenes. His best performance was in season 3.

      I wish D&D had submitted episode 10 for writing.

      Anyway, because of the change in the voting system, I expect GoT to win Best Drama again. I hope we get lots of GoT related jokes at the Emmys.

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    28. I am confident they will win best drama and am pretty sure they will win best directing.They should also win the technical ones as they always do Appart from costume designing that should go to Outlander this year.Writing I am not sure D&D could win Bob was epic enough and I was just love the whining of people lol but the Americans has pretty good writing so they might take that.Lena has the best chance this year and I feel she has it in the bag I don’t know only a voting split might harm her.I am not getting my hopes up for Kit but if he does take it I would be over the moon because he absolutely deserves it.Honestly he and Lena were the best actors this season.I may be biased obviously but I have seen most of the shows that are nominated and Appart from the Americans nothing is even close to game of thrones in terms of making you feel engaged with the story

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    29. Flayed Potatoes,

      Yeah, Kit deserves his nomination absolutely. To be fair, it’s just one guy in the comments who said that NCW should have been nominated in his place.
      As for Sophie, I think she was fantastic in ep 1 to 5. It was only in ep 9 and 10 where her performance was a bit uneven, a couple of scenes where it was hard to read her expressions. I wonder how much of that was due to the direction. Overall I think she had enough strong episodes to deserve a nomination.
      I agree, they should have submitted ep 10 for the writing.
      I think they will win best drama and directing, Lena Headey may also finally get her well deserved award.

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    30. It’s a shame that so many of these shows are probably unknown to UK viewers, being on a subscription only or pay to view channel. That makes it very hard/impossible to judge the merit of all the series and actors in the nominations.

      It’s bad enough having to subscribe to Now TV (as a satellite refusenik) for GoT, but to see all these shows would mean paying for Amazon Prime, Netflix as well as for Sky and even ‘The Americans’ has been shunted to the ITV pay to view service instead of the free ITV1 channel it was on before.

      GoT is surely the most watched series amongst the nominees of any on pay to view channels here and even that only reaches about 10% max of the possible total viewership through TV/Streamed services. ‘The Wire’ only had 35 000 viewers when first shown over here, hidden away on a minor channel available through Sky.

      I wonder if the Emmys nominations/awards really have much influence in viewing habits here – aside from GoT with it’s largely British and Irish cast most viewers probably have little interest in it. Also a shame that the non English Language productions we are fortunate to see nowadays don’t get a look in (unless of course it is a US network remake…)

      Anyway – gripes apart- I did get to see The Americans ( don’t watch Downton Abbey) and I would be happy for that or GoT to get a hatload apiece.

      Also saw ‘Homeland’ which was good but not all that special and still yet to watch ‘Fargo’ which was also on a free to view channel but was very well received. I’m still catching up on ‘The Good Wife’ so can’t judge the 6th or last series.

      Series that don’t do that much for me that I have seen on boxset: Mr Robot, Ray Donovan.

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    31. Ser Not Appearing in this Series,

      I think some people watch GoT at other peoples’ houses. I’m in the UK too but I find that there seem to be as many or even more US shows as home-grown on British TV. I don’t dislike all the American shows – I have a bit of a soft spot for their police procedurals though apart from SVU the Law and Order fanchise has gone to the great TV in the sky. Quite like Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. I’m not watching anything at present because my TV (or rather the remote – or it may be the digibox as I bought a new remote and that didn’t help) (unless I watch something on iplayer)

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    32. Dame of Mercia: I’m in the UK too but I find that there seem to be as many or even more US shows as home-grown on British TV.

      Oh yes but the shows on free to view commercial channels are mostly the lower budget long running series that don’t garner “big” Emmy nominations like e.g. NCIS, Castle , Two Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory which seem to be on endless repeat showings. Nothing necessarily wrong with those although they’re not my taste but you don’t get the glossy shows that critics fawn over like ‘Mad Men’ for nothing any more.

      That being said it’s hard to understand why ‘The Good Wife’ was hidden away on one of the more obscure C4 channels – it must have cost quite a bit for the rights so why not put it on the main C4 where it would get more attention?

      The days of getting the critically acclaimed stuff on free to view finally went out of the window when Sky bought exclusive rights from HBO, though TBH I’m not sure where GoT could have fitted!

      It’s not of much relevance except that it’s hard to judge other shows against GoT when you can’t watch them except by spending extra £££££

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    33. Having seen GoT, The Americans, Better Call Saul, and Mr. Robot, my nonexistent vote goes to The Americans for Outstanding Drama Series, Writing, Lead Actor, and Lead Actress. But GoT would get my votes for Best Director (Sapochnik), Best Supporting Actor (Kit Harington), and Best Supporting Actress (Lena Headey).

      All four of those shows are really good, and Rhea Seehorn from Better Call Saul was snubbed in the Supporting Actress category. Best cinematography should’ve been a toss-up between Better Call Saul and Mr. Robot but it appears neither were nominated 🙁 In that case I vote Game of Thrones there as well. Editing should go to Better Call Saul – Nailed.

      For anyone who’s never watched The Americans, its strengths are writing and acting. You could make a strong argument that it’s the best thing on television on both counts. The production (camera, direction, lighting, etc.) is fine but not really anything special. Better Call Saul is always spectacular on the production side of things, especially camerawork and editing, but Game of Thrones can sporadically top it in its best moments (like the Sept of Baelor explosion sequence).

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    34. I just wonder how is it possible that I have seen ALL of these shows (maybe not their current seasons though, as I tuned out for quite a few, like Downtown Abbey, Mr Robot or Homeland), but still this is the first time I hear of the Americans.
      Sounds terribly interesting.

      I think Ms Smith has an advantage over Lena Headey: she’s 90 years old, almost (and a much finer actress, to be honest).

      Honestly, I find Kit and Emilia quite good. Can’t see why people always underrate them. Guys, you don’t have to shout or cry to act well.

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    35. Not sure I follow Oz’s logic that having multiple nominees from the same show in the same award category increases the likelihood of one of them winning. I always thought that the conventional wisdom was that a split vote among fans of a particular show watered down each nominee’s chances.

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    36. Firannion,

      According to this, voters rank the nominees in order of preference, the numbers for each ballot are added together, and whoever has the lowest score (remembering that your most favoured gets a 1) is the winner. So vote-splitting between nominees from the same program shouldn’t be an issue.

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    37. Dee Stark,

      Same here, S5 slightly overtakes S3 for me, which I felt was a bit dragged just to have the RW in EP9, I think splitting ASOS hurt S3 a bit.

      But ironically I think it greatly helped most storylines in S4, which is my second favorite season.

      S2 is my ”least” favorite, although I still liked it a lot. I think it drags a lot until EP9 and I was never really a fan of Blackwater so that impacts my opinion of it….

      S1 is right in the middle, watching it again, or rather watching others watching it…. I feel the first 7 or so episodes really drag a bit to much.
      But man oh man, do I love Sean Bean and Mark Addy!

        Quote  Reply

    38. Mihnea,

      haha I agree!! season 1 is amazing because of Sean Bean and Mark Addy. I agree.
      It does drag out, but its an intro… so its awesome.
      My least favorite, season 2, is till like 10/10 as a tv show LOLs.
      Season 3 downfalls was that I felt, like you, it dragged a bit, especially the theon story
      It was still awesome though
      I love payoffs, I love the stories intertwining, and that’s why season 6 is #1 for me in terms of story. Season 4 is almost tied, or just slightly under. I will have a better ranking once I watch it all together as I have not done my full rewatch of season 6 yet.

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    39. Firannion:
      Not sure I follow Oz’s logic that having multiple nominees from the same show in the same award category increases the likelihood of one of them winning.I always thought that the conventional wisdom was that a split vote among fans of a particular show watered down each nominee’s chances.

      There was a question asked a few weeks ago if three people from the same program had been nominated in the same category together. I went through the past nominees list and posted that it’s happened several times (since the early 80’s when Hill Street Blues did it repeatedly). In every instance one of them won the award.

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    40. Dee Stark:

      the americans is overrated, in my opinion, couldn’t finish it.

      I won’t say that I can’t finish (or catch up with) the show, but I can say that I haven’t yet. I will eventually but I am not itching to get to it. I think it’s a fine show with some really good elements and a deserving nominee. However, it just doesn’t have the ‘gripping power’ for me that makes me have to watch it immediately. I know there are people that think it’s the best show out there and for those that favor that kind of program they have a strong case. I will allow that argument, unlike say, any that would suggest TWD is the best show. 😛
      I don’t like to single out seasons of GoT, rank them as such and say a specific one is my least favorite. It’s hard for me to do that because there have been such great moments in all of them that I feel I’m downgrading because of surrounding episodes. Without trying though I do seem to have some kind of secondary judging method… Every year I buy the blu-ray set and immediately lend it to a friend. Season five was the first time that I said anything like I did, “This season is kind of slow starting out but episode 8 (Hardhome) is one of the best yet.” I guess in my mind I figured someone that’s not quite as rabid of a fan would find season 5 a bit of a drag until that point. I don’t have any of those qualms about season 6 and am excited for her to watch it.

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    41. Interesting about perceptions that some seasons are a bit slow or drag in parts – we know if some had their wishes come true all the seasons would be like that entirely and we would might not yet have reached the Storm of Swords story by now! 😉

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    42. Ser Not Appearing in this Series,

      I don’t criticize people for liking AFFC/ADWD, I am more ”direct/harsh” when some pretend those who didn’t like those books are somewhat inferior or less inteligent.

      But good god, I can not imagine 2-3 seasons of AFFC/ADWD material, it would have been outright suicide. Imagine, Tyrion still hasn’t met Dany, that Jon was still counting food and sending NW guy #7 to random castle #14, imagine Dany still being in Meereen…..etc.

      And these are pace issues, I’m not even going to mention the stories themselves.

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    43. Mihnea,

      Except KL plot nothing important for the plot happened in AFFC.

      Sam – travelogue
      Brienne – travelogue
      Sansa – set up
      Arya – set up
      Jaime – travelogue
      Dorne – set up
      Iron Islands – set up

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    44. Dee Stark,

      Storylines in S5 were really disconnected from each other.

      In S3 Arya’s storyline was in some way connected to Robb’s. And his storyline was connected with Jaime’s and KL’s storyline.

      In S5 every storyline was separate with almost no contact at all.

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    45. mau,

      Well Tyrion met Dany..
      But I agree with you on this, but it really didn’t effect my enjoyment.


      I would say even the KL stuff was dragged far to much. Half of it could have been cut easly

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    46. Mihnea:
      that Jon was still counting food

      Oh come on ! That is truly gripping stuff ! Jon counting crates of food, negociating the price of food, overseeing the preservation of food, etc. Now, that’s intense television : medieval Julia Child ^^
      Plus, if you remove all the allusions to food from A Dance with Dragons, that’s 1/6 of the book gone 😉

        Quote  Reply

    47. ACME,

      You know a funny thing, while I disliked most of ADWD, Jons’s chapters were pretty decent, still Theon’s are the best in my opinion.

      But I just don’t believe those chapters would have made for good TV.

        Quote  Reply

    48. Mihnea,
      I agree. Jon’s inner thoughts were interesting; his actions conversely were a tad repetitive (food, food, food and more food. Maybe George RR Martin was a bit peckish when he was writing ^^).
      Perhaps we will get some of those administrative concerns addressed in season 7. Jon, as KitN, will oversee some of the ultimate preparations for winter. As long as it does not take as much space as in the book, everything should be fine.

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    49. And when we speak about storylines in ADWD only the Northern plot and The Wall were relevant for the story.

      Bran – set up
      Tyrion – travelogue
      Davos – set up
      Dany – filler
      Victarion – travelogue
      Martell’s – travelogue and set up
      Arya – set up

      So yeah. In terms of plot last two books were waste of time and space.

        Quote  Reply

    50. Maisie Williams is on Twitter right now saying she just read the Season 7 scripts and saying it is absolutely crazy!

        Quote  Reply

    51. I think Lena Headly should win the Emmy, but would be surprised if they don’t give it to Maggie Smith. While both are wonderful actresses I think the nod will go to Smith because of her age and it’s the last season of Downton Abby. I think the Emmy voters will want to acknowledge the show in some way.

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    52. While I would like Kit or Peter to win, I doubt either will. Same for Lena, Emilia, and Maisie. Too many GoT nominations in the same category will cause votes to be split and so another entity could take home the prize.

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