Game of Owns: The Queen’s Justice

Jon's arrival Tyrion Missandei The Queen's Justice

Episode 376 – The Queen’s Justice
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Fire meets Ice. Yolkboy and Lady Gwynhyfvar of Radio Westeros join the podcast moments following the justice of Queens.

Seven thanks to Yolkboy and Lady Gwynhyfvar for the late night company and post-Olenna feels. We love you!

When you play the game of owns, you win or you don’t write us your favorite parts of the new episode. Let us know below!

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  1. Hold that door please!

    Favorite part was the dialogue.

    Sansa “letting on” and Tyrion caught quoting himself esp.

  2. I have to admit that her insatiable thirst for power and blood has done wonders for Cersei’s complexion.

    Own: Tyrion for saying to Jon, “I trust the eyes of an honest man more than I trust what everyone knows.” #LooseLipsSinkEuron

    Honorary Own: The gorgeous Basque seaside location! #Can’tPronounceGaztelugatxe

    Another great GOO inspired by a great episode!

  3. I have to agree with Tycho Nestoris above, my favorite part of the episode was the outstanding dialog! So many excellent lines!

    Enjoyed this GOO podcast. Especially enjoyed the discussion on the line or web of revenge. I think Jamie’s ride home will give him a lot of time to think about what Olenna told him and I hope he sees how much destruction and loss of life (i.e. Marcella, Tywin and more) came about because Cersei was convinced (without any real evidence, just her hatred for him) that Tyrion was behind Geoffrey’s death. Come on Jamie, snap out of it!

  4. Own goes to Lady Olenna and to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for his series of reaction shots to every devastating barb the Queen of Thorns threw his way. #tellcersei #owninperpetuity (what does perpetuity mean? forever.) #doIhavemyfactswrong?

  5. Melisandre heading to Volantis is interesting because the only person in the world who knows how to forge valyrian steel lives there. Tywin brought that man over to Westeros to reforge Ice. Right now Jon is only talking about dragonglass, but with Sam in Oldtown discovering ancient wisdom, dragons and dragonglass on Dragonstone, the only missing part is a smith who can bring it all together into Valyrian steel. From the books we know there are stories of Valyrian steel being forged with dragon fire, Perhaps the missing ingredient is melted obsidian with the steel and dragonfire?

  6. First, to settle the confusion mentioned in the podcast – the Sand Snake Cersei kissed was Tyene, who is the only true daughter of Ellaria. Nymeria and Obara were fathered by Oberyn but both have different mothers… which is funny because Cersei says something along the lines of Tyene being Ellaria’s favourite and I’m like duh, of course she is! That’s her actual daughter.

    And I don’t actually remember if show Jaime actually, truly believes Tyrion killed Joff. I think his anger towards Tyrion stemmed from him killing their father after Jaime helped Tyrion escape. But book Tyrion definitely let Jaime believe he killed Joffrey. Also, book Jaime’s devotion to Cersei is a lot more palpable as opposed to the show but we did get a glimpse of that in The Queen’s Justice, especially during his conversation with Olenna.

    I cannot die while Cersei lives, he told himself. We will die together as we were born together.’ – Jaime, ASoS

  7. Nice to see Sansa becoming her mother instead of Cirsei 2.0. A Sansa/Dany meeting will be something to look forward to. Both have had some bad things in common to bond with.

    Be great for Arya to show up at WF wearing a ‘face’ to look around and for Bran to see right through it with a ‘Hello Arya’……..

  8. Own to Olenna for somehow becoming the most epic thing in an episode containing a meeting some fans have waited decades for! I’m so happy with this season! 🙂

  9. I’ve been wondering what would turn Jaime against Cersei. Here are some thoughts:

    1) He pieces together that Cersei went down to taunt the Septa Unella instead of making sure Tommen was OK after he saw the Sept explode.

    2) He tells her about Oleanna and points out that all of the destruction stems from her rage against Tyrion and she doesn’t care.

    3) She shows him more wildfire, to be used when the ground troops come.

    4) Something with Brienne. (I had thought this would be the one, but I don’t see how she gets out of the North now)

    5) Euron. I think this is unlikely, since he put up with Robert all those years. Besides, he’s just likely to kill Euron instead of her.

    6) Somehow, Bran gets in his mind. We don’t know what the Three-Eyed Raven can really do. Can Bran torture him with the moment from the Tower? We’ve always wondered if Bran drove the Mad King mad. What if Bran convinced the Kingslayer to Kingslay? And then to Queenslay?

    6) He doesn’t turn. He dies at Cersei’s side. The little brother who kills her is someone else. (Tyrion, Euron, Bran, Theon, the Hound and Ghost are all possibilities)

  10. LoonyLuna78,

    I think Gendry knows it too somehow, I always thought that would be his role if he is ever finished rowing.
    Melisandre goes to Volantis because Carice just had given birth (to a real baby this time 😉 ). I read somewhere being seperated from her baby during filming GOT was emotionally very heavy for her.

  11. Redx,

    Sansa: ARYA! (Rushes to hug her)
    Arya: (Dead voice, thousand yard stare): Hello, Sansa
    Bran: Arya-type Human has returned. You have killed many.
    Sansa: What happened?
    Arya: Killed. Ate. Pooped. Killed some more. Heard you and Tyrion poisoned Joffrey. Good job.
    Sansa: That wasn’t me. Not sure who did that.
    Bran: I saw you in the House of Black and White. You looked so pretty with your pupils gone.
    Arya: Ask him who poisoned Joffrey. Never mind, I heard Baelish is here. May I kill him?
    Bran: No, he is scheduled to die in two days. That reminds me, Sansa. Please order the men to stop feeding Ghost for a couple of days.
    Baelish: I CAN HEAR YOU!
    The Hound: (Just arriving) Oh lovely, all the women who have driven me crazy are here. Hello Little Bird. Hello you pain-in-the-ass. Hey, Brienne. How you doin’?
    Brienne: (Panicks) I have a boyfriend. His name is Tormund.
    Tormund: (At Eastwatch): Hey, I just felt something. Gotta go, boys!

  12. WorfWWorfington: Bran: I saw you in the House of Black and White. You looked so pretty with your pupils gone.

    I was on a conference call when I read this and burst out laughing. Wasn’t the right moment but that’s hilarious!

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