Game of Thrones Crashes Emmy Nominees in Latest Honest Trailers Parody


Game of Thrones may be ineligible for the 2017 Emmys, but that doesn’t stop it from crashing the party. Honest Trailers’ latest tribute pays homage to the ridiculous TV themes of the 80’s and ushers in a new wave of retro TV updates with a bevy of music celebrities. Brian McKnight, Paula Cole, and Natasha Bedingfield step in to sing 80’s title sequence music for Stranger ThingsThis is Us, and The Handmaid’s Tale, respectively…but what Emmys parody is complete without GOT following closely in tow? Michael Bolton, along with his echoing, reverberating chops introduces a new song that will be stuck in your head long after you listen to it.

“But Michael, Game of Thrones isn’t eligible for Emmys this year,” says the Honest Trailers team.

“House Bolton does what it wants,” quoth Michael of House Bolton, first of his name.

While his song is roughly a brief recap of the series, more than anything, it continues Honest Trailers’ trend of poking fun at the sheer number of cast members:




Ed Sheeran

…and the list goes on. I just love that even though there are 7 Emmy nominees for best drama, Honest Trailers knows that including GOT in their Emmy roundup is the secret to success in an Internet video. In fact, there are 4 remaining nominees they left out (House of Cards, Westworld, The Crown, and Better Call Saul). Perhaps when they do a roundup of those, they’ll include more GOT humor in there. In fact, the most recent GOT parody Honest Trailers produced was for seasons 4 and 5, so hopefully we can expect seasons 6 and 7 at some point in the next year – Anything is possible! Besides, it’s not exactly like they are chomping at the bits for characters to poke fun at:

Grey Worm


  1. That was fun, thanks! First time I’ve seen these (I think) and the endless cast credits were funny. But I really enjoyed seeing images of the actors, old TV sitcom style.

  2. Tycho Nestoris,

    LOL!!! The folks that put these together have that 70’s sitcom opening credits editing down perfectly. The shot of Sean Bean with the double take then smile gets me, and all the other characters with smiles when normally we would not see them smiling – i.e. Cersei! From this you’d think GOT was something like “Men in Tights!” (The Mel Brooks comedy version of Robin Hood.) Funny stuff! Thanks for posting!

  3. Okay but that Game of Thrones song was the best one!
    “I’m a wolf in dragon’s clothing. And it’s tearing me apart.”
    “Hold the door to my heart”
    Damn you, Michael Bolton! lol

  4. Tycho Nestoris,

    Thanks Tycho… That is pure gold! 😀 Personal faves would be Ned’s double take, Cersei’s smile and the VHS-blur rolling across the screen a couple of times.

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