Game of Owns: Vision Quest


Episode 259 – Vision Quest
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A return to High Heart is in order, with another batch of news that leads Arya to fateful conclusions. Ser Jaime and Qyburn share tales and dreamwine, making one tiny pit stop on the way to King’s Landing.

Discussion Topics
Dunk the Lunk
Taking notes
Table of Westeros
Departure therapy
The woman’s words
True colors, into the fire
Using Jaime
Greener dreams
Owns of the Chapters
Listener Owns

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    1. I don’t think GRRM’s comment necessarily mean anything. Every season characters has died in the show who are not dead in the books. Except maybe season 1.

      It has been fun though to see all the speculations who will die. The ones I’ve seen mentioned the most are *edit spoiler tags wont work properly

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    2. I hope kate wasn’t run of from some rude peeps comments the other week on this site.

      I’m getting more nervous and pissed off as the shows air date gets closer. I really wish I could stop watching the show and wait for the books, butI’m not sure if I have the kinda self control. I know you guys talked about how well they have adapted the show. Which I think it’s a pretty damn good adaptation. But you all have read some of the books and know how deep GRRM takes us in this world. So many different theories in the fandom and different paths GRRM could possibly take us down with all the characters we have been introduced to that get deeply diminish. And I know these names will not mean anything to Eric and Zach but when you don’t even have characters like Victarion, Euron, Ariane, or Griff in the shows adaptation of a story they already know the end game too it kinda makes there whole storyline in the books mean nothing considering those are only four of many examples of characters we are still waiting to see if they have a major role to play in the rest of the story

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