Game of Owns: The Slayer

Episode 245 – The Slayer
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Today, a mad dash through Westerosian wilds as Arya’s list of trusted allies slowly wilts, and the great Samwell’s own strength and salt is tested beyond measure.

Discussion Topics
Hot Pie’s verbal résumé
The chase through hill and dale
Tywin’s potential plans
Colorful complaints, Samwell
In the midst of battle
Character of the men
Slaying the Walker
Owns of the Chapter
Chapter 2, released!
Husband to Bears
Late Owns, good fun

Preview Chapter 2 of the new show

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    1. Love the show but I have a question, so for the majority of your show you guys were doing 3 shows a week. Then you dwindled down to 1, whatever, fine, you guys have lives I get that. But on the show somewhat recently you apologized for only doing one a week and assured you’d get back to a more productive schedule. But now for the first time I click on your patreon, and it turns out you’re trying to demand $2,000 a month before you go back? Seems almost a little fansided-ish to me.

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    2. Omg have u guys considered reading the world of ice and fire after you finish a storm of swords … It’s amazing … And the illustrations are every GOT fans perfect dream
      Love your podcast … Keep it coming

      Btw is any1 else reading it

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    3. For the next two chapters, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the role of House Westerling/Spicer in the marriage to and betrayal of the Starks. It’s one of those things you can pick up on only after you know about the Red Wedding, but the clues are all there, if somewhat unclear.

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    4. Sansa’s Knight,

      TWoI&F is indeed a good read. I’m flipping all over the place, reading about this and that. I especially think the Stark and Dayne deconstruction is quite well done.

      I love how the maester in the “handwritten” intro to the book erased Joffrey’s name and overwrote it with Tommen. Very clever….

      Some of the artwork, seen in this article, is mesmerizing. I especially like the wall and CB piece. You can actually get a feel for how the wall weeps sometimes….the artist did it justice. Also, after seeing the Winterfell artwork, I’m wondering how the heck did TG and JP survive their jump?

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    5. OT: Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Seth and Amy Poehler quizzed GRRM regarding some quotes and facts in ASoI&F (both are Sullied). It was one of the more humorous interviews I have seen. The guy gets to have great fun.

      Amy: Ok, George, who said [she speaks some garbled Dothraki]?
      George: Was that Khal Drogo?
      Amy: No, that’s me after a few beers….


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    6. Ashara D,

      Yes…although many of the Dayne anecdotes are immersed in the Dorne section. It is definitely not as robust as the Stark history but there is a nice section on the Sword of the Morning. Still, it is a curious and mysterious house. I believe GRRM is saving some Dayne details for later…..

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