Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall” video recap round-up

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Dragons and Night Kings, oh so frightening! You all know the magnitude of the traditionally bonkers penultimate episode of a season of Game of Thrones. Let’s see what our favorite video stars have to say in this week’s roundup!

This week will lead off with Rawrist, who we met at Con of Thrones and who joined us in leading a…lively? game of trivia. Above is her excellent dissection of the episode. Excitingly, I am also a participant of a marathon discussion of the season this week. Check out my iconic Watchers on the Wall t-shirt!!!

Nerdist: Jessica Chobot leads a band of commentators, is a fan of Drunk Cersei #confirmed

What the Flick?!?: Y’all I can’t help it, Cenk cracks me the frak up in these.

Gay of Thrones: Does our favorite hairdresser comment on Jon’s scar-ridden abs or impeding incest with Christina Aguilera?

Ozzy Man: This week definitely goes WAY beyond a Boss Fight.

History of Westeros: Is Dany going to save Jon in the books? Is there going to be a dragon battle? So many questions! Book experts, please lay some educated guesses on me.


And finishing with Emergency Awesome!

Thanks for reading! Post ones that I forgot in the comments. Next week is going to have all of your faves in it because can you believe the season is already going to be over?!? I’ll see you on the other side…


  1. See Good, the Bad , the Beautiful , N.Y. Times Arts page today, 26th August.

    (Alas poor Rickon Stark.)

  2. Collider was my favorite video review this week. It was a strong panel discussion with Ken, Rachel, John, and Dennis, and they were thoughtful, reasonable, and engaging as ever. Some other reviewers, of both the written and video variety, could take notes. Even when they had some critical things to say about the episode, they were all extremely fair-minded and well-considered. And they paid extensive tribute to the many, many, many things that the episode did so extraordinarily well.

  3. I only watched WhattheFlick this week – and it was good! Cenk is back, and we had the lovely Ana. All is good. 🙂

  4. I will never understand why this episode got so much flack, I just watched it again last night for the third time and thought it was amazing. This episode is so underrated, we had everything in it. There was suspense, humor, great dialogue,
    acting, action character moments, and I though the pacing was excellent, I think it’s obvious that Arya is just trolling Sansa or why else would she give her the dagger. The reason why Arya was trolling Sansa when she found the faces is because of the conversation that they had earlier where Sansa asked Arya what she had been doing all these years, what better way to explain it. People overlook this but we did get a major death, the death of Viserion is major in more ways than one, Viserion is a major character that has been in every season to date, Viserion is considered to be one of Dany’s children, many fans had an emotional reaction to this, and Viserions death is a major plot twist that could frame the rest of the series.

  5. “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pelts”

    “Iggy Popsicle”

    “Pride Rock”

    “Approachable Karl Lagerfeld”

    lmfao best episode they’ve made this season. I love Gay of Thrones.

  6. Alt Shift X has done E6 , now on YouTube.
    Guy slays me, such great observations.
    Funny about the patience of the dead.

  7. Jared,

    I discovered Collider sometime this season and I enjoy them as well!
    Love Ozzyman and even Gay of Thrones for the entertainment value, helps feed my GoT in-season obsession while breaking up the monotony of just reading and listening to multiple reviewer opinions.
    Also discovered and enjoy WhatCulture, although this episode discussion was weaker without the usual crew. I particularly like Adam’s shorter Ups/Downs because again, different structure breaks things up.
    Just started watching Rawrist based on this site recommendations, may watch some of her old ones when I do my eventual, pre-season 8 full show rewatch 🙂
    Lastly, still enjoy What the Flick, more of a casual viewer view than most, especially an episode or two ago where the regulars weren’t there and they were getting lots of things wrong lol -I found it refreshing, like a chat with friends who have a hard time following all the details!

  8. Jared,

    I watched their review this week, it was the first one I saw. I agree, they are thoughtful and articulate. I like how Ken leads discussion, it gives plenty of time for others to express thoughts but keeps it from spending too much time on any one topic (and the topics tend to be more pertinent than “here’s what I’m thinking about those chains.”) If their other reviews are as good, they will likely become my favorites.

  9. Blind Wave have always been my favourite. If you’re not into reaction videos, that’s only, like 10 minutes of it. The rest of it is a discussion.

  10. Boojam: Alt Shift X has done E6 , now on YouTube.

    Absolutely enjoyed the “patient dead” comment as well. I was patiently waiting for his review all week. All I need are AltShiftX’s reviews and Ozzy to keep my GoT spirit alive and well. ASX’s thoughts about “thwarting death after bad decisions” and especially his comparison of Tyrion’s concerns about Dany’s legacy to GRRM’s own legacy (in which GRRM raises his middle finger) were priceless. Even though ASX has concerns about several events in the episode, he always manages to present an alternative viewpoint that keeps us thinking.

  11. Black Raven: Here it is

    Yeah, as soon as Boojam mentioned it, I watched it. I was checking throughout the day yesterday and today like an obsessive-compulsive…sort of like JB24 anxiously awaiting a GoT premiere! 🙂

  12. I always watch and enjoy Rawrist and Ozzyman.

    My favorite to review other than those is Smoke Screen:

    Other than those, I check out quite a few of them. Emergency Awesome is usually good as is Alt-Shift-X. What the Flick has been good the last couple of weeks. I never really cared for Gay of Thrones that much. They just seem to be trying to hard with the silly nicknames and stuff.

  13. Hodors Bastard,

    Hehe… Know what you mean re JB24 🙂

    He’s posted another ‘doom and gloom’ comment re S7 and not happy that JP is directing the final episode. Jesus H Christ… it never ends with that guy, huh? If only I could get my hands on one of Wimsey’s ‘Chekhov’s hanging guns’ …. LOL 😀

    I’m like you and wait patiently wait for Alt Shift X to post his latest episode review, but it seems to be getting longer before they appear? He certainly puts a lot of effort into producing those videos which probably explains it. The videos themselves seem to be getting longer also… The latest being some 21 minutes and well worth waiting for 🙂

  14. BigMac,

    Blind wave is my favorite too 🙂 They have good, natural reactions and the discussion afterwards is thoughtful and upbeat while not afraid of questioning some things.

  15. Ok Ozzy is now the Undisputed King of GoT video reviews. Just Freaking the best all around. Not only is he funny, but he’s also SUPER insightful! You rarely see a reviewer in any medium go beyond “I liked this” “I hated this” “this compares to the book in X way” but he does – all in a 5-10 min video! Ace.

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