Game Of Owns: Oathbreaker Part Two

Episode 328 – Oathbreaker Part Two
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Emotions have leveled after our past trip into the Dornish countryside. The finer points of Oathbreaker must be discussed, and your Owns must be chanted.

We asked, you answered. A collection of thoughts and theories lie within!

Discussion Topics
GRRM brings us Dorne
Brandon’s power
Inside the Tower
The little birds
A post pink letter world
The Dothraki knot
Listener Owns

Thank you for the excellent feedback and conversation!

We can’t wait for Sunday.

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    1. Bran’s mission when he leaves the cave won’t be so much fighting but as a spymaster: spread the information he’s gained in the cave and will still be capable of gaining outside of the cave. He’ll convince Jon that he’s Azor Ahai Reborn, the Prince Who Was Promised, and he’ll guide Jon on the path toward fulfilling his destiny. He’ll also provide key information in the war efforts as to how to defeat the White Walkers.

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    2. That’s actually a really fascinating theory re the Waif, would certainly put a good twist on things

      Some good Owns in there

      The idea of Bran messing things up via time travel is quite mind-blowing. I’m wondering if he attempts to warg Wyllis while looking in the past, scrambling his brain and turning him into Hodor

      Everything is being clearly streamlined to wrap it up in 8 seasons, so we don’t have time for Aegon or Arianne etc like we would if there were ten seasons, so if talking Wyllis/Hodor is included is must be quite important and relevant somehow

      It’s interesting Gerold Hightower wasn’t included, but then he wasn’t mentioned. I figured we’d have a tower empty of guards but now I am wondering if he is inside the tower and there’s more to come

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    3. As for the General Grievous comparisons, I saw this in a recap video being a smartass but tbf this isn’t some CGI character using make believe swords, this is an actual swordsman fighting as an actual discipline, eg the guy is moving about properly and attempting to get all of his opponents in front of him where possible

      His hands are by and large around the middle of his body, allowing for high or low parries

      It’s a fantastic action sequence

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    4. I am still catching with all the posts from last week i will just put my speculation and prediction in the below..

      Lots of people think we will be seeing drogon this week and rescue dany ..
      But am positive he will not be seen and will not rescue dany ..

      What I think will happen and hope is that dany and dosh khalleens will be having a conversation about their desires and how this custom forbids them and all and how much they are striving to move out of this life imprisonment..

      Dany will then go into the temple and presented before the khals ..they will start mocking her and I think this is where the suck my dick and want to know how a khaleesi taste comes from .

      Meanwhile jorah and darrio try to infiltrate vaes dothrak and fight their way in ..

      Dany irritated with the khals and their mockery decides to show them who she is and ends up setting fire to the temple ..

      The khals run outside leaving dany to be burnt the meanwhile the khalasars gather around the temple and watching the fire burn down the hut ..

      And amidst smokes and ashes daenerys will remain unburnt and dothraki go down on their knees ..
      And thus we close the episode .

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    5. I love, love, love three inches of Snow! However, I might have to disagree with Tormund’s assertion that pecker length is directly proportional godlikeness. After all, this same scene shows us that the devilish Olly, Alliser, Bowen, and Othell were all well hung.

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    6. Mihnea,

      ghost of winterfell,
      Thank you ..

      I think there is a possibility that episode may also with dany along with temple burning and khalasar looking at it ..
      And next episode we may see dany coming out unburnt and speak to khalasar and most bending the knee to dany and some khals that will oppose this and that’s when drogon may appear and have a chat with them .

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    7. Redxgod,

      Its not a question of scaring them but making them believe in dany …a similar scene to wildlings reaction with jon ..

      But i sure hope we get all thrre dragons back at dany and will cheer gleefullg of tyrion hears tje news about dragons leaving meereen ..i expected it last episode ..maybe we can get that this week..fingers crossed .

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    8. Mihnea:
      Ghosts Lunch,

      The actor who played the second KG said he was Hightower.

      Ah thanks for clarigying, I figured he was Whent as I expected some real Tall fellow, plus as LC he should have been leading the conversation etc

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    9. The Bran speculation is…crazy. It seems crazy to add another layer to this complicated story – a layer that is twice as complicated in its own right, the time travel paradox and changing the past.

      But, I do think that scene with Bran possibly communicating with Ned is important, its not there for nothing. It’s either a set up that he will be able to communicate with SOME in these visions- namely the NK. Or, its a set up that its actually Bran who resurrected Jon- changing the future not the past. This is maybe why Ghost was aroused first, he sensed/saw Bran and 3ER in the room.

      As for Dany, I doubt Jarrio will be saving her, at least I hope not. But I think the pressure she is under in this situation may force her to learn or call upon her power to control Drogon. Yes, he will appear, but she will – out of the desperate situation- remember who she is and summon the ability to really control the dragon.

      It seems that her ability to control them is the next obstacle, and this may be what she is learning from his experience, at least in the show. Then the Dorthraki, who follow strength, will follow her. She gets that army back and off she goes.

      I feel pretty certain that -unbelievably-she will take KL by end of season, and the Lannisters will be dead and over (except Tyrion and maybe Jamie). Jon will take the North and she the south, and net short season will be war/politics between jon and dany. then last season will be jon and danny vs. the WW war/politics.

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    10. To me Dorne sucked in the books just as much as on the show. Oberyn Martell was the only good thing in both worlds especially in the show.

      Now Books and TV show talk…
      In the end I am sure the resolution of the two will be the same, but arriving through different roads…

      Martin simply needs to stop spending page after page in idle descriptions and finish the series in one go. I rather wait two more years and have it all done in one book.

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    11. I actually don’t think we’re going to get the second half of the Tower of Joy in Sunday’s Episode. I think it will come in Episode 5, “The door,” based on pacing, the episode title, and the lack of ToJ footage in Episode 4 preview.

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