Game of Owns: The Eye of the Wolf

Episode 240 – The Eye of the Wolf
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The scent. The hunt. The kill. In stark contrast with his natural body, we join Bran through the eyes of Summer, George R. R. Martin, and his comparatively seasoned friends.

Discussion Topics
Dany, Jorah, Daario 3 way
A Summer afternoon
A Feast for Frogs
Bran’s teaching
Flying theories
Owns of the Chapter
Will of the Wolf


  1. Speaking of warging, I’ve been wondering if the Others were created by the Children of the Forest attempting to warg into something they shouldn’t, or couldn’t, and it backfired with the creature warging back into the Child, and eventually morphing the Child into the first Other. And what if that creature that couldn’t be warged… is a dragon? Thematically it explains the entire series really well, that the Song of Ice and Fire is really about the battle between Power and a person’s individual Agency. Dragons are representative of Agency, and the Others representative of Power. And if Bran tries to warg a dragon… Perhaps something more terrifying than an Other would be created. Good thing Bran can’t walk, eh? He’ll be a White Sitter.

  2. I’m glad you guys ended up finding appreciation and a lot to discuss in the chapter after some initial reservations. As my username indicates, Bran was my favorite POV character during my readthrough of the first four books before the show was announced. He reminds me of myself as a kid in a lot of ways, and I always found the warging with Summer very fascinating as well.

    Thanks to book 5, book 6 preview chapters, and the show, I’d probably say Stannis and Theon are my two favorite characters now, but Bran will always be nearly a man grown.

  3. Ghost isn’t mute on the show but he’s definitely mute in the books, unless my memory is wildly off.

    Nice reference to Being John Malkovich Eric!

  4. A Man Grown,

    Ghost does bark once in the book when Jon and the half-hand are about to get captured in the Skirling Pass

    “He sat on his haunches and lifted his head to the darkening sky, and his cry echoed through the forest, a long lonely mournful sound. As it died away, he pricked up his ears, listening for an answer, but the only sound was the sigh of blowing snow.” – CoK

  5. ShireenForQueen,

    No evidence one way or another for this. I guess it depends on how widespread belief in Warging is, and therefore whether it was in any of her books. It seems like no one talks about it in the south of Westeros but maybe it’s just because it hasn’t come up recently.

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